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All chapters of Digimon Chronicle X.

Project Ark[edit]

In the near future, as Digimon continued to grow, evolve, and multiply, the Digital World grew closer to exceeding its storage capacity...

The Digital World would be destroyed if it exceeded that limit. In order to prevent that, Yggdrasil created a separate partition known as the 'New Digital World', and transported only the chosen Digimon there.

The Digimon left behind in the old Digital World were to be eliminated by the Royal Knights and the X-Program. However...

About X-Antibody Digimon[edit]

In order to escape the threat posed by the X-Program, the Digicore produced an 'X-Antibody', allowing the Digimon to undergo 'X-Evolution', which differs from regular evolution. This results in Digimon referred to as 'X-Antibody Digimon'; currently, over 90 species of X-Antibody Digimon have been identified.


About X-Antibody[edit]

Digimon infected with the X-Program who had a strong will to live developed the X-Antibody. Those who managed to obtain it suffered an X-Evolution, gaining resistance to the X-Program. A digimon without X-Antibody can acquire it by stealing it from other Digimon who have it. Since the X-Antibody disappears if the digimon stops absorbing them, a fight for survival ensues, where the digimon compete against each other to steal the X-Antibody. However, digimon that naturally possess the X-Antibody (such as Alphamon, Tobucatmon, or Metalpiranhmon) do not need to acquire more, as they carry a type of X-Antibody that does not disappear from their bodies.

Changes in the X-Antibody[edit]

When a digimon carrying the X-Antibody dies and is sent to the dark area, a replica of the X-Antibody is usually found there as residual data. Still, all the replicas discovered quickly disappeared. Over time this changed, the X-Antibody, influenced by the strong survival instinct in its carrier's digicore, developed a self-preservation function. Consequently, the replicas of the X-Antibody in the dark area stopped disappearing, and were eventually altered to be able to be ported as if they were normal X-Antibody. These replicas can be supplied to other digimon as a serum, allowing them to undergo an X-Evolution and thus prevent or recover from the X-Program. Furthermore, it was discovered that the type of X-Antibody that does not disappear can be obtained by absorbing the data of any digimon that carried it naturally.


Chapter 1 - "More than 10 years..."[edit]

After the activation of Project Ark, the old Digital World had become a world of death due to the contamination by the X-Program, and was thus under strict lockdown.

However, after a decade or so had passed, the concentration of the X-Program there had thinned enough that it would not affect the bodies of Digimon directly; as such, Yggdrasil ordered the Royal Knights to conduct a survey on the current state of the old Digital World. And so Craniummon and Sleipmon were given the X-Antibody by Yggdrasil. Well-prepared, they began their descent into the old Digital World.


Chapter 2 - "Desolation"[edit]

Craniummon and Sleipmon returned from their investigation of the old Digital World. They reported their findings regarding the state of the old Digital World to Yggdrasil, with the other Royal Knights in attendance. The old Digital World, now with no one to supervise it, had turned into a world of chaos; conflicts between Digimon who desired to rule over the old Digital World were happening all over, and the whole world had fallen into a state of constant strife and disorder.

Craniummon and Sleipmon, well aware that they alone lacked sufficient power to accomplish anything, proposed that one more Royal Knight be added to their investigation team in order to return order to the old Digital World, which was now spiraling into chaos.


Chapter 3 - "Leaders"[edit]

After hearing about the events that transpired, as well as Craniummon and Sleipmon's plan of action, JESmon was quick to agree to their plan. And so, JESmon, who was entrusted with the X-Antibody, joined Craniummon and Sleipmon on their mission to re-enter the Old Digital World. As they enter the Old Digital World, JESmon witnesses first-hand the grisly sight of conflicts being stirred up all over, just as Craniummon and Sleipmon had described. Greeted by this cruel spectacle, JESmon comes up with an ingenious plan to resolve the chaos.


Chapter 4 - "New Order"[edit]

As it turns out, JESmon's plan to resolve the chaos brewing in the Old Digital World was to enforce a rule for the battles for supremacy currently unfolding in the Old Digital World.

The rule was that if one managed to defeat the Digimon ruling each area in a one-on-one battle, they would be able to increase the area under their territory. The Digimon that expanded their territory through continued victories and won in every last area would then be given the authority to decide the future of the Old Digital World. Although Sleipmon dismissed it as 'a dangerous idea', JESmon backed its idea up by suggesting that they take part in the battle as rulers of a portion of areas in the Old Digital World, in order to ensure that evil beings do not end up winning. Craniummon, known for having the spirit of a warrior, voiced its heartfelt approval. And so, the rule devised by JESmon was announced throughout the Old Digital World.

