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A Fallen Angel Digimon which has the appearance of a giant male goat. It is also a dark being born from the lingering thought-data of an Apocalymon that attempted to destroy all life. Like Apocalymon, its governing principle is the extermination of all life. It specializes in the black magic of the Dark-species, and its personality is endlessly cruel. However, it is highly intelligent, and is also a tactician. Its Signature Move "Black Sabbath" is a dark incantation in which it prays for a festival of death. Those who hear this spell will soon die. Its Special Move is generating a cloud of darkness which causes everything to decay (Death Cloud).
The effect on Mephismon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
Since its appearance has changed from a male goat to that of a female goat and dressed itself in a ladylike fashion, it skillfully uses advanced dark incantations, and its every move exudes elegance. Its raison d'être is casting death upon those crying and begging for their lives or those struggling hopelessly with a dark incantation shot (Hermannia) and its "Merry Merry Destruction", where it unleashes a vast amount of magical power from its umbrella.
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Death Cloud [1] デスクラウド Desu Kuraudo Generates a cloud of darkness that corrodes everything.
Black Sabbath [1] ブラックサバス Burakku Sabasu Uses a dark incantation to pray for a festival of death, or fires a dark shock wave from its hand.
Hermannia [1][N 1] ヘルマニア Herumania A dark incantation shot.
Merry Merry Destruction [1] メリーメリーデストラクション Merī Merī Desutorakushon Unleashes a vast amount of magical power from its umbrella.


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Early design illustration from the Digital Monster Artbook Ver. X

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  1. Certain species of the genus Hermannia have magical significance and are used to drive out spirits.