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The D-Spirit's Database contains a total of 541 Digimon entries, including Mode Changes and alternate forms. The Database features Digimon through to the end of the Digimon Frontier anime and the Pendulum Progress 2.0. However, since it focuses mainly on Digimon who appeared in media that was released outside of Japan, not every extant Digimon to that date has an entry.

As with other Bandai America/Asia merchandise and devices like the D-Terminal and D-Tector, all Digimon in the D-Spirit are assigned a three-digit ID number, roughly in chronological order of introduction from the English airing of Digimon Adventure onward.

Below is a complete transcription of the D-Spirit's database, using all of the same terminology used on the D-Spirit itself (some of which differs from other English localization material). Where they have been changed from the original Japanese, the original names for Digimon are listed in parentheses.

# Name Level Group Type Techniques Digivolve Digi-Digits
001 Koromon vpet spirit.gif Koromon In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Agumon
Reverse: Botamon
002 Tunomon vpet spirit.gif Tsunomon (Tunomon) In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Gabumon
Reverse: Punimon
003 Pyocomon vpet spirit.gif Yokomon (Pyocomon) In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Biyomon
Reverse: Nyokimon
004 Mochimon vpet spirit.gif Motimon (Mochimon) In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Tentomon
Reverse: Pabumon
005 Tanemon vpet spirit.gif Tanemon In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Palmon
Reverse: Yuramon
006 Pukamon vpet spirit.gif Bukamon (Pukamon) In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Gomamon
Reverse: Pichimon
007 Tokomon vpet spirit.gif Tokomon In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Patamon
Reverse: Poyomon
008 Agumon vpet tector.gif Agumon Rookie Reptile Digimon Vaccine
  • Pepper Breath
  • Claw Attack
Digivolve: Greymon
Warp: WarGreymon
Reverse: Koromon
009 Gabumon vpet tector.gif Gabumon Rookie Reptile Digimon Data
  • Blue Blaster
  • Horn Attack
Digivolve: Garurumon
Warp: MetalGarurumon
Reverse: Tsunomon
010 Piyomon vpet spirit.gif Biyomon (Piyomon) Rookie Bird Digimon Vaccine
  • Spiral Twister
  • Pecking Attack
Digivolve: Birdramon
Reverse: Yokomon
011 Tentomon vpet spirit.gif Tentomon Rookie Insectoid Digimon Vaccine
  • Super Shocker
  • Talon Attack
Digivolve: Kabuterimon
Reverse: Motimon
012 Palmon vpet spirit.gif Palmon Rookie Vegetation Digimon Data
  • Poison Ivy
  • Stinking Attack
Digivolve: Togemon
Reverse: Tanemon
013 Gomamon vpet spirit.gif Gomamon Rookie Sea Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Marching Fishes
  • Claw Attack
Digivolve: Ikkakumon
Reverse: Bukamon
014 Patamon vpet tector.gif Patamon Rookie Mammal Digimon Data
  • Boom Bubble
  • Slamming Attack
Digivolve: Angemon

Mode: Patamon Bellyband
Reverse: Tokomon

014 Patamonbellyband vpet spirit.gif Patamon Bellyband Rookie Mammal Digimon Data
  • Boom Bubble
  • Slamming Attack
Mode: Patamon ?????
015 Kuwagamon vpet tector.gif Kuwagamon Champion Insectoid Digimon Virus
  • Scissor Claw
  • Power Guillotine
No Data AHRZ7
016 Greymon vpet tector.gif Greymon Champion Dinosaur Digimon Vaccine
  • Nova Blast
  • Great Horns Attack
Digivolve: MetalGreymon
Wild: SkullGreymon
Reverse: Agumon
017 Shellmon vpet tector.gif Shellmon Champion Sea Animal Digimon Data
  • Hydro Blaster
  • Slamming Attack
No Data PU3E3
018 Garurumon vpet tector.gif Garurumon Champion Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Howling Blaster
  • Slamming Attack
Digivolve: WereGarurumon
Reverse: Gabumon
019 Seadramon vpet spirit.gif Seadramon Champion Sea Animal Digimon Data
  • Ice Blast
  • Ice Winder
Reverse: Betamon ?????
020 Monochromon vpet spirit.gif Monochromon Champion Dinosaur Digimon Data
  • Volcanic Strike
  • Slamming Attack
Reverse: Gotsumon ?????
021 Birdramon vpet spirit.gif Birdramon Champion Bird Digimon Vaccine
  • Meteor Wing
  • Fire Flapping
Digivolve: Garudamon
Reverse: Biyomon
022 Meramon vpet spirit.gif Meramon Champion Fire Digimon Data
  • Fireball
  • Roaring Flame
No Data ?????
023 Kabuterimon vpet spirit.gif Kabuterimon Champion Insectoid Digimon Vaccine
  • Electro Shocker
  • Beetle Horn Attack
Digivolve: MegaKabuterimon
Reverse: Tentomon
024 Andromon vpet tector.gif Andromon Ultimate Android Digimon Vaccine
  • Lightning Blade
  • Gatling Attack
Digivolve: HiAndromon
Reverse: Guardromon
025 Togemon vpet spirit.gif Togemon Champion Vegetation Digimon Data
  • Needle Spray
  • Light Speed Jabbing
Digivolve: Lillymon
Reverse: Palmon
026 Numemon vpet tector.gif Numemon Champion Mollusk Digimon Virus
  • Party Time
  • Smash
No Data WH5A4
027 Monzaemon vpet spirit.gif Monzaemon Ultimate Puppet Digimon Vaccine
  • Hearts Attack
  • Hug
No Data ?????
028 Ikkakumon vpet spirit.gif Ikkakumon Champion Sea Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Harpoon Torpedo
  • Heat Top
Digivolve: Zudomon
Reverse: Gomamon
029 Unimon vpet spirit.gif Unimon Champion Mythical Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Aerial Attack
  • Horn Blaster
No Data ?????
030 Leomon vpet tector.gif Leomon Champion Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Fist of the Beast King
  • Beast Sword
Digivolve: GrapLeomon HCKP4
031 Orgemon vpet tector.gif Ogremon (Orgemon) Champion Evil Digimon Virus
  • Pummel Whack
  • Bone Cudgel
No Data KJKD7
032 Devimon vpet spirit.gif Devimon Champion Evil Digimon Virus
  • The Touch of Evil
  • Evil Wing
No Data ?????
033 Yukidarumon vpet tector.gif Frigimon (Yukidarumon) Champion Icy Digimon Vaccine
  • Subzero Ice Punch
  • Snow Ball
No Data 8FEUJ
034 Mojyamon vpet spirit.gif Mojyamon Champion Rare Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Ice Cloud
  • Bone Boomerang
No Data ?????
035 Scumon vpet spirit.gif Sukamon (Scumon) Champion Mutant Digimon Virus
  • Bomber
  • Smash
Digivolve: KingSukamon ?????
036 Centalmon vpet spirit.gif Centarumon (Centalmon) Champion Animal Digimon Data
  • Solar Ray
  • Jet Gallop
No Data ?????
037 Bakemon vpet spirit.gif Bakemon Champion Ghost Digimon Virus
  • Night Claw
  • Evil Charm
No Data ?????
038 Elecmon vpet tector.gif Elecmon Rookie Mammal Digimon Data
  • Super Thunder Strike
  • Body Attack
No Data Y2KI6
039 Botamon vpet spirit.gif Botamon In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Koromon ?????
040 Punimon vpet spirit.gif Punimon In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Tsunomon ?????
041 Poyomon vpet spirit.gif Poyomon In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Tokomon ?????
042 Yuramon vpet spirit.gif Yuramon In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Tanemon ?????
043 Angemon vpet tector.gif Angemon Champion Angel Digimon Vaccine
  • Hand of Fate
  • Angel Rod
Digivolve: MagnaAngemon
Reverse: Patamon
044 Whamon vpet spirit.gif Whamon Ultimate Sea Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Blasting Spout
  • Tidal Wave
No Data ?????
045 Drimogemon vpet spirit.gif Drimogemon Champion Animal Digimon Data
  • Drill Spin & Crusher Bone
  • Mole's Claw
No Data ?????
046 Etemon vpet tector.gif Etemon Ultimate Puppet Digimon Virus
  • Dark Network & Concert Crush
  • Monkey Claw
Digivolve: MetalEtemon ONVUQ
047 Gazimon vpet spirit.gif Gazimon Rookie Mammal Digimon Virus
  • Electric Stun Blast
  • Pitfall
No Data ?????
048 Pagumon vpet spirit.gif Pagumon In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
No Data ?????
049 Skullgreymon vpet spirit.gif SkullGreymon (Skull Greymon) Ultimate Skeleton Digimon Virus
  • Dark Shot
  • Double Dark Shot
Reverse: Greymon WH0KF
050 Cockatrimon vpet spirit.gif Kokatorimon (Cockatrimon) Champion Bird Digimon Data
  • Frozen Fire Shot
  • Feather Sword
No Data ?????
051 Tyranomon vpet spirit.gif Tyrannomon (Tyranomon) Champion Dinosaur Digimon Data
  • Blaze Blast
  • Scratch
No Data ?????
052 Piccolomon vpet spirit.gif Piximon (Piccolomon) Ultimate Pixie Digimon Data
  • Pit Bomb
  • Magical Tail
No Data ?????
053 Nanomon vpet spirit.gif Datamon (Nanomon) Ultimate Machine Digimon Virus
  • Digital Bomb
  • Data Crusher
No Data ?????
054 Metalgreymon vpet spirit.gif MetalGreymon (Metal Greymon) Ultimate Android Digimon Vaccine
  • Giga Blaster
  • Mega Claw
Digivolve: WarGreymon
Reverse: Greymon
055 Picodevimon vpet spirit.gif DemiDevimon (Pico Devimon) Rookie Evil Digimon Virus
  • Demi Dart
  • Evil Whisper
No Data ?????
056 Weregarurumon vpet spirit.gif WereGarurumon (Were Garurumon) Ultimate Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Wolf Claw
  • Garuru Kick
Digivolve: MetalGarurumon
Reverse: Garurumon
057 Digitamamon vpet spirit.gif Digitamamon Ultimate Perfect Digimon Data
  • Nightmare Syndromer
  • Hyper Flashing
No Data ?????
058 Vegimon vpet tector.gif Vegiemon (Vegimon) Champion Vegetation Digimon Virus
  • Compost Bomber
  • Stink Jet
No Data G1SEF
059 Vamdemon vpet spirit.gif Myotismon (Vamdemon) Ultimate Ghost Digimon Virus
  • Grisly Wing
  • Nightmare Claw
Digivolve: VenomMyotismon KVYY6
060 Vademon vpet spirit.gif Vademon Ultimate Alien Digimon Virus
  • Unidentified Flying Kiss
  • Alien Ray
No Data ?????
061 Bubbmon vpet spirit.gif Pabumon (Bubbmon) In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Motimon ?????
062 Gekomon vpet spirit.gif Gekomon Champion Amphibian Digimon Virus
  • Symphony Crusher
  • Tongue Attack
No Data ?????
063 Otamamon vpet spirit.gif Otamamon Rookie Amphibian Digimon Virus
  • Stun Bubble
  • Slamming Attack
No Data ?????
064 Tonosamagekomon vpet spirit.gif ShogunGekomon (Tonosama Gekomon) Ultimate Amphibian Digimon Virus
  • Musical Fist
  • Frog Kick
No Data ?????
065 Garudamon vpet spirit.gif Garudamon Ultimate Bird Digimon Vaccine
  • Wing Blade
  • Eagle Claw
Digivolve: Phoenixmon
Reverse: Birdramon
066 Flymon vpet spirit.gif Flymon Champion Insectoid Digimon Virus
  • Brown Stinger
  • Poison Powder
No Data ?????
067 Tailmon vpet spirit.gif Gatomon (Tailmon) Champion Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Lightning Paw
  • Cat's Eye Hypnotism
Digivolve: Angewomon

