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This is an image gallery of sprites created for the game Digimon RPG.


Baby I[edit]

Choromon rpg.gif Kuramon rpg.gif Paomon rpg.gif Yuramon rpg.gif Zurumon rpg.gif
Choromon Kuramon Paomon Yuramon Zurumon

Baby II[edit]

Babydmon rpg.png Caprimon rpg.gif Chibimon rpg.gif Chocomon rpg.gif Dorimon rpg.gif Gigimon rpg.gif
Babydmon Caprimon Chibimon Chocomon Dorimon Gigimon
Gummymon rpg.gif Hopmon rpg.gif Koromon rpg.gif Minomon rpg.gif Mochimon rpg.gif Nyaromon rpg.gif
Gummymon Hopmon Koromon Minomon Mochimon Nyaromon
PetiMeramon rpg.gif Pokomon rpg.gif Poromon rpg.gif Puroromon rpg.png Pukamon rpg.gif Pyocomon rpg.gif
Peti Meramon Pokomon Poromon Puroromon Pukamon Pyocomon
Tanemon rpg.png Tokomon rpg.gif Tunomon rpg.gif Upamon rpg.gif Yarmon rpg.gif
Tanemon Tokomon Tunomon Upamon Yarmon


Agumon rpg.gif Agumon x antibody rpg.gif Armadimon rpg.gif Bearmon rpg.gif Candmon rpg.gif Culumon rpg.gif
Agumon Agumon (X-Antibody) Armadimon Bearmon Candmon Culumon
Dorumon rpg.gif Dracomon rpg.png Floramon rpg.gif Funbeemon rpg.png Elecmon rpg.gif Gabumon rpg.gif
DORUmon Dracomon Floramon Funbeemon Elecmon Gabumon
Gomamon rpg.gif Guilmon rpg.gif Hagurumon rpg.gif Hawkmon rpg.gif Impmon rpg.gif Keramon rpg.gif
Gomamon Guilmon Hagurumon Hawkmon Impmon Keramon
Kotemon rpg.gif Labramon rpg.gif Lopmon rpg.gif Monodramon rpg.gif Mushmon rpg.gif Palmon rpg.gif
Kotemon Labramon Lopmon Monodramon Mushmon Palmon
Patamon rpg.gif Penmon rpg.gif Piyomon rpg.gif Plotmon rpg.gif Renamon rpg.gif Tentomon rpg.gif
Patamon Penmon Piyomon Plotmon Renamon Tentomon
Terriermon rpg.gif Vmon rpg.gif Wormmon rpg.gif
Terriermon V-mon Wormmon


Angemon rpg.gif Ankylomon rpg.gif Aquilamon rpg.gif Birdramon rpg.gif ClockmonRPG.gif Chrysalimon rpg.gif
Angemon Ankylomon Aquilamon Birdramon Clockmon Chrysalimon
CoredramonB rpg.png CoredramonG rpg.png Death-X-Dorugamon rpg.gif Devidramon rpg.gif Devimon rpg.gif Dinohumon rpg.gif
Coredramon (Blue) Coredramon (Green) Death-X-DORUgamon Devidramon Devimon Dinohumon
Dorugamon rpg.gif Evilmon rpg.gif Galgomon rpg.gif Garurumon rpg.gif GeoGreymon rpg.gif Greymon rpg.gif
DORUgamon Evilmon Galgomon Garurumon Geo Greymon Greymon
Growmon rpg.gif Gryzmon rpg.gif Guardromon rpg.gif Ikkakumon rpg.gif Kabuterimon rpg.gif Kyubimon rpg.gif
Growmon Gryzmon Guardromon Ikkakumon Kabuterimon Kyubimon
Musyamon rpg.gif Orgemon rpg.gif Siesamon rpg.gif Stingmon rpg.gif Tailmon rpg.gif Thunderballmon rpg.gif
Musyamon Orgemon Siesamon Stingmon Tailmon Thunderballmon
Togemon rpg.gif Waspmon rpg.png Wendigomon rpg.gif Wizarmon rpg.gif XV-mon rpg.gif
Togemon Waspmon Wendimon Wizarmon XV-mon


Allomon rpg.gif Fladramon rpg.gif Flybeemon rpg.gif Gargomon rpg.gif Holsmon rpg.gif Kongoumon rpg.gif
Allomon Fladramon Flybeemon Gargomon Holsmon Kongoumon
Lighdramon rpg.gif Pegasmon rpg.gif Pipismon rpg.gif Prairemon rpg.gif Rapidmon armor rpg.gif Rinkmon rpg.gif
Lighdramon Pegasmon Pipismon Prairiemon Rapidmon Armor Rinkmon
Sepikmon rpg.gif Shurimon rpg.gif Tocanmon rpg.gif Yaksamon rpg.gif
Sepikmon Shurimon Tocanmon Yaksamon


