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Fine, but I want the set to include Paladin Mode, Rapidmon, and the squires.

Fire digisoul.pngAquan digisoul.pngEarth digisoul.pngWind digisoul.pngLight digisoul.pngDark digisoul.png

Not sure
  • Puroromon's チックリット
  • Meramon's 殴りぬける
  • Flymon's 凶々しい - calling it baleful for now
  • Dracomon/Coredramon's ジ・シュルネン
  • NeoVamdemon's イビルビル, ブラッディストリームグレイド, ギャディアックレイド
  • Pururumon's ポテっとした (from image search, it appears to be some kind of combination of "chubby", "cute", and "small")
  • Gigimon's name
  • Pokomon's name
  • Dorbickmon's name
  • Targetmon's アンニャ, ヤリマス
  • Shoutmon X2's Miya Vulcan

If you are a native Japanese speaker, and can help me with those, I would very much appreciate it.KrytenKoro06 22:05, 5 April 2011 (CDT)