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The X-Antibody Indicator (X抗体インジケーター X-Koutai Indikeetaa), also referred to as the XAI System (XAIシステム Sai Shisutemu) is a system which displays the status of the X-Antibodies. It was created by Yggdrasil in order to tell apart X-Antibody Digimon from regular Digimon. Later it was also implemented on the Pendulum X.



Digimon Pendulum X[edit]

If the XAI system is activated, via the Pendulum X, and it detects the X-Antibody present, it will begin to alter the Digimon itself, resulting in an X-Antibody Digimon.

Digimon Chronicle[edit]

Digital Monster X[edit]

Xai2.png XAntibody2.png
Pendulum X Function
XAI System displaying all levels of X-Antibody