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"Call Me Starmon"
Japanese "Call Me Starmon"
Kanji/Kana 人呼んでスターモン
Romanization "Hito Yonde Sutāmon"
English "They Call Him Starmon"
Release Date Japan May 2, 2022
English August 13, 2023
"Traveling Tamer"

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Chapter #8 of Digimon Dreamers



Kodou Ritsu, alongside Patamon and Bokomon, found Pulsemon with a stack of sheets of paper and asked him what he was doing, calling him "Pal". Pulsemon's face turned weird because of it, because he was angry at how the nickname wasn't cool, though Ritsu thought it had a nice ring to it. Pulsemon, however, was angry because he felt it meant Ritsu wanted him to stay a Pulsemon, then convinced himself it was because Ritsu thought he was too cute to evolve, which made Ritsu ask him if he had no shame in saying something like that. He then asked Pulsemon once again what he was doing, and he answered he was practicing his autograph. However, rather than his name, his autograph just said "The Strongest". Pulsemon explained that it was so when people talked about the strongest, they'd be talking about him, and that they should just call him that from now on, which the other three found lame. Pulsemon threatened them to take that back, but they only pointed out how his way of talking was also lame.

Starmon then arrived, took one of Pulsemon's autograph cards, and asked him if he wanted his autograph, which Pulsemon did not, but Starmon thought he was just being shy. He offered Pulsemon to be the first to get Starmon's autograph, but Pulsemon took the chance to write his own autograph on Starmon's body to his surprise and anger. Ritsu asked who the new Digimon was, and Bokomon explained that he was Starmon, a self-proclaimed star who boasted about his wealth of combat experience. Starmon corrected him, saying he wasn't just a star but the creator of an entire universe, and they should call him "Big Bang", which everyone found lame. The five then walked together in Asunaro Village, and Pulsemon asked Starmon what he wanted. Starmon answered that he heard the village was fitting for someone like him. They then met Tanemon, who was selling Asunaro Meat as souvenirs for 1000 bits each. Starmon questioned that he had to pay, since Tanemon should be honoured to have the opportunity to feed a first-class Digimon like him. Ritsu pointed out he was like a spoiled celeb, and then all four insulted him in a row with demeaning nicknames, annoying Starmon. Starmon then pointed out he had money, but he wanted a sample first, which he found great and fitting for him, "Big Bang". However, Tanemon pointed out what he ate was just normal meat that was there for comparison, which got everyone to call him a loser. They then said he wasn't even worth the ink he was drawn with, causing him to temporarily be erased. Pulsemon asked him if he was all talk, greatly angering him. Bokomon tried to stop him, because Starmon's combat experience was the real deal, and making him angry would cause him to drop a shower of meteors on him and blow him to bits. However, it was too late, as Starmon now wanted to punish Pulsemon for bad-mouthing him, and he let loose a Meteor Squall. Bokomon and Patamon realized he had no way to escape, and Ritsu called Pal to evolve. Pulsemon's legs evolved, letting him jump out of the Meteor Squall's range, shocking Starmon. Pulsemon laughed and explained he had a Bulkmon inside him, then evolved his head, once again surprising Starmon with his Localized Evolution, then fell off the air and headbutted Starmon. Both Digimon were left dazed by the impact, with Starmon acknowledging Pulsemon as a shooting star, and Tanemon offering him Asunaro Meat so he'd feel better.

Ritsu asked Pal if he was alright, and Patamon pointed out that him calling Pulsemon by that name even after evolving proved that Ritsu's desire to see him growing stronger hadn't changed at all. Bokomon added that it meant that, no matter what Pulsemon evolved into, they'd always be Ritsu and Pal, and Ritsu told Pulsemon not to worry and to keep evolving. Bokomon then searched the meaning of "pal" in a dictionary and Ritsu explained that was what he meant with the name. Pulsemon was happy at the meaning, and accepted Pal as his new nickname. However, Ritsu took the chance to tease him, calling off the nickname.

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