Saiba Rei

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Saiba Rei
Saiba Rei
Kanji/Kana 彩羽 レイ
Age 11
Family Saiba Neo (older brother)


Saiba Rei is the younger sister of Saiba Neo. Some time prior to the events of V-Tamer, she was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair when she was struck by a speeding truck; it was this incident which influenced Neo to serve Demon, in the hope of creating a better world for her. Her best friend is Fujimoto Hideto, though he became distant from her as a result of his feelings of guilt over the accident.

While in the Digital World, she regains the ability to walk. She also unknowingly possesses the Digimental sought by Neo and Demon. When she arrived in the Digital World, she was separated from Neo and instead encountered Yagami Taichi and Zeromaru, travelling with them for much of their adventure.



Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01[edit]


Saiba rei pal pul vtamer.jpg
Rei with the Petit Mamon siblings (Pal and Pul)

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