Fluorescent Cave

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Fluorescent Cave

Fluorescent Cave (ケイコウ洞窟 Keikou Doukutsu) is a cave on the west of the Railroad Plains, where Mount Panorama and the Drill Tunnel once was.


Fluorescent Cave is a cave with shining greenery, and connects the Railroad Plains on its east to the Gravel Wasteland on its west. It is actually a giant hollow tree log with greenery growing inside. There are many different glowing plants in the cave, which gives the cave a fluorescent environment. Each part of the cave contains a different colored moss, where different kinds of plants grow. Deep within the cave is a mansion, blocked off by a large gate.


  • Blue Moss (青苔 Aokoke)
  • Central Tri-color (中央三色 Chūou Sanshoku)
  • Continued Path to Interior (奥へ続く道 Oku e Tsuzuku Michi)
  • Desert (砂漠 Sabaku)
  • Grassland (草原 Sougen)
  • Mansion (館 Yakata)
  • Yellow Moss (黄苔 Kīkoke)



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