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The X-Antibody (X抗体 X-Koutai) is an antibody that makes Digimon resistant to Program X. During the events of Digimon Chronicle, the X Program was used to delete Digimon overpopulating the Old Digital World, but strong enough Digimon with strong survival instincts resisted the effects of the X Program and were able to survive by altering their Digicores. These Digimon were reborn in a form that incorporates X Program itself into their Digicore and thus created the X-Antibody. However, X-Antibody in Digicore will disappear if it continues to be exposed to the X-Program for an extended period of time, but this can be prevented by absorbing more antibodies.[1] Also, digimon without X-Antibody can also acquire it by stealing it from other Digimon who have it. This makes baby Digimon like Tokomon X (a rare case of baby digimon acquiring the X-Antibody) an easy target to get it. But, digimon that naturally possess the X-Antibody (such as Alphamon, Tobucatmon, or Metalpiranhmon) do not need to acquire more, as they carry a type of X-Antibody that does not disappear from their bodies.[2]

When a digimon carrying the X-Antibody dies and is sent to the Dark Area, a replica of the X-Antibody is usually found there as residual data. Still, all the replicas discovered quickly disappeared. Over time this changed, the X-Antibody, influenced by the strong survival instinct in its carrier's digicore, developed a self-preservation function. Consequently, the replicas of the X-Antibody in the dark area stopped disappearing, and were eventually altered to be able to be ported as if they were normal X-Antibody. These replicas can be supplied to other digimon as a serum, allowing them to undergo an X-Evolution and thus prevent or recover from the X Program. Furthermore, the type of X-Antibody that does not disappear can be obtained by absorbing the data of any digimon that carried it naturally.[3]

Levels of X-Antibody[edit]

XAI System displaying all levels of X-Antibody

The effects of this antibody differ depending on the concentration of antibodies present on the Digicore, so in order to tell apart X-Antibody Digimon from regular Digimon, Yggdrasil created the X-Antibody Indicator, a system later implemented on the Pendulum X. There's a total of three levels of X-Antibody[4]:

-First level, Weak (also known as X-Antibody Protoform): At this level, the X-Antibody only grants resistance to the effects of the X Program.

-Second level, Normal: Apart from granting resistance to the X Program, at this level the X-Antibody also has the ability to directly affect the Digicore and extract information on a high degree, thus manifesting a Digimon's proprietties hidden in the deepest part of its Digicore. Therefore, the potential shown by these Digimon does not compare to conventional Digimon of the same level.

-Third level, Strong: A characteristic of the strongest X Digimon.

X antibody protoform.png Xantibody logo2.png StrongXAntibody.png
X-Antibody Protoform
Normal X-Antibody
Strong X-Antibody

Effects of the X-Antibody[edit]

X-Evolution is the most associated effect to the X-Antibody. This kind of evolution happens when the levels of X-Antibodies reach the second level and the hidden data of the Digimon's Digicore is extracted, changing its appearence. A side effect of this evolution (just like in many others) is that the Digimon also gets healed from its previous wounds, and most of its stamina is recovered.[5][6]

Since the X-Antibody extracts the hidden data on a Digimon's Digicore, its side effects will also depend on what and how much data there is to extract. Depending on the Digimon, this can create new weapons[7], upgrade previous ones[8], grant Digimon new attacks[9] and/or abilities[10], upgraded armor[11] and even repairing corrupted data on the user's Digicore[12]. However, this also means that if the Digimon in question has already manifested naturally its latent abilities, than the X-Antibody wont have much effect on it, and thus, its appearance won't change much either.[13]


Dorugoramon death-x evolution chronicle.jpg

The Death-X-Evolution, also known as "The Evolution of Death" (死の進化), is an old relic of evolutionary research that artificially increases the survival instinct to its limit, causing a Digimon to overcome the very concept of mortality by incorporating other digicores to its own, making the digimon undergo an special type of evolution known as "Death-X-Evolution". Digimon normally cannot access to this kind of evolution on its own, and it can only be triggered by a third party that knows how it works, like Yggdrasil or Grand Dracumon. Currently, there is only three known Death-X-Digimon and a program derived from it. [14]



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Digimon World X is based on the history of the X-Antibody. In the game, the X-Antibody can be used to increase the powers of Digimon as well as objects.

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