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wip. to keep track of uploaded sprites so i don't reupload again

001 Chicchimon Chicchimon dst battle.pngChicchimon dst map.png
002 Koromon Spr DS Koro.pngKoromon map dst.png < uploaded
003 Tsunomon Spr DS Tsuno.pngTunomon map dst.png < uploaded
004 Poyomon Spr DS Poyo.pngPoyomon map dst.png < uploaded
005 Tokomon Spr DS Toko.pngTokomon map dst.png < uploaded
006 Tanemon Spr DS Tane.pngTanemon map dst.png < uploaded
007 Pagumon Spr DS Pagu.pngPagumon map dst.png < uploaded
008 Caprimon Spr DS Kapuri.pngCaprimon dst map.png
009 Kuramon Spr DS Kura.pngKuramon dst map.png
010 Puttimon Spr DS Putto.pngPuttimon map dst.png < uploaded
011 Chicomon Spr DS Chico.pngChicomon map dst.png < uploaded
012 Dorimon Spr DS Dori.pngDorimon dst map.png
013 Culumon Spr DS Culu.pngCulumon dst map.png
014 Gigimon Spr DS Gigi.pngGigimon dst map.png
015 Gummymon Spr DS Gumi.pngGummymon dst map.png
016 Chocomon Spr DS Choco.pngChocomon dst map.png
017 Tsumemon Spr DS Tsume.pngTsumemon dst map.png
018 Minomon Spr DS Mino.pngMinomon dst map.png
019 Wanyamon Spr DS Wanya.pngWanyamon dst map.png
020 Budmon Spr DS Bud.pngBudmon dst map.png
021 Botamon Spr DS Bota.pngBotamon map dst.png < uploaded
022 Sunmon Spr DS Sun.pngSunmon dst map.png
023 Moonmon Spr DS Moon.pngMoonmon dst map.png
024 Monodramon Spr DS Dra Mono.pngMonodramon dst map.png
025 Agumon (2006 Anime Version) Spr DS Agu.pngAgumon2006 map dst.png < uploaded
026 V-mon Spr DS V-.pngVmon dst map.png
027 Guilmon Spr DS Guil.pngGuilmon dst map.png
028 DORUmon Spr DS Doru.pngDorumon dst map.png
029 Betamon Spr DS Beta.pngBetamon map dst.png < uploaded
030 Gabumon Spr DS Gabu.pngGabumon map dst.png < uploaded
031 Patamon Spr DS Pata.pngPatamon map dst.png < uploaded
032 Piyomon Spr DS Piyo.pngPiyomon map dst.png < uploaded
033 Palmon Spr DS Pal.pngPalmon map dst.png < uploaded
034 Tentomon Spr DS Tento.pngTentomon map dst.png < uploaded
035 Gottsumon Spr DS Gotsu.pngGottsumon map dst.png < uploaded
036 Otamamon Spr DS Otama.pngOtamamon map dst.png < uploaded
037 Gomamon Spr DS Goma.pngGomamon dst map.png
038 Bakumon Spr DS Baku.pngBakumon dst map.png
039 Pico Devimon Spr DS Devi Pico.pngPicodevimon map dst.png < uploaded
040 Toy Agumon Spr DS Agu Toy Vaccine.pngToyagumon dst map.png
041 Hagurumon Spr DS Haguru.pngHagurumon dst map.png
042 Plotmon Spr DS Plot.pngPlotmon map dst.png < uploaded
043 Wormmon Spr DS Worm.pngWormmon dst map.png
044 Hawkmon Spr DS Hawk.pngHawkmon dst map.png
045 Armadimon Spr DS Armadi.pngArmadimon map dst.png < uploaded
046 Terriermon Spr DS Terrier.pngTerriermon dst map.png
047 Lopmon Spr DS Lop.pngLopmon dst map.png
048 Renamon Spr DS Rena.pngRenamon dst map.png
049 Impmon Spr DS Imp.pngImpmon map dst.png < uploaded
050 Keramon Spr DS Kera.pngKeramon dst map.png
051 Falcomon (2006 Anime Version) Spr DS Falco.pngFalcomon2006 dst map.png
052 Penmon Spr DS Pen.pngPenmon dst map.png
053 Goburimon Spr DS Gobli.pngGoburimon dst map.png
054 Bearmon Spr DS Bear.pngBearmon dst map.png
055 Kotemon Spr DS Kote.pngKotemon dst map.png
056 Shamamon Spr DS Shama.pngShamamon dst map.png
057 Snow Goburimon Spr DS Gobli Snow.pngSnowgoburimon dst map.png
058 Shakomon Spr DS Shako.pngShakomon map dssm.png < uploaded
059 Yuki Agumon Spr DS Agu Yuki.pngYukiagumon dst map.png
060 Agumon (Black) Spr DS Agu Black.pngAgumon-BK.gif < uploaded
061 Muchomon Spr DS Mucho.pngMuchomon dst map.png
062 Ganimon Spr DS Gani.pngGanimon dst map.png
063 Floramon Spr DS Flora.pngFloramon dst map.png
064 Gizamon Spr DS Giza.pngGizamon map dst.png < uploaded
065 Lalamon Spr DS Lala.pngLalamon dst map.png
066 Alraumon Spr DS Alrau.pngAlraumon map dst.png < uploaded
067 Toy Agumon (Black) Spr DS Agu Toy Black.pngToyagumon black dst map.png
068 Tukaimon Spr DS Tsukai.pngTsukaimon dst map.png
069 Pawn Chessmon (Black) Spr DS Chess Pawn Black.pngPawnchessmon black dst map.png
070 Gaomon Spr DS Gao.pngGaomon dst map.png