Now, the greatest battle for the future of the Old Digital World begins.

Chapter 5 - "Grand Dracumon"[edit]

Grand Dracumon plans to make all Digimon undergo Death X-Evolution.

It appears in the old Digital World and makes all of the Digimon it defeats Death X-Evolve before sending them to the Dark Area.

Through a battle royale system, where strong Digimon may be attacked consecutively without them becoming subordinate, the last Digimon that survives (the Digimon of the Digital Monster X Black & White) becomes sealed in the Dark Area as a last act of defiance against Grand Dracumon and his immortal body.

However, by creating the Dark Area and appearing in the old Digital World, Grand Dracumon's actions have an affect on the boundary between the old Digital World and the Dark Area. Some of the Seven Great Demon Lords sensed this and saw this opening as a chance for achieving their own goals...


Chapter 6 - "Dark Area"[edit]

In the Digital World, there exists a netherworld area called "Dark Area," where Digimon who've reached the end of their life or are defeated in battle are sent to.

Unlike the surface area of the Digital World, where File Island and Folder Continent exist, the Dark Area exists in an altogether separate layer. It's for this reason that the X-Program, that was put into effect by the initiation of Project Arc, did not reach the Dark Area nor have any influence over it. In the Dark Area, Anubimon, a Digimon who defends and supervises its land, judges the Digimon transferred there as good or evil. The data of bad Digimon is sealed in the Dark Area, while the data of good Digimon are restored as DigiTamas. However, among the evil Digimon who were sealed in the Dark Area, there exists a Digimon who uses the Dark Area as its base and is so powerful that not even Anubimon can lift a finger against it. The Seven Demon Lords also use the lowest layer (Cocytus) of the Dark Area as their stronghold.

The battle royale to determine their future, a motion that was declared by JESmon, regains peace and quiet for the old Digital World once its conclusion has been met. However, that tranquility did not last for long. The Digimon who won the battle royale is just about to announce its victory, when an explosion goes off in the distance and a shockwave sweeps over the old Digital World. JESmon senses this abnormality and rushes to the center of the explosion, but what he sees there are the evil Digimon that were sealed in the Dark Area fighting a gruesome battle.


Chapter 7 - "The Gates of Darkness Opens"[edit]

At the same time, Examon, who was on standby in the new Digital World, sensed disturbance from the Dark Area. Receiving a plea for help from Anubimon, Examon goes alone without orders to the Dark Area.

When it arrived at the entrance of the Dark Area, it saw masses of evil Digimon trying to break through the gate that was sealing them.

Examon, determining that the first course of action would be to maintain the balance between the old Digital World and the Dark Area, begins to eliminate the evil Digimon that had escaped from the netherworld.

The evil Digimon got pumped thinking that this would be their chance to take down a Royal Knight, but Examon shook off the numerous disadvantages against him as if they were nothing. It flattened one enemy after another, showing them its different level in strength as a Royal Knight. The evil Digimon's vigor drained upon seeing his overwhelming power, but all of a sudden, they lost their fear of death and began a suicide attack from all sides. Their numbers were so great that Examon began to be pushed back. The mastermind who was controlling this swarm of thousands and thousands of evil Digimon was...

Lilithmon, who had X-evolved during this mayhem.


Chapter 8 - "Spreading Threats"[edit]

While Lilithmon X was born, Dark Knightmon and the Great Demon Lord Barbamon were off at another area skirmishing. Dark Knightmon, who'd been sealed inside the Dark Area due to its cruel nature, had previously been targeting the position of Seven Great Demon Lord as well as Barbamon's treasure. It challenged Barbamon to a fight.

When Barbamon and Dark Knightmon realized that the old Digital World and new Digital World were attempting to connect to each other, they fought each other to be the first to break through the Dark Area's gate in order to be the first to get their hands on the new Digital World's sleeping treasure. And then, the two fated adversaries achieve X-Evolution from the X-Antibodies that they each obtain.

No Digimon there could stop the two X-antibody Digimon. All the Digimon there could do was shudder in fear from the after-effects of their fierce fighting as they waited for the Royal Knights to arrive.

As the masses of evil Digimon continued to grow, another Great Demon Lord began their move.

Its name, Demon.

