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Box Art
Digimon ReArise Box Art
Name Digimon ReArise
System Smart Phone
Release Date JapanJune 25, 2018
United StatesOctober 7, 2019
EuropeOctober 9, 2019
Language Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese

Digimon ReArise (デジモンリアライズ, Dejimon Riaraizu) is a video game.

Worldwide service was terminated at the end of April 21, 2022 in Japan and April 20 in the rest of the World.

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In Digimon ReArise, Digimon were discovered in the late 20th century. Even though the Digital Monsters left their mark on the real world, in a subtle reference to the anime series, they were forgotten as time went on.

Digimon ReArise starts out with a Pusurimon having found its way onto the Player’s smartphone. Pusurimon can walk on the player’s screen, talk to them and over time, the Player has grown fond of it. Encountering Digimon like this is happening to more and more people all over the world. Soon however, after a long day, the Player falls asleep on the train home. After a rude awakening both the Player and Pusurimon enter a Digital Point and encounter a Spiral, a digital being that mimics the shape of Digimon, or in this case a Keramon. The Player is in danger and Pusurimon hops out of the fallen smartphone to protect them. It is not strong enough and Pusurimon quickly digivolves to Herissmon, defeating the Spiral.

Shortly after that, the Player and Herissmon meet Hiiragi Takumi and his partner DORUmon, as well as Agumon, a consistent ally thoughout the game, and defeat the boss of the Digital Point with the help of Agumon, which then causes the Digital Point to vanish and returns everyone to the real world. The story continues with the Player and Herissmon having to uncover the secrets of the Digital Points and the origin of the Spirals, as well as their connection. All while meeting the rest of the cast along the way, including Shinjo Michi and her partner Plotmon, Kohinata Mayu and her partner Kudamon, Tamada Keito and his partner Elecmon and later his younger sister Tamada Nozomi, as well as the café owner Tsukimori Chihiro.



Main Characters[edit]

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Digimon Feature Quest[edit]

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Main Story[edit]

Digimon Feature Quest[edit]

Obtainable Digimon[edit]

  • Digimon who also have Recolored versions known as (Anniv) are marked with asterisks.
  • Digimon who also have Recolored versions known as (BP) are marked with double asterisks.

Unobtainable Digimon[edit]

  • Digimon that are only in the game files are marked with triple asterisks.


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See Gallery:Digimon ReArise.

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