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Michael Barton Jr [1]
Michael Barton Jr [1]
Kanji/Kana マイケル
Dub Name Michael Washington
Age Unknown (Around 13)
Partner Digimon Betamon
Digivice Digivice
Family Michael Barton Sr. (Father)
Voice Actor Japanese Yoshida Konami (吉田 小南美)
English Tom Gibis

Michael is a supporting character in Digimon Adventure 02.


Michael is an American Chosen Child. He's the son of a famous action star, and thus, quite wealthy.


Kanji/Kana ベタモン
Dub Name Betamon
Human Partner Michael
Voice Actor Japanese Shiga Katsuya (志賀 克也)
English Dina Sherman

Betamon is Michael's Partner Digimon.


Baby I ?
Baby II ?
Child Betamon
Adult Seadramon
Perfect ?
Ultimate ?



Digimon Adventure 02[edit]

At about the same time the Adventure's Chosen Children were fighting Vamdemon, Michael met a Gorimon in the real world. He firmly believes this to be what led to him becoming a Chosen Child. At some point after that, he met Mimi when she moved to New York.

When Koushirou informed Mimi that there was a Digital Gate open in America, she brought Michael and his Betamon along to Digitamamon's Restaurant. He paid for the group's expensive meal and discussed with them their previous encounters with Digimon and confessed to being a fan of the original chosen children. When a Gorimon under the control of an Evil Spiral, attacked, he evolved his Betamon into Seadramon and aided in the battle against him.

When Digimon began to invade the real world, he set up flights for Ken and Yamato to get to Mexico and one to get him and Daisuke to New York. There they met up with Mimi and the other American kids, who had collected all the wandering Digimon and sent them back to the Digital World. He was also present during the final battle with Vamdemon.

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna[edit]

Michael's name appears in Izumi Kōshirō's computer. Michael and Betamon are also captured by Eosmon and sent to Menoa Bellucci's Neverland.

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References Notes
  1. Michael's Surname: 'New York, Hong Kong Super Melee!' - A movie poster of Michael's father, displayed during his first appearance, shows his name in star billing as 'Michel Barton'