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Premier Date JapanJanuary 3, 2005
United StatesAugust 1, 2020
Director Kakudou Hiroyuki
Character Design Animator
Character Designer
Animation Director Tony Tang
Producer Kimura Kyotaro
Atsutoshi Umezawa
Composer Gokita Takehiko
Duration 76 minutes
Home Release November 25, 2005
Official Site Official Toei Site

Digital Monster X-evolution (デジタルモンスター ゼヴォリューション Dejitarumonsutā Zevoryūshon), also stylized as DIGITAL MONSTER X-Evolution (DIGITAL MONSTER X-Evolution Dejitarumonsutā Zevoryūshon)[1], is a computer-animated, feature-length television special. It is an adaptation of the X-Antibody storyline previously seen in other media such as Digimon Chronicle.




Xevolution intro.png

On a dark and stormy night, DORUmon is fleeing from a Leomon, who wants to take DORUmon's X-Antibody. The Leomon corners him against a sheer cliff face. DORUmon attempts to fight it off by unleashing a barrage of Metal Cannon shots, but Leomon uses his Hyakujūken to consume most of them and trigger their explosions prematurely, hitting DORUmon.

DORUmon resigns himself to his fate as Leomon raises its Shishiō-maru, but Leomon falters and plunges it into the ground in front of himself and falls to his knees, conceding that even if it took DORUmon's X-Antibody, he would not live much longer. Seeing a spark of goodness in DORUmon's eyes, he apologizes and exhorts him to live on in his place, then collapses and dies. DORUmon screams.

Some time later, while drinking at a stream, DORUmon is accosted by a group of Mushmon who, based on stories they had heard of "a Digimon with a strange stone in its forehead" from Andromon, accuse it of not being one of the "chosen ones" and of messing up the New Digital World. They pelt DORUmon with Poison S-mush to drive him off, and he dives into the stream and is carried away.

As the sun sets, DORUmon questions the reason for his own existence, in light of his total rejection by any other Digimon.

Act 1[edit]

In the domain of the Royal Knights, two of their number—Dukemon and Omegamon—debate their orders to execute Project Ark. Dukemon's regrets over his role in Yggdrasill's implementation of the X Program have caused him to doubt the validity of this course of action, whereas Omegamon is unwavering in his conviction that it is Yggdrasill's decision, and they have no place questioning it. He insists that X-Antibody Digimon are foreign contaminants and must be destroyed and walks off, while Dukemon reflects that there is not much meaningful difference between themselves and such Digimon.

In an arid canyon, a meeting is being conducted: Andromon, Blossomon, Hanumon and Tokomon on one side, Garudamon X and Kokuwamon X on the other, with War Greymon X attempting to mediate. Andromon and Blossomon accuse the X-Antibody Digimon of selfishly bringing calamity upon both the old and New Digital Worlds, Garudamon X attempts to defend them as victims of the X Program as much as any other Digimon. War Greymon X attempts to keep their attention on Yggdrasill's endgame: wiping out all X-Antibody Digimon, therefore unleashing the X Program again and causing the extinction of all Digimon. Andromon, however, had never intended to listen to the X-Antibody Digimon, and had alerted the Royal Knights about it.

Before the X-Antibody Digimon can flee, Omegamon arrives and attacks. War Greymon X attempts to distract Omegamon while the others flee, but War Greymon X is unable to block a Garuru Cannon beam, and it kills both Kokuwamon X and Garudamon X. Although Blossomon is initially smug about their demise, the four Digimon are horrified when Omegamon moves to attack them as well. They flee, but inadvertently leave Tokomon behind. Omegamon unleashes a wave from his Grey Sword at the group; War Greymon X intervenes and shields Tokomon from the attack, which kills Blossomon and Hanumon. Nearby, Andromon also collapses and dies, its chest having been pierced by one of War Greymon X's Dramon Killers. Omegamon fires another Garuru Cannon blast at War Greymon X, tearing through the cliffs.

