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The Real World (リアルワールド, Riaru Wārudo, 現実世界, Genjitsu Sekai), also referred to as the Human World (人間界, Ningenkai) AKA Planet Earth, is a place inhabited by humans and other organisms.



The real world is a prominent feature in the Digimon series and is shown as being parallel to the Digital World via a inter-dimensional barrier. In most cases, aspects of the Real World are mainly focused in Japan, particularly within one of the 23 special wards in Tokyo. As a cliché, the real world comes under several attacks from Digimon and in some situations, close to total destruction.

Digimon Adventure & Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

Odaiba (お台場)[edit]

Odaiba is a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay. It is the home of the majority of the Chosen Children, with the exception of Takaishi Takeru in Adventure and Ichijouji Ken in Zero Two. It is the location of the unique Fuji TV building, the workplace of Yamato and Takeru's father (incidentally, in our world, Fuji TV is the channel where the Digimon series is aired). Many important fights took place in Odaiba, like the battle against Vamdemon at the top of the Fuji TV building, the battle against Venom Vamdemon near Tokyo Bay, and the battle against Armagemon at the Rainbow Bridge.

Hikarigaoka (光が丘公園)[edit]

Hikarigaoka is a district in the Nerima ward (練馬区), and the original home of the eight Chosen Children who fought in the Digital World in 1999.

Minato (港区)[edit]

Minato is one of the special wards of Tokyo. The part of Odaiba the children live at, Daiba, is technically a part of the Minato ward. Ichijouji Ken and his family live in the Tamachi (田町) neighborhood of Minato, just across the bridge from Odaiba.

In Adventure, during their search for the eighth Chosen Child, Sora and Mimi go to Tokyo Tower, and have to fight Death Meramon there. In "Odaiba Memorial", they return to the place with Miyako.

In Adventure 02, a wild Triceramon attacks Ken in Tamachi while the area is under the effect of a Dark Tower. Daisuke arrives with Lighdramon and destroys the Dark Tower allowing them to fuse evolve their Digimon into Paildramon. They are ambushed by Mummymon and begin to lose until Qinglongmon's power ultimate evolves Paildramon into Imperialdramon.

Shibuya (渋谷区)[edit]

Shibuya is one of the special wards of Tokyo. In Adventure, as Yamato and Takeru rode the train to Takeru's home in Setagaya, they were forced to stop in Shibuya after Patamon had a fight with Takeru and ran off. This is where they met the fun-loving Gotsumon and Pumpmon, who called themselves "Shibuya Ward Digimon". Vamdemon killed the Digimon and tried to do the same to Yamato and Takeru, but Gabumon and Patamon evolved to protect their human partners.

Setagaya (世田谷区)[edit]

Setagaya is one of the special wards of Tokyo. In Adventure, Takeru lives in the ward's Sangenjaya district with his mother.

United States[edit]

About a year before Digimon Adventure 02, Mimi moved to New York City with her parents and befriended Michael, who also lives there. In "New York and Hong Kong, the Great Melee Battles", Daisuke, Ken and Yamato meet him at Miami Beach. His father flew Micheal and Daisuke to New York City to aid Mimi in returning wild Digimon in America to the Digital World. A Jyureimon proved to be problematic when he attacked the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center, but working together the Japanese and American Chosen Children pacified him and returned him to the Digital World.

Most of "Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!! Supreme Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals" took place in the United States. Wallace, the Chosen Child to appear in the movie, was originally from Colorado, and lived in New York for part of the year in his search for his Digimon, Chocomon.

China (中国)[edit]

China is where Koushiro and Hikari went in "New York and Hong Kong, the Great Melee Battles". Their first stop was Hong Kong, where they stopped the Poi Brothers from killing a rampaging Mojyamon and returned it to the Digital World. Then then averted a conflict between the China/India border between crossing Digimon and the Chinese military. They had one of the Poi Brothers' Octmon draw a message with his ink gun to communicate.


In "Coral and Verailles, The Great Riot Battles", Jou and Iori aided the Australian Chosen Child Dingo in escaping Gesomon, Ebidramon and Shellmon. Their Digimon scared the three with mentions of sea food and they ran away. The three Chosen Children then had to defeat Anomalocarimon to destroy a Dark Tower.


In "Coral and Verailles, The Great Riot Battles", Taichi and Takeru go to France to return wild Digimon. Takeru's grandfather, a frenchman, gave them a ride but stopped at the Palace of Versailles (Château de Versailles) when he sees the gate is left open and unattended. He rushed in with Taichi and Takeru in hot pursuit. They found the Mamemon brothers, Mamemon, Big Mamemon, and Metal Mamemon, who had taken residence in the palace and captured Catherine, a French Chosen Child. Taichi and Takeru's partners fought the Mamemon brothers while they freed Catherine. Catherine explained that she had been trying to destroy the Dark Tower in Paris but was ambushed by Giromon. Giromon shows up again to help the Mamemon brothers, but then Taichi and Takeru evolved their partners to the Perfect level while Catherine evolved Floramon to Kiwimon. They defeated the Mamemon brothers and destroyed the Dark Tower.