071 Dot Falcomon Dotfalcomon dst battle.pngDotfalcomon dst map.png
072 Kudamon (2006 Anime Version) Spr DS Kuda.pngKudamon dst map.png
073 Kamemon Spr DS Kame.pngKamemon dst map.png
074 Dracumon Spr DS Drac.pngDracumon dst map.png
075 Pawn Chessmon (White) Spr DS Chess Pawn White.pngPawnchessmon white dst map.png
076 Dot Agumon Dotagumon dst battle.pngDotagumon dst map.png
077 Kunemon Spr DS Kune.pngKunemon map dst.png < uploaded
078 Mushmon Spr DS Mush.pngMushmon dst map.png
079 Solarmon Solarmon.gifSolarmon dst map.png
080 Candmon Spr DS Cand.pngCandmon dst map.png
081 Kokuwamon Spr DS Kokuwa.pngKokuwamon dst map.png
082 Dokunemon Spr DS Kune Do.pngDokunemon dst map.png
083 Coronamon Spr DS Corona.pngCoronamon dst map.png
084 Lunamon Spr DS Luna.pngLunamon dst map.png
085 Mechanorimon Mechanorimon battle dssm.pngMechanorimon map dssm.png < uploaded
086 Greymon Greymon battle dst.pngGreymon map dst.png < uploaded
087 Tyranomon Tyranomon battle dst.pngTyranomon map dst.png < uploaded
088 Devimon Devimon battle dst.pngDevimon map dst.png < uploaded
089 Airdramon Airdramon battle dst.pngAirdramon map dst.png < uploaded
090 Seadramon Seadramon battle dst.pngSeadramon map dst.png < uploaded
091 Numemon Numemon battle dst.pngNumemon map dst.png < uploaded
092 Kabuterimon Kabuterimon battle dst.pngKabuterimon map dst.png < uploaded
093 Garurumon Garurumon battle dst.pngGarurumon map dst.png < uploaded
094 Angemon Angemon battle dst.pngAngemon map dst.png < uploaded
095 Vegimon Vegimon battle dst.pngVegimon map dst.png < uploaded
096 Orgemon Orgemon battle dst.pngOrgemon map dst.png < uploaded
097 Bakemon Bakemon battle dst.pngBakemon map dst.png < uploaded
098 Scumon Scumon battle dst.pngScumon map dst.png < uploaded
099 Cockatrimon Cockatrimon battle dst.pngCockatrimon map dst.png < uploaded
100 Leomon Leomon battle dst.pngLeomon map dst.png < uploaded
101 Kuwagamon Kuwagamon battle dst.pngKuwagamon map dst.png < uploaded
102 Raremon Raremon battle dst.pngRaremon map dst.png < uploaded
103 Gekomon Gekomon battle dst.pngGekomon map dst.png < uploaded
104 Tailmon Tailmon battle dst.pngTailmon map dst.png < uploaded
105 Wizarmon Wizarmon dst battle.pngWizarmon dst map.png
106 Togemon Togemon dst battle.pngTogemon dst map.png
107 Guardromon Guardromon dst battle.pngGuardromon dst map.png
108 XV-mon XVmon dst battle.pngXVmon dst map.png
109 Stingmon Stingmon dst battle.pngStingmon dst map.png
110 Birdramon Birdramon battle dst.pngBirdramon map dst.png < uploaded
111 Ankylomon Ankylomon battle dst.pngAnkylomon map dst.png < uploaded
112 Galgomon Galgomon dst battle.pngGalgomon dst map.png
113 Growmon Growmon dst battle.pngGrowmon dst map.png
114 Kyubimon Kyubimon dst battle.pngKyubimon dst map.png
115 Chrysalimon Chrysalimon dst battle.pngChrysalimon dst map.png
116 Siesamon Siesamon dst battle.pngSiesamon dst map.png
117 Evilmon Evilmon battle dst.pngEvilmon map dst.png < uploaded
118 Aquilamon Aquilamon battle dst.pngAquilamon map dst.png < uploaded
119 Gokimon Gokimon battle dst.pngGokimon map dst.png < uploaded
120 Dinohumon Dinohumon dst battle.pngDinohumon dst map.png
121 Hookmon Spr DS Hook.pngHookmon dst map.png
122 Gryzmon Gryzmon dst battle.pngGryzmon dst map.png
123 DORUgamon Dorugamon dst battle.pngDorugamon dst map.png
124 Raptordramon Raptordramon dst battle.pngRaptordramon dst map.png
125 Hanumon Hanumon dst battle.pngHanumon dst map.png
126 Starmon Starmon battle dst.pngStarmon map dst.png < uploaded
127 Bomber Nanimon Bombernanimon dst battle.pngBombernanimon dst map.png
128 Kiwimon Kiwimon dst battle.pngKiwimon dst map.png
129 Unimon Unimon battle dst.pngUnimon map dst.png < uploaded
130 Sorcerimon 130 Sorcerymon.gifSorcerimon dst map.png
131 Dark Tyranomon Darktyranomon battle dst.pngDarktyranomon map dst.png < uploaded
132 Akatorimon Akatorimon battle dst.pngAkatorimon map dst.png < uploaded
133 Platinum Scumon Platinumscumon dst battle.pngPlatinumscumon dst map.png
134 Ikkakumon Ikkakumon dst battle.pngIkkakumon dst map.png