In a nearby ruin, DORUmon awakens at the sound of the commotion and comes outside to look. He finds War Greymon X in a crater nearby, heavily injured, along with Tokomon, who is unharmed. War Greymon X recognizes DORUmon as a fellow X-Antibody Digimon, and asks him to take care of Tokomon in his stead until he returns. DORUmon agrees, and War Greymon X flies off to engage Omegamon again. When DORUmon sees Omegamon fly past, he wonders why a Royal Knight is involved.

War Greymon X lures Omegamon over the ocean. He uses his Poseidon Force against Omegamon's Garuru Cannon to create a massive cloud of steam to obscure his escape, disappearing by the time the dust clears. Omegamon receives a message from Dukemon requesting his immediate return to Yggdrasill, as an emergency has arisen.

Via a circle of twelve viewscreens, the Royal Knights hold a meeting concerning the X-Antibody resistance. Magnamon reports encountering resistance bases in both Ulud and Skuld Terminals, while Omegamon confirms the existence of of one in Versandi Terminal. Omegamon advocates for immediate action to foil the resistance in the name of fulfilling Yggdrasill's orders.

In a cave under a waterfall, War Greymon X regroups with Metal Garurumon X and recuperates from his wounds. The two debate the intentions of the Royal Knights: Metal Garurumon is of the opinion that they are simply following Yggdrasill's orders and are not acting of their own free will, and that he wants to have faith in them, but War Greymon highlights that merely following orders is no excuse. Metal Garurumon X concludes that they must learn Yggdrasill's intentions.

As the sun sets, DORUmon and Tokomon walk down a forest path, and DORUmon is starting to feel better about himself because he is useful to Tokomon. They watch a stampede of Monochromon, Tyranomon and Pteranomon appear over a nearby mountain which, as they soon learn, is due to Omegamon. Omegamon obliterates them and tears a mountain apart with Garuru Cannon, then moves in on the pack leader, Triceramon X and executes it as well. Tokomon begins crying, alerting Omegamon to their presence, and he attacks the two. DORUmon tries to stand up to him, and Omegamon effortlessly swats him away, but to his confusion, DORUmon (and soon, Tokomon as well) keeps getting to his feet and coming at him again and again.

The two are saved by the intervention of War Greymon X and Metal Garurumon X. Metal Garurumon X is incensed at the sight of a Royal Knight attacking children, and the two attack Omegamon. The two get Omegamon off-balance with a series of attacks, and while Omegamon is impressed, he is unharmed. Meanwhile, DORUmon cries out that Tokomon has been killed, alerting Metal Garurumon X. Omegamon slings a shockwave from his Grey Sword directly at DORUmon, leveling the forest, but Metal Garurumon X puts himself between the shockwave and DORUmon, protecting him but taking mortal damage. He asks DORUmon to live on his stead, reminding DORUmon of Leomon, and passes his X-Antibody on to Tokomon, reviving him as Tokomon X, then collapses.

In response, DORUmon roars in anguish, causing the waves to rise and consume the land, and he evolves into DORUgamon. He attempts to attack Omegamon, to no effect, but Omegamon merely asks him why he keeps resisting. DORUgamon says that he wants to live and pass down his lineage, and that is all that matters to him. Tokomon X awakens in DORUgamon's claw, and War Greymon X rises from the water to rejoin them. Omegamon, seeing DORUmon's will to live as incompatible with Yggdrasill's, moves to attack, but is stopped when Dukemon's Gram appears in front of him.

Dukemon asks if Omegamon is aware of the reason why Yggdrasill executed the X Program. While Omegamon is too incensed to answer, War Greymon X correctly explains—it was a means to abandon the old Digital World when it became too overloaded—and surprises Dukemon with his awareness of the phrase "Project Ark". War Greymon's attempt to insist that both the "chosen Digimon" and X-Antibody Digimon survivors are all Digimon, although Omegamon maintains that Yggdrasill's position is that they are outsiders. Against Omegamon's objections over secrecy, Dukemon reveals that Yggdrasill is about to initiate the second phase of Project Ark: to eradicate "chosen Digimon" and X-Antibody Digimon alike. Unwilling to be party to Project Ark any longer, Dukemon acknowledges that he has turned traitor, angering Omegamon.