Demon, from achieving X-Evolution after obtaining the X-Antibody, now had power that was equal to the "Super-Ultimate level Digimon" that he himself had formerly plotted to revive. Demon took advantage of the chaos that reigned between the Dark Area and the old Digital World to test its powers. He began to flex the limits of how violent it could be. However, it was only a preparatory phase for its revenge against the forces of good, its ultimate goal.

As Demon waited impatiently for the arrival of the strongest of the forces of good, the Royal Knights, he continued to trample down the old Digital World and stored up its energy.


Chapter 9 - "Conspiracy"[edit]

As the Seven Great Demon Lords gained X-Evolution one after another, the evil Digimon who were waiting in the Dark Area began to move in unison to escape it. With that at hand, Lucemon: Falldown Mode smiled, as it was overlooked in that confusion.

The confusion in the Dark Area was a feast for Lucemon. And he took advantage of it, and believed this would be the path to achieve destruction of the entire Digital World, an evil wish for sure. Lucemon felt it was necessary to expand this confusion by making sure all the Seven Great Demon Lords X-Evolved. In order to do so it gained X-Evolution for itself and began to plan it's next measure. It added Beelzebumon (X-Antibody) to the battles at hand, and planned for the awakening of Belphemon: Sleep Mode and Leviamon, the Great Demon Lords who are still sleeping.

With the defeat of Examon at the entrance to the Dark Area thanks to Lilithmon, it's increased the impetus to invade the old digital world. A dark gate appeared in front of Craniummon and Sleipmon, who were late due to being near the center of the explosion. The X-Evolved Leviamon (X-Antibody) and Belphemon (X-Antibody), who had been awakened by Lucemon (X-Antibody)'s guiding hand struck out. These Demon Lords, who had found the Royal Knights, joined those there, and the Seven Great Demon Lords showed their overwhelming power. Craniummon was forced to struggle against the might in front of him, and one after another evil Digimon were able to break through


Chapter 10 - "The Last of the Seven Great Demon Kings"[edit]

At the bottom of the dark area, layer 1, figures of the Seven Great Demon Lords are seen... Lucemon has prepared a plan to go wild, and proposes they fight together. The other didn't necessarily want to listen to Lucemon, but he felt bored and decided to ride on this proposal. The last of the Seven Great Demon Lords, Beelzebumon X, went from the bottom of the Dark Area to the battlefield of the old Digital World!


Chapter 11 - "Crash"[edit]

Trying to stop the countless evil Digimon rushing out of the Dark Area, JESmon desperately resists. The high number of evil Digimon covering the sky make it appear to be wrapped in darkness. Striking more despair before JESmon, Beelzebumon and Lucemon appear. JESmon, having to battle a team that outnumbers him, stands outranked. But at the moment, Gankoomon, the master of JESmon, came to the rescue.

Lucemon vs Gankoomon, and Beelzebumon vs JESmon. The fight is over, and they lost...

Things went according to the plans of Lucemon. Finally, the Seven Great Demon Lords stood together. Inspired by the X-evolved Seven Great Demon Lords, the morale of the evil Digimon who broke out of the Dark Area is at the highlest level imaginable. Their momentum threatens not only the old Digital World... but also the new Digital World.

The crisis of the whole Digital World was to come...

Now, the Seven Great Demon Kings begin their terrifying attack... !!


Chapter 12 - "Death"[edit]

Everything was going according to Lucemon's plans, until his invasion is blocked by Gankoomon, who suddenly entered the battle. Annoyed by this, Lucemon summons Ofanimon: Falldown Mode (X-Antibody) and Cherubimon (Vice) (X-Antibody) from the Dark Area to attack Gankoomon and eliminate him.

Gankoomon desperately resisted the attacks of these two new entrants. While Gankoomon was preoccupied with them, Lucemon aimed to take down JESmon. "You seem to be having quite the trouble with these pathetic new Royal Knights, Beelzebumon... I will lend you a hand." Lucemon begins his attack on JESmon, who was currently fighting equally against Beelzebumon.


Overwhelmed by the attacks from these 2 Seven Great Demon Lords, JESmon breaks his stance. Then, Beelzebumon unleashed his "Seventh Full Cluster" while Lucemon blasted his "Seventh Divine Cruz." Nothing else could be done. Both attacks from the Seven Great Demon Lords hit their target, causing a massive explosion.

However, mysteriously, there was no damage to JESmon. He looked upward...

"M... Master?!"