Reverse: Salamon

068 Nanimon vpet tector.gif Nanimon Champion Invader Digimon Virus
  • Power Punch
  • Puncher
069 Devidramon vpet spirit.gif Devidramon Champion Dark Dragon Digimon Virus
  • Crimson Claw
  • Red Eyes
No Data ?????
070 Dokugumon vpet spirit.gif Dokugumon Champion Insectoid Digimon Virus
  • Poison Thread
  • Poison Cobweb
No Data ?????
071 Mammon vpet spirit.gif Mammothmon (Mammon) Ultimate Ancient Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Tusk Crusher
  • Freezing Breath
No Data ?????
072 Gesomon vpet tector.gif Gesomon Champion Mollusk Digimon Virus
  • Coral Crusher
  • Elastic Arms
No Data 5COSA
073 Raremon vpet spirit.gif Raremon Champion Ghost Digimon Virus
  • Breath of Decay
  • Stinking Gas
No Data ?????
074 Deathmeramon vpet spirit.gif SkullMeramon (Death Meramon) Ultimate Fire Digimon Data
  • Metal Fireball
  • Flame Chain
No Data ?????
075 Wizarmon vpet tector.gif Wizardmon (Wizarmon) Champion Wizard Digimon Data
  • Thunder Ball
  • Magical Game
No Data XRXC4
076 Pumpmon vpet spirit.gif Pumpkinmon (Pumpmon) Ultimate Puppet Digimon Data
  • Trick Or Treat
  • Pumpkin Squash
No Data ?????
077 Gottsumon vpet tector.gif Gotsumon (Gottsumon) Rookie Rock Digimon Data
  • Rock Fist
  • Crazy Crusher
Digivolve: Monochromon 412l1
078 Lilimon vpet spirit.gif Lillymon (Lilimon) Ultimate Pixie Digimon Data
  • Flower Cannon
  • Temtation[sic]
Digivolve: Rosemon
Reverse: Togemon
079 Fantomon vpet spirit.gif Phantomon (Fantomon) Ultimate Ghost Digimon Virus
  • Shadow Scythe
  • Father Time
No Data ?????
080 Darktyranomon vpet spirit.gif DarkTyrannomon (Dark Tyranomon) Champion Dinosaur Digimon Virus
  • Fire Blast
  • Iron Tail
No Data ?????
081 Gizamon vpet spirit.gif Gizamon Rookie Mammal Digimon Data
  • Spiral Saw
  • 4-Leg Kick
No Data P3MUD
082 Zudomon vpet spirit.gif Zudomon Ultimate Sea Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Vulcan's Hammer
  • Horn & Tusk
Digivolve: Preciomon
Reverse: Ikkakumon
083 Megaseadramon vpet spirit.gif MegaSeadramon (Mega Seadramon) Ultimate Sea Animal Digimon Data
  • Lightning Javelin
  • Mega Ice Blast
No Data ?????
084 Angewomon vpet spirit.gif Angewomon Ultimate Angel Digimon Vaccine
  • Celestial Arrow
  • Heaven's Charm
Digivolve: Magnadramon
Reverse: Gatomon
085 Tuskmon vpet spirit.gif Tuskmon Champion Dinosaur Digimon Virus
  • Slamming Tusk
  • Horn Buster
No Data ?????
086 Snimon vpet spirit.gif Snimon Champion Insectoid Digimon Vaccine
  • Twin Sickles
  • Slamming Attack
No Data 4UEK3
087 Atlurkabuterimon vpet spirit.gif MegaKabuterimon (Atlur Kabuterimon) Ultimate Insectoid Digimon Vaccine
  • Horn Buster
  • Electro Shocker
Digivolve: HerculesKabuterimon
Reverse: Kabuterimon
088 Holyangemon vpet spirit.gif MagnaAngemon (Holy Angemon) Ultimate Angel Digimon Vaccine
  • The Gate of Destiny
  • Angel Rod
Digivolve: Seraphimon
Reverse: Angemon
089 Venomvamdemon vpet spirit.gif VenomMyotismon (Venom Vamdemon) Mega Evil Digimon Virus
  • Venom Infusion
  • Nightmare Claw
Digivolve: MaloMyotismon
Reverse: Myotismon
090 Wargreymon vpet spirit.gif WarGreymon (War Greymon) Mega Dragon Digimon Vaccine
  • Terra Force
  • Mega Claw
D.N.A.: Omnimon (War Greymon ver.)
Reverse: MetalGreymon
091 Metalgarurumon vpet spirit.gif MetalGarurumon (Metal Garurumon) Mega Android Digimon Vaccine
  • Metal Wolf Claw
  • Metal Slamming Attack
D.N.A.: Omnimon (Metal Garurumon ver.)
Reverse: WereGarurumon
092 Nyaromon vpet spirit.gif Nyaromon In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Tail Whip
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Salamon ?????
093 Plotmon vpet spirit.gif Salamon (Plotmon) Rookie Mammal Digimon Vaccine
  • Puppy Howling
  • Petty Punch
Digivolve: Gatomon
Reverse: Nyaromon
094 Parrotmon vpet spirit.gif Parrotmon Ultimate Bird Digimon Vaccine
  • Sonic Destroyer
  • Parrot Thunder
Digivolve: Eaglemon ?????
095 Tyumon vpet spirit.gif Chuumon (Tyumon) Rookie Mammal Digimon Virus
  • Whisper Voice
  • Cheese Bomb
No Data ?????
096 Metalseadramon vpet spirit.gif MetalSeadramon (Metal Seadramon) Mega Android Digimon Data
  • River of Power
  • Giga Ice Blast
No Data ?????
097 Mugendramon vpet spirit.gif Machinedramon (Mugendramon) Mega Android Digimon Virus
  • Giga Cannon
  • Dragon Fire
No Data DXOA7
098 Piemon vpet spirit.gif Piedmon (Piemon) Mega Evil Digimon Virus
  • Trump Sword
  • Crown Trick
No Data ?????
099 Pinocchimon vpet spirit.gif Puppetmon (Pinocchimon) Mega Puppet Digimon Virus
  • Puppet Pummel
  • Wires Choking
No Data ?????
100 Anomalocarimon vpet spirit.gif Scorpiomon (Anomalocarimon) Ultimate Crustacean Digimon Data
  • Tail Blade
  • Twin Sword
No Data ?????
101 Hangyomon vpet spirit.gif Divermon (Hangyomon) Ultimate Sea Animal Digimon Data
  • Striking Fish
  • Fishing Rod
No Data ?????
102 Kiwimon vpet spirit.gif Kiwimon Champion Ancient Bird Digimon Data
  • Pummel Peck
  • High Jumping Kick
Reverse: Floramon ?????
103 Mushmon vpet spirit.gif Mushroomon (Mushmon) Rookie Vegetation Digimon Virus
  • Fungus Cruncher
  • Laughing Smasher
No Data E2T3R
104 Blossomon vpet spirit.gif Blossomon Ultimate Vegetation Digimon Data
  • Spiral Flower
  • Thorn Whips
No Data ?????
105 Floramon vpet spirit.gif Floramon Rookie Vegetation Digimon Data
  • Rain of Pollen
  • Stamen Rope
Digivolve: Kiwimon ?????
106 Delumon vpet spirit.gif Deramon (Delumon) Ultimate Bird Digimon Data
  • Royal Smasher
  • Beak Buster
No Data ?????
107 Jyureimon vpet spirit.gif Cherrymon (Jyureimon) Ultimate Vegetation Digimon Virus
  • Pit Pelter
  • Illusion Mist
Reverse: Woodmon ?????
108 Garbemon vpet spirit.gif Garbagemon (Gerbemon) Ultimate Mutant Digimon Virus
  • Junk Chunker
  • Dirty Saucer
No Data ?????
109 Metaletemon vpet spirit.gif MetalEtemon (Metal Etemon) Mega Android Digimon Virus
  • Banana Slip
  • Metal Punch
Digivolve: KingEtemon
Reverse: Etemon
110 Saberleomon vpet spirit.gif SaberLeomon (Saber Leomon) Mega Ancient Animal Digimon Data
  • Howling Crusher
  • Twin Fang
Reverse: GrapLeomon FBQYQ
111 Redvagimon vpet spirit.gif RedVegiemon (Red Vegimon) Champion Vegetation Digimon Virus
  • Rotten Rainballs
  • Poison Ivy
No Data ?????
112 Mechanorimon vpet spirit.gif Mekanorimon (Mechanorimon) Champion Machine Digimon Virus
  • Twin Beam
  • 4-Disk Brake
No Data ?????
113 Tankmon vpet spirit.gif Tankmon Champion Android Digimon Data
  • Hyper Cannon
  • Machine Gun Arm
114 Hagurumon vpet spirit.gif Hagurumon Rookie Machine Digimon Virus
  • Darkness Gear
  • Drag
No Data ?????
115 Warumonzaemon vpet spirit.gif WaruMonzaemon (Waru Monzaemon) Ultimate Puppet Digimon Virus
  • Hearts Break Attack
  • Bear Claw
No Data ?????
116 Ladydevimon vpet spirit.gif LadyDevimon (Lady Devimon) Ultimate Evil Digimon Virus
  • Darkness Wave
  • Evil Wing
No Data ?????
117 Evilmon vpet spirit.gif Vilemon (Evilmon) Champion Evil Digimon Virus
  • Nightmare Shocker
  • Scratch
No Data ?????
118 Apocalymon vpet spirit.gif Apokarimon (Apocalymon) Mega Unidentified Unidentified
  • Darkness Zone
  • Big Bang
No Data LAE2A
119 Kunemon vpet spirit.gif Kunemon Rookie Larva Digimon Virus
  • Electro Thread
  • Poison Winder
No Data 0RO8X
120 Musyamon vpet spirit.gif Musyamon Champion Wizard Digimon Virus
  • Shogun Sword
  • Ninja Blade
No Data ?????
121 Chimairamon vpet spirit.gif Kimeramon (Chimairamon) Ultimate Composition Digimon Data
  • Poison Wing
  • Sicssor Claw[sic]
Digivolve: Millenniummon OKRAB
122 Golemon vpet spirit.gif Rockmon (Golemon) Champion Rock Digimon Virus
  • Rock Punch
  • Rock Ball
No Data 4CCYX
123 Tortamon vpet spirit.gif Tortomon (Tortamon) Champion Reptile Digimon Vaccine
  • Strong Carapace
  • Spinning Attack
No Data ?????
124 Starmon vpet spirit.gif Starmon Champion Mutant Digimon Data
  • Meteor Stream
  • Hypnotism
Digivolve: Superstarmon VPPQ1
125 Triceramon vpet spirit.gif Triceramon Ultimate Dinosaur Digimon Data
  • Tri-Horn Attack
  • Mega Dash
No Data ?????
126 Okuwamon vpet spirit.gif Okuwamon Ultimate Insectoid Digimon Virus
  • Double Scissor Claw
  • Beetle Horn Attack
No Data ?????
127 Heraklekabuterimon vpet spirit.gif HerculesKabuterimon (Herakle Kabuterimon) Mega Insectoid Digimon Vaccine
  • Giga Scissor Claw
  • Mega Electro Shocker
Reverse: MegaKabuterimon ?????
128 Rukamon vpet spirit.gif Dolphmon (Rukamon) Champion Sea Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Pulse Blast
  • Dolphin Kick
No Data ?????
129 Coelamon vpet spirit.gif Coelamon Champion Ancient Fish Digimon Data
  • Fossil Bite
  • Ancient Bite
Reverse: Crabmon ?????
130 Octmon vpet spirit.gif Octomon (Octmon) Champion Mollusk Digimon Virus
  • Spurting Ink
  • Octopus Trap
Reverse: Syakomon ?????
131 Marindevimon vpet spirit.gif MarineDevimon (Marin Devimon) Ultimate Sea Animal Digimon Virus
  • Evil Wind
  • Darkness Water
No Data 0VN87
132 Pukumon vpet spirit.gif Pukumon Mega Mutant Digimon Virus
  • Needle Squall
  • Globefish Poison
No Data ?????
133 Candmon vpet spirit.gif Candlemon (Candmon) Rookie Fire Digimon Data
  • Fire Bomber
  • Melted Wax
No Data ?????
134 Hanumon vpet spirit.gif Apemon (Hanumon) Champion Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Mega Bone Stick
  • Metallic Fur
No Data ?????
135 Kokuwamon vpet spirit.gif Kokuwamon Rookie Machine Digimon Data
  • Mini Scissor Claws
  • Mini Electro Shocker
No Data RMK2O
136 Icedevimon vpet spirit.gif IceDevimon (Ice Devimon) Champion Evil Digimon Virus
  • Frost Claw
  • Zero Freeze
No Data ?????
137 Revolmon vpet spirit.gif Deputymon (Revolmon) Champion Mutant Digimon Vaccine
  • Justice Bullet
  • Russian Roulette
No Data 8PBH0
138 Plesiomon vpet spirit.gif Preciomon (Plesiomon) Mega Dragon Digimon Data
  • Water Tail Blaster
  • Shaking Pulse
Reverse: Zudomon ?????
139 Bigmamemon vpet spirit.gif BigMamemon (Big Mamemon) Ultimate Mutant Digimon Data
  • Big Smiley Bomb
  • Heavy Dive
No Data ?????
140 Megadramon vpet spirit.gif Megadramon Ultimate Dark Dragon Digimon Virus
  • Darkside Attack
  • Ultimate Slicer
No Data ?????
141 Panjamon vpet spirit.gif Panjyamon Ultimate Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • The Fist of Ice
  • Icy Breath
No Data ?????
142 Bluemeramon vpet spirit.gif BlueMeramon (Blue Meramon) Ultimate Fire Digimon Data
  • Ice Phantom
  • Cold Flame
No Data ?????
143 Holydramon vpet spirit.gif Magnadramon (Holydramon) Mega Sea Animal Digimon[sic] Vaccine
  • Fire Tornado
  • Dragon Fire
Reverse: Angewomon ?????
144 Ebidramon vpet spirit.gif Ebidramon Champion Sea Animal Digimon Data
  • Twin Scissors
  • Lobster Step
No Data ?????
145 Gorimon vpet spirit.gif Gorillamon (Gorimon) Champion Animal Digimon Data
  • Power Lifting
  • Energy Cannon
No Data ?????
146 Minotaurmon vpet spirit.gif Minotarumon (Minotaurmon) Ultimate Animal Digimon Virus
  • Darkside Quake
  • Bull Fighting Attack
No Data ?????
147 Gokimon vpet spirit.gif Roachmon (Gokimon) Champion Insectoid Digimon Virus
  • Dream Dust
  • Flying Attack
No Data ?????
148 Asuramon vpet spirit.gif Asuramon Ultimate Wizard Digimon Vaccine
  • The Fist of Asura
  • Multiple Faces
No Data ?????
149 Jyagamon vpet spirit.gif Jagamon (Jyagamon) Ultimate Vegetation Digimon Vaccine
  • Potato Smash
  • Fried Potato
No Data ?????
150 Ganimon vpet spirit.gif Crabmon (Ganimon) Rookie Crustacean Digimon Data
  • Scissor Magic
  • Crab Meat
Digivolve: Coelamon ?????
151 Shakomon vpet spirit.gif Syakomon (Shakomon) Rookie Crustacean Digimon Virus
