Black Tailmon Uver. (Ghost Game)

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Black Tailmon Uver.
Black Tailmon Uver.
Kanji/Kana ブラックテイルモン Uver.

Black Tailmon Uver. is a recurring character in Digimon Ghost Game. It works as a courier and is seen making deliveries to and from the Digital World, including making deliveries for Amanokawa Hokuto. It never talks.


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Adult Black Tailmon Uver.
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Digimon Ghost Game[edit]

In "The Sewn-lip Man", it appears in Amanokawa Hiro's dormitory room to (while invisible to him) deliver three DiM Cards. When Hiro inserts one of the DiM cards into his Digivice-V- and accidentally projects a pseudo-Digital World in his room, Black Tailmon Uver. becomes visible to him, and it points him in Gammamon's direction.

In "Nightly Procession of Monsters", it intervenes in Metal Fantomon and Sistermon Ciel's cursed race by deploying a portal stored inside a rice cooker, which sends Metal Fantomon, Sistermon Ciel, and all of the racers (except Hiro and his friends) back to the Digital World.

In "Executioner", it collects Bokomon's Digitama after Gulus Gammamon devolves.

In "Zashiki-Warashi", it delivers a new set of three DiM cards, containing a message from Hokuto and scenery from his travels, to Hiro and his friends at the Nagomi Resort.

In "The Prision of Fire", it appears controling some Hologram Ghosts to open a portal to the Digital World for Dark Lizamon and Saberdramon.

After the heroes froze Splashmon in "Monster's Beauty Serum", Black Tailmon Uver. appeared riding a sleigh pulled by a Moosemon, which they used to take Splashmon's frozen body back to the Digital World.

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