135 Minotaurmon Adult Minotaurmon battle dst.pngMinotaurmon map dst.png < uploaded
136 Icemon Icemon dst battle.pngIcemon dst map.png
137 Dark Lizamon Darklizamon dst battle.pngDarklizamon dst map.png
138 Flarelizamon Spr DS Liza Flare.pngFlarelizamon dst map.png
139 Geo Greymon Spr DS Grey Geo.pngGeogreymon dst map.png
140 Gaogamon Gaogamon dst battle.pngGaogamon dst map.png
Gaogamon dssm battle.png (dawn/dusk)
141 Diatrymon Diatrymon dst battle.pngDiatrymon dst map.png
142 Reppamon Reppamon dst battle.pngReppamon dst map.png
143 Sunflowmon Sunflowmon dst battle.pngSunflowmon dst map.png
144 Gawappamon Gawappamon dst battle.pngGawappamon dst map.png
145 Sangloupmon Sangloupmon dst battle.pngSangloupmon dst map.png
146 Peckmon Peckmon dst battle.pngPeckmon dst map.png
147 Drimogemon Drimogemon battle dssm.pngDrimogemon map dssm.png< uploaded
148 Nise Drimogemon Nisedrimogemon dst battle.pngNisedrimogemon dst map.png
149 Mori Shellmon Morishellmon dst battle.pngMorishellmon dst map.png
150 Wendimon Wendimon dst battle.pngWendimon dst map.png
151 Fugamon Fugamon dst battle.pngFugamon dst map.png
152 Tuchidarumon Tuchidarumon dst battle.pngTuchidarumon dst map.png
153 Tortamon Tortamon dst battle.pngTortamon dst map.png
154 Ebidramon Ebidramon battle dssm.pngEbidramon map dssm.png< uploaded
155 Octmon Octmon dst battle.pngOctmon dst map.png
156 Gesomon Gesomon battle dssm.pngGesomon map dssm.png< uploaded
157 Coelamon Coelamon battle dssm.pngCoelamon map dssm.png< uploaded
158 Shellmon Shellmon battle dssm.pngShellmon map dssm.png< uploaded
159 Yukidarumon Yukidarumon battle dssm.pngYukidarumon map dssm.png< uploaded
160 Geremon Geremon dst battle.pngGeremon dst map.png
161 Hyougamon Hyogamon dst battle.pngHyogamon dst map.png
162 Karatuki Numemon 162 KaratsukiNumemon.gifKaratukinumemon dst map.png
163 Ice Devimon Icedevimon dst battle.pngIcedevimon dst map.png
164 Rukamon Rukamon dst battle.pngRukamon dst map.png
165 Saberdramon Saberdramon dst battle.pngSaberdramon dst map.png
166 Woodmon Woodmon dst battle.pngWoodmon dst map.png
167 Snimon Snimon dst battle.pngSnimon dst map.png
168 Flymon Flymon battle dssm.pngFlymon map dssm.png< uploaded
169 Yanmamon Yanmamon dst battle.pngYanmamon dst map.png
170 Sand Yanmamon Sandyanmamon dst battle.pngSandyanmamon dst map.png
171 Red Vegimon Redvegimon dst battle.pngRedvegimon dst map.png
172 Zassoumon Zassoumon dst battle.pngZassoumon dst map.png
173 Igamon Igamon dst battle.pngIgamon dst map.png
174 Kougamon Kougamon dst battle.pngKougamon dst map.png
175 Omekamon Omekamon dst battle.pngOmekamon dst map.png
176 Clockmon Clockmon dst battle.pngClockmon dst map.png
177 Thunderballmon Thunderballmon dst battle.pngThunderballmon dst map.png
178 Tankmon Tankmon dst battle.pngTankmon dst map.png
179 Nanimon Nanimon battle dssm.pngNanimon map dssm.png< uploaded
180 Golemon Golemon dst battle.pngGolemon dst map.png
181 Monochromon Monochromon battle dssm.pngMonochromon map dssm.png< uploaded
182 Mojyamon Mojyamon battle dssm.pngMojyamon map dssm.png< uploaded
183 J Mojyamon Jmojyamon dst battle.pngJmojyamon dst map.png
184 Revolmon Revolmon dst battle.pngRevolmon dst map.png
185 Centalmon Centalmon battle dssm.pngCentalmon map dssm.png< uploaded
186 Devidramon Devidramon battle dssm.pngDevidramon map dssm.png< uploaded
187 Dokugumon Dokugumon dst battle.pngDokugumon dst map.png
188 V-dramon Vdramon dst battle.pngVdramon dst map.png
189 Musyamon Musyamon dst battle.pngMusyamon dst map.png
190 Knight Chessmon (White) Knightchessmon white dst battle.pngKnightchessmon white dst map.png
191 Knight Chessmon (Black) Knightchessmon black dst battle.pngKnightchessmon black dst map.png
192 Firamon Firamon dst battle.pngFiramon dst map.png
193 Lekismon Lekismon dst battle.pngLekismon dst map.png
194 Volcamon Volcamon dst battle.pngVolcamon dst map.png
195 Metal Greymon Spr DS Grey Metal Vaccine.pngMetalgreymon map dst.png< uploaded
196 Monzaemon Monzaemon battle dst.pngMonzaemon map dst.png< uploaded