  • Black Pearl Blast
  • Water Pressure
Digivolve: Octomon ?????
152 Dagomon vpet spirit.gif Dragomon (Dagomon) Ultimate Sea Animal Digimon Virus
  • Tentacle Claw
  • Tentacle Flapping
No Data ?????
153 Marinangemon vpet spirit.gif MarineAngemon (Marin Angemon) Mega Pixie Digimon Vaccine
  • Ocean Love
  • Smiling Face
154 Bakumon vpet spirit.gif Tapirmon (Bakumon) Rookie Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Waking Dream
  • Deleting Virus
No Data ?????
155 Skullmammon vpet spirit.gif SkullMammothmon (Skull Mammon) Mega Ghost Digimon Vaccine
  • Spiral Bone Crusher
  • Dash
No Data ?????
156 Boltmon vpet spirit.gif Boltmon Mega Android Digimon Data
  • Tomahawk Crunch
  • Tomahawk Knucle
No Data ?????
157 Mamemon vpet spirit.gif Mamemon Ultimate Mutant Digimon Data
  • Smiley Bomb
  • Sparkling Blow
Digivolve: PrinceMamemon ?????
158 Metalmamemon vpet spirit.gif MetalMamemon (Metal Mamemon) Ultimate Android Digimon Data
  • Energetic Bomb
  • Metal Claw
Digivolve: PrinceMamemon ?????
159 Giromon vpet spirit.gif Giromon Ultimate Machine Digimon Vaccine
  • Big Bang Boom
  • Chainsaw
No Data ?????
160 Extyranomon vpet spirit.gif ExTyrannomon (Ex-Tyranomon) Ultimate Puppet Digimon Vaccine
  • Pretty Attack
  • Dangerous Zipper
No Data ?????
161 Deltamon vpet spirit.gif Deltamon Champion Composition Digimon Virus
  • Triple Forces
  • Serpent Bite
No Data ?????
162 Cyclomon vpet spirit.gif Cyclonemon (Cyclomon) Champion Dinosaur Digimon Virus
  • Hyper Heat
  • Arm Bomber
No Data ?????
163 V-dramon vpet spirit.gif Veedramon (V-dramon) Champion Mythical Digimon Vaccine
  • V-Nova Blast
  • Hammer Punch
Digivolve: AeroVeedramon ?????
164 Woodmon vpet spirit.gif Woodmon Champion Vegetation Digimon Virus
  • Twig Tap
  • Woody Smasher
Digivolve: Cherrymon ?????
165 Aerovdramon vpet spirit.gif AeroVeedramon (Aero V-dramon) Ultimate Holy Dragon Digimon Vaccine
  • V-Wing Blade
  • Magnum Crusher
Reverse: Veedramon ?????
166 Fugamon vpet spirit.gif Fugamon Champion Evil Digimon Virus
  • Evil Hurricane
  • Heavy Stick
No Data ?????
167 Jmojyamon vpet spirit.gif J-Mojyamon (Jungle Mojyamon) Champion Rare Animal Digimon Data
  • Jungle Punch
  • Jungle Kick
No Data ?????
168 Hououmon vpet spirit.gif Phoenixmon (Hououmon) Mega Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Crimson Flame
  • Star-Light Explosion
Reverse: Garudamon 66CJ8
169 Griffomon vpet spirit.gif Gryphonmon (Griffomon) Mega Mythical Animal Digimon Data
  • Legendary Blade
  • Legendary Claw
No Data ?????
170 Toyagumon vpet spirit.gif ToyAgumon (Toy Agumon) Rookie Puppet Digimon Vaccine
  • Toy Flame
  • Block Punch
No Data 2BWID
171 Betamon vpet spirit.gif Betamon Rookie Amphibian Digimon Virus
  • Electric Shock
  • Beta Slugger
Digivolve: Seadramon ?????
172 Clockmon vpet spirit.gif Clockmon Champion Machine Digimon Data
  • Chrono Breaker
  • Time Buster
No Data ?????
173 Guardromon vpet spirit.gif Guardromon Champion Machine Digimon Virus
  • Protect Grenade
  • Warning Laser
Digivolve: Andromon ZYUDZ
174 Knightmon vpet spirit.gif Knightmon Ultimate Warrior Digimon Data
  • Berserk Sword
  • Armor Knife
No Data ?????
175 Penmon vpet spirit.gif Penguinmon (Penmon) Rookie Bird Digimon Vaccine
  • Eternal Slapping
  • Slide Attacak
No Data ?????
176 Dokunemon vpet spirit.gif Dokunemmon (Dokunemon) Rookie Larva Digimon Virus
  • Worm Venom
  • Poison Ride
No Data ?????
177 Platinumscumon vpet spirit.gif PlatinumSukamon (Platinum Scumon) Champion Mutant Digimon Virus
  • Metal Bomber
  • Smash
Digivolve: KingSukamon ?????
178 Psychemon vpet spirit.gif Psychemon Rookie Reptile Digimon Data
  • Colored Sparkle
  • Striped Horn
No Data ?????
179 Gururumon vpet spirit.gif Gururumon Champion Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Chaos Blaster
  • Animal Bite
No Data ?????
180 Morishellmon vpet spirit.gif MoriShellmon (Mori Shellmon) Champion Mollusk Digimon Data
  • Shell Pile
  • Slamming Attack
No Data ?????
181 Tsukaimon vpet spirit.gif Tsukaimon (Tukaimon) Rookie Mammal Digimon Virus
  • Purple Fog
  • Slamming Attack
No Data ?????
182 Igamon vpet spirit.gif Ninjamon (Igamon) Champion Mutant Digimon Vaccine
  • Ninja Knife Throwing
  • Ninja Hopping
No Data ?????
183 Modokibetamon vpet spirit.gif ModokiBetamon (Modoki Betamon) Rookie Amphibian Digimon Data
  • Water Gun Knife
  • Fin Blade
No Data ?????
184 Saberdramon vpet spirit.gif Saberdramon Champion Bird Digimon Vaccine
  • Black Saber
  • Black Talon
No Data ?????
185 Yukiagumon vpet spirit.gif SnowAgumon (Yuki Agumon) Rookie Reptile Digimon Vaccine
  • Little Blizzard
  • Ice Claw
No Data ?????
186 Alraumon vpet spirit.gif Aruraumon (Alraumon) Rookie Vegetation Digimon Data
  • Nemesis Ivy
  • Gloom Dust
No Data ?????
187 Icemon vpet spirit.gif Icemon Champion Icy Digimon Data
  • Iceball Bomb
  • Ice Strike
No Data ?????
188 Nisedrimogemon vpet spirit.gif NiseDrimogemon (Nise Drimogemon) Champion Animal Digimon Data
  • Bogus Iron Drill Spin
  • Fake Mole's Claw
No Data ?????
189 Airdramon vpet spirit.gif Airdramon Champion Mythical Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Spinning Needle
  • God Tornado
No Data ?????
190 Metaltyranomon vpet spirit.gif MetalTyrannomon (Metal Tyranomon) Ultimate Android Digimon Virus
  • Fire Blast Ii
  • Nuclear Laser
No Data ?????
191 Akatorimon vpet spirit.gif Akatorimon Champion Bird Digimon Data
  • Chicken Red
  • Akatori Kick
No Data ?????
192 Tsuchidarumon vpet spirit.gif MudFrigimon (Tuchidarumon) Champion Mutant Digimon Data
  • Heavy Punch
  • Mud Ball
No Data ?????
193 Geremon vpet spirit.gif Geremon Champion Mollusk Digimon Virus
  • Hyper Smell
  • Bomber
No Data ?????
194 Vermillimon vpet spirit.gif Vermilimon (Vermillimon) Ultimate Dinosaur Digimon Data
  • Volcano Strike II
  • Verm Blaze
No Data ?????
195 Insekimon vpet spirit.gif Meteormon (Insekimon) Ultimate Rock Digimon Data
  • Cosmo Flasher
  • Foreign Stars
No Data ?????
196 Waruseadramon vpet spirit.gif WaruSeadramon (Waru Seadramon) Ultimate Sea Animal Digimon Virus
  • Dark Blast
  • Evil Icicle
No Data ?????
197 Jijimon vpet spirit.gif Jijimon Mega Ancient Digimon Vaccine
  • Hung On Death
  • Cat Cane
No Data ?????
198 Babamon vpet spirit.gif Babamon Mega Ancient Digimon Vaccine
  • Empress Haze
  • Dark Broom
No Data ?????
199 Clearagumon vpet spirit.gif ClearAgumon (Clear Agumon) Rookie Puppet Digimon Vaccine
  • Precious Flame
  • Dream Missile
No Data ?????
200 Flarelizamon vpet spirit.gif FlareRizamon (Flare Lizamon) Champion Fire Digimon Data
  • Blaze Buster
  • Rasing Inferno[sic]
No Data ?????
201 Goburimon vpet spirit.gif Goburimon Rookie Evil Digimon Virus
  • Goburi Bomb
  • Goburi Strike
No Data 6TGUQ
202 Thunderballmon vpet spirit.gif Thundermon (Thunderballmon) Champion Mutant Digimon Data
  • Thunder Volt
  • Thunder Bomb
No Data SLNO8
203 Karatukinumemon vpet spirit.gif ShellNumemon (Karatuki Numemon) Champion Crustacean Digimon Virus
  • Shell's Attack
  • Slamming Attack
No Data ?????
204 Muchomon vpet spirit.gif Muchomon Rookie Bird Digimon Data
  • Tropical Beak
  • Ardent Flare
No Data ?????
205 Snowgoburimon vpet spirit.gif SnowGoburimon (Snow Goblimon) Rookie Evil Digimon Virus
  • Bolt Strike
  • Snow Cudgel
No Data ?????
206 Keramon vpet spirit.gif Keramon Rookie Unidentified Unidentified
  • Crazy Giggle
  • Network Flapping
Digivolve: Kurisarimon
Reverse: Tsumemon
207 Zassomon vpet spirit.gif Zassomon (Zassoumon) Champion Vegetation Digimon Virus
  • Deadly Ivy
  • Deadly Weed
No Data ?????
208 Yanmamon vpet spirit.gif Yanmamon Champion Insectoid Digimon Data
  • Thunder Ray
  • Insect Ohm
No Data ?????
209 Sharmamon vpet spirit.gif Sharmamon (Shamamon) Rookie Evil Digimon Virus
  • Sharma Hammer
  • Mad Twist
No Data ?????
210 Goddramon vpet spirit.gif Goldramon (Goddramon) Mega Holy Dragon Digimon Vaccine
  • Gold Flame
  • Good Summon
No Data YF3IR
211 Sandyanmamon vpet spirit.gif SandYanmamon (Sand Yanmamon) Champion Insectoid Digimon Data
  • Desert Storm
  • Flying Break
No Data ?????
212 Shimaunimon vpet spirit.gif ShimaUnimon (Shima Unimon) Champion Mythical Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Striped Blaster
  • Wild Thunder
No Data ?????
213 Soulmon vpet spirit.gif Soulmon Champion Ghost Digimon Virus
  • Necro Magic
  • Soul Cry
No Data ?????
214 Rosemon vpet spirit.gif Rosemon Mega Pixie Digimon Data
  • Thorn Whipping
  • Rose Spear
Reverse: Lillymon ?????
215 Mastertyranomon vpet spirit.gif MasterTyrannomon (Master Tyranomon) Ultimate Dinosaur Digimon Vaccine
  • Master Fire
  • Master Claw
No Data ?????
216 Darkrizamon vpet spirit.gif DarkRizamon (Dark Lizamon) Champion Dark Dragon Digimon Virus
  • Dark Flare
  • Snipe Fang
No Data ?????
217 Hyogamon vpet spirit.gif Hyogamon Champion Icy Digimon Virus
  • Icy Cudgel
  • Throwing Ice
No Data ?????
218 Pidmon vpet spirit.gif Piddomon (Pidmon) Champion Angel Digimon Vaccine
  • Fire Feather
  • Piddo Speed
No Data ?????
219 Brachimon vpet spirit.gif Brachiomon Ultimate Dinosaur Digimon Data
  • Brachio Bubble
  • Hammer Head
No Data ?????
220 Gigadramon vpet spirit.gif Gigadramon Ultimate Android Digimon Virus
  • Giga Byte Wing
  • Guilty Wing
No Data ?????
221 Tekkamon vpet spirit.gif Tekkamon Ultimate Machine Digimon Virus
  • Electronic Blast
  • Slamming Skull
No Data ?????
222 Cyberdramon vpet spirit.gif Cyberdramon Ultimate Android Digimon Vaccine
  • Erase Claw
  • Cyber Nail
Digivolve: Justimon
Reverse: Strikedramon
223 Skullsatamon vpet spirit.gif SkullSatamon (Skull Satamon) Ultimate Ghost Digimon Virus
  • Nail Bone
  • Skull Hammer
No Data ?????
224 Millenniumon vpet spirit.gif Millenniummon (Millenniumon) Mega Composition Digimon Virus
  • Dimension Destroyer
  • Ultimate Fusion
Digivolve: MoonMillenniummon
Reverse: Kimeramon
225 Chrysalimon vpet tector.gif Kurisarimon (Chrysalimon) Champion Unidentified Unidentified
  • Data Crusher
  • Unconnect Buster
Digivolve: Infermon
Reverse: Keramon
226 Demon vpet spirit.gif Creepymon (Demon) Mega Evil Digimon Virus
  • Flame Inferno
  • Evil Flapping
Mode: Creepymon (mantled ver.) ?????
226 Demon cloaked vpet spirit.gif Creepymon (Demon - mantled ver.) Mega Evil Digimon Virus
  • Flame Inferno
  • Evil Flapping
Reverse: Creepymon ?????
227 Kingetemon vpet tector.gif KingEtemon (King Etemon) Mega Puppet Digimon Virus
  • Monkey Wrench
  • King Monkey Kick
Reverse: MetalEtemon BVLP6
228 Chibomon vpet spirit.gif Chibomon (Chicomon) In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: DemiVeemon ?????
229 Pururumon vpet spirit.gif Pururumon In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Poromon ?????
230 Tsubumon vpet spirit.gif Tsubumon In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Upamon ?????
231 Chibimon vpet spirit.gif DemiVeemon (Chibimon) In-Training-2 Dragon Digimon Unidentified
  • Pop Attack
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Veemon
Reverse: Chibomon
232 Poromon vpet spirit.gif Poromon In-Training-2 Bird Digimon Unidentified
  • Baby Breeze
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Hawkmon
Reverse: Pururumon
233 Upamon vpet spirit.gif Upamon In-Training-2 Amphibian Digimon Unidentified
  • Shock Shout
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Armadillomon
Reverse: Tsubumon
234 Vmon vpet spirit.gif Veemon (V-mon) Rookie Dragon Digimon Vaccine
  • Vee Head Butt
  • Vee Punch
Digivolve: ExVeemon

