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Name & Etymology

Attack Techniques[edit]

Name Translation Kanji/Kana Romanization Description
Dynamite Soul [2]
ダイナマイトソウル Dainamaito Souru Rekindles the weakened hearts of dispirited Digimon by shouting passionate phrases at them.[2]
Astro Bomber [2]
アストロボンバー Asutoro Bonbā Turns into a flaming star that creates a huge crater when it falls to earth.[2]
Ryūsei Rock Damashī [2] Meteor Rock Spirit リュウセイロックダマシー Ryūsei Rokku Damashī Shoutmon EX6 fires Shooting Starmon at the enemy with a straight punch.[2][4]


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Shooting Starmon in Digimon Xros Wars.

Digimon Xros Wars[edit]

In "Xros Stars! Like a Falling Star!!", Starmon had accepted his death, incapable of being healed by Cutemon's Kizunaol due to Tactimon's miasma. However, he regained his will to live after Kudou Taiki reminded him that he had promised not to die before seeing the future Xros Heart would create. Thinking how heavy his promise was, how he couldn't die while Shoutmon and the rest hogged all the spotlight, how he hadn't ran wild enough and how he never stood out enough, the Starmons rose to the sky while shining, and the Xros Loaders of Taiki, Aonuma Kiriha and Amano Kotone reacted. They then Jogress Evolved into Shooting Starmon for the first time, with the Pickmons making up for Starmon's lack of energy to evolve due to his injuries. In their new form, they joined Shoutmon EX6, and they defeated Tactimon together with their Ryūsei Rock Damashī.

The Starmons took this form again in "Xros Songs!! To All The Teens Who Are Chasing After Their Dreams!!" alongside all the other Digimon that regained their ability to evolve.

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