197 Skull Greymon Skullgreymon battle dst.pngSkullgreymon map dst.png< uploaded
198 Metal Mamemon Metalmamemon battle dst.pngMetalmamemon map dst.png< uploaded
199 Andromon Andromon battle dst.pngAndromon map dst.png< uploaded
200 Etemon Etemon battle dst.pngEtemon map dst.png< uploaded
201 Megadramon Megadramon battle dst.pngMegadramon map dst.png< uploaded
202 Piccolomon Piccolomon battle dst.pngPiccolomon map dst.png< uploaded
203 Digitamamon Digitamamon battle dst.pngDigitamamon map dst.png< uploaded
204 Mammon Mammon battle dssm.pngMammon map dssm.png< uploaded
205 Atlur Kabuterimon (Blue) Atlurkabuterimon blue battle dst.pngAtlurkabuterimon blue map dst.png< uploaded
206 Okuwamon Okuwamon battle dst.pngOkuwamon map dst.png< uploaded
207 Tonosama Gekomon Tonosamagekomon dst battle.pngTonosamagekomon dst map.png
208 Angewomon Spr DS Angewo.pngAngewomon map dst.png< uploaded
209 Tylomon Tylomon dst battle.pngTylomon dst map.png
210 Anomalocarimon Anomalocarimon battle dssm.pngAnomalocarimon map dssm.png< uploaded
211 Mega Seadramon Megaseadramon dst battle.pngMegaseadramon dst map.png
212 Dagomon Dagomon dst battle.pngDagomon dst map.png
213 Were Garurumon (Black) Weregarurumon black battle dst.pngWeregarurumon black map dst.png< uploaded
214 Were Garurumon Spr DS Garuru Were Data.pngWeregarurumon map dst.png< uploaded
215 Vamdemon Vamdemon dst battle.pngVamdemon dst map.png
216 Lady Devimon Ladydevimon battle dst.pngLadydevimon map dst.png< uploaded
217 Garudamon Garudamon dst battle.pngGarudamon dst map.png
218 Blossomon Blossomon dst battle.pngBlossomon dst map.png
219 Lilimon Lilimon dst battle.pngLilimon dst map.png
220 Atlur Kabuterimon (Red) Atlurkabuterimon red battle dst.pngAtlurkabuterimon red map dst.png< uploaded
221 Nanomon Nanomon battle dssm.pngNanomon map dssm.png< uploaded
222 Cyberdramon Cyberdramon dst battle.pngCyberdramon dst map.png
223 Holy Angemon Holyangemon battle dst.pngHolyangemon map dst.png< uploaded
224 Paildramon Paildramon dst battle.pngPaildramon dst map.png
225 Dinobeemon Dinobeemon dst battle.pngDinobeemon dst map.png
226 Andiramon (Data) Andiramon data battle dst.pngAndiramon data map dst.png< uploaded
227 Archnemon Archnemon battle dst.pngArchnemon map dst.png< uploaded
228 Mummymon Mummymon dst battle.pngMummymon dst map.png
229 Megalo Growmon Megalogrowmon dst battle.pngMegalogrowmon dst map.png
230 Rapidmon Perfect Rapidmon perfect dst battle.pngRapidmon perfect dst map.png
231 Taomon Taomon battle dst.pngTaomon map dst.pngTaomon dsle battle.png< uploaded
232 Parrotmon Parrotmon dst battle.pngParrotmon dst map.png
233 Infermon Spr DS Infer.pngInfermon dst map.png
234 Black Rapidmon Blackrapidmon dst battle.pngBlackrapidmon dst map.png
235 Pandamon Pandamon dst battle.pngPandamon dst map.png
236 Marin Devimon Marindevimon dst battle.pngMarindevimon dst map.png
237 Karatenmon Karatenmon dst battle.pngKaratenmon dst map.png
238 Kyukimon Kyukimon dst battle.pngKyukimon dst map.png
239 Sinduramon Sinduramon dst battle.pngSinduramon dst map.png
240 Pipismon Pipismon dst battle.pngPipismon dst map.png
241 DORUguremon Doruguremon dst battle.pngDoruguremon dst map.png
242 Hangyomon Hangyomon dst battle.pngHangyomon dst map.png
243 Chimairamon Chimairamon dst battle.pngChimairamon dst map.png
Chimairamon dssm battle.pngChimairamon dssm map.png (dawn/dusk)
244 Triceramon Triceramon battle dst.pngTriceramon map dst.png< uploaded
245 Delumon Delumon dst battle.pngDelumon dst map.png
246 Silphymon Spr DS Silphy.pngSilphymon dst map.png
247 Superstarmon Spr DS Star Super.pngSuperstarmon dst map.png
248 Black Megalo Growmon Blackmegalogrowmon dst battle.pngBlackmegalogrowmon dst map.png
249 Zudomon Zudomon dst battle.pngZudomon dst map.png
250 Whamon Perfect Whamon battle dst.pngWhamon map dst.png< uploaded
251 Mamemon Mamemon battle dst.pngMamemon map dst.png< uploaded
252 Tocanmon Tocanmon dst battle.pngTocanmon dst map.png
253 Owlmon Owlmon dst battle.pngOwlmon dst map.png
