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Kanji/Kana パグモン
Human Partner Unnamed Tamer (formerly), Tomomi (formerly), Player (Digimon Story)

Pagumon is a Partner Digimon of the Player in Digimon Story.


Baby I
Baby II Pagumon
Child Agumon (Black)
Adult Dark Tyranomon
Perfect Andiramon (Deva)



Video Games[edit]

Digimon Story[edit]

Pagumon first appears as Black Agumon intruding in the Player's DigiFarm, where he calls Digimon raised by Tamers weak and introduces himself as a Stray Digimon. When the Player tries to stop him, Black Agumon challenges him to a fight in Training Peak, where he lived. However, when the Player meets him there, he doesn't recognize them at first, and then doesn't remember what they want with him, insulting the Player's Digimon all the while, then attacks them to prove a Digimon doesn't need a Tamer. Once he's defeated, the Player asks him once again to stop insulting their Digimon and they accept, but not without telling them he'll get stronger and beat them next time, with the Player accepting his challenge.

After learning from Andromon that Black Agumon knows where the Forbidden Land, and therefore, Phil is, the Player returns to Training Peak. While they find him on the same spot as before, he had evolved into Dark Tyranomon thanks to training hard after his previous defeat, to the Player's surprise. Once again, Dark Tyranomon challenges the Player to a fight but they instead ask him how to get to the Forbidden Land. While he knows this, he refuses to tell the Player without being beaten in battle first. While annoyed by his loss, Dark Tyranomon keeps his end of the deal and tells the Player that the Forbidden Land is Chrome Mine and that they'll need both the address and the Digimental of Miracles from Pandamon at Sheer Valley to get there. He then swears to get stronger and beat the Player next time.

Dark Tyranomon reappears at Chrome Mine, just in time to rescue the Player and Phil from Mugendramon, though he refused to admit it and said he was there just to fight strong enemies and prove Digimon don't need Tamers to grow stronger. However, Dark Tyranomon's no match for Mugendramon and gets killed by the latter.

Agumon (Black) is reborn as Pagumon, whom Baihumon gives to the Player's care as his quest to ascend to Gold Tamer. While the Player thinks this'll be an easy task, Pagumon is immediately aggressive towards them, refusing to accept anyone as his Tamer. After the Player leaves and reenters the DigiFarm, Pagumon asks them to take him to Steamy Jungle as the DigiFarm is too small and cramped for him. Once they reach Steamy Jungle, Pagumon leaves on his own to play, and the Player is forced to chase him. Once they meet again, the Player finds that Pagumon ate a flower that left him in great pain. Culumon then calls the player and explains that Pagumon ate a Poison Flower, and that its poison can only be cured with an Antidote Nut found in Steamy Jungle. However, Pagumon takes the Player leaving him to search for the antidote as them abandoning them completely, an experience he had gone through before, and refuses to believe the Player saying otherwise. Regardless, the Player does get Pagumon the Antidote Nut which heals his tummy ache, and thus, Pagumon realizes that the Player isn't like the Tamers he knew and they form a friendship, which makes the Player glad. They then return to the DigiFarm as Pagumon is tired.

After returning, Ellie comes to the Player's DigiFarm and asks about Pagumon. The Player answers her and, afterwards, Ellie tries to greet Pagumon, only for him to react as aggressively to her as he had to the Player before. However, Ellie kindly introducing herself makes Pagumon's demeanor instantly soften and he points out that she's the same as the Player, and thus, must be a good person too. Ellie answers he must be a good Digimon too, and the Player thinks they'll get along just fine. Pagumon's attention is then taken by Ellie's Star Piece, which Pagumon eats, thinking it was food. Ellie then leaves the DigiFarm about to cry. Pagumon's confused about what he did wrong and the Player explains it to him, which makes him want to get her the same kind of item and apologise. Thus, the Player and Pagumon go to Packet Swamp.

