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Koroku is Ikuto and Takato's master. Well, only in my mind. In the real world, I guess I'm the "owner" of Wikimon, but deal very little with the actual runnings. For that sort of thing, you will want to talk to either Grandy02 or Devkyu though you can leave me notes if you think it would be appropriate. Be prepared that I tend to forget about Wikimon, and very rarely check it. :-)

Basic Stats[edit]

  • Name: Greg Martin
  • Title: DATS / Wikimon Owner
  • Aliases: Koroku, Scipio, JKaizer, etc.
  • Location: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  • Favorite Digimon: Tsukaimon
  • Favorite Chosen Children: Takeru, Takato, and Ikuto of course :)


For some reason, I don't always get e-mails when pages are updated. I figure I should be able to fix it myself, but am too ~lazy~. If you need me, and I don't reply to a message left on my talk page, then please e-mail me at jkaizer at gmail dot com.


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Important Images[edit]

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Wikimon's Birthday[edit]

December 16th, 2005 is the birthday of Wikimon.

2013 = 8 years!
2014 = 9 years!!
2015 = 10 years!!!