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Shibayama Junpei
Shibayama Junpei
Kanji/Kana 柴山 純平
Dub Name J.P. Shibayama
Age 12
Digivice Blue/Yellow D-Scanner
Spirits Human and Beast Spirit of Thunder
Voice Actor Japanese Amada Masato (天田 真人)
English Steven Blum

Shibayama Junpei is one of the protagonists of Digimon Frontier.


Child ?
Human Blitzmon
Beast Bolgmon
Fusion Form Rhino Kabuterimon[1]
Transcendent Form ?
Ultimate Ancient Beatmon[2]


Shibayama Junpei is a Chosen Child, chosen by Ofanimon to inherit the Legendary Spirits of Thunder. The oldest of the group, Junpei is also tall for his age and of a stocky build. He is loud, abrasive and a bit of a show-off, but in truth, he is a kindhearted person and is always the first to cheer a friend up. He is incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable (though he is not a very good student), and is a talented magician. He seems to carry a large supply of chocolate bars in his jumpsuit.

In the past, Junpei never felt like he had any true friends. He was well-liked by his classmates, who were impressed by his elaborate magic tricks, though he was never able to get close to any of them. Though he was surrounded by people, he always felt lonely.



Digimon Frontier[edit]

Junpei received Ofanimon's message while he was parking his bicycle at home. Intrigued by the message, he traveled to Shiyuba Station and boarded a Trailmon with Kanbara Takuya, Orimoto Izumi, and Himi Tomoki. He was immediately infatuated with Izumi, though he didn't think much of the others. Just before they entered the Digital World, their cellphones turned into D-Scanners.

After Takuya found his Human Spirit of Fire at the Fire Terminal, Junpei decided that he would rather go back home, and tried to drag a somewhat reluctant Tomoki along. Junpei bribed a Pagumon with a chocolate bar so he would tell them where can they find another Trailmon that would take them the Real World, though the Trailmon ended up speeding off without Junpei and Tomoki. Soon, they were surrounded by many Pagumon who demanded to receive more chocolate. They were chased to the underground and were cornered, but Minamoto Kouji arrived and saved them, particularly when the Pagumon merged into Raremon and Kouji had to evolve using his newly-found Human Spirit of Light. Kouji left after the event, but Junpei and Tomoki decided to stick with Takuya and Izumi anyway.

By Digimon Frontier - Episode 05, Junpei was the only Chosen Child who had yet to find his Human Spirit, and was feeling very weak and insecure. The children reached Wind Factory, where they encountered a village of Kokuwamon that were being enslaved by Snimon and his Goburimon soldiers. The children wanted to free them, but Junpei felt helpless because of his lack of Human Spirit. However, he faced Snimon in spite of this, and luckily found the Human Spirit of Thunder in the factory. With it, he evolved into Blitzmon and defeated Snimon.

After escaping from Seraphimon's castle following the Evil Warriors' attack, the Chosen Children reached a dead end in an underground cavern. As they tried to find a way out, they found a Whamon in what looked like a small pond, who attacked them in hysterics and hit Junpei, weakening him. Grottomon and Arbormon found the children and attacked them. Junpei tried to fight them off as Blitzmon, but his weakness got over him and devolved. Before Grottomon could attack again, Whamon smashed him into a wall with a jet of water fired from his spout, and as he did, he spat out the Beast Spirit of Thunder, which he had eaten. Junpei used the spirit to evolve into Bolgmon and scanned Grottomon's data, getting the Human Spirit of Earth and giving Izumi her stolen Human Spirit of Wind back.

When Sephirothmon sucked the Chosen Children into his body, Junpei was the first to find himself inside the Earth Sphere. There, he battled a Volcamon, who played on the boy's self-doubts by saying that no one will help him, and that he has no real friends. Junpei managed to defeat Volcamon, but then he found himself battling a shadow version of Blitzmon in an arena, while many copies of the other Chosen Children jeered at him from the stands and yelled that they hate him. Though plagued by memories of his lonely home life, he managed to evolve into Bolgmon and defeat the shadow with his strongest attack. It was then when the other children managed to get into the sphere and showed great concern towards him. From then on, he knew that he had finally made some real friends: the other Chosen Children.

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