After obtaining a new Star Shard from the Gottsumon, Pagumon apologises personally to Ellie and gives it to her. Ellie is surprised at how big the Star Shard is and thanks Pagumon for it, with Pagumon sharing Ellie's happiness. This makes Pagumon want to do more nice things and make people happy, which lets the Player realize how much Pagumon has grown. Alphamon, one of the guardians of Digimon in the Digital World, then appears and mocks them for thinking that's growth for a Digimon, as said growth should simply be to continue evolving and growing stronger, with no room for kindness. After Alphamon leaves, Pagumon shows clear anger at Alphamon's ideology, then leads the Player to go rest at the DigiFarm. However, in it, they learn from Phil that Ellie had been kidnapped by Devimon, who threatens the Player to bring Pagumon with him to Sewage Tunnel. Despite knowing this is a trap, both willingly go to rescue Ellie. They find Devimon where Platinum Scumon once was, and Devimon attacks them under orders from Unknown-D. After being defeated, Devimon is shocked but Pagumon is unsurprised because they'd never lose to a terrible guy like him. Devimon mocks Pagumon, as even if he was reborn, he's still a Stray Digimon, and he'll leave his Tamer once he regains his memory. Devimon then dies laughing. While Pagumon doesn't understand anything he said, the Player realizes Pagumon was Black Agumon. Pagumon is confused at the Player staring at him but doesn't care because finding Ellie comes first. Thankfully, Devimon keeps his part of the deal, and Ellie appears in front of them. Ellie offers to cook for them as a reward for saving her, which makes Pagumon happy.

Back at the DigiFarm, Pagumon happily states how full he is and how delicious Ellie's food was. However, the Player's stuck in his own thoughts, convinced Pagumon is the reborn Black Agumon of Training Peak, and can't find any meaning in that. Baihumon then calls the Player and asks him to bring Pagumon to him. Getting to him, Baihumon and Pagumon cheerfully chat with each other and Pagumon confirms he wants to stay with the Player. Pagumon then tells Baihumon about Alphamon. Baihumon explains to them that Alphamon was once an ally of theirs, helping to make the Digital World a better place, and a close friend of Clavis Angemon, but was against bringing humans into the Digital World and ended up leaving them. Nonetheless, Baihumon's convinced he's a very good guy. After leaving the room, the Player and Pagumon meet Kain and Tomomi, who recognize Pagumon as a Digimon the latter was raising. Pagumon confirms this, though Tomomi only made him fight and treated him badly, which made Pagumon disobey her and he ran away. Tomomi then calls him the worst Digimon ever and says she was glad he left. The Player defends Pagumon, saying he's a kind Digimon, which makes Kain mock them too as worthless. This angers Pagumon, though the Player tells him to just ignore Kain, who keeps mocking them before leaving. While the Player wants Pagumon to ignore their words, he's more focused about how he thinks he was much stronger in the past, but he can't recall anything specific. The Player is then left wondering if he's started remembering his past.

Delumon and their lackeys bullying Pagumon

Back at the DigiFarm, Pagumon asks the Player to be left alone for some time so he can think. However, he instead leaves the DigiFarm on his own and went to Mangrove Woods, as Culumon tells the player. Deep in the woods, the Player finds Pagumon being hurt by two Penmon (Penta and Penkichi) and a Kiwimon (Kiwii) led by a Delumon, entirely because Pagumon irritates Delumon. The Player jumps to defend Pagumon, so Delumon decides to pick on them instead, and sends their lackeys to do so. After they're beaten, Delumon calls them useless and fights the Player themself. After being defeated, Delumon asks for forgiveness and explains that Pagumon reminds them of a Digimon that bullied them. The Player tells they shouldn't pick on those weaker than themself and they agree, then orders their lackeys to do so too. Afterwards, they all leave.

In the DigiFarm, Pagumon tells the Player he's been having dreams of his past life, where he was much stronger, but didn't want to tell the Player earlier because he wasn't sure if the place he saw was even real, or if it was, he still didn't know where it was. Nonetheless, the Player still wanted to help him as his Tamer. This made Pagumon cry of happiness, and he explains to the Player that the place he saw had old fossils all over it. While the Player didn't know this place, he proposed to ask around to find out, which Pagumon agreed to. This led them to Yuji, who though the place sounded like Old Canyon and gave them the address to it.

Jijimon and Babamon explain the past of Old Canyon and Andiramon

When they arrived at Old Canyon, Pagumon said the place looked like the one in his dreams and wondered if it meant they were one and the same. The Player was unsure, and proposed to go deeper into it. At the deepest point, they find Jijimon and Babamon's shack. The Player attempts to talk to them but they're hard of hearing and miss every attempt, before attacking them. The fight is good for the old duo, who feel energized and their minds cleared after exercising and finally listen to the Player's questions. Babamon explains to them that Old Canyon was originally an area in the Digital World known as File Island, but then an evil Chimairamon appeared and turned it into an evil place. Then, a Tamer and an Andiramon fought the Chimairamon, but they lost. While the area should've been erased from the Digital World alongside File Island, it instead returned to the Digital World, and Andiramon should've been reborn as well as Pagumon, thus Pagumon's dreams are memories of his past life. Learning about his past makes Pagumon feel better. The Player thanks Jijimon and Babamon, and Jijimon asks them to come back when they have a chance.