Reverse: DemiVeemon

235 Hawkmon vpet tector.gif Hawkmon Rookie Bird Digimon Data
  • Hawk Beam
  • Beak Pecking
Digivolve: Aquilamon

Reverse: Poromon

236 Armadimon vpet tector.gif Armadillomon (Armadimon) Rookie Mammal Digimon Vaccine
  • Diamond Shell
  • Diamond Slamming Attack
Digivolve: Ankylomon

Reverse: Upamon

237 Wormmon vpet tector.gif Wormmon Rookie Larva Digimon Virus
  • Sticky Net
  • Silk Thread
Digivolve: Stingmon

Reverse: Minomon

238 Fladramon vpet spirit.gif Flamedramon (Fladramon) Armor Dragon Digimon Vaccine
  • Fire Rocket
  • Flame Fist
Reverse: Veemon ?????
239 Lighdramon vpet spirit.gif Raidramon (Lighdramon) Armor Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Thunder Blast
  • Electric Bite
Reverse: Veemon ?????
240 Magnamon vpet spirit.gif Magnamon Armor Warrior Digimon Vaccine
  • Magna Blaster
  • Extreme Grab
Reverse: Veemon ?????
241 Sethmon vpet spirit.gif Sethmon Armor Dark Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Heat Storm
  • Tusk Buster
Reverse: Veemon ?????
242 Yaksamon vpet spirit.gif Yasyamon (Yaksamon) Armor Wizard Digimon Vaccine
  • Double Strike
  • Double Arm Guards
Reverse: Veemon ?????
243 Honeybeemon vpet spirit.gif Honeybeemon Armor Insectoid Digimon Data
  • Venom Powder
  • Honey Stinger
Reverse: Veemon ?????
244 Depthmon vpet spirit.gif Depthmon Armor Sea Animal Digimon Data
  • Bubble Bomb
  • Marine Knives
Reverse: Veemon ?????
245 Sagittarimon vpet spirit.gif Sagittarimon Armor Mythical Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Judgement Arrow
  • Meteor Gallop
Reverse: Veemon ?????
246 Gargomon vpet spirit.gif Gargoylemon (Gargomon) Armor Dark Animal Digimon Virus
  • Freezing Wing
  • Statue Bomber
Reverse: Veemon ?????
247 Kangarumon vpet spirit.gif Kangarumon Armor Mammal Digimon Kindness
  • Jumping Jab
  • Hop Step Jump
Reverse: Veemon ?????
248 Allomon vpet spirit.gif Allomon Armor Dinosaur Digimon Courage
  • Dino Burst
  • Dynamite Head
Reverse: Hawkmon ?????
249 Rinkmon vpet spirit.gif Rinkmon Armor Mutant Digimon Friendship
  • Spinning Cutter
  • Quad-Speed Stream
Reverse: Hawkmon ?????
250 Peacockmon vpet spirit.gif Peacockmon Armor Bird Digimon Miracles
  • Rainbow Flapping
  • Peahen's Assistance
Reverse: Hawkmon ?????
251 Holsmon vpet spirit.gif Halsemon (Holsmon) Armor Animal Digimon Data
  • Tempest Wing
  • Red Tail
Reverse: Hawkmon ?????
252 Shurimon vpet spirit.gif Shurimon Armor Mutant Digimon Data
  • Double Stars
  • Aqua Skim
Reverse: Hawkmon ?????
253 Flybeemon vpet spirit.gif Flybeemon Armor Insectoid Digimon Knowledge
  • Fly Spark
  • Poison Stinger
Reverse: Hawkmon ?????
254 Orcamon vpet spirit.gif Orcamon Armor Sea Animal Digimon Reliability
  • Ultrasonic Crusher
  • Reflection Wave
Reverse: Hawkmon ?????
255 Moosemon vpet spirit.gif Moosemon Armor Ancient Animal Digimon Hope
  • Horn Blade
  • Hanging Twister
Reverse: Hawkmon ?????
256 Harpymon vpet spirit.gif Harpymon Armor Mythical Animal Digimon Light
  • Mythical Wind
  • Silent Symphony
Reverse: Hawkmon ?????
257 Tocanmon vpet spirit.gif Tocanmon Armor Bird Digimon Kindness
  • Beak Cutter
  • Marble Peck
Reverse: Hawkmon ?????
258 Boarmon vpet spirit.gif Boarmon Armor Mammal Digimon Courage
  • Nose Blaster
  • Slamming Attack
Reverse: Armadillomon ?????
259 Sepikmon vpet spirit.gif Sepikmon Armor Wizard Digimon Friendship
  • Spirit Boomerang
  • Charming Dance
Reverse: Armadillomon ?????
260 Elephamon vpet spirit.gif Elephantmon (Elephamon) Armor Android Digimon Miracles
  • Turbine Wave
  • Tusk Missile
Reverse: Armadillomon ?????
261 Pteranomon vpet spirit.gif Pteramon (Pteranomon) Armor Dinosaur Digimon Love
  • Sharp Wing
  • Side Winder
Reverse: Armadillomon ?????
262 Frogmon vpet spirit.gif Frogmon Armor Mutant Digimon Sincerity
  • Frog Bite
  • Bush Dagger
Reverse: Armadillomon ?????
263 Digmon vpet spirit.gif Digmon Armor Insectoid Digimon Vaccine
  • Gold Rush
  • Rock Cracking
Reverse: Armadillomon ?????
264 Submarimon vpet spirit.gif Submarimon Armor Sea Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Oxygen Torpedo
  • Submarine Attack
Reverse: Armadillomon ?????
265 Sheepmon vpet spirit.gif Sheepmon Armor Mammal Digimon Hope
  • Wool Grenade
  • Silence of Rams
Reverse: Armadillomon ?????
266 Seahomon vpet spirit.gif Seahomon Armor Sea Animal Digimon Light
  • Prism Rainbow
  • Dragon Noise
Reverse: Armadillomon ?????
267 Chamelemon vpet spirit.gif Chameleonmon (Chamelemon) Armor Reptile Digimon Kindness
  • Tongue Lashing
  • Wide Eyes
Reverse: Armadillomon ?????
268 Shadramon vpet spirit.gif Shadramon Armor Insectoid Digimon Virus
  • Flash Buster
  • Psychic Wave
Reverse: Wormmon ?????
269 Togemogumon vpet spirit.gif Togemogumon Armor Mammal Digimon Virus
  • Quill Barrage
  • Crystal Guard
Reverse: Wormmon ?????
270 Kongoumon vpet spirit.gif Kongoumon Armor Insectoid Digimon Data
  • Power Slapping
  • Multiple Arm Bombs
Reverse: Wormmon ?????
271 Owlmon vpet spirit.gif Aurumon (Owlmon) Armor Bird Digimon Virus
  • Midnight Crush
  • Infrared Ray
Reverse: Wormmon ?????
272 Nohemon vpet spirit.gif Nohemon Armor Puppet Digimon Virus
  • Delusion Claw
  • William's Arrow
Reverse: Wormmon ?????
273 Searchmon vpet spirit.gif Searchmon Armor Insectoid Digimon Data
  • Hertz Jamming
  • Busy Status
Reverse: Wormmon ?????
274 Archelomon vpet spirit.gif Archelomon Armor Reptile Digimon Data
  • Ocean Streamer
  • Fin Cutters
Reverse: Wormmon ?????
275 Bullmon vpet spirit.gif Bullmon Armor Mammal Digimon Vaccine
  • Matador Dash
  • Tail Whipping
Reverse: Wormmon ?????
276 Coatlmon vpet spirit.gif Quetzalmon (Coatlmon) Armor Mythical Animal Digimon Light
  • Freezing Wave
  • Fossil Wave
Reverse: Wormmon ?????
277 Pucchiemon vpet spirit.gif Bucchiemon (Pucchiemon) Armor Pixie Digimon Kindness
  • Heavy Beam
  • Talon Arrow
Reverse: Wormmon ?????
278 Baromon vpet spirit.gif Baronmon (Baromon) Armor Wizard Digimon Courage
  • Dancing Meteor
  • Scarlet Hair
Reverse: Patamon ?????
279 Stegomon vpet spirit.gif Stegomon Armor Dinosaur Digimon Friendship
  • Shell Needle Rain
  • Guillotine Wheel
Reverse: Patamon ?????
280 Rhinomon vpet spirit.gif Rhinomon Armor Mammal Digimon Miracles
  • Atomic Burst
  • Sprit Blade
Reverse: Patamon ?????
281 Pipismon vpet spirit.gif Pipismon Armor Mutant Digimon Love
  • Crazy Sonic Blaster
  • Sky Jacker
Reverse: Patamon ?????
282 Ponchomon vpet spirit.gif Ponchomon Armor Ghost Digimon Sincerity
  • Tequila Knuckle
  • Cactus Butt
Reverse: Patamon ?????
283 Mothmon vpet spirit.gif Mothmon Armor Insectoid Digimon Knowledge
  • Energy Sucking
  • Gauss Powder
Reverse: Patamon ?????
284 Mantaraymon vpet spirit.gif Mantaraymon Armor Sea Animal Digimon Reliability
  • Tail Booster
  • Torpedo Ray
Reverse: Patamon ?????
285 Pegasmon vpet spirit.gif Pegasusmon (Pegasmon) Armor Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Star Shower
  • Rodeo Gallop
Reverse: Patamon ?????
286 Manbomon vpet spirit.gif Manbomon Armor Mutant Digimon Light
  • Balloon Bomb
  • Water Punch
Reverse: Patamon ?????
287 Prairiemon vpet spirit.gif Prairiemon Armor Animal Digimon Kindness
  • Hare's Ear
  • Dimension Hole
Reverse: Patamon ?????
288 Lynxmon vpet spirit.gif Lynxmon Armor Animal Digimon Courage
  • Howling Buster
  • Wild Nail
Reverse: Gatomon ?????
289 Bitmon vpet spirit.gif Rabbitmon (Bitmon) Armor Mammal Digimon Friendship
  • Ear Flapping
  • Carrot Bomber
Reverse: Gatomon ?????
290 Maildramon vpet spirit.gif Maildramon Armor Android Digimon Miracles
  • Iron Press
  • Lightning Spear
Reverse: Gatomon ?????
291 Swanmon vpet spirit.gif Swanmon Armor Bird Digimon Love
