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Duration December 7, 2020 - July 29, 2022

Digimon Project (デジモンプロジェクト "Dejimon Purojekuto"?), originally named Digimon Project 2021 (デジモンプロジェクト2021 "Dejimon Purojekuto 2021"?), is a series of Live Action shorts, featuring humans alongside 3D Digimon Models, made to promote the Vital Bracelet Digital Monster.


Digimon Project 2021 Episode 1: NEW DIGITAL MONSTER BEGINS[edit]

The episode starts in an arena, which quickly gets lit up. Agumon's Tamer, alongside Agumon, walks in, and then Pulsemon's Tamer and Pulsemon do, from the opposite side. Pulsemon's Tamer rises up his Vital Bracelet, which shows a pulse, and his stats appear behind him and Pulsemon. Agumon and Pulsemon then clash.

The episode then flashes back to Pulsemon's Tamer standing in a city. He looks at his Vital Bracelet, which turns on, and then Pulsemon appears beside him, as a hologram rather than the physical form shown earlier, as all Digimon in the Real World appear that way. A Normal Mission then starts and both run, with an overlay showing how many steps they've taken. Meanwhile, Agumon's Tamer and Agumon walk close to them. Agumon's Tamer scans his Vital Bracelet against a vending machine, causing a red WARNING! ring to appear around the former, with a wormhole and several WARNINGs appearing on the vending machine. From the wormhole, a Betamon appears.

Back to Pulsemon's Tamer and Pulsemon, both keep running, then jump against a wall once a DASH instruction appears in the overlay, followed by GOAL 20. Meanwhile, in a park, several humans appear, alongside a Gabumon and a Tentomon. Pulsemon's Tamer enters it, as Agumon's Tamer and Agumon defeat the Betamon. Pulsemon's Tamer and Pulsemon jump over some stairs, with the overlay now showing their heartbeat. After performing some backward flips, they high-five each other. The overlay then disappears, as a gate appears in front of them. The story then returns to the first thing shown, the fight between Blitzmon and Agumon. After they bounce off each other, Agumon shoots Pulsemon with several Baby Flames, only for Pulsemon to dodge them with lightning speed. He then counters with his own Petit Impulse, and both attacks explode against each other, knocking Pulsemon down. Both Pulsemon and his Tamer feel the pain of the blow in their chest, as Agumon's Tamer confidently smiles at them, rising up his Vital Bracelet, with a blue EVOLUTION! ring appearing around him. Agumon then evolves into Greymon and roars. Pulsemon gets back up to fight, with his Tamer rising up his arm in response. A pulse appears, and Pulsemon powers up and charges at Greymon with Elec Rush, cheered up by his Tamer.

Digimon Project 2021 Episode 2: Digimon Identified Memory[edit]

Pulsemon's attack proves to be unsuccessful, as Greymon wins their match. Walking to the downed Pulsemon and his Tamer, Greymon's Tamer opens an overlay showing Dim Cards: Agumon, Ancient Warriors, Volcanic Beat, Blizzard Fang and Gabumon are visible (alongside the Digimon illustrated in them: Agumon, XV-mon, Vorvomon, Paledramon and Gabumon). He grabs Volcanic Beat, which becomes physical, and throws it at Pulsemon's Tamer.

At Pulsemon's Tamer house, the camera focuses on his Agumon and Gabumon plushies before moving to him in bed, with Pulsemon at his feet. The Tamer looks at the Volcanic Beat Dim Card, and Pulsemon tries to touch it, which causes an overlay to appear from it, first saying it is a Digimon Identified Memory CARD, followed by a ring saying VOLCANIC BEAT around it. The Tamer then inserts the Dim Card in his Vital Bracelet, with the overlay now stating he's been granted passage. A door then appears and Pulsemon and his Tamer walk through it, finding themselves in a black area where the only visible thing is a black and red Digitama on a white pillar. The Tamer touches the Digitama, which causes it to hatch, turning the black area into a mountain area, as well as giving birth to a Peti Meramon. An Adventure Mission then starts, making them climb up a mountain, where they find a Meramon which roars at them. The trio is then shown running, with a red WARNING sign around them, as a Birdramon flies close to them. Finally stopping, the trio find a Meramon and a Death Meramon about to fight, alongside several more Birdramon flying.

Later on, Blitzmon and his Tamer take a fighting stance as a Punch Mission starts. Pulsemon punches a giant rock, with his Tamer punching the air at the same time. The rock then breaks, revealing the area boss, Tyranomon. The Tamer rises up his Vital Bracelet, with a blue EVOLUTION! ring appearing around him, and Pulsemon evolves into Bulkmon. Tyranomon rushes at Bulkmon and tries to strike at it with its tail, only for Bulkmon to grab it and swing Tyranomon away. Tyranomon then shoots a Fire Breath at them, only for Bulkmon to punch it, with his Tamer once again doing the exact same movement, destroying it with ease. Bulkmon then counterattacks, beating its own chest before releasing an electric wave through the floor, which destroys Tyranomon. The overlay shows a big, yellow WIN, and the Tamer and his Digimon fist bump and high five each other, followed by the overlay proclaiming they've cleared the Adventure Mission.

