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An Applink (アプリンク Apurinku) is a process in which two Appmon (one in the form of an Appmon Chip) are linked together into a conglomerate entity by an Appli Drive user. Sometimes, the subordinate Appmon forms weapons, armor or new abilities for the lead Appmon.[1] Other times, the subordinate Appmon appears in a ghostly form floating behind the lead Appmon.[2]

AppGattai (アプ合体 Apu gattai) is stated to be a variation of Applink in which two specific compatible Appmon combine together to become an Appmon of a higher Grade.

When 2 Appmon Applink in a way that results in 1 Appmon taking on the armor, weapons, or other physical characteristics of the 2nd Appmon, this type of Applink is referred to as Chou Gattai (超合体)[3].

This is a list of all instances of Chou Gattai that have thus far been observed in the franchise:

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