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Overdrive (オーバードライヴ , Ōbādoraivu) is a function of the Appli Drive DUO capable of draining the Appli Driver's life energy in exchange for maximizing an Appmon's power.


Digimon Universe Appli Monsters[edit]

In "Thank You Future! Welcome to the City of AI!", Ozora Yujin used Overdrive to send his energy to Offmon, who had been drained alongside Gatchmon, Dokamon and Musimon, by Batterimon. Overdrive allowed Offmon to recover and made him strong enough to defeat Batterimon with one Switch Lazy. Afterwards, seeing the tired Yujin, Gatchmon theorized that the Appli Drive DUO could channel its Appli Driver's power into their Buddy Appmon to power them up.

Shinkai Haru used Overdrive in "Ultimate Fierce Fighting! Globemon VS Charismon!" to power up Globemon so he could fight against Charismon, himself strengthened by the L-Code. Unlike Yujin, who was left merely winded, Haru soon fainted after using Overdrive, but the sacrifice wasn't in vain, as Globemon was able to overpower and defeat Charismon thanks to it.

Digimon Universe Appli Monsters (Manga)[edit]

In "Overdrive!!", after being overpowered by Fakemon Applinked with Beautymon and strengthened by the L-Code, the Appli Drivers decided to insert all their life energy into their Appmon (both their Buddy Appmon, as well as Charismon and Biomon), reasoning it was better than being defeated despite the strain it'd put on their bodies. With the power of Overdrive, the heroic Appmon were able to stop Fakemon and Beautymon's attacks, defeat them in a one-sided fight, and save Katsura Hajime's data.

Overdrive is used again alongside Minerva's power in "Gatch!!" for the final fight against Leviathan.

The Appli Drivers using Overdrive against Fakemon and Beautymon
Overdrive used alongside Minerva's power (Poseidomon, Ouranosmon, Hadesmon and Rebootmon)
Overdrive used alongside Minerva's power (Gaiamon)

Appli Drive DUO (Toy)[edit]


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