Andiramon data rpg.gif Andiramon rpg.gif Andromon rpg.gif Angewomon rpg.gif Arachnemon rpg.png Asuramon rpg.gif
Andiramon (Deva) Andiramon Andromon Angewomon Archnemon Asuramon
AtlurKabuterimon rpg.gif Cannonbeemon rpg.png Cyberdramon rpg.gif Death-X-DORUgreymon rpg.gif DORUguremon rpg.gif Fantomon rpg.gif
Atlur Kabuterimon Cannonbeemon Cyberdramon Death-X-DORUguremon DORUguremon Fantomon
Garudamon rpg.gif Gerbemon rpg.gif Gigadramon rpg.gif Grappu leomon rpg.gif Groundramon rpg.png Jewelbeemon.gif
Garudamon Gerbemon Gigadramon Grappu Leomon Groundramon Jewelbeemon
Holyangemon rpg.gif Infermon rpg.gif Knightmon rpg.gif Lilimon rpg.gif Megadramon rpg.gif MetalGreymon rpg.gif
Holy Angemon Infermon Knightmon Lilimon Megadramon Metal Greymon
Mummymon rpg.gif Paildramon rpg.gif PanjyamonRPG.gif Rapidmon rpg.gif RizeGreymon rpg.gif Shakkoumon rpg.gif
Mummymon Paildramon Panjyamon Rapidmon Rize Greymon Shakkoumon
Silphymon rpg.gif Skullsatamon rpg.gif Taomon rpg.gif Vamdemon rpg.gif WereGarurumon rpg.gif Wingdramon rpg.png
Silphymon Skull Satamon Taomon Vamdemon Were Garurumon Wingdramon
Zudomon rpg.gif


Alphamon rpg.gif Beelzebumon rpg.gif Beelzbumon blast rpg.gif BlackSaintGalgomon rpg.gif BlackSeraphimon rpg.gif BlackWarGreymon rpg.gif
Alphamon Beelzebumon Beelzebumon: Blast Mode Black Saint Galgomon Black Seraphimon Black War Greymon
Breakdramon rpg.png Cherubimon good rpg.gif Cherubimon evil rpg.gif Chaosdukemon rpg.png Death-X-DORUgoramon rpg.gif Diablomon rpg.gif
Breakdramon Cherubimon (Virtue) Cherubimon (Vice) Chaos Dukemon Death-X-DORUgoramon Diablomon
Dinotigemon rpg.gif Dukemon rpg.gif Dukemon CM rpg.gif Dynasmon rpg.gif Ebemon rpg.gif FujinmonRPG.gif
Dinotigemon Dukemon Dukemon: Crimson Mode Dynasmon EBEmon Fujinmon
GranKuwagamon rpg.gif HerakleKabuterimon rpg.gif Hi Andromon rpg.gif Hououmon rpg.gif Imperialdramon DM rpg.gif Imperialdramon Fighter Mode rpg.gif
Gran Kuwagamon Herakle Kabuterimon Hi Andromon Hououmon Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode
Imperialdramon Paladin Mode rpg.gif Justimon rpg.gif Kuzuhamon rpg.gif Lilithmon digimon rpg model.png Lord Knightmon rpg.gif Megidramon rpg.gif
Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode Justimon Kuzuhamon Lilithmon Lord Knightmon Megidramon
Mervamon digimon rpg model.png MetalGarurumon rpg.gif Ofanimon rpg.gif Omegamon rpg.gif OmegamonX rpg.png Parasimon rpg.png
Mervamon Metal Garurumon Ofanimon Omegamon Omegamon (X-Antibody) Parasimon
Pharaohmon rpg.gif Rafflesimon rpg.png Raijinmon rpg.gif Rosemon rpg.gif SaberLeomon rpg.gif SaintGalgomon rpg.gif
Pharaohmon Rafflesimon Raijinmon Rosemon Saber Leomon Saint Galgomon
Sakuyamon rpg.gif Seraphimon rpg.gif ShineGreymon rpg.gif Slayerdramon rpg.png TigerVespamon rpg.png Valkyrimon rpg.gif
Sakuyamon Seraphimon Shine Greymon Slayerdramon Tiger Vespamon Valkyrimon
VenomVamdemon rpg.gif Vikemon rpg.gif WarGreymon rpg.gif
Venom Vamdemon Vikemon War Greymon


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