Standing in front of him was Gankoomon, who had shaken off Cheribumon (Vice) and Ofanimon: Falldown Mode at the last minute to risk his own life.

Just moments before that, Yggdrasil had ordered all Royal Knights to sortie and help calm down the situation. However, no one knew the whereabouts of Omegamon (X-Antibody), Dukemon (X-Antibody), and Alphamon. The remaining Royal Knights Magnamon (X-Antibody), Dynasmon (X-Antibody), Ulforce V-dramon (X-Antibody), and Duftmon (X-Antibody) were dispatched without further notice


Chapter 13 - "Signs of a Counteroffensive"[edit]

The damage from the attacks from the 2 Seven Great Demon Lords did great damage and Gankoomon collapsed right on the spot. "Master! Master!" The call from JESmon remained unanswered. Lucemon saw this as an opportunity, and had Ofanimon: Falldown Mode and Cheribumon (Vice) begin to scramble. "Kuh! In this situation!" JESmon wanted to help his teacher as quickly as possible. But his opponents were not just the Seven Great Demon lords, but 2 more ultimate level Digimon.

JESmon does not know what information to use to escape this situation. At that time Ofanimon: Falldown Mode and the others launched their attacks.

"-You've done well so far JESmon! Leave it to us from here!"

Three shadows appeared to block the enemy attacks... Magnamon X, Duftmon X, and Dynasmon X have appeared. The punishment for hurting our friends will be taken out on you.

Let's go!


Chapter 14 - "Knight, the King, and V"[edit]

At the same time the 3 Royal Knights appeared in front of Lucemon and Beelzebumon, Royal Knights arrived at different locations one after another. Dark Knightmon (X-Antibody) and Barbamon (X-Antibody) were causing tremendous damage to their surroundings as their battle intensified. During this, Lord Knightmon (X-Antibody) appeared and broke into the battle.

"Those people who are greedy, will take their last in view of the Knights. Both sides must bring the strike of weapons to a close. Let them lay down and rust on my Rose's Fencer."

The fierce battle between evil and evil was about to develop into a three-sided war with the entrance of Lord Knightmon.

-In Another Place-

"In this state it's not good... if there was to be one more person..." "No time to cry Sleipmon, we'll merely have to go on and stop them on our own!"

Craniummon and Sleipmon were struggling before the might of Belphemon, Leviamon, and Demon, three of the Seven Great Demon Lords. Ulforce V-dramon rushed there and stood before Demon, closing the ranks.

"I'm sorry I was late! Leave Demon to me as my opponent! From here on out it's 3 against 3!"

In this way, the Royal Knights, while scattered throughout the battleground, have each dove into the front of the battle.


Chapter 15 - "Match Up"[edit]

The Royal Knights and the Seven Great Demon Lords face off! All of the Royal Knights who remained in the new Digital World found their purpose as they were able to delay the invasion of the Seven Great Demon Lords.

However, they were unable to stop the deluge of the large number of evil Digimon breaking through from the Dark Area. Slowly, the evil forces began to spread into the old Digital World.


Chapter 16 - "Savior"[edit]

The damage that Gankoomon received from the 2 Seven Great Demon lords was greater than expected and Gankoomon fell. His life's flame was about to extinguish... The evil Digimon who sniffed out that Gankoomon was near death attacked him in succession, so that they could win the reputation of having defeated a Royal Knight.

JESmon desperately fought back against these Digimon attacking en masse while defending Gankoomon. Dynasmon and the others each had their battles, so they couldn't jump in to help. Eventually, the members of the army that JESmon failed to defeat rushed in to attack the defenseless Gankoomon.

"Sieg Saber!"

Just then, along with a voice that resounded through the heavens, the Digimon that were about to close in on Gankoomon were swept away. The savior who appeared was Dukemon (X-Antibody).

Following the lead of Dukemon, JESmon was able to find a way to break through the legions of the terrified enemy, and the two of them wiped out the evil Digimon.

"Thanks for your help, Dukemon! But you've been missing, where have you been?"

"I've been working alongside those who pioneered the future of the X-Antibody. But never mind that, helping Gankoomon comes first." Dukemon X held his hand over the wounded Gankoomon.

"Give the X-Antibody to Gankoomon. This will allow him to X-evolve and recover. It's the only way to save him now."

JESmon agreed to this and the X-Antibody was infused into Gankoomon. Gankoomon's body was surrounded by an intense light, and when that light stopped, he had X-evolved to become Gankoomon (X-Antibody), with his wounds recovered.

