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Sistermon Ciel[edit]

Why did you delete her profile and her appearance on Pendulum? It will be officialized but the profile still official and her appearance on the pendulum was confirmed yesterday. --Magna (talk) 21:55, July 12, 2018 (CDT)

I didn't.Muur (talk) 19:59, 12 July 2018 (CDT)
The edition appears in your name.--Magna(talk) This is the edit I made. It seems it glitched or something and reverted to an old edit (when I was removing that information), I didn't do it on purpose. I merely removed the "only in US/SEA" and deleted the Unreleased tag. I have gone back and fixed it. No clue wtf happened. So yeah, I didn't do it on purpose at all.Muur (talk) 20:10, 12 July 2018 (CDT)
Until we don't have her sprite or an official Artwork, she still in "Unreleased Digimon" list. See the history, copy the Hacker's Memory profile and put in the page again, if you can, please. --Magna (talk)
Lmao wtf, everytime I hit edit it reverts back to the old page (so the first time I edited it months ago) and it seems there's nothing I can do about it. It states "your edit is awaiting review" so I assume that no matter what happens on here, I would need to wait for my months old edit to be "approved" to be allowed to edit the page past what was shown months ago. So basically, I can't edit her page with the information without having to restore her entire profile every time. So in other words, someone else will have to add the Unreleased Digimon to it. If I did edit it, it would just revert the page to a year ago, that's really annoying. Maybe you can get an edit to fix my problem? because that's kinda dumb. She has an artwork though... in the model from the game, unless I suppose that doesn't count as it's not from the Japanese version.Muur (talk) 20:20, 12 July 2018 (CDT)
The page is normal here

I meant on the Ciel page.Muur (talk) 21:41, 12 July 2018 (CDT)

Bolded Evolutions[edit]

I notice you've been bolding evolutions based on the Digimon that characters use in Hacker's Memory. Are those evolutions actually shown or discussed? If they're only inferred based on the non-story related evolution mechanics, I don't think that they should be cited as official. --TMS (talk) 22:03, August 26, 2018 (EST)

They technically aren't shown - however during the course of the game, the Digimon are replaced with those ones (one by one) and so is clearly evolution. All of them are possible evolution in game, too. This might help (and the same source as for Chitose/Ryujis evolutions, as they happen the exact same way)-

Dominion Battles

Ryuji Mishima
Chitose Imai
Yu Nogi
Yuuko Kamishiro
Makiko Date
Arata Sanada
Nokia Shiramine

Those are the teams each have during the course of the game, and its clear who digivolved into who, especially since I always doubled checked if the evolutions were possible in game and like I said, it's the exact same for the teams of Ryuji and Chitose (which were already sourced on here). They digivolve off screen, replacing existing party members. They also aren't based on player choice or anything, they digivolve off screen based on chapter and most dont get their final team till post game (and also use their final team in the Master Cup). Each being replaced pretty much one by one, with all of them being possible evolution as well, is a little too coincidental to not count. I also wouldn't count it as 'non story', as these will happen no matter what you do. Muur (talk) 21:45, 26 August 2018 (CDT)

While it's strong circumstantial evidence, I think it would be better if the potential evolutions were noted under the Hacker's Memory section as speculation. --TMS (talk) 23:48, August 26, 2018

Bolded evolutions2[edit]

Preemptive. I removed them because they were not bolded according to the rules. they are not storyline evolutions, or mentioned in profiles. more will be removed later. I had permission from TMS.Muur (talk) 22:52, 22 July 2019 (CDT)

Jesmon X's attribute[edit]

Jesmon X's profile was updated. It's now listed as Data not Vaccine--Convergencia Digital (talk) 21:44, 1 December 2019 (CST)

I would then change it to say "old profile" perhaps. It was still canonically Vaccine at one point. Kinda like when they changed Saint Galgomon's name from Saint Gargomon in the DRB.Muur (talk) 21:46, 1 December 2019 (CST)
I don't see the point on doing that. Yes it was canonical at one point, but it was changed for a reason (most likely because it was an error), and because of that, now there is absolutly no place where you can see Jesmon X as a Vaccine digimon. You can't even put a source to it because it was deliberately changed by Bandai. At most I would accept it if you put that information in a separated note that specifies that Jesmon was labeled as a Vaccine Digimon at one point but that it was completely changed afterward, but not in the main article, since it's no longer canon.--Convergencia Digital (talk) 21:54, 1 December 2019 (CST)

Ginryumon evolves from zubamon in battle spirits?[edit]

Why did you add that if Ginryumon isn't even in that game? Shouldn't you just add those digimon that are actually in the game who evolve from zubamon just like we do for every other evolution shown in card games?--Convergencia Digital (talk) 19:52, 25 January 2020 (CST)

My bad, it seems I accidentally opened Ginryumon's page alongside all the other champion digimon in battle spirits. good spot, that was an accident Muur (talk) 19:54, 25 January 2020 (CST)

About,how to edit Digimons'page[edit]

