Mount Panorama

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Mount Panorama
Mount Panorama
Kanji/Kana ミハラシ山
Debut Digimon World
Part of: File Island: Unwavering Forest
Panorama Platform
Mount Panorama Road
Mount Panorama Spore Area
Panorama Area

Mount Panorama (ミハラシ山 Miharashi Yama) is a mountain to the west of Unwavering Forest in File Island.


Mount Panorama is a mountain to the west of Unwavering Forest which leads to Gear Savannah. However, its main route from Unwavering Forest is cut off by a landslide, so an alternative way would be to dig a tunnel through Drill Tunnel's Lava Cave to get to the Panorama Area of Mount Panorama. Part of Mount Panorama is a growing spot for many spores, which may cause some Digimon to get injured. Panorama Platform offers a great view over Gear Savannah, and is the perfect place to take morning jogs.


Mount Panorama Spore Area
  • Panorama Platform (ミハラシ台 Miharashi Dai, also Miharashi Hill)
  • Mount Panorama Road (ミハラシ山道 Miharashi Yamamichi, also Steep Path)
  • Mount Panorama Spore Area (ミハラシ山 ホウシ域 Miharashi Houshi'iki)
  • Panorama Area (ミハラシすそ野 Miharashi Susono)




Digimon Adventure[edit]

First appeared in "Red Hot! Birdramon", Mount Panorama is known for its spring water, which flows to the Pyocomon Village. Meramon lives here, and acts as its protector, as it is the sole water source of Pyocomon Village.

Video Games[edit]

Digimon World[edit]

Reports have said that an injured Digimon can be found at the entrance of Mount Panorama's Spore Area, who requires recovery from friendly travelers. Also, news report that strange crop circles are found to the east road in the Spore Area... aliens, perhaps? Also, a few reports say that a small-sized Digimon can sometimes be found walking around the Panorama Platform, looking for someone to fight. Only spectators were able to confirm the Digimon, as those who have challenged this Digimon have been defeated.

Digimon World: Digital Card Battle[edit]

Mount Panorama has recently been met with a rapid drop in temperatures. The spores within its Spore Area have thus been decaying, with Unimon set on Meramon within the Lava Cave being the one to blame. As a result, Unimon sealed the tunnel which leads to the Bottom Lake of Drill Tunnel in order to contain the threat. A gang of Goburimon has been sighted at the Steep Path, forcing travelers to pay a hefty sum of Bits in order to pass through. Up on Miharashi Hill, a Greymon can be found, who kindly seeks to initiate card trades with travelers.

Digimon Adventure[edit]

First appeared in the episode "Red Hot! Birdramon" (灼熱!バードラモン Shakunetsu! Bādoramon), Mount Panorama can be seen on the background of Pyocomon Village.