Digimon 04: Infinite Zone (Manhua)

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Digimon 04: Infinite Zone
Digimonfrontiermanhua logo.png
Author Yu Yuen-wong (余 遠鍠)
Publisher Rightman Publishing Ltd. (China), Chuang Yi (Singapore), Otter Press (Australia)
Serialization CO-CO! Magazine
Duration 2003
Volumes 3
Next Manga Digimon Legendary Skies
Previous Manga Digimon Tamers (Manhua)

Digimon 04: Infinite Zone (數碼寶貝04 無限地帶) is a manhua.

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The Digimon 04: Infinite Zone manhua is a heavily abridged version of the anime series Digimon Frontier, although some events play out differently. It was first published in Chinese, followed by two English versions for Singapore and Australia. Only the first two volumes were ever published in North America, while the third was in Australia.


Main Characters[edit]

Other Characters[edit]

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