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Arkadimon perfect.jpg

Arkadimon is a member of the Bagra Army in Digimon Xros Wars.

Biographical Information[edit]

Name Jap.png Arkadimon
Usa.png Arukadhimon
Voice Actor Jap.png


Baby I  ?
Baby II  ?
Child  ?
Adult  ?
Perfect Arkadimon Perfect
Ultimate  ?


Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

Arkadimon is a powerful, monstrous digimon that lives in the Digital Space between Zones and has build a nest there. It feeds on anything that it comes across that looks edible. It seems lately, however, that Lilithmon has managed to tame it, commanding it to attack Xros Heart as they move between Zones.

Digimon Xros Wars (Manga)[edit]

Additional Information[edit]

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