  • Feather Tornado
  • White Wing Flapping
Reverse: Gatomon ?????
292 Kabukimon vpet spirit.gif Kabukimon Armor Mutant Digimon Sincerity
  • Sakura Fubuki
  • Renjishi
Reverse: Gatomon ?????
293 Butterflamon vpet spirit.gif Butterflymon (Butterflamon) Armor Insectoid Digimon Knowledge
  • Sweet Pheromone
  • Sweet Honey Straw
Reverse: Gatomon ?????
294 Tylomon vpet spirit.gif Tylomon Armor Sea Animal Digimon Reliability
  • Torpedo Attack
  • Shark Fin Blades
Reverse: Gatomon ?????
295 Goatmon vpet spirit.gif Goatmon Armor Mammal Digimon Hope
  • Mystic Bell
  • Milky Erode
Reverse: Gatomon ?????
296 Nefertimon vpet spirit.gif Nefertimon Armor Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Queen Paw
Reverse: Gatomon ?????
297 Opossummon vpet spirit.gif Opossummon Armor Animal Digimon Kindness
  • Mad Balloon Bombs
  • Mystery Hat
Reverse: Gatomon ?????
298 Xvmon vpet tector.gif ExVeemon (XV-mon) Champion Mythical Dragon Digimon Vaccine
  • Veelaser
  • Critical Crunch
D.N.A.: Paildramon
Reverse: Veemon
299 Stingmon vpet tector.gif Stingmon Champion Insectoid Digimon Virus
  • Spiking Strike
  • Evil Antenna
D.N.A.: Dinobeemon
Reverse: Wormmon
300 Aquilamon vpet tector.gif Aquilamon Champion Bird Digimon Data
  • Grand Horn
  • Blast Lazer
D.N.A.: Silphymon | class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" | Reverse: Hawkmon SZCBE
301 Ankylomon vpet tector.gif Ankylomon Champion Dinosaur Digimon Vaccine
  • Tail Hammer
  • Mega Pressure
D.N.A.: Shakkoumon
Reverse: Armadillomon
302 Paildramon vpet tector.gif Paildramon Ultimate Dragon Digimon Data
  • Desperado Blaster
  • Speedy Scratcher
Digivolve: Imperialdramon (Dragon Mode)
Reverse: ExVeemon
303 Dinobeemon vpet tector.gif Dinobeemon Ultimate Mutant Digimon Virus
  • Masquerade
  • Irritant Buzz
Digivolve: GranKuwagamon
Reverse: Stingmon
304 Silphymon vpet tector.gif Silphymon Ultimate Animal Digimon Data
  • Top Gun
  • Dual Sonic
Digivolve: Valkyrimon
Reverse: Aquilamon
305 Shakkoumon vpet tector.gif Shakkoumon Ultimate Mutant Digimon Data
  • Clay Bomb
  • Aramitama
Digivolve: Vikemon
Reverse: Ankylomon
306 Imperialdramon dm vpet tector.gif Imperialdramon (Dragon Mode) Mega Ancient Dragon Digimon Vaccine
  • Mega Crusher
  • Positron Laser
Mode: Imperialdramon Fighter
Reverse: Paildramon
306 Imperialdramon fm vpet tector.gif Imperialdramon Fighter (Fighter Mode) Mega Ancient Dragon Digimon Vaccine
  • Giga Crusher
  • Positron Laser
Mode: Imperialdramon Paladin
Reverse: Imperialdramon (Dragon Mode)
306 Imperialdramon pm vpet tector.gif Imperialdramon Paladin (Paladin Mode) Mega Ancient Dragon Digimon Vaccine
  • Omega Sword
  • Giga Crusher
Reverse: Imperialdramon Fighter T2VAN
307 Grankuwagamon vpet tector.gif GranKuwagamon (Gran Kuwagamon) Mega Insectoid Digimon Virus
  • Dimension Scissors
  • Catastrophe
Reverse: Dinobeemon 8RZMH
308 Valkyrimon vpet tector.gif Valkyrimon Mega Warrior Digimon Vaccine
  • Feral Sword
  • Lightning Arrow
Reverse: Silphymon 8EFWT
309 Vikemon vpet tector.gif Vikemon Mega Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Arctic Blizzard
  • Viking Axe
Reverse: Shakkoumon B4L8I
310 Seraphimon vpet tector.gif Seraphimon Mega Angel Digimon Vaccine
  • Seven Heavens
  • Hallowed Knuckle
Reverse: MagnaAngemon 1QM5W
311 Blackwargreymon vpet tector.gif BlackWarGreymon (Black War Greymon) Mega Dragon Digimon Virus
  • Dragon Killer
  • Giga Force
No Data JZPM4
312 Deathmon vpet spirit.gif Ghoulmon (Deathmon) Mega Evil Digimon Virus
  • Eye Blow
  • Tri-Claw Scratch
No Data ?????
313 Crossmon vpet spirit.gif Eaglemon (Crossmon) Mega Android Digimon Vaccine
  • Phoenix Claw
  • Mystic Break
Reverse: Parrotmon ?????
314 Lampmon vpet spirit.gif Lampmon Mega Wizard Digimon Data
  • Phantom Turban
  • Golden Fog
No Data ?????
315 Ebemon vpet spirit.gif EBEmon Mega Android Digimon Virus
  • Brain Blast
  • Planet Destroyer
No Data ?????
316 Zanbamon vpet spirit.gif Zanbamon Mega Wizard Digimon Virus
  • Hunting Knife
  • Ex Slush
No Data ?????
317 Hiandromon vpet tector.gif HiAndromon (Hi Andromon) Mega Android Digimon Vaccine
  • Atomic Ray
  • Pasting Copy
Reverse: Andromon RHUAV
318 Devitamamon vpet spirit.gif Devitamamon Mega Mutant Digimon Data
  • Black Claw
  • Eyes of Dazing
No Data ?????
319 Pharaohmon vpet spirit.gif Pharaohmon Mega Wizard Digimon Virus
  • Necro Mist
  • Toot Anc Rail
No Data ?????
320 Zhuqiaomon vpet spirit.gif Ebonwumon[sic] (Zhuqiaomon) Mega Bird Digimon Vaccine
  • Kouen
  • Rengokusou
321 Xuanwumon vpet spirit.gif Zhuqiaomon[sic] (Xuanwumon) Mega Animal Digimon Virus
  • Mugen
  • Kokuhyo
No Data 36ZLW
322 Qinglongmon vpet spirit.gif Azulongmon (Qinglongmon) Mega Holy Dragon Digimon Data
  • Sourai
  • Fushikaden
No Data JZ1MR
323 Baihumon vpet spirit.gif Baihumon Mega Animal Digimon Data
  • Kongou
  • Tekkousou
No Data R4HVT
324 Archnemon vpet spirit.gif Arukenimon (Archnemon) Ultimate Insectoid Digimon Virus
  • Spider Thread
  • Acid Mist
325 Mummymon vpet spirit.gif Mummymon Ultimate Ghost Digimon Virus
  • Snake Bandage
  • Long Machine Gun
326 Mokumon vpet spirit.gif Mokumon In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Smoky Blow
  • Unidentified
No Data ?????
327 Kuramon vpet spirit.gif Kuramon In-Training-1 Unidentified Unidentified
  • Unidentified
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Tsumemon ?????
328 Tsumemon vpet spirit.gif Tsumemon In-Training-2 Unidentified Unidentified
  • Unidentified
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Keramon
Reverse: Kuramon
329 Infermon vpet spirit.gif Infermon Ultimate Unidentified Unidentified
  • Network Grenade
  • Spider Shooter
Digivolve: Diaboromon
Reverse: Kurisarimon
330 Diablomon vpet spirit.gif Diaboromon (Diablomon) Mega Unidentified Unidentified
  • Cable Crusher
  • Web Wrecker
Digivolve: Armageddemon
Reverse: Infermon
331 Omegamon vpet spirit.gif Omnimon (Omegamon - War Greymon ver.) Mega Warrior Digimon Vaccine
  • Transcendent Sword
  • Garuru Cannon
Reverse: WarGreymon YGELU
331 Omegamon vpet spirit.gif Omnimon (Omegamon - Metal Garurumon ver.) Mega Warrior Digimon Vaccine
  • Transcendent Sword
  • Garuru Cannon
Reverse: MetalGarurumon ?????
332 Chocomon vpet spirit.gif Kokomon (Chocomon) In-Training-2 Unidentified Unidentified
  • Koko Crusher
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Lopmon
Reverse: Conomon
333 Lopmon vpet spirit.gif Lopmon Rookie Animal Digimon Data
  • Tiny Twister
  • Brazing Fire
Digivolve: Turuiemon
Wild: Endigomon
Warp: Kerpymon (Virtue)
Reverse: Kokomon
334 Wendimon vpet spirit.gif Endigomon (Wendimon) Champion Animal Digimon Virus
  • Howling Destroyer
  • Long Grabbing Arm
Wild: Antylamon (Virus)
Reverse: Lopmon
335 Andiramon vpet spirit.gif Antylamon (Andiramon (Virus)) Ultimate Animal Digimon Data
  • Meditation Cure
  • Arm Bomber
Wild: Kerpymon (Vice)
Reverse: Endigomon
335 Andiramon(data) vpet spirit.gif Antylamon (Andiramon (Deva)) Ultimate Animal Digimon Data
  • Meditation Cure
  • Arm Bomber
Digivolve: Kerpymon (Virtue)
Reverse: Turuiemon
336 Cherubimon(vice) vpet spirit.gif Kerpymon (Cherubimon (Vice)) Mega Angel Digimon Virus
  • Lightning Spear
  • Holy Hug
Reverse: Antylamon (Virus) ?????
336 Cherubimon(virtue) vpet spirit.gif Kerpymon (Cherubimon (Virtue)) Mega Angel Digimon Vaccine
  • Lightning Spear
  • Holy Hug
Reverse: Antylamon (Deva) ?????
337 Gummymon vpet spirit.gif Gummymon In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Terriermon
Reverse: Zerimon
338 Terriermon vpet spirit.gif Terriermon Rookie Animal Digimon Data
  • Bunny Blast
  • Brazing Fire
Digivolve: Gargomon