254 Insekimon Insekimon dst battle.pngInsekimon dst map.png
255 Gigadramon Gigadramon dst battle.pngGigadramon dst map.png
256 Rize Greymon Spr DS Grey Rise.pngRizegreymon dst map.png
257 Mach Gaogamon Machgaogamon battle dst.pngMachgaogamon map dst.png
Machgaogamon dssm battle.pngMachgaogamon dsle battle.png
258 Tyilinmon Tyilinmon dst battle.pngTyilinmon dst map.png
259 Lilamon Lilamon dst battle.pngLilamon dst map.png
260 Shadramon Shadramon dst battle.pngShadramon dst map.png
261 Matadrmon Matadrmon dst battle.pngMatadrmon dst map.png
262 Kabukimon 262 Kabukimon.gifKabukimon dst map.png
263 Jyureimon Jyureimon dst battle.pngJyureimon dst map.png
264 Gerbemon Gerbemon dst battle.pngGerbemon dst map.png
265 Lucemon Falldown Mode Lucemon falldown mode dst battle.pngLucemon falldown mode dst map.png
Lucemon falldown mode dssm battle.pngLucemon falldown mode dssm map.png (dawn/dusk)
266 Mametyramon Mametyramon dst battle.pngMametyramon dst map.png
267 Giromon Giromon battle dssm.pngGiromon map dssm.png< uploaded
268 Vademon Vademon battle dssm.pngVademon map dssm.png< uploaded
269 Metal Tyranomon Metaltyranomon battle dssm.pngMetaltyranomon map dssm.png< uploaded
270 Tekkamon Tekkamon dst battle.pngTekkamon dst map.png
271 Big Mamemon Bigmamemon dst battle.pngBigmamemon dst map.png
272 Ex-Tyranomon Ex-tyranomon battle dssm.pngEx-tyranomon map dssm.png< uploaded
273 Vermillimon Vermillimon dst battle.pngVermillimon dst map.png
274 Fantomon Fantomon dst battle.pngFantomon dst map.png
275 Vajramon Vajramon dst battle.pngVajramon dst map.png
276 Aero V-dramon Aeroveedramon sprite DSani.gifAerovdramon dst map.png
277 Grappu Leomon Grappuleomon dst battle.pngGrappuleomon dst map.png
278 Knightmon Knightmon dst battle.pngKnightmon dst map.png
279 Brachimon Brachimon dst battle.pngBrachimon dst map.png
280 Allomon Allomon battle dssm.pngAllomon map dssm.png< uploaded
281 Lynxmon Lynxmon dst battle.pngLynxmon dst map.png
282 Shawujinmon Shawujinmon dst battle.pngShawujinmon dst map.png
283 Yatagaramon Yatagaramon dst battle.pngYatagaramon dst map.png
Yatagaramon (2006 Anime Version) Yatagaramon2006 dssm battle.pngYatagaramon2006 dssm map.png
284 Bishop Chessmon (White) Bishopchessmon white dst battle.pngBishopchessmon white dst map.png
285 Rook Chessmon (Black) Rookchessmon black dst battle.pngRookchessmon black dst map.png
286 Flaremon Flaremon dst battle.pngFlaremon dst map.png
287 Crescemon Crescemon dst battle.pngCrescemon dst map.png
288 Fladramon Fladramon dst battle.pngFladramon dst map.png
289 Magnamon Magnamon dst battle.pngMagnamon dst map.png
290 Prairiemon Prairiemon dst battle.pngPrairiemon dst map.png
291 Kongoumon Kongoumon dst battle.pngKongoumon dst map.png
292 Seahomon Seahomon dst battle.pngSeahomon dst map.png
293 Shurimon Shurimon dst battle.pngShurimon dst map.png
294 Kenkimon Kenkimon dst battle.pngKenkimon dst map.png
295 Ponchomon Ponchomon dst battle.pngPonchomon dst map.png
296 Algomon Algomon battle dssm.pngAlgomon map dssm.png< uploaded
297 Shakkoumon Shakkoumon dst battle.pngShakkoumon dst map.png
298 Lampmon Lampmon dst battle.pngLampmon dst map.png
299 Herakle Kabuterimon Heraklekabuterimon dst battle.pngHeraklekabuterimon dst map.png
300 Saber Leomon Saberleomon battle dst.pngSaberleomon map dst.png< uploaded
301 Metal Etemon Metaletemon dst battle.pngMetaletemon dst map.png
302 Marin Angemon Marinangemon dst battle.pngMarinangemon dst map.png
303 Giga Seadramon File:GigaSeaderamon battle dst.gifGigaseadramon dst map.png
304 Piemon Piemon dst battle.pngPiemon dst map.png
305 Demon Demon dst.pngDemon dst map.png
Demon cloaked battle dst.pngDemon cloaked map dst.png
306 Hououmon Hououmon dst battle.pngHououmon dst map.png
307 Pinochimon Pinochimon dst battle.pngPinochimon dst map.png
308 Rosemon Rosemon dst battle.pngRosemon dst map.png
309 War Greymon Spr DS Grey War Vaccine.pngWargreymon map dst.png< uploaded
310 Metal Garurumon Spr DS Garuru Metal.pngMetalgarurumon map dst.png< uploaded