I'm sorry I keep making mistakes on the Flare Lizamon's page, teacher Muur , please teach me,I did not do it on purpose

for reference book stuff you do it like this [1]. the main thing that is being removed is that youre bolding stuff you shouldnt. just because wargrowlmon -> gallantmon is canon for example, doesnt mean the same thing for the recolours of the digimon.Muur (talk) 17:05, 20 May 2020 (CDT)

OK, because I see Dark lrazmon's page is about evolution from Flare Lizamon,so I wondered Flare Lizamon's page should also be written to evolve into Dark Lizamon and write on to the Flare Lizamon's page. Donkey22800

that was an error someone else made based on reading the profile.Muur (talk) 17:58, 20 May 2020 (CDT)

Hi, What is Template:FM meaning? --Dharakjoo (talk) 03:04, 24 September 2020 (CDT)

no idea. That's new to me too.Muur (talk) 07:14, 24 September 2020 (CDT)
It's used to highlight Modes or other formally-named forms in a profile, similar to the ATK and EQ templates.KrytenKoro06 (talk) 12:47, 24 September 2020 (CDT)

New Century: Lucemon and Beelzebumon[edit]

Here is the dialogue where Ippei says he's partnered with a Lucemon. Beelzebumon is proven by the opening prologue that's on the Drive folder I sent you. ShikaSS (talk) 19:31, 27 October 2020 (CDT)

Also, on the same opening prologue Paildramon is shown to be the partner Digimon of a child who looks like a young Minister Sakamoto. I can't get a trustworthy translation for his first name though, which is 彻也. ShikaSS (talk) 19:59, 27 October 2020 (CDT)
"Although I became a partner, I still don't understand Lucemon's ideas." I guess the implication is strong. Does the Lucemon actually show up? also interesting that his Chinese dub name is "Brightmon". As for Beelzemon, I did see the opening tho it didn't seem clear to me as to who had Paildrmaon and who had Beelzemon since both were in the protags party or whatever the hell was going on. Maybe the text itself is more clear. I dont think "the kid kinda looks like that guy" would be enough tho, I'd try to get actual confirmation on if he ever says what his first name is.Muur (talk) 21:26, 27 October 2020 (CDT)
彻也 is Tetsuya. As for the tutorial, yeah that kid is the same guy like 10 years earlier. I wonder if he doesnt have beelzemon any more. as for Tetsuya, based on the eyebrow and eyes, its him. so hes tetsuya sakamoto.Muur (talk) 21:59, 27 October 2020 (CDT)
Yeah, the partner relation could be clearer, but I think Beelzebumon addressing Shingo directly is a strong indication. I wonder what happened to them too. His NPC line does not mention Beelzebumon. Regarding Ippei's partner, he has not appeared yet. The horned NPC from the Entertainment Company mentions a Lucemon is starring in an upcoming movie "Space Break", but it could be a different Lucemon. Aside from that, I don't know if there's anything to support this because I haven't translated the rest of the story yet, but Ippei and Satoru share surnames with Sumire and the Minister (now Tetsuya), respectively, so they might be related. ShikaSS (talk) 22:30, 27 October 2020 (CDT)
the opening of the game has a lucemon falldown mode in it just after it shows Quartzmon, so now im curious if his partner is actually lucemon FM rather than base lucemon. he only says "lucemon", tho. I mean its probably base lucemon tricking some kid to get power or something. anyway we should wait on confirmation if any of the characters are related. they probably are, but we can't assume. as for where they are now 10+ years later - who knows. maybe theyre dead. also curious as to why there was a magnaangemon, sakuyamon, and metalgarurmon in the party. maybe theyre partner to some of the adults too when they were kids.Muur (talk) 23:01, 27 October 2020 (CDT)

Ultimate 4[edit]

Is there any particular reason why you removed the Ultimate 4 from Appmon of the groups page? Please don't do it again. Appmon are Digimon whether you like it or not.--Shadow Shinji (talk) 18:42, 18 December 2020 (CST)