Ken and Yamato went to Acapulco, Mexico in "Love and Borcht, The Great Fierce Battles". When in a Mayan temple at Palenque, they met Chichos, a little Mexican girl with a Gotsumon. Wormmon and Chichos did not get along. They found a Minotaurmon and Dokugumon in the temple and lured them outside where Were Garurumon, Stingmon and Monochromon sent them back to the Digital World.

Russia (Росси́я)[edit]

Moscow (Mocква́) was visited by Sora and Miyako in "Love and Borcht, The Great Fierce Battles". There they met the Russian Chosen Children: Anna, Yuri and Lara. They did not know how to communicate due to the language barrier, but Miyako resorted to using the names of Russian foods to describe the words "left", right" and "attack". They defeated their enemies, and had to fly to Siberia to beat a group of Flymon and Mammon. They were about to be defeated until Imperialdramon arrived and defeated them himself.


In Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02, multiple real world vehicles are used, such as a Chevrolet Astro(Season 1 ep.30, 38), a VW New Beetle, a Mazda B-series truck(Digimon the Movie), and a BMW 5.

Digimon Tamers[edit]

Shinjuku (新宿区)[edit]

Shinjuku is one of the special wards of Tokyo, and the home of Matsuda Takato and his friends. Specifically, they live in West Shinjuku, which is mainly a business district littered with skyscrapers. West Shinjuku is also the location of Shinjuku Central Park, where Guilmon makes his home and finds a portal to the Digital World, and Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, which houses the headquarters of Hypnos. The area becomes severely damaged during Vikaralamon's rampage and later is almost completely engulfed by the D-Reaper.

Bunkyo (文京区)[edit]

Bunkyo is another of Tokyo's special wards. Ai and Makoto's grandmother lives in the ward's Hongo district (本郷), and when Impmon returns back to the real world with Takato and the others, he heads off to search for them there.

Kitakyushu (北九州市)[edit]

Kitakyushu is a large city in Fukuoka Prefecture (福岡県). Akiyama Ryo lived there with his parents before he met Cyberdramon and followed him into the Digital World. He eventually returns to the Real World with the other Tamers and comes back to Kitakyushu, though he makes his way back to Tokyo to help fight the D-Reaper.

Matsumoto (松本市)[edit]

Matsumoto is a city located in Nagano Prefecture (長野県). Katou Juri lives there along with her parents during the D-Reaper attack.

Okinawa (沖縄本島)[edit]

The island of Okinawa is the home of Takato's cousin, Urazoe Kai, and their grandfather. In The Adventurers' Battle, Takato and Guilmon come to Okinawa to visit Kai during summer vacation. In the series itself, Takato and his parents run away from Shinjuku to Okinawa during the D-Reaper attack, until Takato decides to go back and fight with encouragement from Kai.

Digimon Frontier[edit]

Meguro (目黒区)[edit]

Meguro is one of the special wards of Tokyo, and the home of Kanbara Takuya and his family. Takuya apparently lives in Jiyūgaoka (自由が丘), as he was asked to take a train to Shibuya from Jiyūgaoka Station and arrived there easily by foot.

Shibuya (渋谷区)[edit]

Shibuya is one of the special wards of Tokyo. The potential Chosen Children were asked to gather in Shibuya Station, where a lift would take them to an underground station filled with Trailmon.

Digimon Savers[edit]

Yokohama (横浜市)[edit]

Yokohama is the capital of Kanagawa Prefecture (神奈川県). It is the hometown of Fujieda Yoshino, Daimon Masaru and his family, as well as the location of the Japanese DATS headquarters.

Japanese Alps (日本アルプス)[edit]

It is the home-place of the Noguchi family. As part of the task of returning Ikuto to his biological parents, the DATS team is sent there.

Austria (Österreich)[edit]

Austria is the homeland of Thoma H. Norstein's grandmother, father and younger half-sister. Though he was born and raised in Austria, Thoma is very neutral to it and thinks of Japan, his mother's homeland, as his own homeland.


Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden. Thoma both studied and graduated there at the Stockholm Royal University of Science. Stockholm City Hall is briefly shown in the series' epilogue, as Thoma receives the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

New York[edit]

New York was breifly seen being destroyed by Dunasmos, following Yggdrasill's orders to save the Digital World.


