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Kanji/Kana ゼロマル
Human Partner Yagami Taichi

Zeromaru is the Partner Digimon of Yagami Taichi in Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 and a Royal Knight in Digimon Xros Wars (Manga).


Baby I Botamon
Baby II Koromon[N 1]
Child Agumon[N 2]
Adult V-dramon
Perfect Aero V-dramon
Ultimate Ulforce V-dramon
Super Ultimate Ulforce V-dramon Future Mode


Zeromaru is Taichi's first Digimon, originating from his Digital Monster Ver. 1 v-pet. Taichi originally tried to enter the D-1 tournament with Zero, but found that his adult level wasn't a Digimon programmed into the game and was disqualified. (under construction)




Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01[edit]

Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

Zero appears in chapter 13 of the manga as a Royal Knight, in his Ulforce V-dramon form. He was blinded by Tactimon, but after spending time in Taiki's Xros Loader, he recovered. His squires are Spadamon, Coronamon and Lunamon. They were trapped in the human world when the Digital World shattered into Zones, and were not able to return until accompanying Taiki. When they return, Ulforce V-dramon is reunited with the remaining Royal Knights and fights in the battle against Lilithmon's army.

Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 ~New Courage~[edit]

Zeromaru rejoins V-Tamer's Yagami Taichi after he's brought back to the Digital World to fight against the polyhedron. Unlike in V-Tamer, he is able to go back and forth between his forms at will, staying on his V-dramon form as his base.

Before the events of New Courage, Zero fought to protect the Digital World from the polyhedron, and brought Lord Holy Angemon to a healing capsule after he was nearly destroyed in combat.

During the present time, Zero, alongside V-Tamer's Taichi, kept fighting against the Virus Digimon spawned by the polyhedron. After defeating a Flymon, followed by a Dagomon and a Gigadramon, they met Adventure:'s Yagami Taichi and Agumon. They were able to quickly realize what happened and danced in happiness at the idea of meeting another Taichi, then explained the Adventure: duo how many universes exist, called parallel worlds, each of which with their own Yagami Taichi, which they learned after fighting Parallelmon. While Adventure: Taichi got mad at his V-Tamer counterpart and at how he was confused about the situation, Zero calmly introduced himself to Agumon. Alongside his Tamer, they then explained the polyhedron and the events of the past to the Adventure: duo.

After their explanations, more Virus Digimon appeared. Both Digimon evolved to fight them, with Zero becoming Aero V-dramon and Agumon becoming Greymon. They were able to easily defeat the small fries, but then a Belphemon: Rage Mode appeared and took Greymon down in one Gift of Darkness, before being defeated just as easily by Zero's V-Wing Blade. Surprised by the V-Tamer duo's strength, Adventure:'s Taichi asked them why they didn't just destroy the polyhedron, but V-Tamer's Taichi explained that that was the limit of Zero's current power, and the Digimon then added that he couldn't evolve past Perfect, but he didn't know if it was due to the damage from their last adventure or the effects of the polyhedron. Nonetheless, Zero didn't lose faith, vowing to manage somehow while telling Adventure:'s Taichi and Agumon not to push themselves. Agumon was inspired by this attitude and decided to keep fighting as well, riding on top of Zero's head to be able to fly. His Chosen Child followed, and thanks to this, both Taichis managed to synchronize with each other and were filled with courage, causing the Crest of Courage to appear in their eyes, which in turn filled Adventure:'s Taichi's Digivice: with energy. Zero took Agumon to the sky with him, and thanks to the massive Crest of Courage that appeared in the sky due to both Taichis, both Digimon evolved into Ulforce V-dramon Future Mode and an incomplete War Greymon, respectively, giving them enough strength to easily destroy the polyhedron.

Afterwards, Zero, as V-dramon, celebrated their victory alongside V-Tamer's Taichi, Lord Holy Angemon, Gabou, Leo and other Digimon.

Video Games[edit]


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Additional Information[edit]

References Notes
  1. Although never appeared in the manga, Koromon is the only evolution that Botamon has in the Digital Monster Ver. 1 v-pet.
  2. Although never appeared in the manga, Agumon is implied by Taichi

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