Back in the Real World, lights go on and off and the world starts glitching out. A new, white Vital Bracelet appears on the ground, and from a dimensional hole, a Black War Greymon attempts to break free into the Real World.

Digimon Project 2021 Episode 3: VITAL BRACELET Lab[edit]

A high school girl finds the newly-spawned Vital Bracelet on the floor, with an overlay saying BE A TAMER appearing over it.

In a park, a Palmon looks at the high school girl, who looks at her Vital Bracelet before putting it on. It then starts installing the Vital Bracelet Lab, showing it on a green overlay, which causes the girl's cellphone to vibrate. She picks it up, and it shows that it is installing said app. With the installation complete, the Vital Bracelet emits a green TOUCH overlay, and the girl follows the instruction, touching the Vital Bracelet with her phone. This causes her surroundings to change to a library, and an orange ball to appear in front of her. Touching the orange ball summons overlays with data of several Digimon, including Mammon, Koromon, Namakemon, Greymon, Tyranomon, Meramon, XV-mon, Gabumon and Orgemon. The girl moves the Meramon and Tyranomon overlays out of the way, revealing Palmon. They then partner up, walking around the pier and completing a Normal Mission by defeating a Numemon which causes onlookers to clap at them. They then look at their current data in the Vital Bracelet Lab alongside data overlays of Cres Garurumon and Birdramon, as well as an evolution chart of the Agumon Dim Card, showing Botamon, Koromon, Agumon, Greymon, Coelamon, Orgemon, Andromon, Anomalocarimon, Mamemon and Blitz Greymon, with the other possibilities shown as question marks.

After all of that, they relax in a park, as Bulkmon's Tamer walks past them. An overlay appears in front of him in green, showing a message saying that his challenge had been accepted and that he would be transferred to the Battle Arena, where he finds himself fighting Greymon and his Tamer once again. Meanwhile, Palmon and her Tamer are in the Lab, surrounded by overlays of Shootmon, Dokugumon, XV-mon and Digitamamon, between others. Overlays of Koromon and Ulforce V-dramon appear in front of them, and Palmon's Tamer moves them out of the way, only to find a red message saying OPEN THE GATE?, which makes Palmon and her Tamer look at each other, confused. Meanwhile, Greymon shoots a Mega Flame at Bulkmon, who counters with Thunder Dread. Unlike last time, both moves are equal to each other and neither Digimon are hurt. Palmon's Tamer touches the red message, which causes the Lab to be covered by several WARNING signs, as a Black War Greymon appears from a wormhole behind them, alongside a red ring saying RAID BOSS ENCOUNTERED. Palmon's Tamer tries to cancel the event, but she can't. Meanwhile, Greymon and Bulkmon rush at each other, but before they can clash, the Battle Arena is covered in the same WARNING signs that appeared in the Lab, and it goes black.

In the Real World, Bulkmon and Greymon's Tamers look at how the world is glitching up. A Tyranomon, a Kuwagamon and an Airdramon then realize, and a vending machine shows a timer before the Raid Boss Battle begins.

Digimon Project 2021 Episode 4: BE STRONG WITH YOU[edit]

Both male Tamers walk towards the vending machine. Bulkmon's Tamer then touches it with his Vital Bracelet, which causes several WARNING! signs to appear in the vending machine and spawns an Airdramon. WARNING! signs are also projected from several other digital devices, heralding the appearance of other Digimon: a Gabumon (Black) and an Agumon (Black) in a store and a Kuwagamon in a station. The Raid Boss Battle timer appears as an overlay from Palmon's Tamer's cellphone, and once it's over, changes to a START BATTLE? overlay. Palmon's Tamer then touches her phone with her Vital Bracelet, which spawns Black War Greymon, who then flies up to the top of a building, going through a RAID BOSS ENCOUNTERED overlay.

Greymon and his Tamer fight against a Greymon (Blue) on the streets, as the Tamer looks towards Black War Greymon's building. On it, Bulkmon and his Tamer prepare to fight the Raid Boss. They calm their heightened heartbeat, and then Bulkmon rushes at Black War Greymon. It attempts to punch the Ultimate, but the latter easily avoids it, before trying to slam it with both of its hands, though Bulkmon protects itself and pushes Black War Greymon away. Black War Greymon then throws a Gaia Force at Bulkmon, which pushes him back. The connection between Bulkmon and his Tamer causes the latter to also be hit, pushing him off the building. However, to save him, Greymon evolves into Rize Greymon and catches him in midair. Rize Greymon then returns to the building, with both Bulkmon's Tamer and Palmon riding it. Now united, the three Tamers and their Partner Digimon, including Peti Meramon, prepare to fight Black War Greymon, as an overlay states that the Raid Battle now begins. A blue EVOLUTION! ring appears around Bulkmon's Tamer, and Bulkmon once again rushes at Black War Greymon as it evolves, pushing them both off the building. Black War Greymon manages to get Bulkmon off it, only for Bulkmon to complete its evolution into Boutmon and stop itself by punching the building and standing on it, defying gravity. Boutmon and Black War Greymon then hit each other, with none gaining an advantage before Black War Greymon is hit by a shot from Rize Greymon's Trident Revolver, which it follows with several Rising Destroyer lasers. Black War Greymon flies way from them and manages to destroy them, only for Palmon to appear from their explosions and slap it in the face with its Poison Ivy, cracking its helmet. Black War Greymon then releases a wave of wind. Boutmon flies on top of Rize Greymon towards it, and Black War Greymon rushes towards them, only for Boutmon to jump off Rize Greymon and spin several times in midair, charging up electricity before slamming it into Black War Greymon from above with a Raigekishou, which causes a pulse-like bolt of lightning to appear for a moment, followed by an explosion of light which blinds the Tamers. Boutmon's Tamer's Vital Bracelet shows that Boutmon has won the fight, and Boutmon lands on the building once again, as they celebrate their victory.

