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Kanji/Kana アルファモン

Alphamon, also known as Unknown-D, is a major antagonist in Digimon Story. As the one controlling Kain, he's the true leader of the Bad Tamers, as well as the one behind the Devimon and Mugendramon incidents.


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Video Games[edit]

Digimon Story[edit]

As Unknown-D, Alphamon ordered Mugendramon to kidnap Phil.

Alphamon first appears to the Player and Pagumon after the latter says he wants to make people happy and the former realizes how much he's grown. He introduces himself as one of the guardians of Digimon in the Digital World, then appears and mocks them for thinking that's growth for a Digimon, as said growth should simply be to continue evolving and growing stronger, with no room for kindness. The Player refuses that, as Digimon share the same hearts as humans and it's important for them to feel all sorts of emotions. Alphamon rejects this and that people and Digimon need each other, and says that one day that will be apparent to everyone, before leaving. This incident leads Alphamon to, as Unknown-D, order Devimon to kidnap Ellie, itself a way to lure the Player and Pagumon in to kill them.

Later on, after being questioned about Alphamon by the Player and Pagumon, Baihumon explains to them that Alphamon was once an ally of theirs, helping to make the Digital World a better place, and a close friend of Clavis Angemon, but was against bringing humans into the Digital World and ended up leaving them. Nonetheless, Baihumon's convinced he's a very good guy.

After the Player and Andiramon defeated Chimairamon, Unknown-D's voice suddenly boomed, questioning Andiramon's faith. The Player blamed Unknown-D for creating this Chimairamon, which he admitted to, so it'd defeat them and prove Digimon didn't need Tamers to Andiramon and the rest of the Digimon, but his efforts ended in failure. The Player stated that an evil scheme like that could never succeed. Unknown-D acknowledged his loss but questioned Andiramon about believing in and living with a human Tamer who could betray him at any moment. Andiramon had no doubts about it and about continuing to improve as a Digimon. Unknown-D then said he'd await Andiramon's despair as he remembered his words, then left. The Player wondered who Unknown-D was and what his intentions were, and while Andiramon didn't know, he knew that his schemes could always be stopped so long as Tamers and Digimon trusted each other.

During the virus incident, after the Player corners the Bad Tamers Boss at Freezing Mountain, he calls for Unknown-D, who then summons Baihumon. The Bad Tamers Boss orders the berserk Baihumon to kill the Player, confirming to the Player that the Bad Tamer Boss and Unknown-D are behind the berserk virus incidents. Much like the rest, after being defeated, Baihumon comes back to his senses and thanks the Player. Baihumon then turns to the Bad Tamers Boss, before realizing that he couldn't sense Unknown-D anymore. The Bad Tamers Boss then runs away, and the Player and Baihumon separate to chase him and Unknown-D, respectively.

After beating Marin Angemon, Baihumon reunites with the Player, though only for both of them to confirm they lost their intended targets. Baihumon then points out that Unknown-D must be really powerful to be able to open Wormholes, and that the Bad Tamers Boss used his power to do so. However, he can't be sure if Unknown-D is a Digimon.

When Kain, the Bad Tamers Boss, is about to get sent back to the Real World, he gets contacted by Unknown-D, who encourages him not to accept his punishment. Kain blames Unknown-D for his situation, which he acknowledges and gives him another chance and the strongest of powers. Kain confirms to him that he's willing to sell his soul to be number 1, so Unknown-D teleports him away.

