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The Seven Code Appmon (セブンコードアプモン or alternatively 7codeアプモン, Sebun Kōdo Apumon) are seven Appmon that have special data. They each represent one of the seven main Types, and possess an orb containing the symbol representing that Type, paired with a code letter from a seven-letter code word. Once all seven of their Appmon Chips are placed on the Seven Code PAD, they form Dantemon.

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List of Seven Code Appmon[edit]

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Appmon Letter Chip Chip Name Type Power
Mailmon 7code.jpg Mailmon (Code 1) M B01-003 front.png B01-003 Social 111
Ropuremon 7code.jpg Ropuremon (Code 2) I B01-016 front.png B01-016 Game 222
Gomimon 7code.jpg Gomimon (Code 3) N BSP-014 front.png BSP-014 Tool 333
50px Tellermon (Code 4) E B02-009 front.png B02-009 Entertainment 444
Copipemon 7code.jpg Copipemon (Code 5) R B02-006 front.png B02-006 System 555
50px Medicmon (Code 6) V B03-019 front.png B03-019 Life 666
50px Weatherdramon (Code 7) A B03-015 front.png B03-015 Navi 777


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