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Series Digimon Pendulum Progress
Version 2.0 - Armageddon Army
Colors white, navy blue
Release Date September 20, 2002
Language Japanese
List of Virtual Pets


Baby I[edit]

Puttimon Puttimon
  • Born from egg

Baby II[edit]

Cupimon Cupimon
  • Puttimon: Wait one hour


Patamon Patamon
  • Cupimon: Train in Morning
Terriermon Terriermon
  • Cupimon: Train in Noon
Impmon Impmon
  • Cupimon: Train in Night
Lucemon Lucemon
  • Get an Ultimate with Master Status, let it die and hatch the new egg (The previous Ultimate does not have to leave an egg, make sure you don't use the reset button either). Train the Baby I/Baby II in morning with no penalties and you'll get a Lucemon.


Angemon Angemon
  • Patamon/Terriermon/Impmon: Penalties -1, Train in morning
Tailmon Tailmon
  • Patamon/Terriermon/Impmon: Penalties 2+, Train in morning
Siesamon Siesamon
  • Patamon/Terriermon/Impmon: Penalties 2+, Train in noon
Witchmon Witchmon
  • Patamon/Terriermon/Impmon: Penalties 3+, Train in noon
Devimon Devimon
  • Patamon/Terriermon/Impmon: Penalties -3, Train in night
Black Tailmon Black Tailmon
  • Patamon/Terriermon/Impmon: Penalties 4+, Train in night


Holy Angemon Holy Angemon
  • All Adult Digimon: Penalties -1, Train in morning, 80 battles
Angewomon Angewomon
  • Jogress Angemon + Witchmon (PenProg2)
    (NOTE: Tyranomon (PenProg1) and Dobermon (PenProg3) can also be used in place of Witchmon)
  • Jogress Witchmon + Angemon (D-Scan2)
Andiramon Andiramon
  • Jogress Witchmon + Angemon (PenProg2)
    (NOTE: XV-mon (PenProg1) and Aquilamon (PenProg3) can also be used in place of Angemon)
  • Jogress Angemon + Tailmon (D-Scan2)
Bastemon Bastemon
  • All Adult Digimon: Penalties -3, Train in noon, 30 battles
Neo Devimon Neo Devimon
  • All Adult Digimon: Train in night, 50 battles
Lady Devimon Lady Devimon
  • All Adult Digimon: Penalties -4, Train in night, 30 battles


Seraphimon Seraphimon
  • All Perfect Digimon: Penalties 0, Train in morning, 200 battles, 60% wins
  • Jogress Bastemon + Holy Angemon (PenProg2)
    (NOTE: Metal Greymon (PenProg1) and Were Garurumon X-Antibody (PenProg3) can also be used in place of Holy Angemon)
  • Jogress Holy Angemon + Angewomon (D-Scan2)
Ofanimon Ofanimon
  • All Perfect Digimon: Penalties 0, Train in morning, 200 battles, 60% wins
Cherubimon Cherubimon
  • Jogress Holy Angemon + Bastemon (PenProg2)
    (NOTE: Megalo Growmon (PenProg1) and Grappleomon (PenProg3) can be used in place of Bastemon)
  • Jogress Bastemon + Andiramon (D-Scan2)
Beelzebumon Beelzebumon
  • All Perfect Digimon: Penalties -2, Train in noon, 50 battles
Lilithmon Lilithmon
  • All Perfect Digimon: Train in night, 100 battles, 60% wins


  • A Call is when the your Digimon cries out and it goes out by itself. Your Digimon will only do this when its hearts run out or it gets sick/dying. It will also do this when its time to turn out the lights.
  • A Sleep Disturbance is waking it up during its sleep, if it doesn't get its 8 hours of sleep its DP won't be restores so be careful. Training only counts for evolution when successful.
  • If you do not have a high enough Win Ratio (but at least 50%) and the time has elapsed for evolution yet all other conditions are met, an extra 4 hours will be added onto your condition time.
  • If your Digimon dies after a full life and was taken very well care of, it may leave behind an egg. This is what is called a "Traited Egg" and once hatched it will give you an extra 10% of evolving to Perfect. The results are cumulative also, so numerous generations of Traited Eggs will add 10% for each generation. Master Status will not be inherited though.
  • Evolution is determines by three factors: 1) Care Mistakes, 2) Time Zone of Training, 3) Amount of Battles & Training. The more Battles you fight the better, don't hesitate to exceed the base requirements. If it says "Train in [time]" focus your training then; you must deplete all DP for it to count. Time Zones are as follows.
    • Morning = 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Day = 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    • Night = 5:00 PM - 7:00 AM
  • If your Digimon is about to Die it has a 50% of coming back to life.
  • Some Digimon aren't accessible without a second Pendulum Progress or D-Scanner. When it says the Jogress requirements, the first Digimon is the one in your Progress. So Angemon + Witchmon means YOUR Angemon plus another person's Witchmon will get you the resulting Digimon. Also, all Jogresses with the Pendulum Progresses are just flip-flopped. If you Jogress Angemon with a Witchmon, The Angemon will become Angewomon, while the Witchmon will become Andiramon.


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