Clavis Angemon and Alphamon tie in battle

After the Player learns about the Platinum Tamer disappearing incidents, they get called by Culumon and go back to their DigiFarm, where they hear Unknown-D's voice. Unknown-D then reveals himself as Alphamon. While he refuses to explain his plans, he does state that he'll need the power Tamers possess to fulfill his wishes. He then paralyzes the Player, threatening that he'll do as he says soon, just like the other Tamers. His plans are, however, foiled by the appearance of Clavis Angemon, who rescues the Player, then questions Alphamon's motives as he never expected his friend to be Unknown-D. Alphamon explains that humans have a thirst for power and will only use it for their own benefit, thus he disagrees about letting humans raise Digimon, and Digimon should become stronger on their own. The Player then realizes, and Alphamon confirms, that he was trying to make Digimon see the humans' weakness and lust, and how untrustworthy they are. However, he didn't think that was enough anymore and decided to use his last resort: awakening a Super Ultimate Digimon to destroy the Digital World to force humans back into the Real World, never to return to the Digital World. Clavis Angemon refused to allow this and he and Alphamon clashed, with Clavis Angemon seemingly emerging victorious, before falling to his knees as well. Alphamon stands up once again and says how his plan would've been perfect with the Player's power, but since that didn't work out, he steals Culumon's power, the Light of Evolution, instead, then leaves.

Alphamon and Kain awaken Chronomon Destroy Mode
Chronomon Destroy Mode fully awakens

After defeating Armagemon, the Player finds Alphamon and Kain in front of the Healing Plant, where the Super Ultimate Digimon, Chronomon Destroy Mode, slept. Having charged Culumon's energy on the machine, Alphamon orders Kain to awaken Chronomon, as a Tamer. The Player attempts to stop them, but Kain keeps chanting to Chronomon, making the Player realize Alphamon brainwashed him too, which Alphamon confirms. Alphamon gets in the Player's way, allowing Chronomon to finally awaken, then orders Kain to order Chronomon to destroy the area, but Chronomon refuses to take orders from anyone. Alphamon argues they gave him life so he must obey them, but Chronomon refuses to listen and lets loose an energy wave, knocking Kain out and pushing Alphamon back. Clavis Angemon then arrives, and Alphamon asks him what's happening since Chronomon should be the legendary Digimon. Clavis Angemon confirms he is, but he can't reach his full potential without an excellent human Tamer, because despite his power, he lacks heart, so when he awakens, he senses and reflects his Tamer's heart, so Chronomon's heart is currently a reflection of Kain's, and because Alphamon took over Kain, the latter's darkness was now instilled in Chronomon's heart, turning the legendary Digimon into a demonic destroyer with an evil heart that would destroy the entire Digital World. Alphamon complains about how he merely wanted to make the Digital World a better place for Digimon, acknowledges he's to blame, and decides to stop Chronomon. Clavis Angemon joins in and both attack the Healing Plant, but Chronomon defeats them both. Alphamon thinks there's no way of stopping Chronomon, but Clavis Angemon says there is one: the bond between Tamer and Digimon, which can cause miracles. While Alphamon doesn't believe it possible, Clavis Angemon puts his trust in the Player who attacks the Healing Plant. While the Player thought the battle was over after destroying its four elemental pods, Alphamon still felt Chronomon, who broke out of the middle pod. Chronomon proclaimed he'd destroy everything other than himself, starting from the people in front of him and this world.

After the Player defeats Chronomon Destroy Mode, Kain reawakens. A light is left where Chronomon used to be, which reforms as Chronomon Holy Mode. Chronomon thanks the Player for freeing him from the dark power and turning him into a true Digimon with a heart of justice. Clavis Angemon, Alphamon and the Player are left in awe at the true legendary Digimon. Chronomon praises the Player as a Tamer truly worthy of becoming the Tamer King. The Player thinks they still have a ways to go, which Chronomon likes, as Digimon are meant to be with humans and evolve into ever more wonderful forms. Alphamon acknowledges that, while the human heart has weaknesses, so do Digimon, and that's why they all help each other to improve themselves. Clavis Angemon is beyond happy at his friend finally understanding. After Chronomon leaves, Kain accepts that he can't be a strong Tamer by just using strong Digimon, he must raise them properly. Clavis Angemon questions if he truly understood, and Kain asks for one more chance, to raise noble Digimon. Clavis Angemon forgives him and Kain promises he'll beat the Player fair and square next time, a challenge the Player accepts. Alphamon joins the apologies, knowing he shouldn't be forgiven, but still wishing for a chance to help make the Digital World a better place, which Clavis Angemon gladly accepts. For that, Clavis Angemon trusts the Player, now the Tamer King, more than ever, and they return to Digi-Central.

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