"The time is right..."

Seeing the arrival of Dukemon and the X-Evolution of Gankoomon, Lucemon gave a fearless smile and vanished. Dukemon X yelled. "Omega Shoutmon (X-Antibody) and Rize Greymon (X-Antibody) will arrive soon as reinforcements! Duftmon, I want you to lead them and head to the other battles!"

Duftmon nodded vigorously, and left Magnamon and Dynasmon to take over while he rushed to Lord Knightmon.


Chapter 17 - "Overcoming"[edit]

Examon, who was attacked by the large number of X Digimon under Lilithmon's control, got infected by the X-Program at a rate unbelievably faster than normal. Even with as strong a body as Examon had, he couldn't resist the pain of the X-Program coursing through his entire body, and it left him covered with wounds.

"I've grown tired of this. I'll finish you off with a piercing strike!"

Lilithmon's special move, Nazar Nail, approached the battered Examon. However, Lilithmon's attack was suddenly stopped from fire that seemed to come from nowhere.

"The Royal Knights are their lights of hope... According to their wishes, I will not let them disappear!"

Hououmon (X-Antibody) appeared. Flapping its golden wings, it confronted Lilithmon while protecting Examon. Although the sudden appearance of Hououmon stopped Lilithmon, Hououmon was at a disadvantage in a frontal showdown with a Seven Great Demon Lord, and it took on countless hits.

"As a Royal Knight... I am such a disgrace!"

Examon was inspired upon seeing how majestically Hououmon stood and refused to give up no matter how many times it was hit.


Examon created X-Antibodies for himself to achieve X-Evolution.

"I thank you for your courageous actions!"

"I couldn't just do nothing, not after being motivated by 'them.'"

"Who is this 'them' that you keep speaking of? But let us put that aside for now, the counterattack has begun! Let us go together, Hououmon!"

Hououmon stood beside Examon (X-Antibody) in answer to his call. The two teamed up together to face Lilithmon and the evil Digimon army.


Chapter 18 - "Courage from Another World"[edit]

While the Royal Knights were fighting hard against evil forces in various places, many Digimon who had escaped the Dark Area were causing destruction in the former Digital World. Digimon who were still babies or who weren't confident in their ability to battle formed into groups to evacuate to safety, where they could hide and endure until the commotion settled.

"It's okay. You'll be safe here."

Tailmon (X-Antibody) spoke in assurance to the groups of trembling Digimon evacuees. However.... "I know that you're hiding there."

One of the evil Digimon, Vamdemon (X-Antibody), appeared through the barrier.

Tailmon could feel Vamdemon's frightful evil power and was scared, but tried to attack nevertheless. She was easily thrown back. Just when they all believed that they were to be annihilated, something suddenly exploded on Vamdemon's back. Vamdemon turned around, and even the Digimon evacuees and Tailmon X stared ahead at the Digimon that was there.

"I'm Wizarmon. In order to protect this world that is part of my brotherhood, I have hastened here from Witchelny to join this fight! In order to protect everyone, I will fight you, even to my death!"

As Wizarmon (X-Antibody) gave his name, he valiantly attacked Vamdemon.

Fascinated by his appearance, Tailmon made the decision to protect the Digimon to the end of her life as well, and evolved into Angewomon (X-Antibody)! Lining up with Wizarmon, they confronted Vamdemon.


Chapter 19 - "Whirlwind of Justice"[edit]

In a further area that was apart from where the Digimon were evacuating, Mephismon (X-Antibody) was enacting the utmost violence that it desired. While Mephismon was slaughtering powerless Digimon, two Digimon appeared before it with a gust of wind.

"Just when I was having so much fun. Do you have some sort of business with me?"

Mephismon asked, cocking its head to the side. One of the Digimon spoke sharply.

"To save the weak, I wipe the scum off the face of the world! Justimon, Digimon of justice, has arrived!!"

"Oh, and I'm a normal Digimon, Siesamon."

Justimon (X-Antibody) struck a pose as an explosion went off, while Siesamon (X-Antibody) stood beside him shaking its head wearily. Immediately, the two challenged Mephismon to battle.

"You two certainly are a ridiculous bunch. Where did you come from?"

"From the new Digital World, of course!"

"Other Digimon besides the Royal Knights have come from the new Digital World?"

"Yeah, that's right! We were so impressed by the words of a courageous 'traveler' that we've come to save the old Digital world from danger!"

