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The Digivolving Spirits (超進化魂, Chou Shinka Tamashī; lit. "Super-evolving Spirits") series is a new brand of Digimon Toy, articulated figurines similar to the Digivolving Series toy line. Unlike its predecessor line, the Digivolving Spirits toys are primarily geared towards adult collectors, with each figure including die cast parts, greater articulation and more attention to detail. Following similar high-end Bandai lines such as S.H. Figuarts, the Digivolving Spirits toys are available for pre-order several months before their wide release, and are currently scheduled with one figure releasing every other month.

While the first two figures in the line, War Greymon and Metal Garurumon, are updated versions of Digivolving Series figures, the others are entirely new designs, built around the premise of transforming from "cute" (typically Child level Digimon) to "cool" (Perfect or Ultimate level Digimon). All eight Digimon Adventure partners are planned, transforming from their default levels to their highest in the series[1].

Watanabe Kenji served as Chief Director in the design and development process, as well as being an illustrator for the packaging. He said that the toys are meant to be "ideal visual portrayals of [the] characters", with added touches in the style of American comics.

List of Figures[edit]

# Name Pre-Evolved Digimon Evolved Digimon Pre-order Start Date Release Date Availability
01 Digivolving Spirits Series - War Greymon Agumon War Greymon May 29, 2017 Nov 2017 Tamashii Web
02 Digivolving Spirits Series - Metal Garurumon Gabumon Metal Garurumon Aug 1, 2017 Jan 2018 Tamashii Web
03 Digivolving Spirits Series - Diablomon Keramon Diablomon Nov 1, 2017 Mar 2018 Tamashii Web
04 Digivolving Spirits Series - Angewomon Tailmon Angewomon Nov 28, 2017 May 2018 Tamashii Web
05 Digivolving Spirits Series - Alphamon DORUmon Alphamon Mar 1, 2018 Jul 2018 Tamashii Web
06 Digivolving Spirits Series - Atlur Kabuterimon Tentomon Atlur Kabuterimon Apr 27, 2018 Sep 2018 Tamashii Web
07 Digivolving Spirits Series - Holy Angemon Patamon Holy Angemon Aug 1, 2018 Dec 2018 Tamashii Web
08 Digivolving Spirits Series - Black War Greymon Black Agumon Black War Greymon Sep 21, 2018 Mar 2019 Premium Bandai
Digivolving Spirits Series - Beelzebumon Impmon Beelzebumon
Digivolving Spirits Series - Dukemon Guilmon Dukemon
Digivolving Spirits Series - Garudamon Piyomon Garudamon
Digivolving Spirits Series - Lilimon Palmon Lilimon
Digivolving Spirits Series - Zudomon Gomamon Zudomon
Ouryumon Ouryuken[N 1]

Image Gallery[edit]

Digivolvingspirits 01 Wargreymon promo.png Digivolvingspirits 02 Metalgarurumon promo.png Digivolvingspirits 03 Diablomon promo.png Digivolvingspirits 04 Angewomon promo.png Digivolvingspirits 05 Alphamon promo.png Digivolvingspirits 06 Atlurkabuterimon promo.png
Digivolving Spirits 01. War Greymon Digivolving Spirits 02. Metal Garurumon Digivolving Spirits 03. Diablomon Digivolving Spirits 04. Angewomon Digivolving Spirits 05. Alphamon Digivolving Spirits 06. Atlur Kabuterimon
Digivolvingspirits 07 Holyangemon promo.jpg Digivolvingspirits 08 Blackwargreymon promo.png
Digivolving Spirits 07. Holy Angemon Digivolving Spirits 08. Black War Greymon

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References Notes
  1. To allow Fusion with Alphamon to form Alphamon: Ouryuken