Minervamon (X-Antibody)

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Name & Etymology

Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Translation Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Strike Roll [1]
ストライクロール Sutoraiku Rōru A forward rolling slash with Olympia that splits the ground.
Madness Merry-go-round [1]
マッドネスメリーゴーランド Maddonesu Merī Gō Rando A spinning horizontal slash with Olympia. Can be used to create a whirlwind.
Haunted Pilus [1] Lat: Haunted Hair ホーンテッドピルス Hōnteddo Pirusu Freely stretches its hair and sets Ulula and Serpens loose.
Crazy-go-round [1]
クレイジーゴーラウンド Kureijī Gō Raundo Generates a large tornado of blue flames after performing a powerful horizontal spinning slash.
Sanctus Tormentum [1] Lat: Sacred Cannon サンクタス・トルメンタム Sankutasu Torumentamu Fires an energy cannon from the crystal on its shield.


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Image Gallery[edit]

MinervamonX Early desing.jpg MinervamonX reference art.jpg
Early design illustration shown in the Digital Monster Artbook Ver. X Reference art from the Digital Monster Artbook Ver. X

Virtual Pets[edit]

Minervamonx vpet dmx.gif
Digital Monster X

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References Notes
  1. Minervamon X-Antibody's initial artwork was illustrated by Watanabe Kenji.
  2. Digimon Web made an online votation where fans would elect two Digimon to receive the X-Antibody and debut in the Digital Monster X V-Pet. Minervamon was one of the winners, finishing in second place.