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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Dream Hurricane [1] ドリームハリケーン Dorīmu Harikēn Jumps high into the sky and kicks while spinning.
Marble Impact [1] マーブルインパクト Māburu Inpakuto Puts all its strength into its fist and dishes out a seven-colored punch.
Lovely Shower [1] ラブリーシャワー Raburī Shawā Punches its fist and fires heart-shaped energy shots at the enemy that have the effect of purifying their evil heart.


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Digimon ReArise[edit]

Lovely Angemon is the Digimon partner of Shinjō Michi.

Lovely Angemon first appears in Chapter 12 of Season 2.

After Shinkai Sara is able to get Michi and Angewomon out of Grand Dracumon's hypnosis, they both apologize to each other, Angewomon for her weakness and Michi for leaving her own partner aside for her problems. With her strengthened ties, Angewomon is finally able to evolve into her Ultimate form, Lovely Angemon.

Lovely Angemon and Michi immediately leave for where Rasenmon is fighting Grand Dracumon, who is trying to turn Natsuyagi Kazuma and Bearmon into ice statues. Lovely Angemon joins the battle by attacking him, in response Grand Dracumon begins to absorb the energy of the Dark Area to increase its power, managing to block the attacks of the two Ultimates and hitting them. However, Sara and Mugendramon join the battle, with the three Ultimates managing to oppose Grand Dracumon and finally launching a triple attack that causes a huge explosion and allows the entire group to escape from the Dark Area.

Lovely Angemon in Digimon ReArise
Lovely Angemon in Digimon ReArise

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