Discord still exists. and no theyre not, thats why we dont have appmon in the list of digimon. put them onto their own Appmon groups page.Muur (talk) 19:03, 18 December 2020 (CST)
Yes, they are in words of the own staff from the Appmon series. Your misconceptions don't make something canon.--Shadow Shinji (talk) 19:19, 18 December 2020 (CST)
then maybe we should merged the appmon and digimon lists.Muur (talk) 19:22, 18 December 2020 (CST)
Actually, there's not a reason why they shouldn't. But there's also a different one for the Digital Lifeforms, which are a very special kind of Digimon just like Appmon, so I'm not sure what to think personally. --Shadow Shinji (talk) 19:25, 18 December 2020 (CST)
Digital Lifeforms are explicitly not Digimon, I thought (ex. DigiGnomes). For the Appmon being a type of Digimon, what's the source on that? Should they be treated similar to X Digimon, then?KrytenKoro06 (talk) 20:46, 18 December 2020 (CST)
Crunchyroll's page for Appmon describes them as "The Appmon are AI lifeforms with the ability to think and act, and exist in the boundary between the human world and the digital world.". its interesting they mention digital world. so we have the human world, then the appmon world, then the digimon world. so if you were to like hack through dimensions or something, you actually have to get through the appmon world before you can get to the digital world. meanwhile says digimon are "digital life forms". so appmon are artificial life forms, like a robot. digimon are computer programs. so appmon are similar to yggrasil or NEO. (Also, appmon dont have digicores, it literally says in digimon lore you need a digicore to be a digimon)Muur (talk) 20:58, 18 December 2020 (CST)
"Series Director, Koga Gou: To the children living in the "now," I want to convey an exciting adventure story of a new "current" Digimon = Appmon. Please look forward to it!"
Appmon live in the Surface Net area while regular Digimon come from deeper layers (Digital World). That's the main difference between a Digimon and an Appmon.--Shadow Shinji (talk) 22:03, 18 December 2020 (CST)
I am not taking a stance on this, but そんな“イマ”を生きる子供たちに“イマ”ならではの新しい“デジモン=アプモン”達のワクワクする冒険物語を伝えていけたらいいなと思っています。 is not in the context of saying they are the same kind of 'lifeform', only that he wants 'Appmon' to be like the 'Digimon' to this era of kids. --Garmmon (talk) 00:41, 19 December 2020 (CST)
I thought that was mistranslated. The way it was worded didn't really seem like something someone would actually say. Your translation makes a lot more sense. Muur (talk) 03:22, 19 December 2020 (CST)
That translation makes a lot of sense actually. My point is that despite Appmon being a special category of Digimon, they should be also integrated enough also considering not even Bandai makes that much of a difference: I personally think there's no need to have a solo page to add only two groups. The most clever way to go in my opinion would be same as in the Goggles page.--Shadow Shinji (talk) 04:36, 19 December 2020 (CST)
no it doesnt, that was a machine translation. As for twitter, yes they do: whenever they tweet about appmon they have #appmon, and whenever they tweet about digimon they have #digimon. Muur (talk) 08:40, 19 December 2020 (CST)
Calm down I was talking about the translation provided by Garmmon. The #Appmon thing from twitter doesn't prove anything. If they tweeted about NEO or any Digital Lifeform they wouldn't probably include the #Digimon hashtag in the same sense either. The only difference between a Digimon and an Appmon is the same difference between an App in your mobile and a program in your laptop, but they are Digital monsters for what it matters. Otherwise 'Digimon Universe' wouldn't be a thing.--Shadow Shinji (talk) 10:53, 19 December 2020 (CST)

Super Ultimate[edit]

Unless you are planning to add the Super Ultimate level to each Digimon character page, please avoid using it in for the sake of consistency. First of all, Super Ultimate is not really a Level, but more a way to call the strongest Ultimates in certain continuities. Secondly, not everyone that checks out Wikimon is familiar with the deep lore of Digimon like you and I, so maybe some people will find confusing that eg. Omegamon is treated as Super Ultimates in certain character pages, while an Ultimate in certain others. --Shadow Shinji (talk) 06:40, 20 January 2021 (CST)

machine translations[edit]

No, because 90% of it tends to be the exact same as the translations that other people do. HenryWong122 (talk) 02:04, 9 April 2021 (CDT)

Don't post machine translations. They need to be proper translations or we can't use them. If I see you doing it again, you'll be suspended. --TMS (talk) 03:11, 9 April 2021 (EST)

Hermit in the Jungle[edit]

I'm 99.99% sure that the two new Digimon in Hermit in the Jungle are both Vaccine attribute, as Lilimon & Blossomon are Data and Toropiamon & Archnemon are Virus Digimon. Plus, they are right above Snimon and Jewelbeemon (Beside for the Perfect) which are both Vaccine attribute.

maybe. seems kinda random to say that here tho. data would be waste, vaccine would be nice. the implication then would be theyre made for snimon.Muur (talk) 17:23, 21 June 2021 (CDT)

Rosemon and the Crest of Light[edit]

Why do people think that the Tiferet has the Crest of Light on it when it should be obvious they are not the same design?


It just occurred to me that I might have came off as rude in my response in the Card Colors edit. I just want to apologize and say I didn't mean to be. I wasn't trying to be rude or snarky, just asking a legitimate question, since I'm new here. I could be wrong, I was just pointing out that if I was, there were other edits that needed to be done. And, I don't want to vandalize a page by removing a bunch of Digimon by mistake. Speaking of being new here, I hope I did this right. I have never used a talk page before. KiraraKidohara

you were fine. honestly, that list is technically for me/others to know which digimon we need to add separately. EG, since paildramon is a green card that lets you target blue we need to list paildramon separately on blue lv4 digimon pages, which is why that list exists. I realised that since some cards have an effect to count them as two colours at once we dont actually need to include them in that section. saves me some work at least, hoepfully all cards like that going forward work that way cuz itll save me the effort lolMuur (talk) 12:10, 30 August 2021 (CDT)
wait I didnt realise silphymon had an effect that "treats it as yellow as well". what is the full list of cards that do this? because any card that does that I can remove and put silphymon into the list of yellow yellow digimon (same for the others)Muur (talk) 12:16, 30 August 2021 (CDT)
Off the top of my head: Silphymon, Shakkoumon, Rebellimon, and the BT6 Megadramon and Gigadramon cards. For the record, I really like this change as a user! It makes the list easier to use! Thanks! :D I was just afraid to make the change myself since I didn't want to mess anything up.
I didnt realise the "treat as this colour" thing happened before BT-7. yes, this will save me some time. ill deal with this myself later todayMuur (talk) 12:24, 30 August 2021 (CDT)

