Misty Trees

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Misty Trees
Misty Trees
Kanji/Kana ミスティツリーズ
Debut "Palmon, Raging Evolution!"
Part of: File Island
Foot of Tree
Toy Town
Tree Front

Misty Trees (ミスティツリーズ Misuti Tsurīzu) is a forest covered in a thick fog located on the northwest portion of File Island.


Misty Trees is covered in a thick fog every day regardless of time, and people and Digimon have been known to get lost within this forest. Deep within the forest lies a town made of toy blocks.


Foot of Tree
Tree Front. Note the stone statues near the middle.
  • Foot of Tree (千年樹の麓 Sennenju no Fumoto, meaning Foot of the Thousand Year Tree)
  • Toy Town
  • Tree Front (ツリーフロント Tsurī Furonto)




Digimon Adventure[edit]

First appeared in "Palmon, Raging Evolution!", Misty Trees makes an unnamed appearance as the forest surrounding Toy Town.

Video Games[edit]

Digimon World[edit]

North of Geko Swamp is Misty Trees, a forest covered in a thick fog twenty-four hours a day. Inside this mysterious forest are several Digimon wanting to prey upon those who wander and got lost inside the Misty Trees. On a cliff of the Misty Trees is Gabumon, whose loneliness is enough to drive it crazy. Approximately in the center of this forest is the Tree Front, where a collection of Digimon is turned into stone by Cockatrimon, who seeks for more Digimon to turn into stones and carve. Somewhere at the edge of the forest, at the Foot of Tree, is an intellectual Digimon which resembles a tree, but most Digimon would be lost within the forest before they can even come close into seeking knowledge from this Digimon. Those who wish to venture deep into the forest will have to seek a Digimon within the Geko Swamp, where it can reveal the right path to those who seek it. The town made of toy blocks is said to be right behind the tree Digimon, where only those that it acknowledges as worthy will be allowed to pass. Others who are not deemed worthy may still take the path to the east, where they would have escaped the wretched forest and entered the snowy region of Freezeland.

Digimon World: Digital Card Battle[edit]