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The Ulforce (アルフォース, Arufōsu), short for "Ultimate Force"[1], is a legendary holy overwrite sequence possessed by Ulforce V-dramon, born from positive feelings such as joy, pleasure and a strong heart which desires to protect its loved ones.[2] While conventional Overwriting sequences damage digimon in exchange for an increase of power, eroding their data and thus shortening their lifespans, Ulforce is a sacred power that is able to reconfigure digital data,[3] strengthening and healing a digimon's body and allowing it to evolve.[2]

Ulforce V-dramon is able to use the Ulforce at will,[3] using its healing abilities to rewrite his data faster than direct deletion attacks can keep up with. Also, its Tense-great Shield is also powered up by the Ulforce, giving it the same regeneration ability.[2]

When under the influence of the X-Antibody, the Ulforce is drawn out even more than Ulforce V-dramon's swift speed. Because of its remarkable healing abilities, it instantly self-recovers from any damage allowing Ulforce V-dramon X to always use its power to its 100%.[1]



Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01[edit]

When Aero V-dramon Zeromaru is helped by his friends to recover from Arkadimon's Dot Matrix, Zeromaru developed the Ulforce, allowing him to recover the missing parts of his body that had been absorbed by Arkadimon. Later, when Zeromaru sacrifices his life by using his Dragon Impulse repeatedly until his body disintegrated, the Ulforce allowed Zeromaru to regenerate all his data from nothingness and evolve into Ulforce V-dramon. Using his Ulforce, Zero was able to overcome Arkadimon Super Ultimate's God Matrix. Later, during his fight against Demon Super Ultimate, Demon used his Dark Virus Super Ultimate to seal off the Ulforce, greatly weakening Zeromaru and nullifying his self-healing abilities. However, when Taichi used the digimental, the positive feelings of Taichi, Rei, Neo, Hideto, Sigma and Mari allowed Zeromaru to reactivate the Ulforce to overcome the Dark Virus Super Ultimate and evolve into Ulforce V-dramon Future Mode and defeat Demon for good.

Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

When Ulforce V-dramon was injured by Tactimon's Jatetsufūjin-maru, its miasma of hatred sealed Ulforce V-dramon's self-healing abilities. Even after years, when Taiki meet with him in the Human World, Ulforce V-dramon was unable to heal from the injuries sustained from this battle. During the last battle against the Bagra Army, Duftmon was able to device a vaccine that reactivated Ulforce V-dramon self-healing abilities, allowing him to defeat Arkadimon Ultimate.


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