Happy I could help! :) I just checked, and BT4-017 RizeGreymon also has this effect. KiraraKidohara

Sorry I keep making you fix up my edits! I was just copying how it was done on the Sistermon Noir and Eosmon (Adult) pages, since they were the only other 2 White Lv.4s I could check for reference. KiraraKidohara
dont even know how I forgot to do sistermon noir awakened. anyway the reason I changed that is, altho right now its the only lv5 white digimon theyll prob release more of them soon enough so it saves correcting it later. if they go like 8 years without ever doing a white lv5 other than eosmon then i guess we can change it lol but for now i think listing eosmon ultimate on her own is good for now.Muur (talk) 22:09, 1 September 2021 (CDT)
That makes perfect sense. Thanks! :) KiraraKidohara
BT7-110, Evolution Ancient allows any Lv.4 Digimon to evolve into a Warrior Ten of the same color. I don't see any reason why Option card-induced evolution would be exempt from pages, but I thought I should ask first before making such a big edit just to be safe, that way I don't accidentally give you another big mess to clean up. KiraraKidohara
damn yeah that'd count. Guess every lv4 will need editing. Also for revolmon I'd put any three musketeers from the DCG to turn three lines into one (also needs warp evolution you can find what to copy from lopmons page. The lv4 guys would need with ancient evolution wisemon page has that Muur (talk) 05:21, 2 September 2021 (CDT)
I thought that too, but I wasn't sure if I would need to add a Three Musketeers group to the Card Color page, or link to the Three Musketeers section, or what. Honestly, when I had the idea about the Evolution Ancient card, I thought it just worked on Hybrid Levels, until I reread the card... ^^" I can't do them all at once, but I'll do a color at a time. I already did the Warrior Ten themselves and Red, Blue, and Yellow. KiraraKidohara (talk) 08:18, 2 September 2021 (CDT)
Yeah it can be quite time consuming. in regards to your edit on bulkmon yes the jogresses should be listed just no one has done it. at some point I plan to make a page liek the card game one and list the digimon by level/attribute so we can have an exact list of who can jogress to each digimon so its even more clear and the jogresses compenents can jave their pages updated too.Muur (talk) 16:16, 2 September 2021 (CDT)
I'll continue working on the Ancient Evolutions today, and I'll get around to the Jogresses once I finish. I'll probably finish the Ancient Evolutions later today or tomorrow, but since the Jogresses are less copy/pasting, that may take longer to finish. I'll probably do 1 DiM at a time, maybe 1-2 DiMs a day, depending on how hard/time consuming it is. That is a good idea about making a page like that! I've never made a page before, but it looks simple enough. Want me to make that page before I start the Jogresses? It seems easier to have it set up from the beginning, instead of having to retroactively edit dozens of pages. KiraraKidohara (talk) 22:13, 2 September 2021 (CDT)
it would indeed tbe better to have a page set up. tbh the old vpets could do with one too, im not really happy with the whole "certain digimon from insert vpets here". *what* digimon?Muur (talk) 22:17, 2 September 2021 (CDT)
I'll set up a page for the Vital Bracelet Digimon after I finish the Ancient Evolutions, then. I do agree with the old v-pets idea, too. But, honestly, when I made my account, I only planned on doing small edits as I encountered them, but then I saw several bigger things I wanted to fix and thought I could, over time. Right now, I'm not comfortable taking on more than the Ancient Evolutions and Vital Bracelet Jogresses (plus going over the cards to see who doesn't have multi-color evolutions on their page yet), but I may change my opinion once I get finished with those. But, for the time being, I don't feel comfortable saying I can do more than that. I also planned to go over some cards from the older card games. I've noticed a few Digimon don't have some of their evolutions from those card games listed due to some Digimon sharing names. Once I finish some of my to do list, I will re-evaluate what more I feel comfortable adding to it. KiraraKidohara (talk) 22:55, 2 September 2021 (CDT)
yeah that old trading card thign has been a problem for decades. as for the missing special evos i outright forgot to do the ones for bt-6 and never got round to doing the two most recent starter decks.Muur (talk) 23:02, 2 September 2021 (CDT)
Thanks for letting me know! I'll check BT06 and the new Starter Decks once I finish the Ancient Evolutions. KiraraKidohara (talk) 00:08, 3 September 2021 (CDT)
Progress Report: I've finished the Ancient Evolutions and the Starter Deck cards, plus I made a page for Vital Bracelet Attributes and Levels. But, honestly, I am getting a bit overwhelmed. For the time being, I am going to focus on adding Jogresses to the Vital Bracelet Digimon, and after that I think I may do the same for Pendulum Z. But, I don't have the confidence to do the older v-pets, I worry I may make some mistake due to my lack of knowledge. Also, as for BT06, I gave it a look, and I don't think I can commit to it at this time. It's an intimidating task to say the least. Over time I may do them one at a time as I encounter them, but I don't think I will get to it anytime soon. I thought I should let you know since I already told you I would do it. Sorry for backing out after agreeing to it.. And, thank you for all your help and advice! KiraraKidohara (talk) 02:28, 5 September 2021 (CDT)
"I am getting a bit overwhelmed." welcome to my life. I edit on more than just here, editing sure is a time consuming life sucking task.Muur (talk) 11:55, 5 September 2021 (CDT)
I'm seeing that, now. I keep seeing 1 more thing I want to do. I just noticed only a couple of the Xros Loader toy's Xrosses were on Digimon's pages, next think I know, I've added them all, even though I didn't plan to, and hours of my day is missing. Sorry again for dropping the ball on BT06. I just don't have the time or energy to keep up this pace. I never intended to do more than a few small edits a day as I noticed them, so I want to slow down so I don't burn myself out. Just doing what I've already done makes me even more appreciative of editors like you who do so much! Hopefully I've helped a bit. I'll keep up work on the Vital Bracelet and Pendulum Z Jogresses, and smaller edits here and there, just at a less frantic pace. KiraraKidohara (talk) 12:16, 5 September 2021 (CDT)
I was actually aware that the xros loader evolutions werent listed and planned to add them one day... but would I have ever got round to it lolMuur (talk) 12:18, 5 September 2021 (CDT)
lol Glad I could help! KiraraKidohara (talk) 12:49, 5 September 2021 (CDT)

