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Director Endou Tetsuya
Studio Toei Animation
Network TV Asahi
Duration Jap.png July 6, 2010 - March 25, 2012
Usa.png September 7, 2013 - August 16, 2015
Official Site Digimon Xros Wars Official Site
Next Series Digimon Adventure tri.
Previous Series Digimon Savers

Digimon Xros Wars (デジモンクロスウォーズ Dejimon Kurosu Wōzu), pronounced "Digimon Cross Wars", is the sixth series of Digimon. (Dub: NA-Digimon Fusion Ita-Digimon Fusion Battles) aired in Japan on July 6, 2010 on TV Asahi from 7:27PM (UTC +9), over three years since the end of Digimon Savers, replacing Kaidan Restaurant 「怪談レストラン」[1] and Stitch! ~The Mischievous Alien's Great Adventure~ 「スティッチ! 〜いたずらエイリアンの大冒険〜」 (ANN Only). Unlike the previous series, this is the first to air on a network outside Fuji TV, air on a Tuesday, as opposed to the traditional 9:00AM (UTC +9) Sunday timeslot, and be broadcast in high-definition and widescreen.


News regarding this series emerged in April 2010, where it was revealed by Fumuo de Pon that a set of Digimon straps for what was described as being a "new Digimon anime premiering on television throughout Japan!", alongside other capsule toy releases from Bandai Vendor Division.[2] This indicated that the animation style would be reminiscent of and similar to that of the first four series. The title of the series, as well as the name of the main protagonist were revealed in the June 2010 issue of V Jump magazine.

A screenshot from the second Digimon Xros Wars commercial, showing Mammon, Minotaurmon, Missimon, Rhinomon, Tankmon, Valvemon, and many new armed Digimon
A screenshot from the third Digimon Xros Wars commercial, showing Agumon, Patamon, Tailmon and V-mon

Later, in the July 2010 issue of V Jump, the main characters as well as the cast, new card game and digivice were revealed. A manga based on Xros Wars was also announced, to be launched in the August 2010 issue of V Jump. Coinciding with the release of this issue, the official Toei site updated with information which included the staff working on the series, more of the cast as well as identifying two new Digimon names in addition to the ones previously revealed.

A small, three second teaser was shown during the broadcast of the twenty-first episode of Kaidan Restaurant followed by a second, longer commercial which aired during its finale. On the day prior to the release of the August 2010 issue of V Jump, which included the first chapter of the manga, the name of a theme song, two more new Digimon, more information regarding Digimon armies among other things, a third commercial was broadcast.

Coinciding with the release of the August 2010 issue of V Jump, both the Toei and Asahi sites for Digimon Xros Wars officially opened as well as a complete revamp of the Digimon Web portal page, having emphasis on Digimon Xros Wars based products.


Possessing outstanding reflexes, Taiki, a soft-hearted person who can't say no when it comes to being asked a favor, has participated in various sports clubs. One day, after finishing basketball practice, Taiki hears a mysterious melody. When he listens carefully to it, he hears someone breathing feebly, who is about to die at any moment, crying out for help.

Later, when Shoutmon's heart responds to Taiki's voice, a mysterious, legendary device called the Digimon Xros Loader appears in front of him. Taiki was chosen as a "General" to control it. Shoutmon's fading melody is absorbed by the Xros Loader and then Taiki, along with his childhood friend, Akari and fellow classmate, Zenjirou, are dragged into another world, the Digital World. Once there, Taiki immediately sees Digimon fighting. In the Digital World, the Bagra Empire, who are aiming for supremacy, continues to advance aggressively, so Shoutmon and his friends' peaceful village has been vulnerable to all-out attacks from the Bagra Army up until now. Despite Ballistamon fighting bravely with his superhuman strength, they appear to have an overwhelming disadvantage. Revived after being inside Taiki's Xros Loader, Shoutmon emerges from it. Shoutmon fights desperately along with his friends from the village. However, the Bagra Army drive them into a corner. Unable to let the crisis just slip past, Taiki immediately protects Shoutmon. At that moment, the Xros Loader responds and at Taiki's command, Shoutmon and Ballistamon unite.