It is shown very briefly in the series as one of the areas with the weakened space-time barrier between the Earth and the Digital World overhead. Ulforce V-dramon, along with some Knightmon, attacked this area as part of Yggdrasill's orders to destroy Earth to save the Digital World.

Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

Kōtō (江東区)[edit]

Video Games[edit]

Digimon World 3[edit]

Kusanagi City (くさなぎシティ)[edit]

  • Street Corner (まちかど Machi Kado)
  • Online Center (オンライン・センター Onrain Sentā)
  • Chamber Room (チェンバー・ルーム Chenbā Rūmu)

Digimon Adventure[edit]

Hikarigaoka Apartments[edit]

The Chosen Children go to Hikarigaoka in Episode 34, "Mammon, the Great Clash at Hikarigaoka!" to search for the eighth Chosen Child. There, they remember about how they all lived there four years ago before a Digimon fight between a Greymon and a Parrotmon, and in the present day, fight a Mammon that served Vamdemon.

Vamdemon's Base[edit]

On top of a building, Vamdemon gave Pico Devimon and Tailmon copies of the eighth Chosen Child's Tag and Crest, with the original in his possession. Despite being copies, they would react if they were close to the eighth Chosen Child.

Vamdemon met with Pico Devimon and Tailmon once again in Episode 43, "Tokyo Tower is Hot! Death Meramon", deciding to make the building their base, then sent his subordinates to find the eighth Chosen Child once again. Afterwards, Tailmon tried to leave but was stopped by Pico Devimon, who said he had the right to search their area as he was the one that found a signal of the eighth Chosen Child. Tailmon asked if he really thought they'd stay in one place though Pico Devimon mocked her for it. Tailmon remembered how even as her Child level, Plotmon, Vamdemon worked her to the bone and would beat her up for any mistakes because he didn't like her eyes, though she was born with them, which led to realize she didn't remember where she was born or what she did before she met Vamdemon. She was snapped out of her thoughts by Wizarmon, who asked her if she was reminscing on old times which annoyed Tailmon who realized he had read her mind. Tailmon then left to search for the eighth Child.

Wizarmon and Tailmon returned to Vamdemon's base to recover the true Crest of Light after Yagami Hikari and Tailmon united in Episode 45, "The Bond of Destiny! Tailmon". A Bakemon refused them entrance as the base was to be closed until Vamdemon returned. Wizarmon lied, saying they were there to switch out the guard, then brainwashed Bakemon into believing it, who then left. Wizarmon then found the Crest, but Vamdemon was there and not out until dawn as they thought. Vamdemon asked them if they had allied with the Chosen Children and disparaged Tailmon's eyes, as he always felt they were like daggers pointed his way. They then fought, with Vamdemon easily beating the duo. Vamdemon decided to kill Wizarmon first, but Tailmon challenged him instead, and Vamdemon once again fixated on her eyes, which shone with the light of hope that believed in dreams, which allowed Tailmon to get to where she was today, and she'd make those dreams come true and recover her true self by beating Vamdemon, which made him realize she was the eighth Partner Digimon. With this knowledge, he used his Night Raid on Wizarmon, throwing him into a river. Yagami Taichi and Greymon then arrived to help Tailmon, though Vamdemon wasn't intimidated by them and easily beat Greymon, who then evolved into Metal Greymon, though it made no difference. Vamdemon took Taichi's arrival as confirmation that Tailmon was indeed the eighth Digimon, though Tailmon refused it. Vamdemon decided to use her as bait for the eighth Chosen Child, replacing the Crest of Light Wizarmon took, then left with Tailmon.


The Chosen Children find themselves stranded at Harumi while going to Odaiba in Episode 35, "Digimon, the Great Tokyo Crossing" due to wasting their subway fare on hamburgers and sleeping past their stop. Yagami Taichi suggested they hitchhike. However, Taichi, Kido Jo and Izumi Koshiro all failed to get picked up, and Ishida Yamato rejected the car that did stop for him because it was driven by a pretty lady, which embarassed him. Tachikawa Mimi and Takenouchi Sora managed to get a car to stop, but it left soon afterwards without picking any of them up, escaping from a Gesomon. The Chosen Children beat the Gesomon, but that still left the people around in a panic. Taichi thought things would work out in the end regardless, while Koshiro pointed out that the fact that Digimon could even come out of a river meant they had to be careful. This led Jo to realize that they could just ride Ikkakumon down the river to Odaiba, since at this point it didn't matter since the rest of the people around were already alert to Digimon thanks to the earlier Gesomon.


