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Kanji/Kana ビューティモン
Buddy Unryuji Knight[1]
Voice Actor Japanese Tsunematsu Ayumi (恒松 あゆみ)

Beautymon is a member of Ultimate 4 and a servant of Leviathan in Digimon Universe Appli Monsters.


Standard ?
Super ?
Ultimate Beautymon
God Poseidomon (with Oujamon)


Beautymon has beautiful appearance and sublime voice. But is very proud and always puts the appearance above all else.



Digimon Universe Appli Monsters[edit]

Beautymon is a member of Ultimate 4.

Beautymon first appears in "The High School Student CEO! Unryuji Knight Appears! " when a Leviathan agent introduces the Ultimate 4 to Unryuji Knight. She appears again at the end of "The Election Results! An Evil Hand Draws Near to Eri! " along with the group of Ultimates, in "Attack! The Ultimate Appmon - The Ultimate 4! ", she goes fight with the Appli Drivers, following orders from Knight, she try to attack Karan Eri directly with a kick, but is prevented by Oujamon. Beautymon is strong in the battle when she is hit by an Oujamon attack and don't be hurt. When Knight releases the "L Code" to the Ultimate 4, she can easily defeat Oujamon after insulting Eri about her beauty. At the end of the battle, she finally gets a chance to kill Eri, but Oujamon saves her, receiving the entire attack and dying in the process. In "A New Power! The Appli Drive DUO! ", Beautymon is seen with Ultimate 4 watching the Appli Drivers in their quest to save Oozora Yujin. Her last physical appearance is in "The Ultimate 4, Again! Cloud's Challenge! ", she again appears trying to kill Eri, but rather continues insulting her by her appearance. Before the fight, Beautymon yells hysterically at her skin and hits her with beauty products. Then, when asking a mirror who is the most beautiful and the mirror says that it's Eri, Beautymon assaults and attacks her, but she makes the Appliarize of Oujamon, who with the power of DUO, can defeat her easily. His last appearance in the series is in "Launch! The Humanity Applification Plan! ", when Eri activates its chip to create the Appmon Chip of Poseidomon.


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