"We mustn't rely on the Royal Knights all the time, but protect the Digital World with our own hands, after all."

Justimon and Siesamon brought Mephismon down with their magnificent teamwork.

"That's right. We can't run and hide all the time. We need to take a stand as well!"

And the Digimon who been evacuating gained courage from watching Justimon and Siesamon, and they began to rise in revolt against the evil Digimon army in waves.


Chapter 20 - "Two Lights/A Darker Scheme""[edit]

Ofanimon: Falldown Mode and Cheribumon (Vice). Both of these Ultimate levels faced Dynasmon, who was searching for a breakthrough. Just then, new Digimon who were part of the new Digital World's reinforcements appeared before them.

"We may not be much help, but we are at your service, oh esteemed holy knight."

It was Ofanimon (X-Antibody) and Cherubimon (Virtue) (X-Antibody).

Two of the Three Archangels! There is nothing more reassuring than this!

"Mister holy knight, you handle that Seven Great Demon Lord over there. We will take on these two!"

With that, Ofanimon X faced Ofanimon: Falldown Mode X, while Cherubimon (Virtue) X faced Cheribumon (Vice) X. If was the fierce clash of mirrored Digimon.

"I am in your debt!"

Dynasmon thanked the two Digimon before aiding Magnamon in their fight against Beelzebumon.

"Now then, Beelzebumon. You've done enough continuously trying to force us into being outnumbered before. I better not hear from you now that 2 against 1 is unfair!"

"Kahaha! It's fine by me! I was getting bored with fighting just this golden block! I'll take you on!"

And so, the severity of a battle royale where friend and foe were jumbled together increased.

The Royal Knights weren't the only ones fighting. Digimon from the new Digital world appeared in various parts of the land as if they had been instructed beforehand. All Digimon implemented the power they possessed to its max limits to regain peace in the Digital World. Fierce battles unfolded everywhere.

But hidden from all of this, Lucemon was the only one who secretly returned to the depths of the dark area. Another Digimon besides Lucemon stood in that still atmosphere.

It was Keramon (X-Antibody), who stared into empty space without even giving off the slightest tremor. Lucemon stood in front of Keramon and smirked wickedly.

"The plan has entered its final stage. Hehe. Hehehehe."

What is Lucemon's secret plot...? The chaotic Digital World was at the brink of being consumed with darkness by Lucemon's evil clutches...


Chapter 21 - "Kouta and Yuuji"[edit]

The numerous gates, connecting to the Dark Area, that had appeared across the old Digital world suddenly began to fuse, transforming into a single giant gate. Since the passageway of the opening was bigger now, the swarm of Digimon that had been kept back in the Dark Area before were able to break through the gate all at once. The evil Digimon that were invading in enormous numbers seemed to signal the end of the world. The Digimon who had been fighting for peace in the Digital world despaired upon seeing this nightmare.

"Don't give up! We're here with you!!"

The Digimon all looked up at the sky upon hearing that voice that seemed to boom from nowhere. They saw two young boys riding on the backs of flying Alphamon and Ouryumon, with Omegamon (X-Antibody) leading them. They were the humans who had long ago once created a future for the X-Antibody, Kouta and Yuuji.

It wasn't just Omegamon's party flying towards them. Countless Digimon came running as well, in numbers exceeding even the evil Digimon who had escaped the Dark area, to save them from this predicament.

"Let's go, Alphamon! Omegamon!"

"Go help them, Ouryumon!"

At Kouta and Yuuji's command, the trio of Digimon sped up, cutting their way as the advance guard to charge straight into the enemy's massive army. The three of them defeated many Digimon with their overwhelming strength. Seeing their heroism shook many Digimon out from their despair, encouraging them to stand back up again. It was the beginning of all-out war between light and darkness.


Chapter 22 - "The power that assembles towards the young boys"[edit]

---Awhile ago.

Omegamon, Alphamon, Ouryumon, and Dukemon, who had disappeared for a long time, were all standing on the land of the new Digital World. Kouta and Yuuji were beside them. After their fight with Death-X-mon, the group had been quietly traveling to all sorts of places throughout the three worlds of the new Digital World (Ulud Terminal, Versandi Terminal, Skuld Terminal), even to the Kernel of the Digital World's core. The purpose of this travel was to look over and ward off discrimination against the Digimon who once again obtained the X-Antibody. This didn't take just one round trip, but dozens of repeat round trips. And during those trips, the number of Digimon who felt their earnest dutifulness and opened up to them shot up. During these travels, Kouta and the group heard that the blockade to the old Digital World was about to be undone. They decided to take matters into their own hands and act in a way that would help them re-obtain the old Digital World in a better way.