The Chosen Children managed to get to Odaiba in Episode 36, "Taichi and Hikari, Reunited!". As they got to Yagami Taichi's apartment complex, Koromon wondered if Yagami Hikari had recovered from her sickness while Taichi wondered if she was the eighth Chosen Child, as she had memories of the incident four years ago. Before entering his apartment, Taichi made it clear to Koromon that he had to act like a doll, which he instantly failed to do as Taichi talked to the people around and Koromon always added to the conversation. Said people told Taichi about abnormal weather - very high temperature, random snowstorms and no bugs around. Taichi found it hard to reenter his home, worried about whether his mum, dad and Hikari would be around, but nonetheless did so, where he was welcomed by his mum, Yagami Yuuko, who wondered why he was back home when he should be at camp and what he was carrying. Taichi lied to her, saying the camp was cancelled due to the snow and Koromon was a present for Hikari. However, he was unable to keep the façade up and suddenly hugged his mum, crying. Taichi's dad, Yagami Susumu, then entered the room and Taichi cried with him as well. After they left, Koromon asked Taichi why he was crying, but he couldn't answer. Hikari soon arrived and asked him if he finished what he had to do. Taichi answered he didn't, and asked her if she remembered the incident four years ago at Hikarigaoka, which she did. Koromon asked her if she had a Digivice, which she did not, then Koromon got sleepy and Hikari asked Taichi if he had seen Miko, who Taichi imagined was playing outside. Koromon asked what a Miko was, and what a cat was once Taichi answered that Miko was one, then Taichi took Koromon to bed. Hikari went out to the balcony, still wondering where Miko was.

Takenouchi Sora, depressed, met with Taichi in the morning outside his apartment complex in Episode 39, "Meanwhile, with Sora...". She wanted to tell him she wasn't going to go to soccer practice, despite being able to play again after so long, because her mother, Takenouchi Toshiko, asked her to do something, which she interpreted as her mother hating her playing soccer. As such, Sora wanted Taichi to tell their captain, then left.

The Chosen Children met close on the outside of the apartment buildings in Episode 43, "Tokyo Tower is Hot! Death Meramon", though Jo wasn't around, and Sora proposed to wait for him, and talked to the rest as they did. Taichi felt he had gotten better at soccer despite not playing it in so long, though Sora was unsure if she herself did as she got no chance to test it, while Agumon and Piyomon wanted to play themselves. Tachikawa Mimi was happy she had her house and cola once again and refused to leave the former during summer vacation except if she got to travel to Hawaii or similar, though even there she wanted to lie on the beach and drink juice. Ishida Yamato wanted to go out on a drive and play some music since it was a nice day, even if his dad was too busy with work to be with him, and Gabumon wanted to go too, which Yamato agreed to only if he was Tunomon. Takaishi Takeru planned to spend his vacation on his grandmother's house in Shimane alongside Patamon, for whom it'd be his first time in an airplane. Izumi Koshiro had been busy performing maintenance on his computer ever since he came home since he couldn't repair anything or find replacement parts in the Digital World, which annoyed Tentomon since he wanted to leave Koshiro's room. He felt awkward at Sora asking if he really liked computers, though she assured him it wasn't weird and it had helped them a lot in the Digital World.

Jo arrived soon afterwards, excusing his lateness by saying he had some trouble finding his old class roster. With all eight united, Koshiro pointed out how the eighth Chosen Child had seen the Hikarigaoka Digimon attack four years ago and must be close to them as he had found a signal a day before. As such, they should split up to look for them. He also asked Jo to call everyone in his roster and ask if they were on Shibaura last night, as there was a high probability that the eighth Child would be amongst them, though Jo had summer classes so he'd try to get it done ASAP which meant staying home. Mimi and Yamato then gave him their respective school rosters and everyone agreed to leave the phone calls to him, except Taichi who had not found his own class roster. The Chosen Children then split up, with Sora and Mimi deciding to search for the eighth Chosen Child together.

After her meeting with Wizarmon at Vamdemon's Base, Tailmon went to outside the apartment complex, where she pointed out the humans around were a peaceful lot. Hikari then arrived, still looking for Miko. She asked Tailmon if she was Agumon's friend, but Tailmon merely ran away without answering her, wondering if Hikari was the eighth Chosen Child as she knew about Agumon. Regardless, she was clearly not normal and thus was best disposed of. However, Hikari realized she was tailing her, so Tailmon ran away, with Hikari merely asking her if she'd come back. Tailmon thought to herself that there was no evidence that she was the eighth Child yet she gave her a feeling she couldn't understand.

Taichi and Agumon suffered the heat on a bench outside the apartment complex in Sub-Episode 16, "Snowglobe", which happens after Episode 44, "Pump and Gottsu are Shibuya-type Digimon". Taichi thought it was nicer in the Digital World, because you cuold always go to the snowy mountains or the sea anytime you wanted there, which made him wonder how Yukidarumon was doing, with Agumon wishing he could be in the Real World to cool them off. Taichi then decided they should go cool themselves off, though Agumon didn't understand where they could go, not knowing about the Tower.

