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Kanji/Kana デジメンタル

The Digimental (デジメンタル Dejimentaru) is a Digimental that appears in Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01.



The Digimental is a rounded rectangular pendant, mounted on a chain, whose body fits in the palm of one's hand.[1] A large crystal is embedded in its center.


Legend has it that the Digimental's crystal harbors a fearsome power which can be used to evolve a Digimon into a Super Ultimate form.[2] The Digimental is capable of bringing out a Digimon's full potential;[1] when a Digimon uses it, it gains an exponential increase in power without experiencing any impacts on its cognitive abilities.[2]

The Digimental requires a massive amount of energy in order to be used: to be precise, three times the battle energy of a single Digimon and its Tamer. It can be charged with energy either by the occurrence of three such Tamer battles, regardless of whether or not the Digimental itself is physically present for them;[1] or by being made to shine by the hearts of Tamers.[3] When it is charging with battle energy, its crystal reacts by glowing with a strange light;[4] afterward, something can be seen stirring inside it.[5] Alternatively, the Digimental

When used, the Digimental physically fuses into the resulting Digimon's body.[6] Once the Digimon devolves from its Super Ultimate state, it is released from the Digimon's body, its energy having been entirely depleted.[7]

Only a pure-hearted individual is able to activate the Digimental and use its power. This includes simply having a sincere, pure motivation, regardless of how abhorrent one's goals and actions in pursuit of that motivation may be.[7]



Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01[edit]

Lord Holy Angemon knew of the legend of the Digimental, but he originally believed it to be no more than a legend and to not actually exist.[2]

The Digimental is the centerpiece of Saiba Neo's plan to raise Arkadimon; as he threatens Lord Holy Angemon during his attack on Holy Angel Castle, he intends to use it to not only evolve Arkadimon into its Super Ultimate form, but also to let him retain control over Arkadimon after its evolution;[2] however, Neo, with his ability to use the Digimental to raise a Super Ultimate Digimon, is unwittingly a pawn in Demon's master plan to hijack the power of a Super Ultimate Digimon as his own.[7] Even before entering the Digital World, Neo had learned of the Digimental and began collecting data on it. He transmitted that data from his computer in the real world to the Digital World.[1]

Due to Neo's transmission of its data, the Digimental manifests in the Digital World along with his sister, Saiba Rei;[8] although he had always intended to eventually bring her to the Digital World as well, Neo had not intended to send the Digimental with Rei, and speculates that this happened because she may have been looking at his computer at the time.[1] When she wakes up, she finds the Digimental next to her and, not knowing what it is, takes to wearing it as a pendant.[8]

When it first arrives in the Digital World, the Digimental is depleted of energy. Neo calls the Alias III to the Digital World and sends them to fight Yagami Taichi and Zeromaru; although his instructions to them are to distract Taichi and buy Neo time for his attack on Holy Angel Castle,[9] his unspoken ulterior motive is purely to generate enough battle energy from the three of them to recharge the Digimental.[1] During Taichi and Zeromaru's battle with Sigma and Piemon, Rei notices the Digimental reacting as the two exchange commands to their Digimon,[4] and she comments to Taichi on this, and the continued stirring from within the gemstone, after the battle.[5]

Having pinpointed its location by analyzing all of the data in the Digital World, Neo sends Fujimoto Hideto to retrieve it while he attacks Holy Angel Castle.[2] Hideto tracks it and finds it in Rei's possession, and despite Taichi and Zeromaru's attempt to intervene, takes both it and Rei back to Demon Castle.[10] Neo takes possession of the Digimental from Rei,[11] and witnesses it accrue the third and final required charge of battle energy from Hideo's battle with Taichi en route to Demon Castle, emboldening him to put the next phase of his plan into action and depose Demon.[12] When the Alias III attempt to convince him to put a stop to the plan, he declares that he has no further need of their services with the Digimental fully charged, and reveals to them both how he manifested it in the Digital World and his ulterior motive in using the Alias III to recharge it.[1]

At the start of the final battle at Holy Angel Castle, Neo does not see any need to use the Digimental against Taichi and Zeromaru, but once they subdue Arkadimon Ultimate using their knowledge of its Dot Matrix, he changes his mind and activates it, using its charged power to evolve Arkadimon into its Super Ultimate form;[6] as Jijimon later observes, it is his sincere wish to make a better future for Rei that, despite the cruelty that he inflicts in the pursuit of that wish, enables him to use it.[7]

When Rei and Hideto force Neo to realize the truth of what he has done, all against Rei's wishes, Neo has a mental breakdown that causes Arkadimon to revert to its Ultimate state and release the depleted Digimental. Shortly after, Demon takes control of Arkadimon and reveals his exploitation of Neo to fulfill his own plan and take a Super Ultimate Form,[7] which amplifies his own Dark Virus power to manipulate emotions to the point that it shuts down Zeromaru/Ulforce V-dramon's emotion-based Ulforce.[13]

As Demon overwhelms Zeromaru, Taichi runs for the Digimental, refusing to give up despite Demon's advantage. The terrain it is on had been destablized by Arkadimon and Demon's attacks, and it collapses under Taichi as he grabs the Digimental, only for Neo to save him from falling into the crevasse.[14]

Taichi asks the assembled Tamers to lend Zeromaru their strength, and their hearts cause the Digimental to shine again,[3] enabling Taichi to activate it and evolve Zeromaru into Ulforce V-dramon Future Mode.[14] Once Zeromaru devolves from its Future Mode state after destroying Demon, the Digimental is released from his body and returns to Taichi.[3]

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