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Box Art
Digimon ReArise Box Art
Name Digimon ReArise
System Smart Phone
Release Date JapanJune 25, 2018
United StatesOctober 7, 2019
EuropeOctober 9, 2019
Language Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese

Digimon ReArise (デジモンリアライズ, Dejimon Riaraizu) is a video game.

Worldwide service was terminated at the end of April 21, 2022 in Japan and April 20 in the rest of the World.

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General Premise[edit]

Digimon ReArise was a free-to-play Gachapon real-time RPG / Visual Novel. In-game Digimon are discovered late in the 20th century, they left their mark on the real world but are eventually forgotten as time went on. One day creatures who look similar to Digimon begin to attack the Real World and Digimon alike, these creatures are named Sprials. The player, your partner Digimon Herissmon, and your friends live their lives and tackle the Sprial threat together.

Overall Digimon ReArise's story was well written and liked, it even had returning voice actors from the Anime in both English and Japanese, but its free-to-play gameplay, grinding, and internet requirement ultimately shut it down.

Gameplay & Reception[edit]

Visual Novel
Digimon ReArise's visual novel segments often took place after battles or during story mode / events. If the player was in a cutscene, sometimes they were allowed to choose from 2 dialog options. These dialog choices would occasionally change a line or two. The player could replay several visual novel sections in settings while the game was operational. That being said some cutscenes only played once and if the player missed an event, they could not view it later. Overall, most of Digimon Rearises Visual Novel content was translated, and the developers translated the entire main story before the game was shutdown.

Before the player starts a level, they need to check if they have enough stamina to enter it, the players stamina would be refilled as time passed. Once a level is selected the player could bring another user's Digimon as backup. Levels consisted of battles, cutscenes or both. Levels would often provide a star ranking between 1-3. Obtaining all 3 stars could be difficult at times as each one had its own requirement but earning all 3 stars would earn the player some premium currency called DigiRubies.

During battle Digimon automatically use basic attacks while the player selected their special attacks. This involved strategy as your Digimon's speed and attack cool down had to be considered. Battles could also be played at multiple speeds or even fully automatic.

Item Progression & Evolution
Digimon ReArise was a time-consuming game, if the player wanted items, equipment, bits, evolution materials and DigiRubies they had to grind. The player could obtain some materials from walking in the real world, but mostly obtained things by replaying Dimensional Vortexs levels. Also, Digimon could not change / update their evolution routes, even if a better version of the Digimon was released.

Super Personality
This was an alternate more powerful version of a Digimon released late into the Global version of the game's life. If the player wanted to max out a "Super Personality" Digimon for competitive, they would need to sacrifice another copy of the same Digimon five times. This was time consuming, luck based, grindy and required hundreds of DigiRubies.

Obtaining Digimon & Summons
The main method to obtain Digimon was the summon gachapon, with eggs being a secondary option. Summons required DigiRubies and while Rubies could slowly be obtained for free, the player could also buy them with real money. Summoning was 100% luck, and the kinds of summoning options available would be changed out frequently. This would often make it impossible for a player to get the materials needed for a "Super Personality" digimon for free, let alone at a reasonable paid rate. DigiRubies in shop were very expensive, and some important items had to be bought in store as well.

Battle Park
This was ReArise's live competitive mode, a maxed out Digimon did not guarantee success, also there was a daily limit on how many competitive battles a player could do. The player could reset it by spending Rubies which was not desirable.

Final Gameplay Thoughts
Digimon ReArise's Visual Novel was well liked, but due to how the monetization was handled, it's gameplay has a complicated and controversial legacy.