Wild: BlackGargomon
Warp: MegaGargomon
Reverse: Gummymon

339 Galgomon vpet spirit.gif Gargomon (Galgomon) Champion Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Bunny Pummel
  • Gargo Pellets
Digivolve: Rapidmon (Perfect)
Reverse: [[D-Spirit/Database#338|Terriermon
340 Rapidmon(armor) vpet spirit.gif Rapidmon (Armor) Armor Warrior Digimon Vaccine
  • Rapid Fire
  • Miracle Missile
Reverse: Terriermon ?????
340 Rapidmon vpet spirit.gif Rapidmon (Perfect) Ultimate Warrior Digimon Vaccine
  • Rapid Fire
  • Miracle Missile
Digivolve: MegaGargomon
Reverse: Gargomon
341 Leafmon vpet spirit.gif Leafmon In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Minomon ?????
342 Minomon vpet spirit.gif Minomon In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Wormmon
Reverse: Leafmon
343 Yukimibotamon vpet spirit.gif YukimiBotamon (Yukimi Botamon) In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
No Data ?????
344 Caprimon vpet spirit.gif Kapurimon (Caprimon) In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Howling Blow
  • Unidentified
No Data ?????
345 Zurumon vpet spirit.gif Zurumon In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
No Data ?????
346 Choromon vpet spirit.gif Choromon In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Powder Blow
  • Unidentified
No Data ?????
347 Nyokimon vpet spirit.gif Nyokimon In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Seed Cracker
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Yokomon ?????
348 Pitchmon vpet spirit.gif Pichimon (Pitchmon) In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Bukamon ?????
349 Petimeramon vpet spirit.gif DemiMeramon (Peti Meramon) In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Petty Burning Fist
  • Unidentified
No Data ?????
350 Cocomon vpet spirit.gif Conomon (Cocomon) In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Kokomon ?????
351 Zerimon vpet spirit.gif Zerimon In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Gummymon ?????
352 Pipimon vpet spirit.gif Datirimon (Pipimon) In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
No Data ?????
353 Belialvamdemon vpet tector.gif MaloMyotismon (Belial Vamdemon) Mega Evil Digimon Virus
  • Pandemonium Flame
  • Melting Blood
Reverse: VenomMyotismon IWDPI
354 Armagemon vpet tector.gif Armageddemon (Armagemon) Mega Unidentified Unidentified
  • Mega Flare
  • Black Rain
Reverse: Diaboromon 0CYUG
355 Jyarimon vpet spirit.gif Jyarimon In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Gigimon ?????
356 Gigimon vpet spirit.gif Gigimon In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Guilmon
Reverse: Jyarimon
357 Relemon vpet spirit.gif Reremon (Relemon) In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Viximon ?????
358 Pokomon vpet spirit.gif Viximon (Pokomon) In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Renamon
Reverse: Reremon
359 Culumon vpet spirit.gif Calumon (Culumon) In-Training-2 Animal Digimon Unidentified
  • Unidentified
  • Unidentified
No Data ?????
360 Guilmon vpet spirit.gif Guilmon Rookie Reptile Digimon Virus
  • Pyrosphere
  • Rock Breaker
Digivolve: Growlmon
Wild: BlackGrowlmon
Warp: Gallantmon
Reverse: Gigimon
361 Renamon vpet spirit.gif Renamon Rookie Animal Digimon Data
  • Diamond Storm
  • Touhakken
Digivolve: Kyubimon
Wild: Youkomon
Warp: Sakuyamon
Reverse: Viximon
362 Growmon vpet spirit.gif Growlmon (Growmon) Champion Dark Dragon Digimon Virus
  • Pyro Blaster
  • Plasma Blade
Digivolve: WarGrowlmon
Reverse: Guilmon
363 Kyubimon vpet spirit.gif Kyubimon Champion Mythical Animal Digimon Data
  • Fox Tail Inferno
  • Dragon Wheel
Digivolve: Taomon
Reverse: Renamon
364 Megalogrowmon vpet spirit.gif WarGrowlmon (Megalo Growmon) Ultimate Android Digimon Virus
  • Atomic Blaster
  • Double Blades
Digivolve: Gallantmon
Wild: Megidramon
Reverse: Growlmon
365 Taomon vpet spirit.gif Taomon Ultimate Wizard Digimon Data
  • Bonhitsusen
  • Kofusatsu
Digivolve: Sakuyamon
Reverse: Kyubimon
366 Dukemon vpet spirit.gif Gallantmon (Dukemon) Mega Warrior Digimon Virus
  • Royal Saber
  • Final Purification
Mode: Gallantmon Crimson
Reverse: WarGrowlmon
366 Dukemon cm vpet spirit.gif Gallantmon Crimson (Dukemon: Crimson Mode) Mega Warrior Digimon Virus
  • Absolute Sword
  • Absolute Lancer
Reverse: Gallantmon UUZRG
367 Saintgalgomon vpet spirit.gif MegaGargomon (Saint Galgomon) Mega Machine Digimon Vaccine
  • Giant Missile
  • Burst Shot
Reverse: Rapidmon (Perfect) 85MPP
368 Sakuyamon vpet spirit.gif Sakuyamon Mega Wizard Digimon Data
  • Kongou Kaimandara[sic]
  • Izuna
Reverse: Taomon H056D
369 Impmon vpet spirit.gif Impmon Rookie Evil Digimon Virus
  • Bada Boom
  • Fiendish Attack
Warp: Beelzemon
Reverse: Yamon
370 Beelzebmon vpet spirit.gif Beelzemon (Beelzebumon) Mega Evil Digimon Virus
  • Double Impact
  • Darkness Claw
Mode: Beelzemon Bluster
Reverse: Impmon
370 Beelzebmon bm vpet spirit.gif Beelzemon Bluster[sic] (Beelzebumon: Blast Mode) Mega Evil Digimon Virus
  • Chaos Flame
  • Beelze Cannon
Reverse: Beelzemon FV5V7
371 Mihiramon vpet spirit.gif Mihiramon Ultimate Animal Digimon Data
  • Tiger Wing Blades
  • Tiger Rod
No Data ?????
372 Mihiramon vpet spirit.gif Sandiramon Ultimate Animal Digimon Virus
  • Kurisyuna[sic]
  • Bao Gu[sic]
No Data ?????
373 Sinduramon vpet spirit.gif Sinduramon Ultimate Bird Digimon Data
  • Puya Vaha[sic]
  • Bao Tsu[sic]
No Data ?????
374 Pajiramon vpet spirit.gif Pajiramon Ultimate Animal Digimon Virus
  • Vahunijyu Vala[sic]
  • Bao Gon[sic]
No Data ?????
375 Vajramon vpet spirit.gif Vajramon Ultimate Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Loda[sic]
  • Bao Tsen[sic]
No Data ?????
376 Indramon vpet spirit.gif Indramon (Indaramon) Ultimate Animal Digimon Virus
  • Adome Kuha[sic]
  • Bao Bei[sic]
No Data ?????
377 Kumbhiramon vpet spirit.gif Kumbhiramon Ultimate Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Kurimisya[sic]
  • Bao Tsu[sic]
No Data ?????
378 Vikaralamon vpet spirit.gif Vikaralamon Ultimate Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Sukara[sic]
  • Bao Ran[sic]
No Data ?????
379 Makuramon vpet spirit.gif Makuramon Ultimate Animal Digimon Data
  • Raurava[sic]
  • Bao Yu[sic]
No Data ?????
380 Caturamon vpet spirit.gif Caturamon Ultimate Animal Digimon Data
  • Syuvabojyana[sic]
  • Bao Tsei[sic]
No Data ?????
381 Majiramon vpet spirit.gif Majiramon Ultimate Holy Dragon Digimon Data
  • Vadaka[sic]
  • Bao Su[sic]
No Data ?????
382 Dogmon vpet spirit.gif Doggymon (Dogmon) Champion Puppet Digimon Data
  • Ultra Bite
  • Jesting Howling
No Data ?????
383 Orochimon vpet spirit.gif Orochimon Ultimate Dark Dragon Digimon Virus
  • Amenomurakumo
  • Sake Breath
No Data DYL0C
384 Justimon vpet spirit.gif Justimon Mega Android Digimon Vaccine
  • Justice Kick
  • Justice Knucle[sic]
Reverse: Cyberdramon M5T8R
385 Labramon vpet spirit.gif Labramon Rookie Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Retrieverg[sic]
  • Cure Liquor
Digivolve: Seasarmon
Reverse: Shaomon
386 Siesamon vpet spirit.gif Seasarmon (Siesamon) Champion Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Tee Dia[sic]
  • Sekkantou
Digivolve: Cerberusmon
Reverse: Labramon
387 Mephismon vpet tector.gif Mephistomon (Mephismon) Ultimate Evil Digimon Virus
  • Dark Cloud
  • Black Sabotage
Digivolve: Gulfmon VI0GQ
388 Gulfmon vpet spirit.gif Gulfmon Mega Dark Animal Digimon Virus
  • Black Scream
  • Black Rhythm
Reverse: Mephistomon RR7PP
389 Karatenmon vpet spirit.gif Karatenmon Ultimate Wizard Digimon Virus
  • Shogekiha
  • Spiritual Enlightenment
No Data ROFR4
390 Megidramon vpet spirit.gif Megidramon Mega Evil Dragon Digimon Virus
  • Megid Flame
  • Dragon Howling
Reverse: WarGrowlmon ZU3F8
391 Monodramon vpet spirit.gif Monodramon Rookie Mini Dragon Digimon Vaccine
  • Beat Nuckle[sic]
  • Cracking Bite
Digivolve: Strikedramon
Warp: Justimon
Reverse: Hopmon
392 Dobermon vpet spirit.gif Dobermon Champion Dark Animal Digimon Virus
  • Dober Bite
  • Dober Stream
No Data ?????
393 Ophanimon vpet spirit.gif Ophanimon (Ofanimon) Mega Angel Digimon Vaccine
  • Sephirote Crystal[sic]
  • Shining Javelin
No Data FJ3ON
394 Zeedmillenniumon vpet spirit.gif ZeedMillenniummon (Zeed Millenniumon) Mega Evil Digimon Virus
  • Time Destroyer
  • Ultimate Paradox
Reverse: MoonMillenniummon PS6K5
395 Turuiemon vpet spirit.gif Turuiemon Champion Animal Digimon Data
  • Gauntlet Claw
  • Lightning Kung Fu
Digivolve: Antylamon (Deva)
Reverse: Lopmon
396 Blikmon vpet spirit.gif Tinmon (Blikmon) Ultimate Machine Digimon Unidentified
  • Anti Magic
  • Unidentified
No Data ?????
397 Blacktailmon vpet spirit.gif Black Gatomon (Black Tailmon) Champion Dark Animal Digimon Virus
  • Lightning Paw
  • Cat's Eye Hypnotism
No Data ?????
398 Superstarmon vpet spirit.gif Superstarmon Ultimate Mutant Digimon Data
  • Halley's Squall
  • Galactic Eyes
Reverse: Starmon ?????
399 Solarmon vpet.gif Solarmon Rookie Machine Digimon Vaccine
  • Shiny Ring
  • Sol Karoll
No Data ?????
400 Socerimon vpet spirit.gif Socerimon (Sorcerimon) Champion Wizard Digimon Vaccine
  • Crystal Cloud
  • Aquarius Fill
No Data ?????
401 Bombernanimon vpet spirit.gif BomberNanimon (Bomber Nanimon) Champion Invader Digimon Virus
  • Free Through Bomb
  • Baku Oyaji Punch
No Data ?????
402 Greatkingscumon vpet spirit.gif KingSukamon (Great King Scumon) Ultimate Mutant Digimon Virus
  • Soul of Suka
  • Net Worm
Reverse: PlatinumSukamon ?????
403 Princemamemon vpet spirit.gif PrinceMamemon (Prince Mamemon) Mega Mutant Digimon Data
  • Smiley Head Butt
  • Smiley Rain
Reverse: Mamemon / MetalMamemon ?????
404 Moonmillenniumon vpet spirit.gif MoonMillenniummon (Moon Millenniumon) Mega Evil Digimon Virus
  • Dark Crystal
  • Dimention Destroyer[sic]
Digivolve: ZeedMillenniummon
Reverse: Millenniummon
405 Redvdramon vpet spirit.gif RedVeedramon (Red V-dramon) Champion Mythical Digimon Virus
  • V-Nova Blast
  • Hammer Punch
No Data ?????
406 Goldvdramon vpet spirit.gif GoldVeedramon (Gold V-dramon) Armor Mythical Digimon Vaccine
  • V-Nova Blast
  • Cutter Shoot
Reverse: Veemon ?????
407 Mastervdramon vpet spirit.gif MasterVeedramon (Master V-dramon) Champion Mythical Digimon Vaccine
  • V-Nova Blast
  • Hammer Punch
No Data ?????
408 Blackgrowmon vpet spirit.gif BlackGrowlmon (Black Growmon) Champion Dark Dragon Digimon Virus
  • Pyro Blaster
  • Plasma Blade
Wild: BlackWarGrowlmon
Reverse: Guilmon
409 Blackmegalogrowmon vpet spirit.gif BlackWarGrowlmon (Black Megalo Growmon) Ultimate Android Digimon Virus
  • Atomic Blaster
  • Double Blades
Wild: ChaosGallantmon
Reverse: BlackGrowlmon