Taichi's computer started glowing in Sub-Episode 17, "A Mysterious Email", which happens after Episode 44, "Pump and Gottsu are Shibuya-type Digimon". The eponymous email was the cause of it, though its text was scrambled up. However, Agumon was fully capable of reading it, starting from the word "Hikarigaoka". As such, Taichi and Agumon decided to go to Hikarigaoka, as there may be a clue about the eighth Chosen Child there.

Wizarmon found himself outside Taichi and Hikari's apartment at night in Episode 45, "The Bond of Destiny! Tailmon", as his fake Crest of Light was reacting to the eighth Child's Digivice there. Wizarmon wondered if a crow picked it up and carried it there, but his thoughts were interrupted by Pico Devimon's arrival. Wizarmon tried to pretend he had found nothing, though Pico Devimon didn't believe it, so instead he switched his lie to him being drunk, which worked and Pico Devimon left afterwards, sure that all of Tailmon's friends were good-for-nothings. Wizarmon refused to hand over the Digivice to Vamdemon, but still didn't know where the eighth Child was.

In the morning, Taichi received a call from Jo, who was unable to find the eighth Child, as no one in the directories he had had moved out of Hikarigaoka except them, and the only directory he lacked was Taichi's, who still had not found it. After hanging up, Taichi received another call, this time from Yamato, who asked him if he had heard about the Shibuya incident on the news. He had, about acute cases of anemia and lots of women being kidnapped. Yamato pointed out that he and Takeru had been in Shibuya at the time, and they had been attacked by Vamdemon, who killed two of his own minions. This made him unpredictable to Yamato, and thus, they had to hurry up and find the eighth Child.

At night, outside the apartment, Wizarmon showed Tailmon the Digivice he found. He pointed out that the eighth Child wasn't around it, but should be inside Tailmon's heart and she shouldn't be afraid of recovering her memories. Wizarmon then remembered how he had no friends and had always travelled alone before meeting Tailmon, how he thought his life would come to an unsatisfying end before she saved him from his loneliness, and how back then, she had told him that she had always been waiting for someone. Tailmon, however, had no recollection about any of this and angrily asked who she had been waiting for. To answer said question, Wizarmon took her to Hikari, who was still looking for Miko. Wizarmon introduced himself to Hikari, and she recognized Tailmon. Wizarmon then gave her the Digivice, which reacted to Hikari, proving her as the eighth Chosen Child. Tailmon then assked who was her Partner Digimon, and Wizarmon once again begged her to remember who she was waiting for. Tailmon remembered how, ever since she was Nyaromon, she was waiting for someone who never came, then after she evolved into Plotmon, decided not to wait anymore and left on a journey to search for them instead, but instead she was found by Vamdemon, which started her days of despair which made her forget she was searching for someone. Hikari did not understand what an eighth Chosen Child was, and then Taichi and Agumon arrived. Wizarmon begged them to listen, but Taichi saw them only as dangerous enemies and Agumon shot a Baby Flame at them. Tailmon took the hit for Hikari, but wasn't hurt by it. Taichi was shocked at this, and Wizarmon wondered if she had recovered her memories. Tailmon confirmed she did, how she had been waiting for Hikari, the eighth Chosen Child. Taichi accepted this, but refused to accept Wizarmon as her friend. Wizarmon didn't care, however, and merely asked him to take Hikari's Digivice, as it would be dangerous if Vamdemon found out about Hikari and Tailmon. Taichi accepted the task and asked what Wizarmon would do from there on. Wizarmon knew they needed the real Crest of Light, so Tailmon and he would go and retrieve it. Taichi asked where Vamdemon's base was so they could go as well but Wizarmon refused. Tailmon and Wizarmon then left, and Hikari could only scream at the sky, hoping Tailmon would come back.


Izumi Koshiro got to his own house in Episode 37, "Raremon! The Surprise Attack on Tokyo Bay". He quickly told Tentomon to hide as his mother, Izumi Kae, entered his room. Koshiro told her that camp was cancelled, and while Kae immediately realized that something was wrong with her son, Koshiro denied it and she left, unconvinced. Tentomon then came out and asked Koshiro if he wasn't being too blunt considering it was the first time he saw his mother in a while, which led Koshiro to remember a time where his parents talked about telling him he was adopted, but his father, Izumi Masami, did not want to as he thought it'd be too much of a shock for him, while Kae thought he may have realized it already. Koshiro then received an e-mail from Gennai about how an unidentified Digimon had landed in Shibaura. Going to the wharf at night, the two, alone as the rest were asleep, found a Raremon, which let loose a strong smell then attacked them.