Back in Digi-Central, Pagumon thanks the Player for his help in learning who he was and what happened to him, how he lost then Dark Evolved from Black Agumon to Dark Tyranomon because he couldn't meet a good Tamer, then became Pagumon after dying again. With that knowledge, he wants to be his true self, Andiramon, again, and asks the Player for their help, which they agree to give as his Tamer. Pagumon is sure they can achieve it together.

Back at the DigiFarm, the Player points out that Pagumon is a special Digimon and wonders how to evolve him into Andiramon. Culumon has an idea, though he considers it too dangerous. He explains that a Data Core Crystal, which affects a Digimon's evolution, has just been created at Chrome Mine. While Pagumon could use the energy, if said energy is too strong, then the Digimon that uses it would lose control. The Player decides to go take a look nonetheless and leaves alongside Pagumon.

However, Kain and Tomomi got to the Data Core just before the Player and Pagumon did. The Player tries to warn them about the risks of the Data Core, but Kain and Tomomi just point out the Player must be too weak to use it, just like Pagumon. This annoys Pagumon, who is willing to take insults himself but won't accept his Tamer being insulted. Kain then summons his Atlur Kabuterimon and gives it the Data Core, which causes it to evolve into Gran Kuwagamon and run out of control. Kain runs away, and Pagumon attacks Gran Kuwagamon to defend Tomomi. Thankfully, before Gran Kuwagamon can return the favour, it self-destructs. Tomomi can't understand why Pagumon saved her when he had no chance against Gran Kuwagamon, but Pagumon answers that he didn't care about that, he just did what was right. This leads Tomomi to finally acknowledge Pagumon's strength, realizing that power alone was not the right way to measure a Digimon's strength. Tomomi decides to leave Kain and raise a Digimon properly from the beginning, which the Player agrees with. Tomomi then gives the Player and Pagumon a Core Piece she picked up secretly as her way of saying thanks, then leaves. To properly check the Core Piece, the Player and Pagumon decide to return to the DigiFarm.

Pagumon's evolution into Andiramon

Back at the DigiFarm, Pagumon hurries the Player to check the Core Piece. The Player gives it to Culumon to check, who says it should be all right but it can only be used once. The Player then gives it to Pagumon, who successfully evolves into Andiramon. Happy about his evolution, Andiramon proclaims the Player as the best Tamer he's ever had. However, their celebration is cut short by an urgent mail from the Union, warning Tamers that Chimairamon had appeared at Junk Factory and they should not go there as it was too dangerous. Andiramon has one last request for the Player which they know without being told - to battle Chimairamon. The Player points out that someone has to do it, and Andiramon decides to go and protect the Digital World. Culumon then gives the Player the address to Junk Factory.

The Player and Andiramon come face-to-face with Chimairamon

Deep in Junk Factory, the Player and Andiramon come face-to-face with Chimairamon. The Player could feel its overwhelming power, but Andiramon refused to lose, and both charged at the beast. After defeating it, the Player congratulates Andiramon for finally doing it, but Andiramon points out it was thanks to the Player. Last time, his Tamer had gotten so scared that he ran away and left Andiramon behind, then he died and was reborn with a sense of despair towards Tamers, but the Player stayed with him to the end and gave him strength and encouragement, so Andiramon had complete trust in them. However, Unknown-D's voice suddenly boomed, questioning Andiramon's faith. The Player blamed Unknown-D for creating this Chimairamon, which he admitted to, so it'd defeat them and prove Digimon didn't need Tamers to Andiramon and the rest of the Digimon, but his efforts ended in failure. The Player stated that an evil scheme like that could never succeed. Unknown-D acknowledged his loss but questioned Andiramon about believing in and living with a human Tamer who could betray him at any moment. Andiramon had no doubts about it and about continuing to improve as a Digimon. Unknown-D then said he'd await Andiramon's despair as he remembered his words, then left. The Player wondered who Unknown-D was and what his intentions were, and while Andiramon didn't know, he knew that his schemes could always be stopped so long as Tamers and Digimon trusted each other.

While Andiramon is never directly seen again, the Player is silently given 100% Andiramon Scan Data, representing how they stayed together. Andiramon's growth is also taken as proof the Player completed their rank up mission by Baihumon, thus earning them the Gold Rank.

Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue & Red[edit]

Andiramon is part of Kogure Haruhiko's Team Chrono (クロノ "Kurono"?) in the Bronze Tamer Match alongside Chronomon Holy Mode and Xuanwumon.

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