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The harmonica in Ishida Yamato's hands.

In Digimon Adventure, Ishida Yamato owns a "Blues Harp" brand harmonica (ハーモニカ hāmonika). Its sound—in particular, a melancholy leitmotif, variously titled "Walk on the Edge" or "Run With the Wind", which he frequently plays on it—is a recurring motif in Adventure and its sequels.



Digimon Adventure[edit]

When he is taken into the Digital World, Ishida Yamato has his harmonica with him.

The other Chosen Children are first introduced to the harmonica while they are staying the night at Dragon Eye Lake. When Yamato runs off from the central island after his chat with Yagami Taichi, he plays "Walk on the Edge" on it. Gabumon immediately takes a liking to its sound.[1]

While the group is separated by Devimon, Patamon asks Takaishi Takeru whether he remembers when he was a baby. Takeru recalls a time when the two brothers were much younger, in which Yamato played the harmonica while Takeru was building with toy blocks.[2]

During his time working at Digitamamon's restaurant, one night, Yamato retreats to the lakeside by himself to play "Walk on the Edge" on the harmonica. While he is playing, he is approached by Pico Devimon, who comments on his playing and claims that he can tell, just from the melody of Yamato's playing, that he is troubled. He exploits this to attempt to sow seeds of discord between Yamato and Kido Jo.[3]

After the seven Chosen Children regroup and Garudamon drives Vamdemon away, Yamato sits to the side of the group, playing a more upbeat version of "Walk on the Edge" while the others chat. He stops in his tracks when Vamdemon summons dark clouds overhead.[4]

When the Chosen Children and Whamon take a break to do some fishing while they are on the run from Metal Seadramon, Yamato plays his harmonica while the others fish. He stops playing when he starts worrying about whether the group can defeat the Dark Masters.[5]

After the Chosen Children split up, while Jo and Tachikawa Mimi are visiting the remains of the Village of Beginnings, they hear the sound of the harmonica playing somewhere nearby and follow it, expecting it to be Yamato, who has long since separated from the others. Instead, they find Elecmon playing it poorly. Elecmon reports that he recently found it discarded on the beach, and Jo and Mimi conclude that Yamato must be somewhere nearby. Following a further tip from Elecmon that he had seen a swan boat crossing the lake the night before, Jo and Gomamon set off by themselves across the lake.[6] When he finds Yamato, Jo returns the harmonica.[7]

Following the defeat of Apocalymon, during the Chosen Children's last hours in the Digital World, Gabumon requests that Yamato play the harmonica for him one last time. Yamato obliges. Taichi and Agumon overhear the sound of the harmonica as well from their position on the Dragon Eye Lake central island, and it brings a tear to Taichi's eye.[8]

Ishida Yamato, age 11, playing the harmonica.

Digimon Adventure 02: Diablomon Strikes Back[edit]

The harmonica does not appear in the present-day story. However, when Imperialdramon: Paladin Mode finishes off Armagemon, a single note from the harmonica is heard around Tokyo Bay, and the characters respond to it. (When the note is played, the film cuts to a shot of a younger Ishida Yamato playing the harmonica.)

A young Ishida Yamato playing the harmonica.

Digimon Adventure tri.[edit]

In the afternoon, after he learns about the Reboot, Gabumon drops in on Ishida Yamato during a music practice session. Yamato is suddenly motivated to play his harmonica instead of his guitar, as a change of pace, and plays "Walk on the Edge" on it. Partway through playing, Yamato opens up to Gabumon about his desire to go back to the past and what that would mean for his memories, which strikes a chord with Gabumon given his knowledge of the Reboot.[9]

Ishida Yamato, age 17, playing the harmonica.

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna[edit]

On his way home from university, Ishida Yamato passes a child in a music store who is trying out a harmonica. This, among other sights he passes that night, reminds him of his own harmonica and his decision to abandon his pursuit of music.

After the defeat of Eosmon, on his last evening with Gabumon as their partnership countdown nears its end, Yamato pulls out his harmonica, which he had recently gotten refurbished. Gabumon asks to hear Yamato play it one last time, and Yamato obliges and plays "Walk on the Edge".

Ishida Yamato, age 22, playing the harmonica.


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