That was the moment in which a "Digi Xros", a form of fusion special even in the Digital World, took place. By gaining this new power, Taiki, Shoutmon and the others drive away the Bagra Army. Kiriha, a youth in the same grade as Taiki who leads Greymon and the others, later becomes a powerful rival to Taiki and furthermore, they are watched over by a mysterious beautiful girl named Nene. Taiki and Shoutmon form an army using the Xros Loader and battle against the powerful Bagra Empire, who plan on taking over the Digital World, gradually gaining more supporting allies such as Dorulumon.

Continuing to fight alongside Shoutmon, does Taiki wish to become king of the Digital World? Or return it to peace? Now, an epic war in the Digital World begins.


As soon as Taiki finishes basketball practice, he suddenly hears a melody from out of nowhere. Upon hearing the voice of someone breathing feebly, Taiki starts searching for the source of the voice in order to save him. After Taiki, Akari and Zenjirou escape from a falling car that crashed into a building prior to that, Taiki hears someone's voice telling him to follow the guidance of the light appearing in front of him, receiving his Xros Loader. He is then dragged into a digital space resembling a cyber tunnel, transporting him to the Digital World. There, they encounter a Mad Leomon with the Bagra Army. Taiki and the others meet Shoutmon's companions as well as Shoutmon himself and by exhibiting the power of Digi Xros, Mad Leomon is defeated.


Xros Heart[edit]

  • Kudou Taiki: The main protagonist and the General of Xros Heart[3]. Although he is a soft-hearted and very athletic person, he also a genius, even though he is unaware of it. His father is a sports trainer and since he is touring throughout Japan, he lives with his mother. He leads Team Xros Heart to fight against the Bagra Empire, who are aiming for world domination.
  • Hinomoto Akari: Taiki's childhood friend who is a year younger than him and is also crazy about him. She acts like his big sister, calling herself "Taiki's manager". She acts like a "peacemaker" amongst the group.
  • Tsurugi Zenjirou: Taiki's classmate who calls himself his "eternal rival". He practices kendo and is said to be the strongest middle school kenshi in Kōtō. After being defeated by the amateur Taiki during a certain kendo tournament, he has been following him around in order to set the score straight. His parents are businesspeople in the field of machinery and because of that, he has the unique talent of being very knowledgeable about machines, and so he also does things such as repairing Ballistamon.
  • Shoutmon: Taiki's Partner Digimon. Protecting a peaceful village in the Digital World from the clutches of evil, he is a leader who is admired by the villagers. Due to his overconfidence, he is an extremely rowdy person, but simultaneously he is also a hard worker. Taking the straight path to become "Digimon King" as well as being admired by Taiki's personality, he proposes that they subjugate the Digital World and become its "King" together.
  • Ballistamon:
  • Dorulumon: Possessing a cynical personality, he is a wanderer who lives as free as the wind. Initially, he persistently refuses Taiki's offer to join Xros Heart, stating that he doesn't want to be "tied down". He acts as Cutemon's guardian and first appears to save Akari and Cutemon from a Coelamon. He was once Tactimon's right-hand man, attacking and overthrowing countless Zones.
  • Starmons: Calling Shoutmon their "brother", they are a dim-witted Digimon unit who only think about becoming famous.[4]. Pickmon attack in large numbers by leaping into the sky and several of them can Digi Xros with each other as well as with Starmon to form a variety of items that members of Xros Heart can utilize.
  • Starmon: A small star-shaped Digimon that commands Starmons.
  • Pickmons: Small pick-shaped Digimon that comprise the Starmons corps. There are three different varieties:
  • Silver: This variant wears sunglasses similar to Starmon's.
  • Yellow: This variant can release several smaller Pickmon identical to themselves from their mouths and are able to command them.
  • Rare Pickmon: The only one in the group, it is a red variant of Pickmon who has been seen mainly following and attaching to Zenjirou.
  • Cutemon: A small pink rabbit-shaped Digimon who accompanies Dorulumon. Along with Dorulumon, he has been freely wandering the Digital World to find his parents, who were separated from him due to the attacks from the Bagra Army. He possesses powerful healing abilities, demonstrated on both humans and Digimon.
  • Chibi Kamemon: An inhabitant of Island Zone. He has a tendency to add "kame" () to the end of his sentences. After some pursuasion by Shoutmon, Taiki makes him an official member of Xros Heart. He can also take photos like a digital camera.
  • Dondokomon: A taiko-shaped Digimon who acts as a form of support for Xros Heart.
  • Bastemon: The Princess of Lake Zone. She resided in Bastia Castle, but later joined Xros Heart alongside Knightmon and the PawnChessmons.
  • Knightmon: A Digimon saved by Taiki's Xros Loader in Lake Zone
  • Pawn Chessmons: Knightmon's troop.
  • Revolmon:
  • Beelzebumon:
  • Wisemon:
  • Jijimon: The elder of the Village of Smiles.

