Corrupted Human Spirit of Darkness

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Corrupted Human Spirit of Darkness
Corrupted Human Spirit of Darkness
Kanji/Kana 闇のヒューマンスピリット
Dub Name Corrupted Human Spirit of Darkness

The Corrupted Human Spirit of Darkness (闇のヒューマンスピリット Yami no Hyūman Supiritto), also known as the Spirit of Darkness H (闇のスピリットH Yami no Supiritto Eichi) is one of the twenty Legendary Spirits. It is an alternative form of the Human Spirit of Darkness, which contains the power of Ancient Sphinxmon of the Warrior Ten, that has been transformed by Cherubimon's magic.[1][2] It allows its user to evolve into the Human Form Hybrid Digimon Duskmon.



Digimon Frontier[edit]

When Cherubimon turned evil and began his war, he did not immediately use the Corrupted Spirit of Darkness to create an Evil Warrior, like he did with his other four Human Spirits. He waited until Ofanimon brought the Chosen Children to the Digital World.[3] According to Cherubimon himself, the Spirit of Darkness chooses its wielder and will only accept one whose heart holds a powerful darkness. He had tested it on many Digimon, but none of them had a dark enough heart[4] and the Spirit's dark power destroyed their data; their remains came to inhabit the dungeons of Cherubimon's castle at the Rose Morning Star.[5] Instead, the user of the Spirit of Darkness would be Kimura Kouichi, whose disembodied soul had entered the Digital World after an accident in Shibuya. Kouichi's feelings of anger, resentment, and abandonment were perceived by Cherubimon as a heart of absolute darkness, suitable to the Spirit, so he forced the Spirit upon Kouichi to create Duskmon.[6]

With Kanbara Takuya's assistance, Kouichi's twin, Minamoto Kouji (as Beowolfmon), defeats Duskmon/Velgrmon and scans the Corrupted Human and Beast Spirits of Darkness, along with the Human Spirit of Wood, [N 1] freeing Kouichi from Cherubimon's control. The Corrupted Spirits are briefly stored in Kouji's D-Scanner.[7]

When Kouichi stands up to Cherubimon, his confession of both his past hatred for Kouji and how meeting Kouji for real has changed him awakens the Spirits of Darkness and they transform back into their true forms. Kouichi acquires a D-Scanner and the true Spirits of Darkness enter it, and he becomes able to Spirit Evolve into Löwemon and Kaiser Leomon, instead of Duskmon and Velgrmon.[4]

The Corrupted Human Spirit of Darkness in Digimon Frontier.


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  1. The Human Spirit of Wood is not seen on-screen or mentioned in "The Past is Revealed! Duskmon's Secret", so Kouji is not seen physically taking it. That Kouji received it here is inferred based on Duskmon previously taking the Spirit in "Mysterious Warrior Lurking in the Darkness, Duskmon!", and the Spirit later being depicted as in Kouji's possession in "Spirits Become One! Takuya and Kouji's Ultimate Evolution!" before he transfers it to Takuya.