Secret Beach Cave

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Secret Beach Cave
Secret Beach Cave
Kanji/Kana 秘密の海岸洞
Part of: File Island: Freezeland
Secret Beach Cave taken over by Orgemon. Notice the "Ogre" banners.

Secret Beach Cave (秘密の海岸洞 Himitsu no Kaigandou) is a cave offshore from Freezeland on File Island.


The Secret Beach Cave is the home of Whamon, and is located offshore from Freezeland. Travelers who wish to go to the cave must talk to Whamon.



Video Games[edit]

Digimon World[edit]

Normally, Whamon lives inside the Secret Beach Cave and rarely comes out. But if Orgemon is defeated at the Ogre Fortress, Whamon's home will be taken over by Orgemon, one of his fellow bandit Gabumon, and a hired mercenary Waru Seadramon. Whamon will be waiting near the Freezeland Ice Caps, hoping to recruit assistance to drive these bandits out of its home. If Orgemon and his bandits can be driven, Whamon will be grateful, and will share his knowledge of another way to go to Factorial Town: riding on its back.