410 Chaosdukemon vpet spirit.gif ChaosGallantmon (Chaos Dukemon) Mega Dark Warrior Digimon Virus
  • Haunting Nightmare
  • Demon's Disaster
Reverse: BlackWarGrowlmon ?????
411 Paomon vpet spirit.gif Paomon In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Shaomon ?????
412 Xiaomon vpet spirit.gif Shaomon (Xiaomon) In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Micro Sonic
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Labramon
Reverse: Paomon
413 Cerberumon vpet spirit.gif Cerberusmon (Cerberumon) Ultimate Dark Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Maddog Fire
  • Inferno Gate
Digivolve: Anubimon
Reverse: Seasarmon
414 Anubimon vpet tector.gif Anubimon Mega Wizard Digimon Vaccine
  • Amemit[sic]
  • Pyramid Power
Reverse: Cerberusmon F6BAU
415 Volcamon vpet tector.gif Volcanomon (Volcamon) Ultimate Android Digimon Data
  • Big Bang Voice
  • Big Bang Tackle
No Data QRW3G
416 Scorpiomon vpet tector.gif SkullScorpiomon (Scorpiomon) Ultimate Insectoid Digimon Data
  • Poison Spear
  • Black Out
417 Youkomon vpet spirit.gif Youkomon Champion Mythical Animal Digimon Data
  • Jaenryu
  • Fire Ball
Wild: Doumon
Reverse: Renamon
418 Doumon vpet spirit.gif Doumon Ultimate Wizard Digimon Data
  • Kimon
  • Jyukinsatsu
Wild: Kuzuhamon
Reverse: Youkomon
419 Pandamon vpet spirit.gif Pandamon Ultimate Puppet Digimon Data
  • Animal Nail
  • Sasa Punch
No Data ?????
420 Kuzuhamon vpet spirit.gif Kuzuhamon Mega Wizard Digimon Data
  • Kaizo
  • Urahankou
Reverse: Doumon ?????
421 Blackgalgomon vpet spirit.gif BlackGargomon (Black Galgomon) Champion Animal Digimon Virus
  • Bunny Pummel
  • Gargo Pellets
Wild: BlackRapidmon
Reverse: Terriermon
422 Blackrapidmon vpet spirit.gif BlackRapidmon (Black Rapidmon) Ultimate Warrior Digimon Virus
  • Rapid Fire
  • Miracle Missile
Wild: BlackMegaGargomon
Reverse: BlackGargomon
423 BlacksaintGalgomon vpet spirit.gif BlackMegaGargomon (Black Saint Galgomon) Mega Machine Digimon Virus
  • Giant Missile
  • Burst Shot
Reverse: BlackRapidmon ?????
424 Grappuleomon vpet spirit.gif GrapLeomon (Grappu Leomon) Ultimate Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • The King of Fist[sic]
  • Cyclonic Kick
Digivolve: SaberLeomon
Reverse: Leomon
425 Ketomon vpet spirit.gif Ketomon In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Hopmon ?????
426 Hopmon vpet spirit.gif Hopmon In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Hip Hop
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Monodramon
Reverse: Ketomon
427 Strikedramon vpet spirit.gif Strikedramon Champion Dragon Digimon Vaccine
  • Strike Fang
  • Strike Claw
Digivolve: Cyberdramon
Reverse: Monodramon
428 Gokumon vpet spirit.gif Gokumon Mega Android Digimon Virus
  • Skull Tornado
  • Skull Fire Storm
No Data ?????
429 Locomon vpet spirit.gif Locomon Ultimate Machine Digimon Data
  • Grinding Wheels
  • Steam Bom[sic]
Digivolve: GroundLocomon ?????
430 Grandlocomon vpet spirit.gif GroundLocomon (Grand Locomon) Mega Machine Digimon Data
  • Destructive Crush
  • Limited Express Attack
Reverse: Locomon ?????
431 Parasimon vpet spirit.gif Parasitemon (Parasimon) Mega Parasitism Digimon Virus
  • Electric Binder
  • Digitalized Drug
No Data ?????
432 Agnimon vpet spirit.gif Agunimon (Agnimon) Hybrid Wizard Digimon Variable
  • Burning Fist
  • Knife of Flame
Slide: BurningGreymon
Spirit: (Human Spirit of Fire)
D.N.A.: Aldamon (Agnimon ver.)
433 Vritramon vpet spirit.gif BurningGreymon (Vritramon) Hybrid Dark Dragon Digimon Variable
  • Bluster of Corona[sic]
  • Flame Hurricane
Slide: Agunimon
Spirit: (Beast Spirit of Fire)
D.N.A.: Aldamon (Vritramon ver.)
434 Wolfmon vpet spirit.gif Lobomon (Wolfmon) Hybrid Warrior Digimon Variable
  • Twin Swords of Ray[sic]
  • Speedy Bomb
Slide: KendoGarurumon
Spirit: (Human Spirit of Light)
D.N.A.: Beowolfmon (Wolfmon ver.)
435 Garmmon vpet spirit.gif KendoGarurumon (Garummon) Hybrid Android Digimon Variable
  • Shining Gallop
  • Solar Laser
Slide: Lobomon
Spirit: (Beast Spirit of Light)
D.N.A.: Beowolfmon (Garummon ver.)
436 Blitzmon vpet spirit.gif Beetlemon (Blitzmon) Hybrid Android Digimon Variable
  • Thunder Hummer[sic]
  • Beetle Thunder
Slide: MetalKabuterimon
Spirit: (Human Spirit of Thunder)
D.N.A.: Rhino Kabuterimon (Blitzmon ver.)
437 Bolgmon vpet spirit.gif MetalKabuterimon (Bolgmon) Hybrid Android Digimon Variable
  • Ultimate Thunder
  • Beetle Cannon
Slide: Beetlemon
Spirit: (Beast Spirit of Thunder)
D.N.A.: Rhino Kabuterimon (Bolgmon ver.)
438 Fairymon vpet spirit.gif Kazemon (Fairimon) Hybrid Pixie Digimon Variable
  • Tornado of Kick[sic]
  • Tornado of Finger[sic]
Slide: Zephyrmon
Spirit: (Human Spirit of Wind)]
D.N.A.: Jet Silphymon (Fairimon ver.)
439 Shutumon vpet spirit.gif Zephyrmon (Shutumon) Hybrid Bird Digimon Variable
  • Tempest Slicer
  • Feather Tempest
Slide: Kazemon
Spirit: (Beast Spirit of Wind)
D.N.A.: Jet Silphymon (Shutumon ver.)
440 Chackmon vpet spirit.gif Kumamon (Chackmon) Hybrid Animal Digimon Variable
  • Freezing Breath
  • Sticky Ice
Slide: Korikakumon
Spirit: (Human Spirit of Ice)
D.N.A.: Daipenmon (Chackmon ver.)
441 Blizzarmon vpet spirit.gif Korikakumon (Blizzarmon) Hybrid Animal Digimon Variable
  • Freezing Dance
  • Twin Tomahawks
Slide: Kumamon
Spirit: (Beast Spirit of Ice)
D.N.A.: Daipenmon (Blizzarmon ver.)
442 Duskmon vpet spirit.gif Duskmon Hybrid Wizard Digimon Variable
  • Big Eyes
  • Dark Tornade
Slide: Velgrmon
Spirit: (Corrupted Human Spirit of Darkness)
443 Velgrmon vpet spirit.gif Velgrmon Hybrid Dark Bird Digimon Variable
  • Zone Eraser
  • Soul of Darkness
Slide: Duskmon
Spirit: (Corrupted Beast Spirit of Darkness)
444 Grottomon vpet spirit.gif Grumblemon (Grottemon) Hybrid Evil Digimon Variable
  • Hummer of the Earth[sic]
  • Jamming Box
Slide: Gigasmon
Spirit: (Human Spirit of Earth)
445 Gigasmon vpet spirit.gif Gigasmon Hybrid Rock Digimon Variable
  • Awesome Quake
  • Hurricane of the Earth
Slide: Grumblemon
Spirit: (Beast Spirit of Earth)
446 Arbormon vpet spirit.gif Arbormon Hybrid Android Digimon Variable
  • Rapid Kick
  • Digitalized Seed
Slide: Petaldramon
Spirit: (Human Spirit of Wood)
447 Petaldramon vpet spirit.gif Petaldramon Hybrid Vegetation Digimon Variable
  • Cyclone of the Forest
  • Catcher of the Forest
Slide: Arbormon
Spirit: (Beast Spirit of Wood)
448 Mercuremon vpet spirit.gif Mercurymon (Mercuremon) Hybrid Mutant Digimon Variable
  • Fearful Mirror
  • Reflector of Destroy[sic]
Slide: Sephirothmon
Spirit: (Human Spirit of Steel)
449 Sephirothmon vpet spirit.gif Sephirothmon Hybrid Mutant Digimon Variable
  • Ramble Brend No.3[sic]
  • Ramble Brend No.9[sic]
Slide: Mercurymon
Spirit: (Beast Spirit of Steel)
450 Ranamon vpet spirit.gif Lanamon (Ranamon) Hybrid Pixie Digimon Variable
  • Rainy Storm
  • Jerous Rain[sic]
Slide: Calmaramon
Spirit: (Human Spirit of Water)
451 Calamaramon vpet spirit.gif Calmaramon Hybrid Sea Animal Digimon Variable
  • Black Spit
  • Crazy Wave
Slide: Lanamon
Spirit: (Beast Spirit of Water)
452 Neamon vpet spirit.gif Neemon (Neamon) Rookie Animal Digimon Data
  • Fake Sleep
  • Rapid Escape
No Data ?????
453 Bokomon vpet spirit.gif Bokomon Rookie Mutant Digimon Data
  • Lightning Escape
  • The Book of Knowledge
No Data ?????
454 Lucemon vpet spirit.gif Lucemon Rookie Angel Digimon Vaccine
  • Grand Cross
  • Destructive Field
Digivolve: Lucemon Wild 1st Mode ?????
454 Lucemon fm vpet spirit.gif Lucemon Wild 1st Mode (Lucemon: Falldown Mode) Ultimate Evil Digimon Virus
  • Destructive Drop
  • Destructive Roulette
Digivolve: Lucemon Wild 2nd Mode
Reverse: Lucemon
454 Lucemon sm vpet spirit.gif Lucemon Wild 2nd Mode (Lucemon: Satan Mode) Mega Wizard Digimon Virus
  • Destructive Flame
  • Destructive Ray
Reverse: Lucemon Wild 1st Mode ?????
455 Kaisergreymon vpet spirit.gif KaiserGreymon (Kaiser Greymon) Extra Hybrid Dragon Digimon Variable
  • Dragon Crusher
  • Dragon Arrow
Spirit: (Extra Spirit of Fire)
D.N.A.: Susanomon (Kaiser Greymon ver.)
456 Magnagarurumon vpet spirit.gif MagnaGarurumon (Magna Garurumon) Extra Hybrid Android Digimon Variable
  • Ultimate Velocity
  • Mega Shot
Spirit: (Extra Spirit of Light)
D.N.A.: Susanomon (Magna Garurumon ver.)
457 Aldamon vpet spirit.gif Aldamon (Agnimon ver.)[N 1] Hybrid Combo Wizard Digimon Variable
  • Blaze Corona
  • Blaze Fist
Reverse: Agunimon BJ0LZ
457 Aldamon vpet spirit.gif Aldamon (Vritramon ver.)[N 1] Hybrid Combo Wizard Digimon Variable
  • Blaze Corona
  • Blaze Fist
Reverse: BurningGreymon ?????
458 Beowolfmon vpet spirit.gif Beowolfmon (Wolfmon ver.)[N 1] Hybrid Combo Warrior Digimon Variable
  • Twin Blades of Ray[sic]
  • Lightning Missile
Reverse: Lobomon 4E60F
458 Beowolfmon2 vpet spirit.gif Beowolfmon (Garummon ver.)[N 1] Hybrid Combo Warrior Digimon Variable
  • Twin Blades of Ray[sic]
  • Lightning Missile
Reverse: KendoGarurumon ?????
459 Susanoomon vpet spirit.gif Susanomon (Susanoomon - Kaiser Greymon ver.) Mega Wizard Digimon Vaccine
  • Magna Thunder
  • Magna Arrow
Reverse: KaiserGreymon 6ZF3J
459 Susanoomon2 vpet spirit.gif Susanomon (Susanoomon - Magna Garurumon ver.) Mega Wizard Digimon Vaccine
  • Magna Thunder
  • Magna Arrow
Reverse: MagnaGarurumon ?????
460 Lowemon vpet spirit.gif Loweemon (Löwemon) Hybrid Warrior Digimon Variable
  • Legendary Lance
  • Legendary Shield
Slide: KaiserLeomon
Spirit: (Human Spirit of Darkness)
D.N.A.: Raihimon (Löwemon ver.)
461 Kaiserleomon vpet spirit.gif KaiserLeomon (Kaiser Leomon) Hybrid Android Digimon Variable
  • Blaze Black
  • Wild Black
Slide: Loweemon
Spirit: (Beast Spirit of Darkness)
D.N.A.: Raihimon (Kaiser Leomon ver.)
462 Ebiburgermon vpet spirit.gif EbiBurgermon (Ebi Burgamon) Rookie Food Digimon Data
  • Vivid Pudding
  • Heat Cutlet
No Data ?????
463 Burgermon vpet spirit.gif HamBurgermon (Burgamon) Rookie Food Digimon Vaccine
  • Something Delicious
  • Something Green
No Data ?????
464 Torikaraballmon vpet spirit.gif Torikaramon (Torikara Ballmon) In-Training-1 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
No Data ?????
465 Yarmon vpet spirit.gif Yamon (Yarmon) In-Training-2 Micro Digimon Unidentified
  • Bubble Blow
  • Unidentified
Digivolve: Impmon ?????
466 Trailmon vpet spirit.gif Trailmon Unidentified Unidentified Unidentified
  • Unidentified
  • Unidentified
No Data ?????
467 Ancientgreymon vpet spirit.gif AncientGreymon (Ancient Greymon) Mega Legendary Digimon Vaccine
  • Omega Corona
  • Gaea Tornado
No Data HY3YU
468 Ancientgarurumon vpet spirit.gif AncientGarurumon (Ancient Garurumon) Mega Legendary Digimon Data
  • Absolute Zero
  • Shining Claw