Digi Xros[edit]

  • Shoutmon + Star Sword: Immediately after Shoutmon and Ballistamon separate from being fused into the incomplete upper body half of Shoutmon X3, Taiki does a Digi Xros on Shoutmon, Starmon and Pickmons into this form, attacking Mad Leomon with Star Blade, completely destroying his armor and causing him to return to his normal size.
  • Shoutmon X2: The Digi Xros of Shoutmon and Ballistamon which combines Shoutmon's speed with Ballistamon's strength. It first appears after Taiki and the others were driven into a corner by Mad Leomon (Orochi Mode), using Buddy Blaster to defeat it.
  • Shoutmon X2 Plus M: The Digi Xros of Shoutmon X2 and Chibi Kamemon. It resembles Shoutmon X2 with a glowing green shell on its back, giving it the ability to conceal itself inside the shell and maneuver more easily under water. In this form, it defeats Octmon with Buddy Blaster.
  • Shoutmon X 3: The Digi Xros of Shoutmon, Dorulumon and Ballistamon. While fighting against an enlarged Mad Leomon, Taiki performs a Digi Xros on trio, producing this form, using Victorize Boomerang to eliminate Mad Leomon once and for all.
  • Shoutmon X4: The Digi Xros of Shoutmon, Dorulumon, Ballistamon and Starmons. It first battles against Neptunemon, tricking his own weapon, King's Bite, into attacking him.
  • Shoutmon X4K: The Digi Xros of Shoutmon, Dorulumon, Ballistamon, Starmons, Knightmon and Pawn Chessmons.
  • Shoutmon X4B: The Digi Xros of Shoutmon, Dorulumon, Ballistamon, Starmons, & Beelzebumon.
  • Star Sword: The Digi Xros of Starmon and Pickmons. It can be used by Shoutmon, Shoutmon X4.
  • Rare Star Sword: Although the Star Sword it is usually created with the silver Pickmon, the addition of Rare Pickmon will cause the sword to widen in shape and be shrouded in a flaming aura, forming the Rare Star Sword. It is occasionally used by Zenjirou during combat, in the manner of a shinai.
  • Star Axe: The Digi Xros of Starmon and several yellow Pickmon. It is first used by Shoutmon X2 to attack one of the Gizamon that was surrounding Archelomon and was later used against Octmon.
  • Pickmonz Slingshot:
  • Shoutmon + Dorulu Cannon: The Digi Xros of Shoutmon and Dorulumon.
  • Shoutmon X5:
  • Shoutmon X5B:

Blue Flare[edit]