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth[edit]

Innocent Eyes increases Accuracy and Evasion for all Digimon on the field by 1%.

...okay? did you see me mention it on discord yesterday or something? kinda creepy Muur (talk) 20:13, 10 September 2021 (CDT)

Acronym Caps Stupid[edit]

The pathetic acronym excuse you keep giving captilizing certain names is getting old there is nothing that indicates that it should be this way and it looks like a complete amatuer made these desicions. Maybe you should stop obsessing over your fan theorys and do a proper job because i'm going to have a brain aneurysm if i have to keep looking at this crap.

Maybe to spare yourself an aneurysm you should leave Wikimon alone for a while and stop harrassing people. --TMS (talk) 20:40, 19 October 2021 (EST)

Sorry, I have a really bad case of OCD especially when it comes to proper translations of anime and manga and drives me crazy when I see wrong names and terms being using, sorry if I came off too strong I'm just really passionate about this sort of thing.

you sure keep ignoring that im not even the one who decided on it.Muur (talk) 20:47, 19 October 2021 (CDT)
Then who did? because this whole thingis realyy confusing me.
maybe you shouldve read the previous replies I put. if you want the name to be displayed as "Dorumon", youll need to convince the admin devkyu but pretty sure thats not gonna happen and the name will remain as DORUmon. another admin already tried to switch to Dorumon and was reverted.Muur (talk) 21:25, 19 October 2021 (CDT)

Lucemon: Falldown Mode and Armor Levels[edit]

With the introduction of Armor Levels in BT-08, there will soon be a bunch of new cards that, like Lucemon: Falldown Mode, are unable to evolve from 1 of their colors, but still evolve to higher Levels as all their colors. If we treat them the same way we did Lucemon: Falldown Mode, then that will be a lot of Digimon that have to be added to every Evolution list of every Digimon of the relevant colors everytime. This seems rather impractical. I was wondering if it may just be a better idea to list them under their respective colors with a note that they can't evolve from Lv. 3s of that color. Similar to how Sistermon Ciel and Sistermon Ciel (Awaken) have a note marking them as Western exclusive, and are thus unable to evolve from/into Japan-exclusive cards. KiraraKidohara (talk) 03:38, 22 October 2021 (CDT)