Omegamon and Dukemon fly high into the clouds to settle their differences away from any interference. They fight a brief battle, which ends with Dukemon impaled upon the Grey Sword. As his body dissolves, Dukemon cryptically says that this was "the only way" to verify his suspicions. Omegamon is silent.

Down below, DORUgamon realizes that Dukemon has died.

Act 2[edit]

In the Royal Knights' domain, Omegamon asks Magnamon how he is able to do his duty without hesitation. Magnamon tells him simply that it is his desire to maintain the world's stability and the pride of the Royal Knights that motivates him. His answers leave Omegamon unsatisfied, and he dismisses himself for having even asked.

At the ruins, DORUgamon emerges to find Tokomon X being held captive by Magnamon. He immediately moves to help, but Magnamon also ensnares him in a net. DORUgamon briefly tears out of the net, but Magnamon takes him captive anyway and abducts him to the Royal Knights' domain. Tokomon X is left behind, alone.

When confronted about the abduction, Magnamon explains to Omegamon the true nature of DORUgamon: a prototype entity created by Yggdrasill, whom Yggdrasill wished to have retrieved. Why Yggdrasill wants him, Magnamon cannot say. DORUgamon dissolves into data, which begins duplicating. This only reinforces Omegamon's doubts about his role and actions, and the intentions of Yggdrasill and Dukemon, as he reflects on how little he understands of the situation.

Tokomon X travels to the waterfall cave, where War Greymon X is recuperating, and warns him that the Royal Knights have abducted DORUgamon. War Greymon X comforts the young digimon.

DORUgamon is released from the Royal Knights' domain and dumped in a junkyard in the New Digital World, where he is found by Mummymon and Wizarmon. Wizarmon insists on trying to assist him, although Mummymon is skeptical. They take him to their refuge in a cave to recuperate, and Mummymon receives word from War Greymon X that he is looking for DORUgamon, who he identifies as a "special" ally. Wizarmon insists that War Greymon X be informed of DORUgamon's whereabouts, despite the risk of exposing their refuge

In Yggdrasill's domain, the data copied from DORUgamon forms into a Death-X-DORUgoramon, who starts laying Death-X-DORUguremon eggs in massive quantities.

War Greymon X and Tokomon X rush to the hideout, but on their way, they witness a swarm of Death-X-DORUguremon in the sky. War Greymon X increases his pace in response.

The Death-X-DORUguremons descend upon the refuge and start picking off the Digimon inhabiting it. Silphymon orders an evacuation through a hidden road, in the furthest depths of the cave. Wizarmon, refusing to let a comrade die, uses his magic to carry DORUgamon with him despite Mummymon's objections. Metal Garurumon X arrives and holds the Death-X-DORUguremons off; once the coast is clear, he unleashes a freezing wave to briefly immobilize them while he himself retreats into the cave. Once the refugees begin to enter through the door, Mummymon stays behind to stand guard, and is informed by Silphymon and Hanumon of what Metal Garurumon X is doing.

War Greymon X arrives at the sinkhole at the other end of the hidden road, which is already infested with Death-X-DORUguremons. He leaves Tokomon X behind at the top of the cliff and engages the swarm. The refugees begin to arrive, and the able-bodied among them, including Wizarmon, volunteer to assist War Greymon X.

Metal Garurumon X flies through the cave and continues to be attacked by Death-X-DORUguremons. As he reaches the door, he collapses the cave to halt the Death-X-DORUguremons, and he, Silphymon, Mummymon and Hanumon shut the door behind themselves.

While War Greymon X is distracted, one Death-X-DORUguremon attempts to attack Tokomon X. War Greymon X attempts to help but is intercepted by another Death-X-DORUguremon, and Metal Garurumon X destroys it instead. War Greymon X and Metal Garurumon X reunite.

