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The crystal in Savior Hackmon's chest began to shine as it surpassed Perfect to reach its Ultimate form: a Holy Knight Digimon that acquired the title of a "Royal Knights", the highest rank of Network Security. It is endowed with the ability to sense the unusual phenomena and signs of chaos that occur all over the Digital World, and is the first of any of the Royal Knights to come running. Rather than act independently, it tends to employ teamwork such as making a coordinated response with nearby Digimon and the Sistermons, which is rare for a Royal Knight; it does so due to its trust in others and so that it will not become overconfident in its abilities. By observing and learning from the Hinukamuy of its mentor Gankoomon, JESmon also acquired the trio "Atho", "René", and "Por" as part of its ascetic training. They are able to move and act independently under JESmon's instructions, and boast formidable behavioral abilities such as landing direct attacks on the enemy, the protection of JESmon, and the rescue of other Digimon.
The effect on JESmon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
The X-Antibody has transformed it into a form further specializing in offense, and turned the armor covering its body into blades. The multiple blades it has newly equipped are all capable of independent movement, giving JESmon the attack power to one-sidedly overwhelm the opponent in single combat. Not only that, its three programs "Atho", "René", and "Por" have all awakened and unified as the single Tactical Arms, giving rise to a new battle style that is aimed at all directions, not leaving a single spot untouched.
Its Special Moves are shooting out its Tactical Arms, pummeling the opponent with an iron fist that would make Gankoomon proud (Tekken Danzai), and firing off the swords all over its body at the opponent, unleashing a combo-attack with the greatswords on both of its arms (Schwertflügel). Furthermore, the "Kyūkyoku Senjin Seibaken" it pulls out from the Digicore in its chest is a non-lethal trump card, destroying only the fighting spirit of any opponent it cuts, leaving them unable to battle.
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Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Translation Kanji/Kana Romanization Dub Description
Tekken Danzai [2] Iron-Fist Judgment 鉄拳断罪 N/A Iron-Fist Judgment[5]/Tekken Danzai[4]/Fists of Judgement[6] Pummels the opponent with an iron fist by shooting out its Tactical Arms.
Schwertflügel [2] Deu: "Sword Wing" シュベルトフリューゲル Shuberutofuryūgeru Schwertflügel[4] Fires off the swords and continuously slashes at the opponent with its two great-swords.
Kyūkyoku Senjin Seibaken [2] Ultimate-Battle-Blade Seibaken (Holy Conqueror Sword) 究極戦刃聖覇剣 N/A Kyūkyoku Senjin Seibaken[4] Pulls out its Ultimate-Battle-Blade Seibaken from the Digicore in its chest, then destroys the fighting spirit of any opponent it cuts.


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After assessing the situation, Jesmon (X-Antibody) comes up with a plan to resolve the chaos brewing in the Old Digital World. It is suggested that a competition be held in the Old Digital World to determine a supreme victor. If a Digimon in each region emerges victorious in 1-on-1 battles according to these rules, they will be rewarded with an expansion to their sphere of influence. Continue winning, and the eventual final victor will be granted the right to determine the Old Digital World's future.

Jesmon (X-Antibody) pronouncing the "Battle Royale" in Digimon Chronicle X.

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