When not only Craniummon and Sleipmon, but even JESmon who was the most communicative among the Royal Knights, agreed to accompany them, it made them certain that the old Digital World would return to them in the ideal shape. At this rate, they thought, they could head to the old Digital World, undo its seal, and everything would go well.

But just then, Omegamon and the others sensed turbulence from the Dark Area even as they were in the new Digital World.

Judging from the sense of wickedness they felt, Dukemon deduced that the Seven Great Demon Lords were involved. If nothing was done, it was not only the old Digital World that would be endangered. The entirety of the Digital World could be at risk. Kouta and the others quickly gathered the Digimon that they had befriended during their travels in the new Digital World. Many Digimon gathered at the sound of the boys' calls, surrounding them.

"Everyone! I'm sorry for summoning you all so suddenly."

Kouta began, explaining of the danger that was approaching not just the old Digital World. The faces of the Digimon listening to him all broke into grins, as if they already knew what Kouta was about to say next.

"Let's go save them. We must not lose anymore lives in either the new or old Digital Worlds! We shall all break through this! For our future!" The crowds of Digimon let out a united battle cry. Among them was Justimon, Siesamon, and even Hououmon.

The Three Archangels, who were also watching them from their position at the Kernel, were moved by the humans' words. Defending the Kernel was left to Seraphimon, while Ofanimon and Cherubimon (Virtue) joined the human boys. Having formed a large army, they all headed as one to the old Digital World.

Chapter 23 - "A Neverending Conclusion"[edit]

"Damn it! I can't believe the Royal Knights of all people got ahead of me..."

Barbamon was defeated by Lord Knightmon and Duftmon. When Dark Knightmon saw this, he realized that he was at a disadvantage and quietly retreated.

"Ulforce V-dramon! How dare you continue to interfere with me...! Gwuhhh!"

"As long as I'm still around, you will never have your way, Demon!"

Ulforce V-dramon, on the other hand, managed to weaken Demon after their struggle to the death.

Magnamon, with the help of Dynasmon, defeated Beelzebumon. The other Royal Knights also, with the help of other Digimon with them, succeeded in rendering Lilithmon, Belphemon, and Leviamon powerless. But the moment each Seven Great Demon Lord was defeated, their bodies were sucked through the gate of the Dark Area, as if they were transferred to somewhere. All of the Royal Knights, who had challenged the Seven Great Demon Lords, could only stand still in disquiet as they sensed that something menacing was about to happen.

Chapter 24 - "The Seven Diablomon X"[edit]

When the Seven Great Demon Lords were rendered powerless, their bodies were transferred to the Dark Area's lowest level Cocytus, where Lucemon was present.

"Hahahaha! The time has come!!"

In response to Lucemon's voice, Keramon evolved into Diablomon (X-Antibody). Diablomon split into seven copies of himself, each body absorbing each of the Seven Great Demon Lords.

"I made the right choice sending in the sample to that battle royale in order to get Diablomon's data. They're even able to withstand the enormous data of the Seven Great Demon Lords and absorb them completely! It won't be long before my body too shall... Hehe, mwahahahahaha!"

With loud laughter, Lucemon allowed himself to be absorbed into the seventh Diablomon. After all of the Seven Great Demon Lords were absorbed, the seven Diablomon began ascending to the surface. They appeared before the Royal Knights, who had all assembled at one spot.

Chapter 25 - "Desperate Effort"[edit]

Each of the 7 Diablomon overflowed with immense energy and all of the Royal Knights knew that something bad would happen if they didn't do anything. However, the battle with the Seven Great Demon Lords left Sleipmon and the group exhausted, Gankoomon was still recovering, and JESmon was watching over him so could not move. Alphamon made a Blast Evolution with Ouryumon, becoming Alphamon: Ouryuken. Together with Omegamon and Dukemon, the 3 Royal Knights began to strike at the Diablomon.

They challenged the Diablomon upgraded by the power of the Seven Great Demon Lords, but the Diablomon had no uniformity in their movements. Not even Omegamon's 'Omega Inforce' worked against this unpredictable battle style, and the battle became a struggle for the Royal Knights. This was where Gankoomon, having fully recovered, with JESmon, returned.

