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Kanji/Kana フェイクモン
Buddy Unryuji Knight[1]
Voice Actor Japanese Tetsu Shiratori (白鳥鉄)

Fakemon is a member of Ultimate 4 and a servant of Leviathan in Digimon Universe Appli Monsters. In the manga, Katsura Hajime is tranformed into it.


Standard ?
Super ?
Ultimate Fakemon
God Ouranosmon (with Entermon)


Fakemon is very playful, even though he is bad, is always doing tricks to deceive opponents and laugh hysterically at them. He is also treacherous, and though seems always happy, is scary.



Digimon Universe Appli Monsters[edit]

Fakemon is a member of Ultimate 4.

Fakemon first appears in "The High School Student CEO! Unryuji Knight Appears! " when a woman, Leviathan's agent, introduces the Ultimate 4 to Unryuji Knight. In "The Election Results! An Evil Hand Draws Near to Eri! " at the end of the episode, Fakemon appears with the other Ultimate 4 to fight with the Appli Drivers. In "Attack! The Ultimate Appmon - The Ultimate 4! ", Fakemon introduces himself and then goes to fight. As commanded by Knight, his first action is attack Asutora, but Entermon defends him. He uses his tactics to trick Entermon several times and wound him with surprise attacks, laughing hysterically at the opponent. At the end of the fight, he finally have an opportunity to kill Asutora after defeating Entermon easily due the power of the "L Code", but at the last second, Entermon intervenes, defending his Buddy and being killed. Fakemon is revealed to be a treacherous Appmon in "A New Power! Appli Drive DUO! ", where he appears trying to hurt Charismon, while monitoring the progress of the Appli Drivers, Charismon asks him to lend him his power, and Fakemon sends fake zombies and undead people to the mansion where the Appli Drivers passed to reach Yujin. His last physical appearance is in "The Ultimate 4, Again! Cloud's Challenge! ", where Fakemon tries to kill Asutora by deceiving him, making him believe that Eri was almost killed by Beautymon. But in his lie, Asutora manages to discover him, and makes the Appliarize from Entermon, who with DUO power, defeat Fakemon easily. Fakemon appears for the last time in "Launch! The Humanity Applification Plan! " as an Appmon Chip. Asutora activates and uses it to create Ouranosmon's chip.


Digimon Universe Appli Monsters[edit]

Katsura Hajime is transformed in Fakemon in the continuation of the manga. When he was defeated, Revivemon restores the data of Hajime, bringing him back to normal.

Video Games[edit]

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