maybe. im a fan of whatever gives me less workMuur (talk) 23:20, 24 October 2021 (CDT)
Thanks! :) If only I could come up with an easy solution for the card game Jogresses, too... I recently added the Jogresses for Dinobeemon and Paildramon to all the Blue and Green Lv. 4's pages, and I am dreading doing it for the rest of the cards with the Jogress effect! x.x Since all the Jogress cards are double color, I debated just leaving a note next to them on the color list that they can be Jogressed with the relevant colors, but I wasn't sure. I was worried that doing that may be overdoing it with the notes. KiraraKidohara (talk) 01:01, 25 October 2021 (CDT)
maybe armor can be on its own list? so like "armor digivolutions in the card game" or something so theyre all under one line. i doubt theyll have all 60 armor forms in the game though so its prob fine to just keep going? then again i guess thatd cause problems when you have agumon with like 8 differnet dudes and its techincally not armor digivolution. ...ehhhhh but really do they even have regular digimon have this problem any more? now that dual colour exists is armor the only annoying thing left for new cards? also jogress doesnt seem bad as far i can tell? you just do "paildramon (with blue lv 4) or whatever. also for you know, for evolution ancient, based on the wording, i think all lv4 can evolve to all ancient if you have a hybrid in play. if thats the case it can fit on one line as just "any ancient digimon from the card game"Muur (talk) 20:01, 25 October 2021 (CDT)
As for Ancient Evolution, isn't that "ignores color requirements" part about the game rule that you can only activate an Option card if you have a Digimon or Tamer of the same color? So, you would normally have to have a White Digimon or Tamer to use it, but it lets you ignore that if you have a Hybrid. Or, am I misinterpretting that? And, what's your opinion on the way I currently have Armors and Jogresses on the Digimon Card Game Colors and Levels page? Do you think this works, or do I need to change it? Earlier you said you were a fan of whatever gives you less work, and this way would minimize the amount of random cards that have to be added to every page individually each time a new set drops. Doing it this way turned what took me hours of work previously into just a few minutes. KiraraKidohara (talk) 23:52, 25 October 2021 (CDT)
it seems like you yourself decided to take over the entire thing so whatever you feel like gives me less work.Muur (talk) 14:39, 30 October 2021 (CDT)
Thanks! Sorry if I'm overstepping, though. KiraraKidohara (talk) 20:36, 30 October 2021 (CDT)
because of his effect betsumon can evolve to every mega in the game (prob a cosplaying reference)Muur (talk) 00:08, 6 November 2021 (CDT)
I literally just saw the translation of its effect and got on to add that, but you beat me to it. Thanks! xD KiraraKidohara (talk) 00:23, 6 November 2021 (CDT)
I tweaked the white kimeramon links, cuz we dont have "any white digimon" in pages like sistermon so there was nothing stating they could directly evolve to kimeramon when they can.Muur (talk) 18:45, 11 November 2021 (CST)
Oh! I didn't know I had to put the same reference twice for cards that evolve "with or without" on the same card. I thought listing the reference once was enough. Thanks for fixing it for me and letting me know!KiraraKidohara (talk) 18:56, 11 November 2021 (CST)
TMS requested we shrink down any section that allowed well, literally anything like all lv6, lv4+lv4 jogresses etc.Muur (talk) 21:42, 11 November 2021 (CST)
That makes sense. I'll keep that in mind for any future cards like those! KiraraKidohara (talk) 21:56, 11 November 2021 (CST)

Ruli's Pictures + Aoi Page[edit]

I saw your comment compared to all the images I put on Ruli's page. I want to say that unfortunately I fell in love with the character of Ruli and therefore any images that I find I want to put them on the site ... And again I held back (as I held onto the era for Mimi of Adventure :, believe me if I had not held back, the page of Mimi would be in the same state as that of Ruli)

Also since I have you, since we have at least two good quality images for Aoi, could we create a page for her (since we have created a page for Kotaro when we do not have image of him)? (Not me, I don't know how to create them -_-)

at some point it'll get ridiculous/out of hand. as for whoever Aoi is as long as the character has a unique design and a name theyre fine. if those are ruri;s friends they not only have unique designs and names, they even have voice actors (based on edits made on the digimon wiki) so theyre more than fine for their own pages. ive not actually been watching ghost game I just saw the really badly written captions on ruri's page so felt the need to make them less terribly written. but still the main point was try not to have infinity amounts of pics on a page Muur (talk) 14:39, 30 October 2021 (CDT)
Ok, I'm not going to add more image for Ruli (I'll go so far as to bite my fingers to avoid doing it) .... And for the page request, I remembered you were admin here, that's why I asked ...
not on here, just a regular user like you. im an admin on the dub wiki.Muur (talk) 15:58, 30 October 2021 (CDT)

Ghost Game Opening Appearances[edit]

Honestly I think it's unnecessary for us to describe what each Digimon does in the opening. Because everything there is just a brief appearance to illustrate the show's setting, for illustrative purposes only. By the way is just my opinion, I just think is a waste of space. Evelyn (talk)

Grimmon's level[edit]

Why is it adult level? I found the source for ChaosGrimmon being Perfect and ExoGrimmon being Ultimate, but I can't find any statement of Grimmon being adult. --Convergencia Digital (talk) 18:14, 19 January 2022 (CST)

I had nothing to do with it, and the english dub wiki doesnt list any levels at all. if they have sources for perfect and ultiamte it wouldn't be hard to then have the guy before perfect as an adult.Muur (talk) 19:19, 19 January 2022 (CST)


