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L Corp

L-Corporation, shortened as L-Corp (Lコープ, L-Kōpu), is an organization that appears in Digimon Universe Appli Monsters. The corporation works with all sorts of businesses in order to promote their apps and operating system L·OS, and also launched the idol group Appliyama 470[1], as well as the video site App Tube. The logo used by L Corp bears a resemblance to Leviathan's icon.

L-Corp started of as a small family-owned electronics store named Umematsu Electronics (梅松電気, Umematsu Denki). Umematsu Takeo inherited the store, but eventually had to close the shop. In the desperate times, Leviathan contacted Umematsu and helped him to reopen his business as L-Corporation, while Umematsu serves Leviathan.

After Leviathan's defeat, L-Corp is dissolved. In the manga continuity, Unryuji Knight continues to manage L-Corp even after Leviathan is defeated.

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