After they defeated Raremon, Koshiro's Digivice reacted, which made him think the eighth Chosen Child must be nearby. Pico Devimon then showed up but quickly flew away after confirming the Chosen Children were also looking for the eighth. Sadly, the signal vanished soon after, but at least it confirmed that the eighth Chosen Child was not around Hikarigaoka. Koshiro then saw Miko and wondered why she was around there.

In Episode 41, "Meanwhile, with Jo...", Kido Jo met his brother, Kido Shin, in a plaza during his day off from cram school. Shin told him to trust him if he had any worries about his future, then left for college. Jo told Gomamon about how he was a medical student, and also how he was relieved they didn't get caught borrowing his fishing rod without permission, which Gomamon thought was easy if he did it with confidence, though Jo still felt bad for lying to him. Nonetheless, they went to the pier to fish, though Jo had no idea how to do it as he was always too busy studying. Instead, Jo pointed out that Gomamon could just swim and catch the fish with his paws, though the Digimon just wanted to take it easy, not that Jo himself didn't. Suddenly, they got a bite, which turned out to be a Gesomon which quickly attacked them. While they beat the Gesomon, Shin's fishing rod broke, which greatly worried Jo, but Gomamon thought there was no way out but to be honest and apologize, which Jo did, even offering to pay it back with his pocket money little by little, but Shin was not angry at him, in fact, he was happy his little brother took an interest in something other than studying, as he wanted him to have fun like a normal kid, not only study to be a doctor like their father wanted. Jo didn't realize Shin felt that way. Shin, for his part, felt Jo had changed, as if he had become a bit more resilient. Shin then left, with Jo happy at knowing his brother a bit more now. Gomamon, for his part, wanted a hamburger as a reward, though Jo wasn't sure if he could pay for it.

TV Station[edit]

Ishida Yamato and Tunomon go to the TV Station where the former's dad, Ishida Hiroaki, works to deliver him some documents in Episode 38, "Meanwhile, with Yamato...". Tunomon thought he was scatterbrained for forgetting them, though Yamato knew that he forgot things due to being so busy with work, to the point that he'd just go home to eat and sleep then go back to work. Tunomon was also curious about the package Yamato carried, which was lunch for Hiroaki that Yamato had cooked, which Tunomon thought would make Hiroaki happy but Yamato was unsure.

Inside the TV station, going up the stairs, Yamato and Tunomon found two Gazimon who threatened him to leave everything he had to be allowed to continue unharmed. Yamato refused to, and one of the Gazimon retaliated by stealing his package. To get it back, Tunomon evolved into Gabumon and fought the Gazimon duo. While they recovered the package, and the documents were fine, the lunch had gotten messed up. Yamato tried to hide his sadness and just pushed onwards, saying that the documents being fine was what mattered. A floor above that, Yamato met his dad and gave him his documents. Hiroaki asked him what the stuffed animal he was carrying was, which Yamato said was a present for Takaishi Takeru. Hiroaki asked him how Takeru was, as he had been too busy to see him lately, and Yamato confirmed he was fine. Hiroaki tried to go back to work, but Yamato stopped him to give him his lunch, justifying its state by saying he had fallen over. Hiroaki didn't care about how it looked though, since he knew more than anyone how good Yamato's food was. With that, Yamato tried to leave with happiness, but Hiroaki now stopped him, asked him for forgiveness for making him do the housework all the time and said he'd help out when he got some time off. Yamato didn't expect him to do it, but he was happy nonetheless, and Hiroaki told him to lock the door as he'd stay overnight at work. With that done, Yamato and Tunomon returned home, with the former telling the latter he'd cook whatever he wanted.

Main Street[edit]

In the Main Street, following her meeting with Taichi in Episode 39, "Meanwhile, with Sora...", Takenouchi Sora and Pyocomon looked for a bunch of flowers for her mother, Takenouchi Toshiko. Pyocomon encouraged Sora to get it done quickly so she could go to soccer practice. However, they found a Vegimon in front of the florist, who didn't seem to be looking for the eighth Chosen Child. Sora and Pyocomon listened to he mutter to himself about how he had found "cuties" (flowers, as Sora pointed out) that didn't exist in the Digital World, angrily pointing out how humans would sell them in a place like that, and how he'd save them and he'd become popular. Realizing he'd cause the florist problems, Sora decided to stop him, even if it meant missing soccer practice. As such, Sora and Pyocomon confronted Vegimon, who just decided to beat them up. Afterwards, Sora praised Pyocomon and Toshiko appeared, worried about Sora because she heard there was a child with a strange stuffed animal causing a riot in front of the flower shop and she may have gotten caught up in it, unaware that she was said child. Sora told her she was fine and had completed her errand, and Toshiko asked her for forgiveness for putting her in such a dangerous situation, when her only goal was for Sora to understand the job of the head of a flower arrangement school a little. Pyocomon pointed out how Toshiko was worried about Sora, but the latter was unhappy about it. They then returned home.