  • Aonuma Kiriha: A blond-haired seventh grader who is the General of Blue Flare. Although he is in the same year as Taiki, he attends a so-called "elite school". Already, in the Digital World, due to his ingenius tactics and direct control over powerful Digimon, he subjugates a large number of Digimon. Anticipating Taiki's qualities, he once asked him to become his subordinate but he declined the offer.
  • Greymon:
  • Mail Birdramon: Kiriha's Partner Digimon. When Kiriha encounters Xros Heart for the first time, he Reloads Mail Birdramon who effortlessly takes out Shoutmon and the others.
  • Golemon: Stored on Kiriha's Xros Loader. He used it to perform a Digi Xros with Mail Birdramon and upon separation, was quickly disposed of.
  • Gaossmon: Blue reptile-like Digimon.
  • Bommon:
  • Cyberdramon:

Digi Xros[edit]

  • Metal Greymon: The Digi Xros of Greymon and Mail Birdramon. It first appears taking out several soldiers from the Bagra Army.
  • Mail Birdramon + Golemon: A Digi Xros that resembles Mail Birdramon with rock hammer-like tail shaped like part of Golemon, attacking Shoutmon and the others with Trident Tail.
  • Decker Greymon:
  • Metal Greymon + Cyber Launcher:


  • Amano Nene: A mysterious girl who leads Team Twilight[3]. She is always searching for strong soldiers for a particular purpose, saying that she "likes strong boys who fight". She occasionally helps out Taiki, Kiriha and even the Bagra Empire.
  • Monitamon: A group of monitor-shaped Digimon that accompany Nene and spy on Xros Heart.
  • Monimon: A small monitor-shaped Digimon that is carried by Nene.
  • Sparrowmon:
  • Skull Knightmon:
  • Deadly Axemon:

Digi Xros[edit]

Other Characters[edit]

Other Humans[edit]

Other Digimon[edit]

  • Archelomon: An inhabitant of Island Zone. Like Chibi Kamemon, he also has a tendency to add "kame" to the end of his sentences. He was captured by Neptunemon in order to find the whereabouts of Island Zone's Code Crown.
  • Shakomon: An inhabitant of Island Zone. Several of them form a bridge in the ocean in order for Taiki and the others to rescue Archelomon.
  • Pukamon: An inhabitant of Island Zone.
  • King Whamon: A gigantic white Whamon who carries the island where the inhabitants of Island Zone reside. He entrusted Island Zone's Code Crown to Taiki after he vowed that he would protect the island. After Neptunemon's defeat, Whamon protected everyone on the island from the impact of his Wave of Depth attack.
  • Prairiemon
  • Gottsumon
  • Bearmon
  • Kotemon
  • Toy Agumon
  • Pandamon


Bagra Empire[edit]

Three Generals[edit]

  • Tactimon: A soldier Digimon who possesses an unparalleled sword called Jatetsufūjin-maru.
  • Blastmon: A crystalline Digimon who is the largest of the trio. He appears to show hostility towards Baalmon.
  • Lilithmon: A Demon Lord Digimon who is the only female member of the trio.

Other Members[edit]

  • Baalmon: A mysterious assassin who is a member of the Bagra Army. When Tactimon and the others are in a meeting with Bagramon, he intrudes, resulting in him being attacked by Blastmon.
  • Troopmon: Armed artifical Digimon produced from the energy stolen from other Digimon, packed within a special rubber body and wear gear resembling gas masks. They are fighting machines that neither fear death nor feel pain and don't even need to sleep. A few of them are absorbed by Mad Leomon when he changes into Armed Mad Leomon.
  • Ebemon:
  • Evilmon:
  • Mugendramon:

Green Zone[edit]