469 Ancientbeatmon vpet spirit.gif AncientBeetlemon (Ancient Beatmon) Mega Legendary Digimon Vaccine
  • Giga Electro Shocker
  • Giga Thunder
No Data 0VM86
470 Ancientirismon vpet spirit.gif AncientKazemon (Ancient Irismon) Mega Legendary Digimon Vaccine
  • Ultimate Tempest
  • Ultimate Rainbow
No Data XTIU4
471 Ancientmegatheriumon vpet spirit.gif AncientMegatheriummon (Ancient Megatheriummon) Mega Legendary Digimon Data
  • Ultimate Blizzard
  • Blizzard Crusher
No Data D8SC6
472 Ancientvolcanomon vpet spirit.gif AncientVolcanomon (Ancient Volcamon) Mega Legendary Digimon Virus
  • Ultimate Bomb
  • Super Nova
No Data X3O2M
473 Ancienttroymon vpet spirit.gif AncientTroymon (Ancient Troiamon) Mega Legendary Digimon Data
  • Grand Shooting
  • Amazing Cannon
No Data WGC6J
474 Ancientmermaimon vpet spirit.gif AncientMermaidmon (Ancient Mermaimon) Mega Legendary Digimon Data
  • Greatest Wave
  • Cristal Javelin[sic]
No Data 09AOE
475 Ancientwisemon vpet spirit.gif AncientWisemon (Ancient Wisemon) Mega Legendary Digimon Virus
  • Mega Seal
  • Call of Fear
476 Ancientsphinxmon vpet spirit.gif AncientSphinxmon (Ancient Sphinxmon) Mega Legendary Digimon Virus
  • Eternal Sleep
  • Dark Blast
No Data SI3I6
477 Bastemon vpet spirit.gif Bastemon Ultimate Animal Digimon Virus
  • Dance of Confusion
  • Anti-Cross Dance
No Data ?????
478 Blimpmon vpet spirit.gif Blimpmon Champion Machine Digimon Data
  • Sky Explosion
  • Helium Bomb
No Data ?????
479 Boogiemon vpet spirit.gif Fiendmon (Boogiemon) Champion Wizard Digimon Virus
  • Fearful Crusher
  • Fearful Eyes
No Data ?????
480 Phelesmon vpet spirit.gif Feresmon (Phelesmon) Ultimate Evil Digimon Virus
  • Dark Shout
  • Statue of Darkness
No Data ?????
481 Salamandermon vpet spirit.gif Salamandermon Armor Amphibian Digimon Virus
  • Heat Body
  • Heat Breath
No Data ?????
482 Mikemon vpet spirit.gif Mikemon Champion Animal Digimon Data
  • Cat's Claw
  • Cat's Fist
No Data ?????
483 Flawizarmon vpet spirit.gif FlameWizardmon (Fla Wizarmon) Armor Wizard Digimon Virus
  • Burning Cloud
  • Mystic Spell
No Data ?????
484 Jewelbeemon vpet spirit.gif Jewelbeemon Ultimate Insectoid Digimon Vaccine
  • Spiky Sting
  • Sting Shot
No Data ?????
485 Thunderbirmon vpet spirit.gif Thunderbirdmon (Thunderbirmon) Armor Bird Digimon Data
  • Thunder Storm
  • Thunder Wing
No Data ?????
486 Fangmon vpet spirit.gif Fangmon Champion Dark Animal Digimon Data
  • Awesome Fang
  • Fearful Snatch
No Data ?????
487 Kougamon vpet spirit.gif Kougamon Champion Mutant Digimon Data
  • Fake Shadow
  • Diamond Bomb
No Data ?????
488 Koemon vpet spirit.gif Koemon Rookie Animal Digimon Virus
  • Big Sling
  • Amazing Ring
No Data ?????
489 Kotemon vpet spirit.gif Kotemon Rookie Reptile Digimon Data
  • Burning Men
  • Shining Kote
No Data ?????[N 2]
490 Bearmon vpet spirit.gif Bearmon Rookie Mutant Digimon Vaccine
  • Karate Fist
  • Rolling Attack
No Data ?????[N 2]
491 Hookmon vpet spirit.gif Hookmon Champion Mutant Digimon Virus
  • Captain's Cannon
  • Captain's Gun
No Data ?????
492 Dinohumon vpet spirit.gif Dinohyumon (Dinohumon) Champion Dragon Digimon Data
  • Dance of Courage
  • Euro Axe
No Data ?????[N 2]
493 Gryzmon vpet spirit.gif Grizzlymon (Gryzmon) Champion Animal Digimon Vaccine
  • Body Bomb
  • Crescent Boomerang
No Data ?????
494 Valvemon vpet spirit.gif Bulbmon (Valvemon) Ultimate Machine Digimon Data
  • Mad Pomp[sic]
  • Octagon Attack
No Data ?????
495 Raidenmon vpet spirit.gif Raidenmon Mega Machine Digimon Virus
  • Endless Thunder
  • Rising Thunder
No Data ?????
496 Raijinmon vpet spirit.gif Raijinmon Mega Android Digimon Virus
  • Shock Thunder
  • Thunder Arm
No Data ?????
497 Suijinmon vpet spirit.gif Suijinmon Mega Android Digimon Data
  • Big Wave Cannon
  • Big Wave Arm
No Data ?????
498 Fujinmon vpet spirit.gif Fujinmon Mega Android Digimon Vaccine
  • Mystic Cyclone
  • Cyclonic Arm
No Data ?????
499 Flamon vpet spirit.gif Flamemon (Flamon) Hybrid Wizard Digimon Variable
  • Fire Fist
  • Burning Tail
No Data ?????
500 Kyukimon vpet spirit.gif Kyukimon Ultimate Mythical Animal Digimon Virus
  • Balde of Twister[sic]
  • Tri-Star Attack
No Data ?????
501 Slashangemon vpet spirit.gif Slush Angemon[sic] (Slash Angemon) Mega Angel Digimon Vaccine
  • Magna Sword
  • Golden Sword
No Data ?????
502 Assaultmon vpet spirit.gif Assaultmon Ultimate Android Digimon Virus
  • Just Shot
  • Amazing Shot
No Data ?????
503 Cannondramon vpet spirit.gif Cannon Dramon[sic] (Cannondramon) Mega Android Digimon Data
  • Dynamic Cannon
  • Shooting of Storm
No Data ?????
504 Marsmon vpet spirit.gif Marusumon (Marsmon) Mega Wizard Digimon Vaccine
  • Eternal Fist
  • Fist of Corona
No Data ?????
505 Blackkingnumemon vpet spirit.gif Black Kingn Numemon[sic] (Black King Numemon) Ultimate Mollusk Digimon Virus
  • Something Dark
  • Something Toxic
No Data ?????
506 Darcmon vpet spirit.gif Darukumon (Darcmon) Champion Angel Digimon Vaccine
  • Dancing Sword
  • Daruku Slush[sic]
No Data ?????[N 2]
507 Hippogriffomon vpet spirit.gif Hipo Gryphonmon (Hippogriffomon) Ultimate Mythical Animal Digimon Data
  • Heat Wave
  • Unidentified
No Data ?????[N 2]
508 Murmukusmon vpet spirit.gif Murumukusumon (Murmukusmon) Mega Evil Digimon Virus
  • Endless Flame
  • Magical Illusion
No Data ?????
509 Ornismon vpet spirit.gif Onisumon (Ornismon) Mega Ancient Bird Digimon Virus
  • Sharp Laser
  • Dark Tempest
No Data ?????
510 Chaosdramon vpet spirit.gif Chaos Dramon[sic] (Chaosdramon) Mega Machine Digimon Virus
  • Hi Giga Cannon
  • Giga Storm
No Data ?????
511 Arkadimon(child) vpet spirit.gif Arukadhimon (Arkadimon Child) Rookie Mythical Animal Digimon Virus
  • Absorption of Soul
  • Erase Sickle
Digivolve: Arukadhimon(Champion) ?????
511 Arkadimon(adult) vpet spirit.gif Arukadhimon(Champion) (Arkadimon Adult) Champion Mythical Animal Digimon Virus
  • Fist of Poison
  • Fearful Whip
Digivolve: Arukadhimon(Ultimate)
Reverse: Arukadhimon
511 Arkadimon(perfect) vpet spirit.gif Arukadhimon(Ultimate) (Arkadimon Perfect) Ultimate Mythical Animal Digimon Virus
  • Impact of Delete[sic]
  • Impact of Freeze[sic]
Digivolve: Arukadhimon(Mega)
Reverse: Arukadhimon(Champion)
511 Arkadimon(ultimate) vpet spirit.gif Arukadhimon(Mega) (Arkadimon Ultimate) Mega Mythical Animal Digimon Virus
  • Impact of Delete[sic]
  • Impact of Fear[sic]
Reverse: Arukadhimon(Ultimate) ?????
512 Strabimon vpet spirit.gif Sutorabimon (Strabimon) Hybrid Animal Digimon Variable
  • Sparking Claw
  • Sparking Head Butt
No Data ?????
513 Pilevolcamon vpet spirit.gif Pail Volcanomon (Pile Volcamon) Mega Android Digimon Data
  • Volcanic Attack
  • Diamond Fist
No Data ?????
514 Ulforcevdramon vpet spirit.gif Ulforce Veedramon (Ulforce V-dramon) Mega Warrior Digimon Vaccine
  • The Ray of Victory
  • Vee Weapon
No Data ?????
515 Puttimon vpet spirit.gif Puttomon (Puttimon) In-Training-1 Angel Digimon Unidentified
  • Happy Shower
  • Unidentified
No Data ?????
516 Cupimon vpet spirit.gif Kyupimon (Cupimon) In-Training-2 Angel Digimon Unidentified
  • Happy Ring
  • Unidentified
No Data ?????
517 Witchmon vpet spirit.gif Witchmon Champion Wizard Digimon Data
  • Mystic Wind
  • Mystic Water
No Data ?????
518 Neodevimon vpet spirit.gif Neo Devimon Ultimate Evil Digimon Virus
  • Evil Claw
  • The Touch of Evil
No Data ?????
519 Lilithmon vpet spirit.gif Rirismon (Lilithmon) Mega Evil Digimon Virus
  • Endless Nightmare
  • Mystic Claw
No Data ?????
520 Rhinokabuterimon vpet spirit.gif Rhino Kabuterimon (Blitzmon ver.)[N 1] Hybrid Combo Insectoid Digimon Variable
  • Lightning Ray
  • Thunder Tornado
Reverse: Beetlemon ?????
520 Rhinokabuterimon2 vpet spirit.gif Rhino Kabuterimon (Bolgmon ver.)[N 1] Hybrid Combo Insectoid Digimon Variable
  • Lightning Ray
  • Thunder Tornado
Reverse: MetalKabuterimon ?????
521 JetSilphymon vpet spirit.gif Jet Silphymon (Fairimon ver.)[N 1] Hybrid Combo Android Digimon Variable
  • Storm Arms
  • Mega Fan
Reverse: Kazemon ?????
521 JetSilphymon2 vpet spirit.gif Jet Silphymon (Shutumon ver.)[N 1] Hybrid Combo Android Digimon Variable
  • Storm Arms
  • Mega Fan
Reverse: Zephyrmon ?????
522 DaiPenmon vpet spirit.gif Daipenmon (Chackmon ver.)[N 1] Hybrid Combo Android Digimon Variable
  • Strawberry Red
  • Blue Hawaii Blue
Reverse: Kumamon ?????
522 DaiPenmon2 vpet spirit.gif Daipenmon (Blizzarmon ver.)[N 1] Hybrid Combo Android Digimon Variable
  • Strawberry Red
  • Blue Hawaii Blue
Reverse: Korikakumon ?????
523 Raihimon vpet spirit.gif Raihimon (Löwemon ver.)[N 1] Hybrid Combo Warrior Digimon Variable
  • Black Field
  • Red Cross
Reverse: Loweemon DRRDS
523 Raihimon2 vpet spirit.gif Raihimon (Kaiser Leomon ver.)[N 1] Hybrid Combo Warrior Digimon Variable
  • Black Field
  • Red Cross
Reverse: KaiserLeomon ?????
524 Betsumon vpet spirit.gif Betsumon Ultimate Puppet Digimon Data
  • Noisy Nuckle[sic]
  • Freezing Joke
No Data ?????
525 Dynasmon vpet spirit.gif Dynasmon Mega Warrior Digimon Data
  • 10 Legendary Energy[sic]
  • Shadow of Dragon
No Data ?????
526 Lordknightmon vpet spirit.gif LordKnightmon (Lord Knightmon) Mega Warrior Digimon Virus
  • Spiral Sword
  • Distance Zero Shot
No Data ?????

Additional Information[edit]

References Notes
  1. 1.00 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 1.05 1.06 1.07 1.08 1.09 1.10 1.11 Because this Digimon species is listed in the D-Spirit database as a D.N.A. Digivolution (Jogress Evolution) option for two other Digimon, the D-Spirit has two separate entries for it, one corresponding to each of the two constituent Digimon. This affects both which of this Digimon's entries are opened when selecting "D.N.A" in each constituent Digimon's entry, and which of the constituent Digimon's entries are opened when selecting "Reverse" in each of this Digimon's entries.

    The two entries also do not share the same Digi-Digits. Other than their evolution information and Digi-Digits, there are no differences in the entries' information content. However, in some cases, the Digimon may also have at least one sprite that differs between its two entries.

    Browsing or searching the database for this Digimon will always open the first of its two entries to be listed, except in the case of Digi-Digit searches (assuming that Digi-Digits for the secondary entry are ever found). The secondary entry for this Digimon can otherwise only be accessed through the aforementioned "D.N.A" listing in the corresponding constituent Digimon's entry.

  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 This Digimon's Digi-Digits code in the D-Tector Revision E is not recognized by the D-Spirit.