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A larva Digimon whose skin has not yet fully hardened because it chose to live underwater. It swims in lakes and rivers upstream of the Net Ocean with its large tail, and occasionally climbs up onto rocks with its developed forelimbs and does vocal training. Its mostly undeveloped hindlimbs act as rudders in place of its tail, which has gained propulsive power, contrary to typical organisms. It is valuable among Child levels in that it signals its upcoming evolution clearly, but since its potential for mutation is extremely high, caution is necessary in its training. Its Special Move is sending the opponent into an eternal slumber (Lullaby Bubble).
The effect on Otamamon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
Since its body has become even larger, its vocals have become louder, and the effects of its Special Move "Lullaby Bubble" have strengthened. It is said that because of a certain Mutant-type Ultimate Digimon, it looked forward to a promising future with its round body and was gifted the gorgeous crown "Prince no Osagari", and it became difficult to be attacked by the enemy due to its majestic appearance. Furthermore, it also taught Otamamon its Signature Move "Smiley Headbutt", where it headbutts the enemy without breaking its smile, but its face still cramps up and its power is weak.
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Lullaby Bubble [1] ララバイバブル Rarabai Baburu Spits out a stream of bubbles.
Smiley Headbutt [1] スマイリーヘッドバット Sumairī Heddobatto Headbutts the enemy without breaking its smile.


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