  • Mad Leomon: Mad Leomon was in charge of taking over Green Zone. After his persistent failure to defeat Taiki and the others, in addition to conquering Green Zone and despite changing into various other powerful forms, he is finally eliminated when Shoutmon X3 uses Victorize Boomerang.
    • Armed Mad Leomon: After his legion was attacked by Shoutmon and the others, Mad Leomon absorbed some Chikurimon, two Troopmon and two Mammon to become Armed Mad Leomon, equipped with a chainsaw and armor as well as drastically increasing in size.
    • Mad Leomon (Orochi Mode): The combination of Mad Leomon and Orochimon. While fighting Shoutmon and Ballistamon, he states that Shoutmon and Ballistamon both lack each others strong points, being speed and power respectively. Using this to his advantage, he takes them both out, almost deleting Shoutmon. Once Taiki performs a Digi Xros on the two, creating Shoutmon X2, it is defeated with its Buddy Blaster attack, causing it to regress back to Mad Leomon.
    • Mad Leomon (Final Mode): After being given a final chance by Tactimon, Mad Leomon leads a group of Hanumon to attack the Village of Smiles. After being attacked by Shoutmon and the others, Mad Leomon absorbs a group of Hanumon, changing into his Final Mode. He is defeated by Shoutmon X2 and Dorulumon, quickly reverting back to his original state.
  • Orochimon:
  • Pteranomon:
  • Mammon:
  • Minotaurmon:
  • Rhinomon:
  • Hanumon: When Mad Leomon attacked the Village of Smiles during his final chance by Tactimon, several Hanumon accompanied him.
  • Drimogumon: Unleashed by Tactimon. It triggered the spontaneous growth of gigantic bamboo shoots that emerged from under the Village of Smiles and was evetually eliminated when Zenjirou threw the Star Sword into the ground.
  • Chikurimon: Small, spiky ball-shaped Digimon. Several of them are absorbed by Mad Leomon when he changes into Armed Mad Leomon.

Island Zone[edit]

  • Neptunemon:
  • Hangyomon:
  • Gizamon:
  • Octmon: A subordinate of Neptunemon. It was defeated by Shoutmon X2 Plus using its Buddy Blaster attack.
  • Mantaraymon: Gigantic marine Digimon that can wear armor resembling an aircraft carrier. They are equipped with heavy cannons and even have control rooms. Neptunemon sent a Mantaraymon fleet towards the island in the attempt to reclaim Green Zone's Code Crown. Taiki and the others ambushed the fleet, deleting the Mantaraymon.
  • Flymon: Several of them are swallowed by Whamon, along with Taiki and Shoutmon, with the intention of searching for Island Zone's Code Crown. The Flymon commander stings Shoutmon only to be flushed out by Whamon, along with the other Flymon.
  • Ebidramon: After Taiki obtained Island Zone's Code Crown, Neptunemon unleashed Ebidramon to take it from him. It was defeated through a combination of Taiki activating Leviamon's Rostrum attack and Shoutmon X2 delivering the final blow by bisecting it with the Star Axe.
  • Seadramon: Following Ebidramon's defeat, Neptunemon summoned an army of Seadramon that encircled the island in order to obtain Island Zone's Code Crown. Upon Kiriha's arrival at the scene, Mail Birdramon defeated several of them while the others, along with Neptunemon incurred Marin Angemon's Ocean Love when Taiki activated its DigiMemory, causing them to lose their fighting spirit.

Magma Zone[edit]

  • Ancient Volcamon:
    • Fused Ancient Volcamon: Ancient Volcamon fused with a few Meramon.
  • Meramon:
  • Death Meramon:
  • Blue Meramon:
  • Yukidarumon: As the volcano on Ancient Volcamon's back erupts when he becomes angered, several of them use ice to cool both the volcano, to prevent it from erupting, and his temper.