While the others are fighting, Tokomon rushes to DORUgamon's side and wakes him. He is horrified at the sight of the senseless violence and, crying out for it to stop, evolves again into DORUguremon. Everyone, including both himself and the Royal Knights, is immediately struck by his strong resemblance to the Death-X-DORUguremons, and Mummymon attacks him. Once he overcomes his horror, he joins the fight to stop the Death-X-DORUguremons as well, and they immediately turn on him. War Greymon X attempts to reason with the others on his behalf.

Watching the battle, Magnamon concludes that the Death-X-DORUguremons are Yggdrasill's failsafes, intended for the event that the Royal Knights falter in their duty to execute Project Ark, pointing to Dukemon as an example of this occurring. Omegamon is disgusted and decides that he must hear it from Yggdrasill.

Another wave of Death-X-DORUguremons descends on the sinkhole. At that moment, a massive Final Elysion blast tears across the sky and destroys a significant number of them. Dukemon appears, having returned from the data space in an X-Antibody form of his own, and commands the group to withdraw while he and DORUguremon handle the Death-X-DORUguremons. DORUguremon leaves Tokomon X with War Greymon X, and promises to return for him.

As the refugees and their guardians retreat, Dukemon X uses Royal Saber to slice apart the Death-X-DORUguremons at long range. DORUguremon confides in Dukemon X that he fears that the fight is his fault, and laments his lack of understanding of his purpose. Dukemon X commands him to go to Yggdrasill and get the answers that he seeks, and uses Aegis to open a wormhole in the sky that will take him to Yggdrasill, having learned from his own demise that it's the only way. DORUguremon obeys and enters the wormhole, while Dukemon X covers his escape.

Act 3[edit]

As Magnamon and Omegamon argue over the latter's allegedly impossible goal of going to Yggdrasill, DORUguremon arrives in the Royal Knights' data space. The two confront DORUguremon, but on being told that Dukemon X had sent him, Omegamon is intrigued. He challenges DORUguremon to a duel to prove his intentions and his worthiness to speak with Yggdrasill, and attacks.

DORUguremon refuses to fight and attempts to evade, but is unable to escape Omegamon's attacks. Magnamon chides Omegamon, who recognizes that DORUguremon has similar intentions to himself, for his sentimentality. Omegamon presses both attacks and interrogation against DORUguremon, accusing him of being unable to accomplish any of his intentions of saving the Digital World if he cannot back up his words with strength. He slices DORUguremon's wings and tail apart, and then prepares to kill him in the name of upholding the order of the Digital World. As Omegamon brings the Grey Sword down on him, DORUguremon reflects on the words of Leomon, Metal Garurumon X and Dukemon X, and begins to evolve again.

In the forests of the Digital World, the refugees continue their escape while War Greymon X, Metal Garurumon X, Dukemon X and Silphymon hold off the Death-X-DORUguremons. A bright rainbow light appears in the sky above them as, back in the Royal Knights' domain, DORUguremon completes his evolution into Alphamon.

In the Royal Knights' viewscreen chamber, a thirteenth viewscreen, representing Alphamon, is added.

Omegamon and Magnamon immediately recognize the knight, whom they know as a figure meant to exist only in myth. Having evolved, Alphamon has come to an understanding of his duty: that he cannot allow Yggdrasill's intentions to go unchecked. Reflecting on the knowledge that Dukemon sent him on this path, Omegamon aligns himself with Alphamon, and the two depart to confront Yggdrasill. Magnamon objects, still clinging to his own perceptions of his duty, and is not convinced by their attempts to reason with him that Yggdrasill's will is not the only way. The two keep going, and Magnamon makes no further effort to stop them. As they disappear, warning signs pop up all around him.

As the Death-X-DORUguremon swarms continue to plague the Digital World, its terrain begins to vanish, reduced to nothing but wire frames.