Also in the Main Street, in Episode 40, "Meanwhile, with Mimi...", Tachikawa Mimi went out on a shopping trip with her parents, Tachikawa Keisuke and Tachikawa Satoe. All three of them were happy about it, Mimi especially because they hadn't done it in so long, which confused her parents as they went to the same restaurant all the time. Palmon pointed out how not a day had passed in the Real World despite their adventure in the Digital World, which led Mimi to remind her that she was a stuffed animal now and shouldn't talk. However, Palmon had to break her façade as she noticed a Tyranomon on the streets, which she identified as one of Vamdemon's minions. Mimi didn't understand how no one else could see it, but Palmon pointed out it hadn't fully materialized yet and they had to lure it away from such a crowded location. As such, Mimi left her parents and lured Tyranomon to an empty lot. After the fight, Mimi realized that the swimsuit her mother bought her was now all messed up due to all her running. Regardless, Mimi went back to her parents, justifying her leaving by saying she was chasing someone she thought she knew. They then decided to go to the movies, with Keisuke pointing out it was the place of his first date with Satoe and they started remembering the whole moment. Meanwhile, Palmon pointed out Mimi was surprisingly happy, and Mimi said it was because time with her parents was something money couldn't buy, which led Palmon to think that Mimi had matured.

Back to the Main Street, in Episode 42, "Meanwhile, with Takeru...", Patamon asked Takaishi Takeru if he liked his mother, Takaishi Natsuko, which he did. As such, Patamon then asked him who he liked more: his mother or him? Takeru asked his mother without a doubt, which made Patamon cry. It was a joke though, as Takeru liked them both the same. Natsuko then came back, leading Patamon to hide himself, and Natsuko to ask him if he was talking to his stuffed animal, and Takeru lied saying he was talking to himself. Patamon thought it was too obvious a lie, but Natsuko instead wondered if he was stressed out from her and Ishida Hiroaki's divorce. As such, she asked him if he was eating and sleeping enough, which Takeru said he was. She wanted to go back home, but Takeru wanted to take a different path as he heard it was a shortcut. Natsuko agreed since it was nice to take a different route once in a while, and as they walked, asked Takeru what he wanted for dinner, but he was fine with anything she made. Their walk was interrupted, however, by the sudden appearance of Dokugumon climbing a building who screamed at them. Patamon accidentally talked, but Natsuko had fainted due to her hatred of spiders so it was fine. Dokugumon ordered Takeru to give him his Tag and Crest and Patamon vowed to protect Takeru and Natsuko. After beating Dokugumon, Natsuko woke up, wondering where the spider monster was. Takeru merely said it was a normal spider and the shock made Natsuko think it was bigger, but he already threw it away. Natsuko then thought she may be the one worn out rather than Takeru, since giant spiders didn't exist. Takeru then pushed her to go back home because he wanted to tell her about camp, and Natsuko realized he seemed more mature.

Shortly before the events of Episode 44, "Pump and Gottsu are Shibuya-type Digimon", Takeru and Patamon had a fight due to the latter asking the former personal questions which resulted in Patamon flying off. At night, Ishida Yamato and Tunomon helped Takeru search for Patamon so they could make up. However, they were unable to ask anyone on the street since they had to keep the existence of Digimon a secret. This did not stop Pumpmon and Gottsumon though, who asked a woman what time it was, though she just ran from them. Pumpmon was mad about it but Gottsumon was just happy about how fun Shibuya was. Recognizing the two as Vamdemon's minions, Tunomon evolved into Gabumon and the group confronted the duo. However, they weren't searching for the eighth Chosen Child anymore because hanging out in Shibuya was more fun, which made them become "Shibuya-type Digimon". They left after explaining themselves, with Yamato, Takeru and Gabumon chasing them for ten minutes until they found them eating ice cream from a stand, enjoying an experience they couldn't have in the Digital World. Yamato called their attention and they ran away again. This time, the group found them looking at mirrors. Once again, Yamato called their attention and they ran away, and so they chased them for yet another ten minutes, though this time they stopped because they were too tired to continue. Surprisingly, who they found this time was Patamon and they chased him instead. Pumpmon and Gottsumon, confused at not being chased anymore, decided to wait and see what would happen. Vamdemon then appeared in front of them, who asked them if they had found the eighth Chosen Child, which they hadn't, and if so, why they didn't take the Crests off Yamato and Takeru. In fear, they faked that that was their plan.