Lake Zone[edit]

  • Daipenmon:
    • Ice Devimon Daipenmon Enhancement Absorbent: It uses Zettai Reido Jigoku no Ice Crusher against Taiki and the others but Knightmon, accompanied by the Pawn Chessmons, attempt to block it. It is later defeated by Shoutmon X4K.
  • Ice Devimon:
    • Ice Devimon Enhancement Absorbent:
  • Icemon:

Sand Zone[edit]

Heaven Zone[edit]

Forest Zone[edit]

Other Enemies[edit]


  • Digimon Xros Loader: A mysterious, legendary device that is used by the Generals. Initially, it is silvery-white in color but when the user shouts out their full name directly at it, the Xros Loader repsonds and changes color. Its features include the ability to invoke a Digi Xros on particular Digimon, storing several Digimon that can later be materialized when the user shouts out "Reload", followed by the Digimon's name, among other functions.
  • Wrister: A small device shaped like a wristwatch that members of Xros Heart carry in order to communicate with one another.
  • Code Crown: An item resembling an SD memory card. One exists in each Zone, serving as the proof of the ruler of that Zone. When inserted into the Xros Loader, the user can change Zone.
  • DigiMemory: An item which resembles a Memory Stick that has the data of a "legendary Digimon" stored on it. They can be used with the Digimon Xros Loader to summon those Digimon. Chibi Kamemon retrieves a case from an underwater shrine in Island Zone which contains the following DigiMemories:
  • Leviamon: While Shoutmon X 2 fights Ebidramon, Taiki selects Leviamon's DigiMemory and activates its Rostrum attack, causing one of Ebidramon's pincers to be severed.
  • Marin Angemon: As a diversion to distract Neptunemon and his army of Seadramon in order to rescue Archelomon, Taiki summons Marin Angemon, activating its Ocean Love attack.
  • Agumon:
  • Garurumon:
  • Holy Angemon:
  • Guilmon:
  • Patamon:
  • MetalGarurumon:

Digimon Xros Wars: The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms[edit]

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Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time[edit]

See Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time


  • Digi Xros: A special form of fusion in which Digimon combine into more powerful forms.
  • General:
  • Zone: The equivalent of a country in the Digital World. The Bagra Empire aims towards conquering all the Zones.
  • Land: One of the seven countries in the Digital World after Bagramon reformatte it.


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See Digimon Xros Wars (Manga)


Position Name Kanji/Kana
Original Concept Akiyoshi Hongo 本郷 あきよし
Producer(s) Matsuhisa Tomoharu (TV Asahi)[5]
Sakurada Hiroyuki (Toei Animation)[5]
Series Director Endou Tetsuya[5] えんどうてつや
Series Composition Sanjou Riku[5] 三条 陸
Character Design/Chief Animation Director Asanuma Akihiro[5] 浅沼 昭弘
Art Design Yuki Shinzo[5] 行 信三
Music Yamashita Kousuke[6] 山下 康介
Color Key Itasaka Yasue 板坂 泰江
Online Editing TOVIC
Serialization V-Jump (Shueisha) Vジャンプ (編集部)
Production Toei Animation Co., Ltd. 東映アニメーション