311 Mugendramon Mugendramon dst battle.pngMugendramon dst map.png
312 Venom Vamdemon Venomvamdemon dst battle.pngVenomvamdemon dst map.png
313 Omegamon Spr DS Omega.pngOmegamon dst map.png
314 Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode Imperialdramon dst battle.pngImperialdramon dst map.png
315 Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode Imperialdramon fighter mode dst battle.pngImperialdramon fighter mode dst map.png
316 Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode Imperialdramon paladin mode dst battle.pngImperialdramon paladin mode dst map.png
317 Deathmon Deathmon dst battle.pngDeathmon dst map.png
318 Seraphimon Seraphimon battle dst.pngSeraphimon map dst.png< uploaded
319 Hi Andromon Hiandromon dst battle.pngHiandromon dst map.png
320 Devitamamon Devitamamon dst battle.pngDevitamamon dst map.png
321 Cherubimon (Virtue) Cherubimon virtue dst battle.pngCherubimon virtue dst map.png
322 Cherubimon (Vice) Cherubimon vice dst battle.pngCherubimon vice dst map.png
323 Dukemon Dukemon dst battle.pngDukemon dst map.png
324 Dukemon: Crimson Mode Dukemon crimson mode dst battle.pngDukemon crimson mode dst map.png
325 Saint Galgomon Saintgalgomon dst battle.pngSaintgalgomon dst map.png
326 Sakuyamon Sakuyamon dst battle.pngSakuyamon dst map.png
327 Diablomon Spr DS Diablo.pngDiablomon dst map.png
328 Neptunemon Neptunemon dst battle.pngNeptunemon dst map.pngNeptunemon dsle battle.png
329 Pukumon Pukumon dst battle.pngPukumon dst map.png
330 Griffomon Griffomon dst battle.pngGriffomon dst map.png
331 Plesiomon Plesiomon battle dst.pngPlesiomon map dst.png< uploaded
332 Armagemon Spr DS Armage.pngArmagemon map dst.png< uploaded
333 Belial Vamdemon Belialvamdemon dst battle.pngBelialvamdemon dst map.png
334 Imperialdramon (Black) Imperialdramon black dst battle.pngImperialdramon black dst map.png
335 Boltmon Boltmon dst battle.pngBoltmon dst map.png
336 Prince Mamemon Princemamemon dst battle.pngPrincemamemon dst map.png
337 Ofanimon Spr DS Ophani.pngOfanimon map dssm.png< uploaded
338 Zanbamon Zanbamon dst battle.pngZanbamon dst map.png
339 Black Saint Galgomon Blacksaintgalgomon dst battle.pngBlacksaintgalgomon dst map.png
340 Jijimon Jijimon dst battle.pngJijimon dst map.png
341 Babamon Babamon dst battle.pngBabamon dst map.png
342 Anubimon Anubimon dst battle.pngAnubimon dst map.png
343 Parasimon Parasimon dst battle.pngParasimon dst map.png
344 Cannondramon Cannondramon dst battle.pngCannondramon dst map.png
345 Slash Angemon Slashangemon dst battle.pngSlashangemon dst map.png
346 Crossmon Crossmon dst battle.pngCrossmon dst map.png
347 DORUgoramon Dorugoramon dst battle.pngDorugoramon dst map.png
348 Beelzebumon Beelzebumon dst battle.pngBeelzebumon dst map.png
349 Bancho Leomon Bancholeomon dst battle.pngBancholeomon dst map.png
350 Darkdramon Darkdramon dst battle.pngDarkdramonmon dst map.png
File:Darkdramon dssm battle.pngDarkdramon dsle battle.png
351 Apocalymon Apocalymon dst battle.pngApocalymon dst map.png
352 Ebemon Ebemon dst battle.pngEbemon dst map.png
353 Gulfmon Gulfmon dst battle.pngGulfmon dst map.png
354 Goddramon Goddramon dst battle.pngGoddramon dst map.png
355 Zeed Millenniumon Zeedmillenniumon dst battle.pngZeedmillenniumon dst map.png
356 Deathmon (Black) Deathmon black dst battle.pngDeathmon black dst map.png
357 Kuzuhamon Kuzuhamon dst battle.pngKuzuhamon dst map.png
358 Chaos Dukemon 358 chaosgallantmon.gifChaosDukemon.gif< uploaded
359 Metal Seadramon Metalseadramon dst battle.pngMetalseadramon dst map.png
360 Valkyrimon Spr DS Valkyri.pngValkyrimon dst map.png
361 Justimon Spr DS Justi.pngJustimon dst map.png
362 Vikemon VikemonStoryStand.gifVikemon map dst.png Vikemon dssm battle.pngVikemon dsle battle.png

363 Black War Greymon BlackWargreymonStory.pngBkwargreymon storymap.png]< uploaded
364 Skull Mammon Skullmammon dst battle.pngSkullmammon dst map.png
365 Gran Kuwagamon Grankuwagamon dst battle.pngGrankuwagamon dst map.png