Alphamon and Omegamon rematerialize in another digital space, where they find Death-X-DORUgoramon. Alphamon recognizes it, and a fight ensues. Death-X-DORUgoramon is near-immune to Omegamon's attacks, but Alphamon destroys it with a single Digitalize of Soul blast. The two take flight and enter a crystalline orb floating above them.

The decay of the Digital World into wireframes continues as the Death-X-DORUguremons destroy the terrain around them, including the ruins.

Inside the crystalline orb, Alphamon and Omegamon find Yggdrasill, a simple orb on a plinth, in its center. They demand answers about its intentions and the need for Project Ark, but it does not respond at all. Omegamon concludes that Magnamon has already warned the computer of their presence - there will be no escape for them, and no matter what they do, the Digital World will collapse. Alphamon fears that their efforts have been futile.

Beneath them, Death-X-DORUgoramon's remains begin to react. Dukemon X, War Greymon X, Metal Garurumon X, Mummymon, Silphymon and Wizarmon desperately continue the fight against the Death-X-DORUguremons even as they witness the Digital World fracture and collapse into a black void all around them.

In order to try and stop the Digital World's collapse, Alphamon and Omegamon move to attack Yggdrasill. Ghostly Death-X-DORUguremons erupt from the ground and attempt to stop them, but are quickly dispatched. Omegamon blasts Yggdrasill with Garuru Cannon, but before he can follow up with Grey Sword, Death-X-mon erupts from the ground and ensnares him, bombarding him with blasts.

Alphamon shields Omegamon from the blasts, transforms into Alphamon Ouryuken, and exchanges blows with Death-X-mon. He observes that the damage that each sustains also appears on the body of the other. However, when he sees that Death-X-mon is capable of self-regeneration, Alphamon concludes that there is only one option. He throws the Ouryuken and, as it closes in on Death-X-mon, leaps in its path, causing it to impale both of them. Death-X-mon collapses onto Yggdrasill, causing the Ouryuken to impale it as well.

Alphamon offers his X-Antibody to Omegamon and reflects that, had he not had his friends, he might have become like Death-X-mon himself. Omegamon is transformed into Omegamon X, Alphamon devolves back into DORUmon, and Death-X-mon's body vanishes.

Omegamon X angrily demands to know from Yggdrasill whether this had been its intention, but then declares that there is no further point in trying to understand. He deploys the Grey Sword and, using All Delete, pierces Yggdrasill. The computer shatters, and the Digital World collapses into a black void, then reforms.

In the reformed Digital World, Omegamon X and Dukemon X stand on a mountaintop and confer on what had happened. Dukemon X concludes that Yggdrasill's true motivation for Project Ark was that, like DORUmon and the other Digimon, it was simply desperate to survive: the Digital World had become too complex for it to handle, so it had intended to restart everything for its own sake. However, since it did not have the power to accomplish this by itself, it had intended to use DORUmon to achieve its goal. Dukemon X remarks that he looks forward to DORUmon and Tokomon X's future.

Below Omegamon X and Dukemon X, in the ruins, Tokomon X sees DORUmon coming his way through the forest. The two are reunited.


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Home Media Box Art[edit]

Digital Monster X-evolution DVD cover
Digital Monster X-evolution DVD cover


Digital Monster X-Evolution scan
Digital Monster X-Evolution scan
Digital Monster X-Evolution scan


Digital Monster X-Evolution promo
Digital Monster X-Evolution promo
Digital Monster X-Evolution promo