Yamato, Takeru and Gabumon found Patamon in an empty lot. Patamon was still angry at Takeru, and Takeru apologized as he had been too harsh on him. Patamon also said sorry and they made up. Pumpmon and Gottsumon then arrived and ordered the Chosen Children to hand them their Tags and Crests, with their sudden change in personality confusing Yamato though Gabumon thought it was to be expected as they were Vamdemon's minions. Realizing there was no way out, Yamato decided to fight them. After being defeated, they gave up because it was more fun to hang out in Shibuya than to fight the Chosen Children and they asked them to hang out with them. However, their joyous mood was broken as they felt Vamdemon coming. Indeed, he soon appeared, and asked them why they hadn't defeated the Chosen Children. Declaring them worthless, he killed both of them with a Night Raid. Vamdemon decided to have the Chosen Children follow his minions, and his actions angered Yamato and saddened Takeru, who was also scared for their lives. To protect Takeru, Patamon regained the ability to evolve into Angemon. Recognizing Angemon as "the one who holds holy power", Vamdemon decided to retreat. Afterwards, Yamato recognized Pumpmon and Gottsumon as their friends despite how short the time they had together was. Yamato and Takeru then went back home, solemnly.


Close to the Tower in Episode 43, "Tokyo Tower is Hot! Death Meramon", Takenouchi Sora and Tachikawa Mimi asked people around if they had been in Hikarigaoka for over an hour. They decided to take a break as Mimi was tired. They talked a bit, before Sora decided it was time to go back to work, though Mimi decided it'd be better to go to a place where people gathered - an excuse as the Tower had air conditioning, though it was nonetheless crowded as a tourist spot. However, despite the air conditioning, Palmon soon found herself feeling hot, which made Mimi and Sora wonder if the air conditioner wasn't working. In reality, Death Meramon was to blame, and he then attacked Sora and Mimi, who then defeated him.

Yagami Taichi and Agumon went to the Tower to cool themselves off after talking outside the apartment complex in Sub-Episode 16, "Snowglobe", which happens after Episode 44, "Pump and Gottsu are Shibuya-type Digimon". They also found a snowglobe, which Taichi thought Yukidarumon would like. Agumon wondered if everyone in the Digital World was doing fine, and Taichi realized they could send them an email with a picture as a summer greeting card, and though Agumon didn't know what that was, he thought it sounded fun. Taichi then went to buy the snowglobe, but was stopped by the sudden appearance of a Meramon, who Taichi realized was not the Meramon they had met at Pyocomon Village. The Meramon was mad at how cold it was inside the Tower and was ready to hurt people, so Taichi and Agumon went to stop him. After the fight, Meramon apologized, as it was so hot outside that he let the heat get to his head. Agumon asked him to be careful as this wasn't the Digital World. Taichi then realized the snowglobe had broken, and Meramon gave him a Skill Guard DigiPiece, which lowers the chance of Skill Seal on the equipped Digimon, as an apology.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth[edit]

Access to the Digital World[edit]


Digimon Adventure & Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

There are two ways of accessing the Digital World. The first is through an otherworldly Digital Gate; there are hundreds of Digital Gates strewn in set locations throughout the world. Two known gates exist in Mikami Canyon, where the first Chosen Children stayed for summer camp, and in the Hikarigaoka district, though the latter gate was sealed up in 2002.

Another way, discovered in 02, is through a Digital Gate initiated through a computer. This is only possible with the use of the D-3 Digivice, and allows easy access to the Digital World from any computer around the world. Occasionally, a Digital Gate like this will randomly open, allowing anyone with any kind of Digivice to enter, as Taichi and Mimi did on two different occasions.

Digimon Tamers[edit]

The Digital World is very difficult to access in Digimon Tamers. Portals to the Digital World are actually highly unstable breaches of the space-time fabric between the two worlds. One such breach was found in Shinjuku Central Park by Guilmon in his hideout.

Digimon Frontier[edit]

There is only one known way to get to the Digital World; through an underground train station located in the lower levels of Shibuya Station. From there, several Trailmon depart to different terminals around the Digital World.

Digimon Savers[edit]

There are two main ways of entering the Digital World - either via Digital Gates, which can open at random locations or can be artificially created through the use of space-time oscillation bombs, or through the use of the Digital Dive machine.

Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

Video Games[edit]

Digimon World 3[edit]

Players of Digimon Online goes to an Online Center in order to enter the Digital World via the Matrix Chamber System. Atsushi and his friends meets up at Kusanagi City in order to go to the Online Center there and play Digimon Online together.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth[edit]