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Kanji/Kana シグマ
Age 13
Partner Digimon Piemon
Digivice Digivice 01


Sigma piemon.jpg

Sigma is one of the Alias III, having exuberantly joined Saiba Neo with the hopes of creating a new world. After being defeated by Taichi, Neo orders Arkadimon to kill and absorb Piemon's data.




Sigma was very quiet, often being teased in school, and his only friends having falsely befriended him just so he would do their homework. However, being lonely he went along with the facade. Eventually he discovered "chat" on the net, and that by putting on a mask and alias, he could say whatever he was feeling or holding back in real life and truly be himself.

Digimon Adventure: V-Tamer 01[edit]


Due to Sigma's partner, he likely owns a Pendulum 3.0.

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