366 Pharaohmon Pharaohmon dst battle.pngPharaohmon dst map.png
367 Susanoomon Susanoomon dst battle.pngSusanoomon dst map.png
368 Alphamon Alphamon battle dst.pngAlphamon map dst.png< uploaded
369 Holydramon Holydramon battle dssm.pngHolydramon map dssm.png< uploaded
370 Millenniumon Millenniumon dst battle.pngMillenniumon dst map.png
371 Moon Millenniumon Moonmillenniumon dst battle.pngMoonmillenniumon dst map.png
372 Megidramon Megidramon dst battle.pngMegidramon dst map.png
373 Sleipmon Sleipmon battle dst.pngSleipmon map dst.png
Sleipmon dssm battle.pngSleipmon dsle battle.png
374 Shine Greymon Shinegreymon dst battle.pngShinegreymon dst map.pngFile:Shingreymon dsle battle.png
375 Mirage Gaogamon Miragegaogamon dst battle.pngMiragegaogamon dst map.png
376 Jumbo Gamemon Jumbogamemon dst battle.pngJumbogamemon dst map.png
377 Ravmon Ravmon dst battle.pngRavmon dst map.png
378 Queen Chessmon Queenchessmon dst battle.pngQueenchessmon dst map.png
379 King Chessmon Kingchessmon dst battle.pngKingchessmon dst map.png
380 Chronomon Holy Mode Chronomon holy.gifChronomon holy mode dst map.png
381 Lilithmon Lilithmon battle dst.pngLilithmon map dst.png
File:Lilithmon dssm battle.pngLilithmon dsle battle.png
Lilithmon sxw battle.pngLilithmon sxw map.png
382 Valdurmon Valdurmon dst battle.pngValdurmon dst map.png
383 Apollomon Apollomon dst battle.pngApollomon dst map.png
384 Dianamon Dianamon dst battle.pngDianamon dst map.png
385 Shine Greymon: Burst Mode Shinegreymon burst mode dst battle.pngShinegreymon burst mode dst map.pngShinegreymon burst mode dsle battle.png
386 Shine Greymon: Ruin Mode Shine Greymon Ruin Mode vg.gifShinegreymon ruin mode dst map.pngShinegreymon ruin mode dsle battle.png
387 Mirage Gaogamon: Burst Mode Miragegaogamon burst mode dst battle.pngMiragegaogamon burst mode dst map.png
388 Ravmon: Burst Mode Ravmon burst mode dst battle.pngRavmon burst mode dst map.png
389 Lotusmon Lotusmon dst battle.pngLotusmon dst map.png
390 Dot Shine Greymon Dotshinegreymon battle dssm.pngDotshinegreymon dst map.png
391 Dot Mirage Gaogamon Dotmiragegaogamon battle dssm.pngDotmiragegaogamon dst map.png
392 Beelzebumon: Blast Mode Beelzebumon blast mode dst battle.pngBeelzebumon blast mode dst map.png
393 Rosemon: Burst Mode 393 Rosemon Burst.gifRosemon burst mode dst map.png
394 Algomon Ultimate Algomon ultimate dst battle.pngAlgomon ultimate dst map.png
395 Minervamon Minervamon dst battle.pngMinervamon dst map.png
396 Duftmon Duftmon dsle battle.gifDuftmon dst map.png
397 Chaosmon Chaosmon dst battle.pngChaosmon dst map.png

Agumon File:Agumon dsle battle.pngFile:Agumon dsle map.png < uploaded
Hyokomon Hyokomon dsle battle.pngHyokomon dsle map.png < uploaded
Buraimon Buraimon dsle battle.pngBuraimon dsle map.png < uploaded
Strikedramon Strikedramon dsle battle.pngStrikedramon dsle map.png < uploaded
Butenmon Butenmon dsle battle.pngButenmon dsle map.png < uploaded
Grademon Grademon dsle battle.pngGrademon dsle map.png < uploaded
Master Tyranomon Mastertyranomon dsle battle.pngMastertyranomon dsle map.png < uploaded
Mermaimon Mermaimon dsle battle.pngMermaimon dsle map.png < uploaded
Skull Baluchimon Skullbaluchimon dst battle.pngFile:Skullbaluchimon dst map.png
Skullbaluchimon dsle battle.pngSkullbaluchimon dsle map.png
Waru Seadramon Waruseadramon dst battle.pngFile:Waruseadramon dst map.png
Waruseadramon dsle battle.pngWaruseadramon dsle map.png
Wisemon Wisemon dsle battle.pngWisemon dsle map.png < uploaded
Aegisdramon Aegisdramon.gifAegisdramon dsle map.png < uploaded
Ulforce V-dramon Ulforcevdramon dsle battle.pngUlforcevdramon dsle map.png < uploaded
Ancient Beatmon Ancientbeatmon dsle battle.pngAncientbeatmon dsle map.png < uploaded
Ancient Garurumon Ancientgarurumon dsle battle.pngAncientgarurumon dsle map.png < uploaded
Ancient Greymon Ancientgreymon dsle battle.pngAncientgreymon dsle map.png < uploaded
Ancient Irismon Ancientirismon dsle battle.pngAncientirismon dsle map.png < uploaded