Seiyuu Kanji/Kana Character Voice Actor
Takayama Minami[5] 高山 みなみ Kudou Taiki Nicolas Roye
Sakamoto Chika[5] 坂本 千夏 Shoutmon Ben Diskin
Shiraishi Ryouko[5] 白石 涼子 Hinomoto Akari Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Kishio Daisuke[5] 岸尾だいすけ Tsurugi Zenjirou Derek Stephen Prince
Kusao Takeshi 草尾 毅 Aonuma Kiriha Vic Mignogna
Ballistamon Kyle Hebert
Kuwashima Houko 桑島 法子 Amano Nene Melissa Fahn
Cutemon Ben Diskin
Lilithmon Cindy Robinson
Sakurai Takahiro[5] 櫻井 孝宏 Dorulumon Kyle Hebert
Dondokomon Joe Ochman
Shimada Bin 島田 敏 Tactimon Kirk Thornton
Jijimon Christopher Corey Smith
Starmon Patrick Seitz
Kikuchi Kokoro 菊池 こころ Sparrowmon Michelle Ruff
Pickmon Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Shakomon Laura Bailey
Prairiemon Matthew Mercer
Piccolomon Vic Mignogna
Maruyama Yūko[5] 丸山ゆうこ Monitamon Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Tobita Nobuo 飛田 展男 Mad Leomon Vic Mignogna
Akabane Kenji 赤羽根 健治 Teamate
Meramon A Christopher Corey Smith
Madono Mitsuaki 真殿 光昭 Neptunemon Liam O'Brien
Nishimura Tomomichi 西村 知道 Archelomon R. Martin Klein
Ai Ichitarou‎ 赤羽根 健治 Gizamon Joe Ochman
Evilmon 2
Obara Masato 小原 雅人 Hangyomon Patrick Seitz
Hashizume Tomohisa 橋詰 知久 Coelamon
Bearmon Bryce Papenbrook
Yanada Kiyoyuki 梁田 清之 Ancient Volcamon J.B. Blanc
Asou Tomohisa 麻生 智久 Death Meramon Doug Erholtz
Miura Hiroaki 三浦 祥朗 Blue Meramon Sam Riegel
Kasai Tomomi[7] 河西 智美 Bastemon Laura Bailey
Terasoma Masaki てらそま まさき Knightmon Travis Willingham
Takato Yasuhiro 高戸 靖広 Ice Devimon Patrick Seitz
Chō チョー Pharaohmon J.B. Blanc
Takaoka Binbin 高岡 瓶々 Scorpiomon
Toide Keita 砥出 恵太 Evilmon 1
Minagawa Junko 皆川 純子 Revolmon Michael Sorich
Matsuno Taiki 松野 太紀 Lucemon Michael Sinterniklaas
Hiyama Nobuyuki 檜山 修之 Slash Angemon Christopher Corey Smith
Satou Masaharu 佐藤正治 Gargomon
Kosugi Jūrouta 小杉 十郎太 Dark Knightmon Kirk Thornton

Theme Songs[edit]

Opening Theme:

  • Title: Never Give Up![8]
  • Artist: Sonar Pocket
  • Songwriter: Sonar Pocket
  • Composer: Sonar Pocket, Kinoshita Yoshiyuki
  • Arranger: Kinoshita Yoshiyuki

Insert Song:


Rental DVD Box Art[edit]

Digimon xros wars rentaldvd 1.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd 2.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd 3.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd 4.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd 5.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd 6.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd 7.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd 8.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd 9.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd 10.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd 11.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd 12.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd 13.jpg
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Digimon xros wars rentaldvd 15.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd 16.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd 17.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd 18.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd 19.jpg

Thailand DVD Box Art[edit]

Digimon xros wars rentaldvd thailand 1.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd thailand 2.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd thailand 3.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd thailand 4.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd thailand 5.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd thailand 6.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd thailand 7.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd thailand 8.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd thailand 9.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd thailand 10.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd thailand 11.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd thailand 12.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd thailand 13.jpg
Digimon xros wars rentaldvd thailand 14.jpg

DVD Box Art[edit]

Digimon fusion battles dvd 1.png
Digimon fusion battles dvd 2.png
Digimon hunter boys crossing time dvd.png
Digimon xros wars asia dvd 1.png
Digimon xros wars asia dvd 2.png
Digimon fusion dvd america season 1.jpg
Digimon fusion dvd america season 2.jpg


Digimon Xros Wars original poster
Digimon Xros Wars original poster
Digimon Xros Wars promo art
Digimon Xros Wars promo art
Digimon Xros Wars promo art
Digimon Xros Wars promo art
Digimon Xros Wars promo art
Digimon Xros Wars promo art
Digimon Xros Wars promo art

Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time[edit]

Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time poster
Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time poster
Episode 68 promotional artwork
Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time Legendary Heroes poster

Digimon Fusion[edit]

Digimon Fusion promo art
Digimon Fusion promo art
Digimon Fusion promo art
Digimon Fusion promo art
Digimon Fusion promo art
Digimon Fusion promo art

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