Japanese Ver. Timeline[edit]

Main Characters[edit]

Main Character Bios / Photos[edit]



ReAriseBioHerissmon.png ReAriseBioSpirals.png ReAriseBioAgumon.png ReAriseBioMichi.png
Herissmon Spirals Agumon Shinjo Michi
ReAriseBioSalamon.png ReAriseBioTakumi.png ReAriseBioDorumon.png ReAriseBioChihiro.png
Plotmon Hiiragi Takumi DORUmon Tsukimori Chihiro
ReAriseBioLopmon.png ReAriseBioKeito.png ReAriseBioElecmon.png ReAriseBioMayu.png
Lopmon Tamada Keito Elecmon Kohinata Mayu
ReAriseBioKudamon.png ReAriseBioNozomi.png ReAriseBioPumpkimon.png ReAriseBioMon.png
Kudamon Tamada Nozomi Pumpmon Mon
ReAriseBioHackmon.png ReAriseBioKazuma.png ReAriseBioBearmon.png ReAriseBioSara.png
Hackmon Natsuyagi Kazuma‎ Bearmon Shinkai Sara
ReAriseBioTapirmon.png Futami Eiji 1.png RearisePhotoProtagonist.png
Bakumon Futami Eiji The Player

Enemy Characters[edit]

Main Story[edit]

Digimon Feature Quest / Spotlight Digimon Quest[edit]

Other Characters[edit]

Main Story[edit]

Digimon Feature Quest / Spotlight Digimon Quest[edit]

Obtainable Digimon[edit]

  • Digimon who also have Recolored versions known as (Anniv) are marked with asterisks.
  • Digimon who also have Recolored versions known as (BP) are marked with double asterisks.

Unobtainable Digimon[edit]

  • Digimon that are only in the game files are marked with triple asterisks.

Image Gallery[edit]

See Gallery:Digimon ReArise.

Voice Cast[edit]

Main Voice Cast

Character JP EN
Player Unvoiced Unvoiced
Herissmon Taneda Risa
Hiiragi Takumi Uchida Yuuma
DORUmon Eguchi Takuya Ben Diskin
Shinjo Michi Takahashi Rie Erica Mendez
Plotmon Takamori Natsumi
Kohinata Mayu Tanaka Minami
Kudamon Ise Mariya
Tamada Keito Irino Miyu
Elecmon Hatanaka Tasuku
Tsukimori Chihiro Morishita Yukiko
Lopmon Yamashita Nanami
Tamada Nozomi Tanaka Aimi
Pumpmon Kaji Yūki
Mon Ishikawa Yui Unvoiced
Hackmon Umehara Yūichirō Unvoiced
Natsuyagi Kazuma Saito Soma Unvoiced
Bearmon Nishiyama Kōtarō Unvoiced
Shinkai Sara Kubota Miyu Unvoiced
Bakumon Ueda Reina Unvoiced
Futami Eiji Komada Wataru Unvoiced
Agumon Sakamoto Chika Tom Fahn
Gabumon Yamaguchi Mayumi
V-mon Noda Junko
Terriermon Tada Aoi

Other Voices

Character JP EN
Otamamon -> Gekomon

Theme Song[edit]

Technical Specs[edit]

Digimon ReArise while designed for a 1920x1080 Display, but also had support for multiple resolutions including ultra-wide.

Frame Rate
Digimon ReArise was designed to Run at 60fps, it's not as noticeable in the visual novel cutscenes though.

Overall while the game had the occasional typo or slightly bugged dialog box, Digimon ReArise mostly had a well-polished translation. That being said near its end of life some of it is rushed and sounded a lot less natural.

Cutscenes in-game could be played automatically by pressing the auto button. If auto was used, sometimes audio clips would be cut off by text ending to early, this was problematic in any language.

Voice Clips
Digimon ReArise used pre-recorded voice clips that were used in multiple cutscenes, that way no new actors had to be hired. However, if a new character was added to the cast, they would need a voice actor. In Japanese new characters added to season 2 had voice acting, however the English dub did not.

An entire Digimon's evolution line is voiced by one actor[citation needed].

Unused Cutscenes[edit]

The Clash Battle Events for MetalEtemon, Platinum Numemon, Minervamon and the Dark Masters August Adventure are fully translated into English the game's files, however none of these early events were used when the game launched globally. The translated name for the "Dark Masters August Adventure" would have been the "Dark Masters Summer Splash".

As for cut content for both Global and Japan, there is a set of Clash Battle scenes that were meant to be used during the VS. Guardians Event. These cutscenes are also translated into English and feature dialog between the humans and the Digimon who arrived during the VS. Guardians event.

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