Position Name Kanji/Kana/Hanzi
Planning Kaneda Kōji (Fuji TV)
Unozawa Shin (Bandai)
Morishita Kōzō (Toei Animation)
鵜之澤伸 (バンダイ)
森下孝三 (東映アニメーション)
Original Concept Hongo Akiyoshi 本郷あきよし
Producers Takase Atsuya (Fuji TV)
Izumitani Shigeo (Bandai)
Kimura Kyōtarō (Yomiko Advertising, Inc.)
Umezawa Atsutoshi (Toei Animation)
梅澤淳稔 (東映アニメーション)
Screenplay Itou Kazunori
Kawasaki Miu
Music Gokita Takehiko 五木田岳彦
Editor Nishiyama Shigeru 西山茂
Audio Recording Kuramoto Sadashi 蔵本貞司
Art Design Watanabe Keito 渡辺佳人
Design Assistant Ishizuka Katsumi 石塚勝海
Director Kakudou Hiroyuki 角銅博之
Casting Support Kohama Takumi (Toei Academy) 小浜匠(東映アカデミー)
CG Producers Francis Kao
Terry Tse
CG Director/
Compositing Supervisor
Tony Tang 鄧東明
Production Fuji TV
Digimon CG Project
Toei Animation
Seiyū Kanji/Kana Character Voice Actor
Takayama Minami 高山みなみ DORUmon N/A
Matsumoto Miwa 松本美和 Tokomon N/A
Sakamoto Chika 坂本千夏 War Greymon X N/A
Yamaguchi Mayumi 山口眞弓 Metal Garurumon X N/A
Morikawa Toshiyuki 森川智之 Mummymon N/A
Ishida Akira 石田彰 Wizarmon N/A
Tōchika Kōichi 遠近孝一 Silphymon N/A
Yanada Kiyoyuki 梁田清之 Andromon N/A
Shigematsu Atori 重松花鳥 Garudamon X N/A
Taki Satoshi 滝知史 Hanumon N/A
Kikuchi Kokoro 菊池こころ Kokuwamon X N/A
Hirata Hiroaki 平田広明 Leomon N/A
Okiayu Ryōtarō 置鮎龍太郎 Lord Knightmon N/A
Noda Junko 野田順子 Magnamon N/A
Tanaka Hideyuki 田中秀幸 Omegamon N/A
Nozawa Masako 野沢雅子 Dukemon N/A


X-evolution was a co-production between Toei Animation and Bandai. CG animation production was handled by the Hong Kong-based Imagi Animation Studios.

A Toei Animation press release from May 2004 describes X-evolution as, at the time, having been intended for theatrical release 「劇場用」.[2] This did not eventuate, and the final release was limited to a television special.


X-evolution was first announced on May 21, 2004 when each of the two companies issued their own press release on the matter; at the time, "Digital Monster X-evolution" was marked as only being a temporary title for the special, although it was ultimately never changed. Both press releases pitched the transition to full CG animation as a way to further bring out the digital identity of Digimon.[3][2]

Bandai also announced plans to produce a range of merchandise for X-evolution including figures, cards and video games; as well as the "Digimon Premium Disc": a pre-order bonus with Digimon Battle Chronicle which would contain some of the film's CG footage.[3]


In a May 2020 Digimon Web poll in which users voted on their favorite Digimon films, X-evolution placed second, earning 20% of the vote.[4]



In Other Media[edit]

Broadcast History[edit]

  • January 3, 2005, 7:00 AM JST: X-evolution premiered on Fuji TV and various regional affiliates.[5]
  • August 1, 2020: During the DigiFes 2020 Online stream on Bandai's YouTube channel, X-evolution was shown free of charge.[6] Since this DigiFes was not region-locked, this technically constitutes the first time that X-evolution has received an official international showing, although neither subtitles nor any other means of translation were provided.

Home Media Releases[edit]

Image Name ID No. Format RRP Release Date Notes
Running Time Picture Track Audio Track Distributor
M08 dvd cover.jpg Digital Monster X-evolution
デジタルモンスター ゼヴォリューション
BBBA-5828[7] DVD ¥4180[7] Japan November 25, 2005[7] Bonus Features:[7]
  • "Once You See It, It's Obvious! Digital Monster X-evolution Commentary Reel"

Bonus Pack-ins:[7]

76 minutes[7] 16:9 (anamorphic), Color[7] Stereo (Japanese)[7] Happinet Pictures[7]

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