"Sorry to be a bother. Now that I've recovered, let me!"

Gankoomon's unparalleled power, partnered with JESmon, pushed back the frontline of multiple Diablomon. One of the Diablomon, who was watching the battle unfold while appearing bored, screamed. As if resonating with its scream, the 7 Diablomon once again merged into one and transformed into a super giant Digimon.

The name of that Digimon was... Ogudomon (X-Antibody).

The ultimate darkness reigned over the old Digital World.


Chapter 26 - "A new X-Evolution and the last battle"[edit]

When the gigantic Ogudomon appeared, the world began to gradually crumble. The earth split apart, the texture of the skies was torn off, and the entire world grew engulfed in a wireframe of darkness. Ogudomon's power was so immense that it threatened the world's end by merely existing. This had been Lucemon's scheme all along, to become Ogudomon and destroy the entire Digital World.

If nothing was done, the old Digital World would be completely demolished and the destruction would erode into the new Digital World. All of the Digimon began attacking Ogudomon as one in order to prevent the entire Digital World from falling into this crisis. Even the evil Digimon joined in, worried that they would no longer have any place of their own. Whether they had previously been enemies or allies didn't matter anymore. They all joined forces to take down Ogudomon.

However, none of each Digimon's attack was enough to defeat Ogudomon. Not even the Royal Knights' suicidal strike, where they mustered up every drop of their power to attack, worked on Ogudomon. Omegamon, Dukemon, and even Alphamon: Ouryuken were defeated.

"This is gonna be a bit tough all by myself..."

While he participated in the attack against Ogudomon , Gankoomon whispered this to himself. Although he had power to spare, he knew that his power alone would not possibly turn this situation around.

In that case, he thought. Gankoomon's next action was to race to JESmon.

"My pupil, JESmon! I will now be giving you all of my powers, both as a Royal Knight and my X-Antibody!"


"I had always intended to have you succeed me as a Royal Knight to begin with. Now is that time. Take my X-Antibody, all of it, and stop him! I entrust you to support the Royal Knights from now on!"

At those words, JESmon could not reply but nodded gravely. When Gankoomon touched JESmon, his data became a light that rapidly poured into JESmon.


JESmon, with Gankoomon's power, underwent an evolution that went beyond X-Evolution.

He became JESmon GX, the newly awakened version of JESmon.

Will JESmon GX be able to strike down Ogudomon and regain peace in the Digital World?!


Chapter 27 - "Final Chapter"[edit]

The power of becoming JESmon GX makes him mighty, even surpassing the might of Ogudomon X. However, the power of darkness of Ogudomon X begins to overwhelm JESmon GX again, so JESmon GX went on the defensive.

"What should I do?!!"

While JESmon GX was struggling, the Royal Knights who had fallen rise up once again.

"Our power, we will collect and send it for JESmon!"

All the Royal Knights held their hands towards JESmon GX and each sent the power they had remaining to JESmon GX.

"Everyone's power, I can feel it. This one will be enough"

Go JESmon. JESmon GX, who has the power of the Royal Knights, pushes back against what surrounded him with 'Knights Intruder'.

"That's it!"

And that one wonderful attack cut Odudomon X, who ceased moving and began to disappear. In that moment, peace began to return to the world. As Ogudomon X was disappearing, the Seven Great Demon Lords were released and used up their remaining power and returned to Cocytus again.

-A few days later-

Yggdrasil, the wish of the winner of the battle royale. "Free back and forth movement of Digimon for the new and old Digital Worlds." To update the digital world, the barriers between the new digital world and the old digital world have been removed and united.

In the future, the Royal Knights will be watching the digital world. At the start of Project Ark, "The Digital World will collapse due to the huge data volume from the Digimon."

Just in case for that concern, "We will work hard from the real world to expand the capacity of the digital world", Kouta and Yuuji promised. And they left with one more thing to say... "Yggdrasil, watch out on interfering too much with the Digimon. And when a crisis comes to the digital world, we will always rush, even though we hope it won't happen."

Encouraging Yggdrasil and the Royal Knights, Kouta says goodbye again to the Royal Knights and Ouryumon and left. Alphamon, who had also watched over Kouta, had again disappeared.

Yggdrasil, thanks to the work of Kouta and Yuuji, recognized the usefulness of the X-Antibody. X-evolution, the potential of Digimon's hidden evolution was recognized by Yggdrasil. The decision spread quickly throughout the digital world.