You are not in charge of deciding if several concepts that affect the World of Appmon and Digimon are the same or different in any type of way. First of all, Net Ocean, Dark Area, Kernel, etc. are multiveral concepts, which means that they are going to be shared by different adaptations of the franchise despite being different in practice. For example, the Dark Area of Frontier has nothing to do with the one from Another Mission or Re:Digitize Decode, so the concept's main page objective is to make a compilation of this. In the case of Digimon Universe works exactly the same way. The Net Ocean in Adventure 1999 has nothing to do with the one described in the profile of Leviamon. Or the Underworld described in Plutomon's profile is probably not exactly the same place described in Anubimon's profile, but still both fall under the same umbrella. You know that and still decide to alienante Appmon because you probably don't like it or don't even brother to know more about it, but guess what Appmon is part of Digimon whether you like it or not, not a spin-off, not a side series, Toei and Bandai has made this part clear several times. --Shadow Shinji (talk) 13:31, 30 June 2022 (CDT)

i was copying what the dub wiki does in regards to these areas. it doesnt make sense to claim that leviathan hangs out with leviamon, or that if you go into the net ocean youll find whamon but also gatchmon. the areas are named the same but are not the same. like how agumon and agumon 2006 are both agumon but are different digimon. also you always forget that things get discussed in discord. you cant link things together that aren't related. for what it's worth, dark area should prob be split up into dark area, dark area (witchleny), and dark area (illiad). its nothing to do with appmon, it's to do with accuracy of information. the net ocean of digimon and net ocean of appmon are not the same thing. you will not find whamon swimming around the appmon net ocean. the default is to assume the digital world referred to when they only say digital world is the default one, the one yggdrasil and the royal knights are in. the fact frontier has royal knights and yggdrasil is in tri means theyre both teh default digital world. the dark area page should refer to the default one, even if it looks slightly different each time. digital world illiad dark area would be the different one.Muur (talk) 13:47, 30 June 2022 (CDT)
Dude, TMS basically agreed with us that you were and are in the wrong. It’s not anti-Appmon bias, Digimon Universe: App Monsters is almost universally regarded as being a spin-off because of how it doesn’t follow many of the conventions of Digimon. The Net Ocean in Appmon for example is an analogue for the Internet aka the Network in typical Digimon media, not the Net Ocean of Digimon media.

For fuck’s sake, the Digital World is not acknowledged at all in App Monsters with the only and I mean only acknowledgment of Digimon in App Monsters being as an in-universe video game. That’s not a good sign if you are trying to argue that Appmon are compatible with the existing null canon.

Screenshots from a promotional video made before the anime even aired mean fuck all when the anime itself outright contradicts it and no media since has given anything to support it. Chimera-gui (talk) 14:14, 30 June 2022 (CDT)
i have split up the dark areas as they are different places with the same name. whether appmon has its own dark area and should get its own dark area page idk but it doesnt seem that the appmon world is considered to be its own digital world. the underworld mentioned in hadesmons profile should be its own page or a section on the appmon world page. if you want to make a dark area for appmon then whatever, just make sure appmon's world is considered a digital world first like illiad and witchelny. digimon profile not mentioning appmon having one sticks out to me.Muur (talk) 14:52, 30 June 2022 (CDT)
First of all, I don't know why you quote TMS like if his opinion is more valid than any other of us. He has the same knowledge about Digimon as we do, as far as I am concerned, so we can make an open discussion if you will in which everyone is more than welcome to share their own input. Secondly, Appmon are different type of Digital Monsters, same as the Eaters or the D-Reaper are their own thing, but all of them belong to the same franchise, and they have several points in common, and several big differences. I am not saying that Appmon and Digimon are interchangeable, I am saying that Appmon is not a spin-off as you claim it to be for some reason, and based entirely on the fact that Bandai hasn't exactly clarified the connection between the two so far. As you said, it's just your perception or bias, not a factual truth. And yes, a promotional video or the little material we have on the topic, is way more valid than anyone's personal perception from a fan perspective. In Savers, they don't acknowledge the existance of the Digimentals, but that doesn't mean they don't exist for the general canon of Digimon. It's just how this franchise works, which most of the time is not even consistent between products and it can be frustrating, but that's not an excuse to neglect something just because you don't understand the essence of that thing or you just have some issues placing it or understanding what makes them unique. Let alone the argument of Appmon was the least successful generation of Digimon. That same argument used to be used for some fans in the past to neglect Frontier as part of the Digimon family (and also since they don't have conventional Digimon partners), and later on the same kinda happened to Xros Wars for not having conventional levels at that time. We are talking here about lore, not about sales or copyright issues or whatever of the like. That said, I saw that Muur has created pages for the Dark Area of Iliad and Witchelny (by extension I assume, because I don't recall them mentioning any Dark Area there) and so on, in my opinion, is a way to complicate things way too much, but at least it's fair. Those are multiversal concepts that fall down under the same umbrella term, they are not supposed to be exactly the same between products, it has always been like that, even before Appmon existed. The Royal Knights in Frontier have nothing in common with the ones from Cyber Sleuth, or the order from the null canon that was allegedly founded by Imperialdramon PM. And also I'm toning down my previous message because I don't want to spread more negativity towards this user. --Shadow Shinji (talk) 16:17, 30 June 2022 (CDT)
the way pages work is they talk about the lore at the top, then what the various versions do in the various timelines. the royal knights are still the royal knights in cyber sleuth and frontier even if theyre different individuals, like a species page. the net ocean of appmon and digimon are different places. by including places that arent relevant youre basically saying that whamon and neptunemon live in appmon's net ocean and that gatchmon and beautymon live in digimons net ocean. that isnt the case, theyre different locations and we know they are. all the other stuff about if digimon count as appmon or if appmon count as digimon is irrelevant. theyre two places with the same name like how agumon and agumon 2006 are both agumons, but arent the same agumon. and when it comes to oopen discussions thats what the discord is usually for, which you used to actually use and managed to sort out other disputes before. if a town in the digital world was named tokyo, you wouldn't put it on the same page as the tokyo of japan. also digimon profile takls about the dark areas of the other digital worlds.Muur (talk) 16:31, 30 June 2022 (CDT)