Ancient Mermaimon Ancientmermaimon dsle battle.pngAncientmermaimon dsle map.png < uploaded
Ancient Megatheriumon Ancientmegatheriumon dsle battle.pngAncientmegatheriumon dsle map.png < uploaded
Ancient Sphinxmon Ancientsphinxmon dsle battle.pngAncientsphinxmon dsle map.png < uploaded
Ancient Troiamon Ancienttroiamon dsle battle.pngAncienttroiamon dsle map.png < uploaded
Ancient Volcamon Ancientvolcamon dsle battle.pngAncientvolcamon dsle map.png < uploaded
Ancient Wisemon Ancientwisemon dsle battle.pngAncientwisemon dsle map.png < uploaded
Qinglongmon Qinglongmon dst battle.pngQinglongmon dst map.png
Qinglongmon dsle battle.pngQinglongmon dsle map.png
Baihumon Baihumon dst battle.pngBaihumon dst map.png
Baihumon dsle battle.pngBaihumon dsle map.png
Barbamon Barbamon dst battle.pngBarbamon dst map.png
Barbamon dsle battle.pngBarbamon dsle map.png
Craniummon Craniummon dsle battle.pngCraniummon dsle map.png < uploaded
Dynasmon Dynasmon dsle battle.pngDynasmon dsle map.png < uploaded
Examon Examon dsle battle.pngExamon dsle map.png < uploaded
Gaioumon Gaioumon dst battle.pngFile:Gaioumon dst map.png
Gaioumon dsle battle.pngGaioumon dsle map.png
Gran Dracmon File:Grandracmon dst battle.pngFile:Grandracmon dst map.png
Grandracmon dsle battle.pngGrandracmon dsle map.png
Mercurymon Mercurymon dst battle.pngMercurymon dst map.png
Mercurymon dsle battle.pngMercurymon dsle map.png
Lord Knightmon Lordknightmon dsle battle.pngLordknightmon dsle map.png < uploaded
Spinomon Spinomon dst battle.pngFile:Spinomon dst map.png
Spinomon dsle battle.pngSpinomon dsle map.png
Tiger Vespamon Tigervespamon dsle battle.pngTigervespamon dsle map.png < uploaded
Xuanwumon Xuanwumon dst battle.pngXuanwumon dst map.png
Xuanwumon dsle battle.pngXuanwumon dsle map.png
Zhuqiaomon Zhuqiaomon dst battle.pngZhuqiaomon dst map.png
Zhuqiaomon dsle battle.pngZhuqiaomon dsle map.png

Agnimon Agnimon battle dssxw.pngAgnimon map dssxw.png < uploaded
Ballistamon Ballistamon battle dssxw.pngBallistamon map dssxw.png < uploaded
Bastemon Bastemon vg.gifBastemon sxw map.png < uploaded
Beelzebumon (2010 Anime Version) Beelzemon (2010 anime) vg.gifBeelzebumon 2010 sxw map.png < uploaded
Blastmon Blastmon vg.gifBlastmon sxw map.png < uploaded
Blue Meramon BlueMeramon vg.gifBluemeramon sxw map.png < uploaded
Bombmon Bombmon sxw battle.pngBombmon sxw map.png < uploaded
Cerberumon Cerberumon vg.gifCerberumon sxw map.png < uploaded
Chaosdramon Chaosdramon vg.gifChaosdramon sxw map.png < uploaded
Chikurimon Chikurimon sxw battle.pngChikurimon sxw map.png < uploaded
Cutemon Cutemon sxw battle.pngCutemon sxw map.png < uploaded
Daipenmon Daipenmon vg.gifDaipenmon sxw map.png < uploaded
Deadly Axemon Deadlyaxemon battle dssxw.pngDeadlyaxemon map dssxw.png < uploaded
Dondokomon Dondokomon vg.gifDondokomon sxw map.png < uploaded
Dorulumon Dorulumon battle dssxw.pngDorulumon map dssxw.png < uploaded
Gaossmon Gaossmon vg.gifGaossmon sxw map.png < uploaded
Greymon (2010 Anime Version) Greymon (2010 anime) vg.gifGreymon 2010 map dssxw.png < uploaded
Lucemon Lucemon vg.gifLucemon sxw map.png < uploaded
Mad Leomon MadLeomon vg.gifMadleomon sxw map.png < uploaded
Mail Birdramon Mailbirdramon battle dssxw.pngMailbirdramon map dssxw.png < uploaded
Monitamon Monitamon battle dssxw.pngMonitamon sxw map.png < uploaded
Nefertimon Nefertimon vg.gifNefertimon sxw map.png < uploaded
Pickmon Pickmon sxw battle.pngPickmon sxw map.png < uploaded
Scorpiomon SkullScorpiomon vg.gifScorpiomon sxw map.png < uploaded
Shoutmon Shoutmon battle dssxw.pngShoutmon map dssxw.png < uploaded
Skull Knightmon Skullknightmon battle dssxw.pngFile:Skullknightmon sxw map.png < uploaded
Spadamon Spadamon sxw battle.pngSpadamon sxw map.png < uploaded
Sparrowmon Sparrowmon sxw battle.pngSparrowmon sxw map.png < uploaded
Starmons Starmon2010 battle dssxw.pngFile:Starmon2010 sxw map.png < uploaded
Tactimon Tactimon vg.gifTactimon sxw map.png < uploaded
Troopmon Troopmon sxw battle.pngTroopmon sxw map.png < uploaded