After the fight, the blue EVOLUTION! ring appears around Boutmon's Tamer's Vital Bracelet, and Peti Meramon shakes, ready to evolve.


While, as its name states, this episode merely recaps what happened in the previous four, its ending is new. After Black War Greymon is defeated, Pulsemon's Tamer's Vital Bracelet projects the EVOLUTION! sign, with his Peti Meramon evolving into Vorvomon. Furthermore, a warning appears in Palmon's Tamer's Vital Bracelet, which all three Tamers, alongside their Partner Digimon, are ready to fight.

Next Chapter: DIGIVICE-V-[edit]

A WARNING sign appeared in the air, followed by a swarm of Hagurumon that spun around, before being blown away by a Digimon that appeared inside their tornado: the Raid Boss, Mugendramon. Gammamon and his Tamer then appeared and rushed towards Mugendramon through the swarm of Hagurumon. At some point, they were joined by a male Tamer with Jellymon and a female Tamer, Risa, with Angoramon. Mugendramon then shot its Mugen Cannon at them, but it was blocked by Boutmon. That was followed by portals appearing around the Tamers, which summoned Tamers from all over the world to serve as their Support Attackers: a woman with a Monzaemon, a kid with a Leomon, and the original Tamer trio with Boutmon, Vorvomon, Rize Greymon, and Sunflowmon, who evolved from Palmon at some point. Gammamon's Tamer then inserted his Dim Card -V1- Gammamon in his Vital Bracelet Digivice-V-, which activated it, changing the landscape around them to one with far more trees. As they appeared, more Tamers were shown, partnered with a Greymon (Blue), a Numemon, a Tyranomon, a Kuwagamon, a War Greymon, a Bulkmon and a Gomamon. Gammamon's Tamer then joined Boutmon's, as all the team prepared to fight. Gammamon, Jellymon and Angoramon ran forward and leaped towards Mugendramon, and then all the Digimon surrounded the Raid Boss, while themselves being surrounded by the swarm of Hagurumon. With all the worldwide Tamers cheering on, the Ghost Game trio then leaped towards Mugendramon once again.

For a rematch:ESPIMON is here![edit]

A new Tamer and his Partner, Espimon, walked towards a Gammamon hologram. The Tamer then clicked on his Vital Bracelet Digivice-V-, which caused a Raid Boss Battle Replay to start, specifically that of the Mugendramon Raid Boss, creating holograms of both Mugendramon itself and all the Digimon that fought it. The Tamer put on his headphones and both ran towards the Mugendramon hologram. Espimon turned on its eyes, giving it information on the Digimon around it, while the Tamer stopped in fear as he almost crashed into a Bulkmon hologram. He then looked around, trying to find Espimon, who then made itself visible and flew around, dodging his Tamer's attempts at grabbing it. They then both ran together again towards the Mugendramon hologram, which disappeared as Espimon flew through it, causing the replay to end. All the other holograms soon disappeared as well, except those of Gammamon, Angoramon and Jellymon, who had a LOSE sign over them. Those three disappeared too after the Tamer touched Gammamon's hologram. The Tamer's Vital Bracelet Digivice-V- then reacted, showing that a Raid Boss Battle Rematch was about to start. It asked him to join, showing the Raid Boss Battle was between Gammamon and Mugendramon. The Tamer and Espimon looked at each other and nodded in approval, then he clicked the YES button in the hologram projected by the Vital Bracelet Digivice-V-, which turned from red to green and opened a portal, through which the duo found themselves facing a Mugendramon which roared at them. Gammamon then arrived, and the three prepared to fight.

An interference then appeared in the Vital Bracelet Digivice-V-, followed by a blue screen.


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The following Digimon appear as images or plushies.


Actor Kanji/Kana Character
Natsume Koutaro 夏目 航太朗 Pulsemon's Tamer
Eriya 栄莉弥 Agumon's Tamer
Satou Neo 佐藤 愛桜 Palmon's Tamer
Minami 美波 Gammamon's Tamer
Matsuzawa Kanon 松澤 可苑 Risa (Angoramon's Tamer)

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  • The Digimon Analyzer uses localised names/terms instead of the original Japanese names/terms (e.g. Champion instead of Adult and Tyrannomon instead of Tyranomon)