Apollo Diana[edit]

"I think the members of the Olympus XII were not decided at all. There was also space among the Royal Knights, but as Apollomon and Dianamon were not knights type, so we thought that Olympus XII would fit more." The decision was made after Apollomon and Dianamon were created, otherwise they wouldn't bring them not looking like knights because it would be pointless, so since there were empty slots in both RK and OXII, they decided they would fit more in the latter. What part of that you don't understand? --Shadow Shinji (talk) 18:58, 13 September 2022 (CDT)

it doesnt mean they were ever actually created to be in the knights though. they just went, hey lets put them in a group then decided on the olympos as they weren't knights. it was never an actual consideration to put them in the royal knights and its not really worth mentioning. the way you wrote it made it seem like they were designed to be royal knights and they changed their minds.Muur (talk) 19:26, 13 September 2022 (CDT)
That's not what I wanted to convey, so if that's what it looks like, feel free to correct it. Deleting key information just because you don't know how to properly handle or correct it is a behaviour that shouldn't be allowed here. I asked the person that translated the interview on Twitter, he replied: "The timeline seemed to be: Ryo Mito wanted a game with the themes of Sun and Moon, and so Lunamon and Coronamon were created with the image of a Rabbit and a Lion since they were animals commonly related with the sun and the moon. After making them, that was all, they could have been members of either the Royal Knights or the Olympos XII, they decided on the Olympos XII due to the lack of Knight-like features.". The part of them choosing Apollo and Diana to be OXII because of not wanting to create extra members for the RK is your imagination speaking. --Shadow Shinji (talk) 19:42, 13 September 2022 (CDT)
It's not even really key information imo. kryten also mentioned on discord it's a poor translation. the way kryten took it was to mean that they were made dianamon and apollomon after they were decided to be in the olympos 12. so when it came to making mega forms for coronamon and lunamon they decided on the olympos rather than the royal knights, then created apollomon and dianamon. this is what he said "They weren't going to be Apollo and Diana until they were put in the Olympos, but before they were in the Olympos all they were was "what if we did sun and moon pair of megas" And at best the rk thing was only ever "can we fit a sun/moon pair into the rk? No. End of discussion". thats what he said about it. apollomon and dianamon were not considered to be in the royal knights, they just decided between the groups and then after deciding that the sun and moon theme works best for the olympos created them. at no point were the actual creatures we're talking about considered to be royal knights. at best coronamon and lunamon megas were considered for the royal knights but decided against due to the sun and moon theme not fitting. if they were chosen for the royal knights they would not be dianamon and apollomon and would not look anything like they do. it needs to be worded properly to try and avoid people thinking these guys in particular with these names and designs were going to be royal knights. that was never the case. the choice was before they were even designed. they said, we need to make their megas, decided which group, then made them. (also just to point out, you can't link to a wiki page like that vs wiki blog as a source, you would need to link to the interview itself. that would also allow kryten and tms to check the interview for accuracy)Muur (talk) 19:54, 13 September 2022 (CDT)

Gammamon (Ghost Game) Page : Regulusmon and Siriusmon[edit]

Hi, I'm posting this here since you undid my edits.

Since the content of Gammamon's DIM Card V2 has been partially formalized (since there are two still unknown silhouettes in the pile) and clearly given the appearance, I think we can add Regulusmon in the Perfect box ( clearly even in Dot format, we see that it is the evolution of Gulus Gammamon) and Siriusmon in the Ultimate box (the Dot leaves no doubt that it is the Ultimate of Gammamon)

Besides, I think that we can also modify the pages of Siriusmon and Regulusmon to add that it evolves from Canoweismon for the first and Gulus for the second. Also another proof:

wikis don't work on assumptions, they work on facts. If you're including these two forms you gotta include everything including cannondramon. You didn't even include every new form. You can't just be selective on the guys you like.Muur (talk) 10:52, 30 September 2022 (CDT)


Evolution section gives pretty much uninteresting section, like giving all Tamers basically just a list of Hybrid evolutions. Please, do not remove the singular page just because you did not agree with me. Let's decide our action with moderators. ΑΩ inForce (talk) 13:27, 10 November 2022 (CST)