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"Sandiramon in the Shrine"
Japanese "Sandiramon in the Shrine"
Kanji/Kana 祠のサンティラモン
Romanization "Hokora no Santiramon"
English "Sandiramon of the Shrine"
Release Date Japan April 4, 2022
English August 6, 2023
"Call Me Starmon"

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Chapter #7 of Digimon Dreamers



Pulsemon, Bokomon and Patamon performed the ritual to bring Kodou Ritsu once again into the Digital World. The ritual succeeded, and Ritsu immediately complained about having been very close to a victory royal, which Pulsemon didn't know about and it made Patamon wonder if he had been gaming back in the Real World. Ritsu pointed out the ritual was similar to dark sorcery, but Pulsemon ignored him and told him they were going to the nearby shrine as they could find clues on how to undo the curse on Asunaro Village that prevented its inhabitants from evolving, because he wanted to evolve more.

The group reached a large, decorated rock, which blocked the entrance to the shrine. Pulsemon pointed out what was inside was a total mystery, but Ritsu was scared because he picked up dark energy from it and attempted to leave, only to be tied up by Pulsemon who dragged him in because he fully believed in their bond, while Bokomon picked up a rock. Pulsemon then evolved his arm and destroyed the rock, shocking the other three, then went in, with Ritsu sure that he'd get cursed after that and finding him scary because he was a loose cannon that could go macho at will. Pulsemon dragged a screaming Ritsu in, while Bokomon, who carried a torch, tried to shut him up.

Inside the shrine, the group woke up Sandiramon, who was angry at their slumber being disturbed. Bokomon realized the shrine was Sandiramon's nest, and Pulsemon demanded them to undo the curse on Asunaro Village. Sandiramon instead decided to punish Pulsemon for awakening them from their slumber, and their anger terrified Ritsu. A far more calm Bokomon tried to calm them down by pulling out a stone from their haramaki and offering it to Sandiramon, which Ritsu thought was a magical soul-soothing stone, but it was just the rock Bokomon found before entering the shrine and he thought it was cute. This only angered Sandiramon further, and Ritsu criticized Bokomon for it. Patamon pointed out to Bokomon that would not work, because stuck-up people were childish and couldn't control their anger, thus enraging Sandiramon and terrifying Ritsu even more, with the latter screaming at both Bokomon and Patamon about it. Sandiramon then spit out a Krishńa at them, unwilling to take any further insults. The group dodged the attack. Pulsemon then complained about how gross the attack was and spit at Sandiramon, who found it filthy, to prove his point, which the other three agreed with, but Sandiramon did not. Pulsemon then sneezed at Sandiramon, which they found completely different. Tired of Pulsemon's games, Sandiramon spit out another Krishńa, grabbed it with their tail, and tried to attack Pulsemon with it so he'd regret angering them. However, Pulsemon blocked it by evolving his arm, which a surprised Sandiramon found creepy. Pulsemon pointed out that he may look like a runt but he had a Bulkmon inside him, then proceeded to evolve various parts of his body to attack Sandiramon with: his leg, his head, and finally his arm again for an Electrical Fist. Sandiramon was defeated and acknowledged Pulsemon was overflowing with the energy to evolve. However, they knew nothing about the curse. They then decided to sleep again and told the group to fix the door on their way out. Ritsu acknowledged they weren't behind the curse and Bokomon apologised for waking them up, then found Asunaro Meat on his haramaki which he brought as an offering but forgot about. Ritsu said that he should've offered that instead of the rock and the four laughed, only for Sandiramon to charge at them, sleepwalking in hunger.

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