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Minamoto Kouji
Minamoto Kouji
Kanji/Kana 源 輝二
Dub Name Koji Minamoto
Grade 5th
Digivice Blue/White D-Scanner, upgraded to Blue/Black
Spirits Human and Beast Spirit of Light
Family Unnamed father, unnamed biological mother, unnamed stepmother, Kimura Kouichi (older twin brother)
Voice Actor Japanese Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷 浩史)
English Steve Staley

Minamoto Kouji[1], also translated as Minamoto Koji,[2] is one of the protagonists of Digimon Frontier.


Child ?
Human Wolfmon
Beast Garummon
Fusion Form Beowolfmon
Transcendent Form Magna Garurumon
Ultimate Ancient Garurumon[3]

Card Game Evolution[edit]


Minamoto Kouji is a Chosen Child, chosen by Ofanimon to inherit the Legendary Spirits of Light. He is also the twin brother of Kouichi. A lone-wolf, he is quiet and aloof, often keeping to himself.

Kouji is the second-born of the twins, but they were separated when their parents divorced; Kouji was taken by their father, while Kouichi was taken by their mother. Each twin was told that the parents he was separated from was dead, and neither twin was told of his brother's existence. Kouji's father remarried when Kouji was eight, and Kouji had a hard time accepting her as his new mother, which led to some conflict between himself and his father.



Digimon Frontier[edit]

Kouji received Ofanimon's message while he was out buying flowers for his father and stepmother's third wedding anniversary, fulling intending on apologizing to her and calling her "mother" for the first time. Though he met Kanbara Takuya in the train to Shibuya and rode the elevator to the underground platform with him, he didn't speak to him and got on a different train than the other children. He received his first Spirit, the Human Spirit of Light, when he saved Himi Tomoki‎ and Shibayama Junpei‎ from a mob of Pagumon who later fused into Raremon. During this fight, he also showed himself to be quite skilled in martial arts even without his Spirits, an ability that he shows throughout the series. Kouji spent several days traveling separately from the group and did not actually join the team until the incident at the Karatuki Numemon village, after which he stuck with Takuya and Tomoki while they were in Toy Town. After they rejoined Orimoto Izumi and Junpei, Kouji remained with the group.

Kouji was the first to discover his Beast Spirit, evolving him into Garummon while he was assisting a young Gottsumon that eventually became his friend. Though he had a hard time controlling Garummon at first and spent a while running into things, he did not have the trouble that Takuya eventually had with his own.

While on the Continent of Darkness, Kouji came face-to-face with Duskmon, the Warrior of Darkness and, logically, Wolfmon's opposite. He clashed swords with Duskmon, developing a personal insight on just how strong he was. Later, he argued with Takuya over how they should proceed with the battle, with Kouji favoring caution and Takuya insisting that teamwork can conquer anything. Takuya's plan eventually ended in devastating failure, where Agnimon was nearly brought down by Duskmon's attack, but Garummon took the blow instead. He was badly wounded and forced to revert to his human form, which proved to be his saving grace – when Duskmon saw Kouji and heard his name, he appeared to be in pain and left the battle.

When the team was sucked into Sephirothmon, Kouji found himself confronted by his past and his relationship with his family many times. While inside Sephirothmon's Wind Sphere, he fought with and was taunted by Karatenmon, who claimed that Kouji's loneliness is self-inflicted, though it could also be that his father often moved, causing him to change schools many times. Later, inside the Darkness Sphere, he was confronted by Duskmon once more. Duskmon used the Sphere's power to look into Kouji's memories, discovering Kouji's strained relationship with his family. Seeing this, Duskmon became even angrier and seemed ready to kill Kouji, but just then the power of Seraphimon was released from his egg and fused both of Kouji's spirits, creating the Double Spirit Evolution, Beowulfmon. He and Duskmon clashed swords, releasing auras of dark and light energy that temporarily revealed the spirit inside. Kouji was surprised to find that inside Duskmon, there was a boy who looked exactly like him – his twin brother, Kimura Kouichi, whose existence he did not know of.

Following this, Duskmon leaped out of Sephirothmon and ran away, confused. Kouji followed him, intent on discovering what relationship Duskmon has with him. Eventually, Kouichi's memories were returned to him and their relationship was fully revealed. When Kouji discovered that Duskmon is his brother he refused to fight, but Takuya managed to convince him that the only way to save his brother is to fight him, and together they returned Kouichi to normal. Kouji was confused over the sudden appearance of a twin brother he never knew of, but he was determined to get to know Kouichi and found himself caring for him greatly. Because of their desire to get to know each other and be the brothers they never got to be, Kouji and Kouichi grew close very fast.

During the final battle with Cherubimon, Kouji's Spirits of Light used Ofanimon's power to merge with Kouichi's purified Spirits of Darkness, Junpei's Spirits of Thunder and the Spirits of Steel and Water to evolve into the Hybrid Magna Garurumon who, using his own body as a shield, helped Kaiser Greymon to defeat the corrupted Cherubimon. The two Hybrids were the only ones who were able to stand up against the Royal Knights and, later on, against Lucemon.

Just before the battle with Lucemon: Falldown Mode in the Dark Area, Kouji had a short heart-to-heart with his brother, who has realized that he was not physically in the Digital World, but was just a spirit without his body. Though Kouichi was unable to admit this to Kouji, he did make the younger twin promise that he will go visit their mother in the Real World. Soon afterwards, Kouichi came between Lucemon: Falldown Mode's Dead or Alive technique and sacrificed himself to save the others, giving Kouji his Spirits before he was scanned. Kouji was overcome with the power of both Light and Darkness. This, along with the emotions from watching his brother being scanned, activated the ultimate evolution of the Legendary Ten - Susanoomon. Alongside the others, he defeated Lucemon and returned to the Real World just in time to use the D-Scanner's power to revive Kouichi.

Returning to his life, Kouji made peace with his father and stepmother, and was reintroduced to his birth mother.

Digimon Frontier: Revival of the Ancient Digimon!![edit]

Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time[edit]

After Magnamon ran out of power and devolved to V-mon in the fight against Quartzmon's Belial Vamdemon and Venom Vamdemon army in "The Gathering of the Legendary Heroes! The Digimon All-star Showdown", Ichijouji Ken appeared alongside Stingmon, followed by Ishida Yamato, Metal Garurumon, and balls of light containing Chackmon, Wolfmon, Fairimon and Blitzmon. The Spirits then Ancient Spirit Evolved with Aldamon to become Susanoomon, who kept a Venom Vamdemon in place for Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode to end the three with his Giga Death. Susanoomon would stay in the form for the rest of the fight against Quartzmon.


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References Notes
  1. BT18-078 (DCG) Duskmon can change any Tamer's Color into any other Color, except White.
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