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Battle!! Digimon
Author Yu Yuen-wong (余 遠鍠)
Publisher Rightman Publishing Ltd.
Serialization CO-CO! Magazine
Duration 1998-1999
Volumes 11
Next Manga Digimon Adventure (Manhua)
Previous Manga N/A
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Battle!! Digimon (激鬥!!數碼暴龍) is a manga/manhua. The manga has a total of 11 volumes divided into two different series, as the first one having 4 volumes, and the second one having 6 plus a special volume. Its second series is called Battle!! Digimon –Perfect Level Decisive Battle Chapter– (激鬥!!數碼暴龍 ―完全體決戰篇―).

It is based on the Digital Monster Ver. 5, altough the previous versions of the original Digital Monster virtual pet are also featured in this manga. Chapters were released in the bi-weekly CO-CO! Magazine.



Image Gallery[edit]

Fight Digitalmonsters.jpg Fight Digitalmonsters2.jpg Fight Digitalmonsters3.jpg Fight Digitalmonsters4.jpg
Fight!! Digital Monsters Fight!! Digital Monsters Fight!! Digital Monsters Fight!! Digital Monsters
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Fight!! Digital Monsters Fight!! Digital Monsters Fight!! Digital Monsters

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